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Languages: English, German, SE, Spanish

Seller: Fidelity Investments

Current and previous year workplace retirement account activity.
Financial/retirement educational content with the new Library feature.
Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes.

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The NetBenefits® smartphone app gives you the ability to access your Fidelity workplace accounts — including retirement, stock, and pension plans, plus the health benefits you’re enrolled in — right on your iPhone® or iPod touch®.

Review financial educational information to better understand your options and make informed choices for your retirement planning. Browse our collection of articles, videos, and podcasts.

Retirement Accounts
Keep your financial goals on track by monitoring your retirement plan balances and investments, your plan’s account performance, and more.

Stock Plans
Monitor your stock plan account information, exercise employee stock options, and accept grants.

Pension Plans
Access important information about your pension plans, including plan balances, if available.

Health & Insurance
Get a complete view of the medical, dental, and vision health and insurance plans you are enrolled in. Review detailed health benefits information, including in- and out-of-network costs, coverage information, and provider contacts.

Other Accounts
Review other Fidelity accounts, like 529 college savings plan accounts or brokerage accounts, to see how they contribute to your overall financial strategy.

Additional Information
The NetBenefits® smartphone app is available to individuals who have one or more employer-sponsored workplace benefits provided by Fidelity Investments. Please note that the app is currently not available for use with Fidelity-serviced HR/Payroll plans.

Employer-sponsored account functionality includes transactions for employee stock plans; for all other accounts, functionality is limited to viewing account balances, history, positions, year-to-date performance, and benefits information.

NetBenefits is a registered service mark of FMR LLC. The NetBenefits design logo is a service mark of FMR LLC.

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome App

    by Busygirl71

    I love this app. I can view my accounts quickly. It is very easy to use and the graphics are great.

  • It's pretty dope

    by steph_b

    Great graphs and information. Makes me wish I had more money in my accounts.

  • Works great after I reinstalled it on iPhone 5

    by Shahzad Mian

    Works great after I reinstalled it on iPhone 5.

  • Awesome

    by Bobbyd1985

    I just downloaded this to be able to view my 401k, medical, dental, vision, AD&D and life insurance. It all works perfect and easy to navigate. I have Verizon service and an IPhone. The bugs must be a thing of the past.

  • Love it!!!!!

    by Debra Learnahan

    App works perfectly! I love having all this info so easily accessible now! The way everything is organized is almost easier to follow than the actual website :)

  • Works well for me

    by Will 0009

    Very happy with the app on my iPhone running IOS 7.

  • Won't work on iPad

    by Donna McGarey

    You know how most iPhone apps give you a 2x feature with a little larger pixels? This one won't Vern function. Don't waste the time. One can't even see the whole screen

  • Seems to work OK on iOS 7

    by RDfromCT

    Many reviews point to bugginess but it seems to work fine - if expectation is basic display of information. Design is a bit unpolished in spots - an unnecessary splash screen, and buttons/link indications aren't always clear. Not as powerful as apps from Vanguard, but so far so good.

  • Does not display correctly on iPad in iOS7

    by 1500Contacts

    The app was working fine until Apple upgraded to iOS7. I am using this app on an iPad Ver3. It worked fine in X1 and X2 display modes until the iOS7 upgrade. Now the screen displays only about one quarter of the total screen area. Fidelity has not fixed this yet as of Oct 9, 2013.

  • If this is not working then please read

    by ClintWK

    I was having problems with this app like other users where you would attempt to login and nothing would happen. I deleted the app completely and then downloaded it again and it worked like a charm again. Still giving a low rating because the app doesn't give a lot of info about your 401k and sources of funding and info about your current investment selections.

  • Works fine

    by Chaaad

    I'm not sure why all if the negative reviews. I loaded this on my iPhone and iPad and both seem to work as designed, so I'm satisfied.

  • Good app can be better

    by avidshopper2

    This is a good app, downloaded it today. It worked. Shows my balance and investment portfolio. However should show graphs on account and fund performance. Also allow me to look at other funds available and make changes.

