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Fixed a bug in Preferences that only affected some devices.

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Do you need to keep track of your expenditure each week? Do you have trouble keeping within your weekly budget? Well, if so, then this App is for you. It is a simple to use weekly budget App. Simple Budget Week is an App that allows you to quickly and simply keep track of your spending per week. By tracking what you spend per week you can more effectively budget your money which will allow you to better know at any time how much spare cash you have.

New to v1.2 - corrected all criticisms of previous review. App will now allow you to change the start day whenever you want.

To add an expense for the week just add the amount and a quick description into the two fields to the left of the green plus icon and press the Green Plus Icon to add the information. It's that simple. The App will show you what has been spent, the remaining amount/overspend and the table below will update to show the new expense at the top.

Although the general focus is recording what you are spending this week this App does not restrict you in what you are allowed to do. If you want to add a purchase to a previous week then you can. Nor, does it stop you from altering the amount specified if you want to. It is simple to add an expense, edit an expense, change weeks to record expenses for other weeks, delete an expense for a week, make notes for each expense.

Each week can have its own budget set for it. You can specify a default expense for the week but then override that amount.

To help you see how you are doing you can view the spending over a 26 week period by either:

a) The Weeks view. This is a table view with each week showing the budget for that week, the overall spending to the penny/cent and what remains or not. Any week you overspend shows the final amount in red. You can go backwards and forwards to look at other weeks.

b) The Chart view. This is a chart that shows budgets, expenses and remaining or overspent amounts. The budget shows are a white bar for the week. This white bar may have a green section from zero up to what remains or it may have a red section going down from zero showing the overspend for the week. Swipe left and right to change the weeks shown.

The App can be rotated to increase the size of the keyboard and the Chart View.

There are two alternative Apps by Essence Computing: Simple Day Budget allows you to track your expenses per day and Simple Budget Month allows you to track your expenses per month.

Customer Reviews

  • Do not buy. Does not work at all.

    by Woody Quinn

    It just crashes immediately.

  • Don't buy

    by Isgerty

    Doesn't work. Asks you to set preferences but when you try to it kicks you out of the app.

  • Arch!

    by GilliCy

    Agree with other reviewer. Had my budget completed through October and the app just crashed and I lost ALL data :(


    by Flaviaw18


  • Buggy

    by Quin55

    I picked Sunday as the start of the week. The app still use Saturday as the start date. It doesn't make sense picking the start of the week to begin with, but if you have to do it makes sense to be able to change the start of the week since it is an option. You can only select it once, if you make a mistake, tough luck. Even if you don't make a mistake, tough luck because the software prefers Saturday as the start of the week. Incredible. Don't waste your money on this. It need a lot of update. I would like a refund.

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