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Seller: Excelltech Inc.

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Make others think you are filthy rich or drowning in debt with Fake-A-Bank Account!

Once installed Fake-A-Bank Account looks like any other financial information application -- however instead of actually hooking up to your bank accounts, Fake-A-Bank Account lets you provide the bank accounts you wish you had!

Add a couple six figure bank accounts and seven figure investment accounts and casually show your date your iPhone/iPod Touch.. When your date happens to touch the 'Accounts' app they will think you are a millionaire!

Add a checking account with a couple bucks and several credit card accounts with tens of thousands of dept. Show this to your friend at the end of lunch as an excuse for not paying for lunch!

Fake-A-Bank Account looks like a real financial application. The first time you run the application you will be asked to enter a password. You must enter this password to add/edit your fake bank accounts to ensure only you are in on the secret!

Customer Reviews

  • Such a good prank!

    by shabooza

    I found this app randomly and thought I'd give it a try. I was just at a meeting with some girls that go to school with me and one girl kept talking about how much she likes the iphone. So I decided to "go to the bathroom" and I left my phone on the table. When I came back my phone had been moved and the screen was lit up and the hottest girl there asked me if I wanted to go out partying with her tonight. This is so sweet, it's a prank app that you can actually use for something!

  • Great!

    by Robert3748383

    It's hilarious, and very easy to work and trick people. Best performance on the iPhone 4.

  • Great Visualization Tool

    by bdeno

    I've found this to be a great tool in visualizing what I want my financial picture to look like. It does randomly crash when updating accounts (might try using core data instead of sqlite if you aren't already) All in all, great app for those wanting to achieve their financial goals by focusing on abundance. You might want to target this audience in your sales pitch as you are the only app currently that does this. Just my 2 cents.  

  • Works, but . . .

    by GFujioka

    Would look more realistic if your name appeared. Otherwise you get the "Whose phone is this?" Also, the color palette used is cheezy. They should just have stayed with the native iPhone style. The program icon could be better.

  • BS

    by kikuyu78

    This whole app is a fake!!! Does not work!!!!!

  • Awful

    by Hello1371

    You should not waste money on this dumb app! It crashes every time and only shows $0.00! They should fix the bug!

  • No $ shows

    by CruznSuzn

    Just says $0.00 as the account balance. Dobt waste your $$$

  • ?

    by Yo yo yo 163963

    This app crashes every-time I use it and doesn't look realistic at all

  • Fix the game

    by Carter the spy

    It keeps crashing fix it 

  • Waste of Money! Don't Buy!

    by llSIAll

    DONT BUY! ALL POSITIVE RATINGS ARE FAKE, THEY ARE FROM DEVELOPERS!! Total waste of $$$! Everyone complains App crashes everytime after input & yeap they are right! also app doesnt work, only shows $0.00 amount.

  • Doesn't work

    by Caliblonde1972

    The stupid thing doesn't show any amounts I put. It just keeps showing $0.00

  • Needs a lot of improvements

    by jeffwkline

    1. Crashes everytime I use it, sometimes within seconds of opening 2. The colors are pathetic 3. The math doesn't even come close to adding up correctly. 4. A better name under the icon other than "accounts" is needed.

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