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Added previous entry quick select page. Select 'Prev' and you are shown up to 30 previous entries from the last 30 days. Select an entry and press select. Main page now shows this information ready to be added. Just press 'Add' to do so.

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Simple Day Budget is an App that allows you to quickly and simply keep track of your spending per day. By tracking what you spend per day you can more effectively budget your money which will allow you to better know at any time how much spare cash you have.

UPDATE: For all those reviewers that say it crashes all the time. The App has not downloaded correctly for some reason. See this page explains how to download it again using itunes and not be
charged again.

Everyone who has reported this problem to me has done this and the App then works properly.

To add an expense for the day just add the amount and a quick description into the two fields to the left of the green plus icon. It's that simple. The App will show you what has been spent, the remaining amount/overspend and the table below will update to show the new expense at the top.

Although the general focus is recording what you are spending today this App does not restrict you when you want to add a purchase to a previous day. Nor, does it stop you from altering the amount specified if you want to. It is simple to add an expense, edit an expense, change days to record expenses for that day, delete an expense for a day, make notes for each expense.

Each day can have its own budget set for it. You can specify a default expense for a day but then override that amount for any day you choose. So during the week you might set your budget at 20 pounds/dollars/euros and set the preferences to that value but for a Friday and Saturday change the budgets for those days to be larger.

To help you see how you are doing you can view the spending over a month by either:

a) The Months view. This is a table view with each day showing the budget for that day, the overall spending to the penny/cent and what remains or not. Any day you overspend shows the final amount in red. You can go backwards and forwards to look at other months.

b) The Chart view. This is a chart that shows you you budget, expenses and remaining or overspent amount. The budget shows are a white bar for the day. This white bar may have a green section from zero up to what remains or it may have a red section going down from zero showing the overspend for the day. Swipe left and right to change the chart view to an earlier or later month.

The App can be rotated to increase the size of the keyboard and the Chart View.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice app, looking forward to update

    by Y2khardtop

    Works well for me, used for 3 months. Only crashed once when I entered zero as an entry. I WISH for an update that will automatically carry one days balance to the next, instead of starting back at zero ( or wherever your default is) each day. Otherwise simple and effective

  • Don't buy this app

    by Nhamdan

    I hate this app , it's not working

  • Bad

    by miliq69

    always is closing, i cant work in this application

  • Waste of Money

    by notwcindy

    Just bought this app, and as soon as I entered one thing, it crashed. Wouldn't let me even open back up the app. Ridiculous.

  • Great idea. Just doesn't work

    by Ashgirl2000

    Recently bought this app and was very excited because is does exactly what I want. Unfortunately it crashes after every entry. I haven't been able to really use the app because of this. My suggestion is to not waste your $$ since it doesn't work.

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