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Series 65 - Practice Quizzes

Do you need to take the Series 65 exam? Do you have limited time to study? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Officially known as the "Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination," the Series 65 exam qualifies candidates to become Investment Advisor Representatives. The examination tests candidates’ knowledge of topics necessary for providing investment advice to clients. The Series 65 exam was developed by the NASAA and is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

The Solomon Exam Prep Series 65 iPhone app offers 400 practice questions from the same topic categories and in the same proportion as the actual Series 65 exam.

Each mini practice exam on the Solomon Exam Prep Series 65 iPhone app is 50 questions long. Each question is followed by an immediate answer and explanation, as well as an opportunity to review the question. Users may pause at any time and resume at the same point later on. At the end of each 50 question practice test, users receive a score and a pass/fail grade.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great concept, poor implementation

    by PolloTec

    This is a good place to come to get some extra practice questions. It offers a good format with instant feedback and solid answer explanations. Unfortunately, these Solomon series apps have a shortcomings: 1) they are too easy compared to the real exam (which seems to have longer questions with more "legal"-sounding language 2) they do not offer real exam simulation to put the pressure on with a timer, score, and wrong answer review at the end (this will be the best help in the end, you can know your stuff but mess up quite easily under pressure). The best solution would offer 2 modes (learning mode and testing mode) giving an instant review for learning mode and timed, wrong answer review at the end of a (full practice) test mode. 3) Inaccurate answers where the explanation clearly had the right answers I picked in the result but scored my answer wrong. 4) A database of supposedly 400 questions but upon taking your second test of 50 questions you'll start to notice question repetition (bad for your ego if you're serious about passing not based on memorization) 5) There are some awkwardly worded questions that either don't seem to make much sense or don't seem like they flow with the natural wording of the other test questions. It makes for a rough time trying to figure out an answer to a concept you clearly know and may just barely miss because of the lack of solid questions (maybe have the app send back to you right/wrong results so you can fix/remove those questions). I really don't think fill-in-the-blank is a test question style on the exam, especially with 4-roman numeral choices and 4 answer options with semicolons separating partial question answers (see what I mean?) This is serious business and errors like these can't exist on a paid app like this!

  • Series 65

    by NettiTouch

    This application needs more questions. It seems that the same questions keep coming up over and over again.

  • Less than ideal

    by J1a2e3f4

    This exam preparation software is useful, but has not been perfected. Some of the answers to questions are inadequate to thoroughly explain the correct and incorrect statements. Other answers are opinionated and do little to provide information as to why the answer is correct or incorrect. On one occasion I found a question that was inherently flawed, providing incorrect financial formula and expecting the wrong answer as a result.

  • Great concept - inaccurate results

    by Sowhit

    This could be a great study tool if it did not repeat questions so often. I would gladly pay twice as much and have a larger bank of questions. I've taken three 50 question exams (plus the lite version test) and am now seeing duplicate questions about 1 every 4 questions - a dangerous error as you begin to memorize questions and not concepts.

  • Incorrect answers!

    by Lansisco

    I checked several answers that seemed wrong against my Kaplan textbook, and the app clearly had wrong answers.

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