  • Won't open

    by that's west up

    Well it was great. As of the latest update (02/04/14) it crashes. You sign in, it acts as if it will open, then it takes you back to sign in again. I deleted the app and added it again. Same issue. It's useless now.

  • Key feature removed!

    by Disappointed user 45664

    The only feature I used the netbenefits app for was to review % vesting (everything else was already in the regular fidelity app). This feature was removed in this upgrade. A few minor things were added but they were mainly worthless since the information was already available in the regular fidelity app

  • Poor application

    by FTor39

    This is just an in-app browser for the site. Everything is slow; very poor user experience. And if you want to use it on an iPad looks pathetic: they didn't even do the minimum to keep a decent layout in xCode (5 minutes job without developing a full iPad app). Looks like this is done by amateurs.

  • Disappointing

    by I create therefore I am.

    This app won't show your paycheck info, only the 401k stuff. There is a built-in browser which can log you in to the full desktop site, but the site is not mobile optimized, nor do they use responsive design, so the user experience is very poor. Additionally the browser is incredibly slow and navigating backward after viewing a paycheck does not work at all. Generally it looks like no time or effort was invested in app.

  • Does almost nothing

    by Matthew Nichols

    It displays the value of your portfolio. You can't do anything like transferring funds or researching options. It doesn't support brokerage link.

  • Crashes

    by GonzalezM15

    Used to work. Now it doesn't even log in to account and force closes.

  • Does not open

    by GoldenHill

    This seemed to work well for a while, then out of nowhere it stopped opening. I hit the login tab and nothing happens. Needs a fix!

  • An app that is not functioning

    by Ziyao Zhang

    Cannot even get the log in button to work. How can Fidelity even push this app live?

  • Not worth it

    by Mystins

    A good app captures most of the actual websites functions. This does not.

  • Crashes on IPad 7.0

    by Geotourist

    App doesn't work. Amazing companies can't figure this out.

  • Unable to Login

    by NeilCarvalho

    The Login Button is not Clickable anymore. Lovely.......

  • Does not work freezes at login

    by MikeNichols

    It worked a few times the now it just sits there and does nothing at the login screen.

  • Never Works

    by C.Merlo

    Never logs in it always freeze works sometimes but mostly never waste of time

  • Today, 2013-OCT-23, this app still does not work on iPad!

    by Ben Dyczkowski

    There is no way I can accept/agree to the agreement, because the "accept" button is not visible. Are you guys testing this app at all? On iPhone it works nice (for me).

  • Boo!

    by Eric Dwayne

    Won't even open, freezes then crashes. Useless...

  • Needs an update

    by okiemwfan

    Only displays about 1/4 of page on iPad with iOS7. Tried to delete and reinstall. Now, can not even get through all of the agreement page to accept it and try to see my 401(K). Completely worthless now. Fidelity, you need to update this app.

  • Doesn't work. PLEASE FIX!!!!

    by NickFIJI

    Doesn't work. Please fix. Thanks.

  • Not iOS 7 Compatible

    by ItsFrownedUpon

    Desperately needs an update to support iOS 7. Useless until then

  • Can't access

    by Stiv99

    The 'agreement' screen is formatted such that one cannot access the 'I agree' button - hence I cannot login and this app is useless. How hard could it be for Fidelity to test this app before releasing it?

  • Can't open

    by Only-the-truth

    The app doesn't work. It wont even show the full screen for me to click the agree button in Terms&Conditions. Also, what kind of investment company wont have an iPad version?

  • Too bad I can't give it zero stars

    by FLSTC09

    I'm still stuck at the green loading screen with the little swirling circle. I let it 'swirl' for over an hour earlier. What a piece of junk. I'm uninstalling it after this.

  • Awesome look, bad feel with very basic problems

    by Gilturgon

    I was very excited when I saw this app was available for my 401(k) since I use my mobile device extensively. I thought the low rankings were a fluke. However, users hold a very high expectation of how apps perform. Overall the app has a very polished look. The pie charts, monthly/quarterly performance, and investment allocations all look very sharp. Unfortunately that is where it ceases to shine. There are some basic user interface items that are counter-intuitive. On the page for one's retirement account you can swipe left and right through Investments, allocation, and vested balance -- however the "back" arrow takes you back through each of these swipes instead of to the previous menu level as expected. There is often a second or two in delay without a corresponding "swirling circle" at the top of the screen to indicate the app is doing something. This also occurs when logging in. It has a halting, jerky feel. The scroll function is equally jerky -- almost like the original iOS. It isn't the smooth scroll that follows your finger's every move that you've come to expect from the last several iOS iterations. Finally the app has a timeout issue. You'll be going along and suddenly it will pause, go to the green "loading" screen, and prompt you for your username and password again. Likewise after a little bit of inactivity it alerts you that you are being logged out -- yet I was able to navigate through 3 separate screens before being dumped to the login page.

  • Won't open

    by 45632

    Attempt to open the app on the iPhone but never opens ... Just goes back to icon page

  • Does it work?

    by 73947

    Great concept but never opened up when I tried to use

  • Netbenefits Verizon app

    by Netbenefits

    The Netbenefits Verizon app still needs work so we can use at The Retirement Group for Verizon.

  • App won't open

    by Painislove2

    It would be a great if it worked.

  • Crashes

    by Mishrapi


  • Still has "technical difficulties"

    by Sudkaty

    I continue to receive a message indicating that technical issues prevent use and that I should try again later. I have re-installed. When I informed Fidelity I received a somewhat rude reply that no one else is receiving the same error message. Update: still get the same message with 1.02. Still stinks.

  • This app is useless!!!

    by Flapjack55

    The developer should be shot. Technical issues every time I try to use it. I am so tired of it I will be transferring my personal account out!

  • Cumbersome and Average

    by ohmie1

    While Fidelity is a great company and organization it's net benefits app for the iPhone is highly average and cumbersome to use. Stock options and RSU's are not well organized and the information that you'd want in one screen takes 2 to 3 pages.

  • Don't download until they update

    by Stephen Shaffer

    This app will not load on my phone at all.

  • H_app_less App

    by Ken Hutchins

    Nice green color 8,) Downloaded, wouldn't open. Closed all apps, restarted, no change. App attempts to load, then returns to home screen. Would not recommend this version.

  • Can't manage my investments.

    by MavWC

    I know I previously could do a lot more before I changed phones. Now all I can do is look. No point to this app as I need to use my PC to do anything.

  • Doesn't Load On Startup

    by Angwish

    Haven't gotten app to work once....

  • Not even worth 1 star

    by ManPotter

    This is the biggest crap from Fidelity I have seen. Guys do not update if you have older version which was much better than this. Not sure who decided to change this . You can't even see daily changes (+/-) for your funds. If you have two accounts like brokerage link then good luck :(

  • Pretty useless

    by Gary500k

    Can only view 401k balance. No way to look at transaction history. No data on pension balance. App actually tells you to go to the web site to get that info.

  • Unable to use due to a technical issue

    by Sftwrchic

    I have been unable to use this app as I cannot get past the log-in stage. An error occurs every time I attempt to log in. Message displayed: "We're sorry. There was a technical problem. Please close NetBenefits and try again in a few minutes." I am very surprised that this App is in the state it's in. First, a big organization like Fidelity should have a decent dev and test team to support their mobile customers. Second, it looks like they just had just released an update to this App just days prior to my downloading it. I also saw that users report this same issue on the previous version as well. I am happy to adjust my rating once the issue is fixed and I can actually use the app.

  • Still brain dead

    by vonlost

    The app shows only one of my accounts, shows no history for that account, and there's no support.

  • Wow. So basic

    by TimmyTro

    How could a company like fidelity create such an underwhelming app? App provides so little information about your accounts it's not worth using. Vanguard has done a great job with their apps and keep making improvements.

  • Not worth the space

    by Msjen001

    Seriously no different from safari as it limits the account access in both the app and safari.

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