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Seller: Echoboom S.L.

- Added a fix where interests were not calculated when given large N values

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Financial Calculator is a simple, yet powerful and accurate intuitive calculator.

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* Time value of money.
* Growing annuities.
* Calculates N, Interest, Present Value, PMT and Future Value of money.
* Bond valuation.
* Cash flow analysis in an intuitive interface.
* Analyzes investments: Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV)
* Amortization and Loans. Support for Canadian mortgages.
* RPN support.
* Near instantaneous calculations.

Note: Please, write to my address under the 'help' section when you believe you found a bug. I do read every email and fix them as soon as possible. I also try to implement all feature requests.
As for the bad reviews: Please, read the FAQ on the help section if you believe numbers are wrong. It's usually people missing something on the settings when using the financial calculator. All emails have been answered and explained and there has not been a wrong calculation since version 1.1.
Please if your email was replied and solved, change the review since it makes it look bad for everybody else.

Customer Reviews

  • Works well

    by gosassin

    This is a very useful financial calculator at a fantastic price. Easy mode takes a lot of hassle and guesswork out of common financial calculations, and the regular financial calculator is very good for my MBA finance course. Please update it so that when I change from begin mode to end mode, or vice versa, the change is reflected on the screen. That is, the current mode should always show in the window; currently, it will show BGN even when I've switched to END.

  • A very helpful calc for finance students

    by Hazel1021

    I've been using this calc for about two years now and I love it!! The loan amortization is my favorite!!!! As a student working on her finance degree, I would recommend it to anyone interested in making their life easier.

  • Irr function

    by Futrbhrs

    Can u fix IRR please,i can't get to work, everything else is great

  • Confusing

    by Shawn Werner

    You have to enter your interest rates incorrectly to get it to compute the proper payments - I.e 1.9% as .19 instead of the typical .019. (Converting a percentage to a decimal = X/100)

  • great app, needs 1 thing

    by IcAsH

    GREAT APP!!!.... but PLEASE!! Add a copy/paste functionality to this app, so that I can copy figures/solutions from the calculator directly to my notes or an email or an SMS without having to remember and retype it….. THANKS A MILLION!!!!

  • HELP

    by LIUGKGV

    This is the first app I have downloaded on here, can someone please tell me where I go to use it? Thanks!

  • End and Bgn reversed

    by CDonut

    You made END and BGN modes reversed. Could you fix it?

  • Wonderful!

    by anakay

    Saved my life when I forgot my calc for a test. It's cheap, works just as good as a regular financial calculator, and simple to use. I'm done carrying my calculator around, this is all I need :) thanks!

  • Great App with minor glitches

    by Emperor1980

    Can you fix the visibility when there is a popup window. We can hardly see anything due to the Color mismatch. It will be great if u guys an fix it. Thanks

  • Excellent!!

    by Bill Briggs 3

    Thank you! Thank you! ...for restoring original version. This is the best, most straightforward financial calculator I have seen. I no longer use the store bought electronic ones. Displays of TVM values above TVM keys makes it easy to keep track, and memory function very easy and useful.

  • Thank you

    by Idnottaken

    This calculator will serve you well in class and with loans. It is also nice to have an app where the developer is available when there is trouble. This version is trouble free and without any problems

  • Thank you!

    by stimpe

    Thanks a million for going back to the old format! When I opened the "new" format on my iPad I thought I had downloaded an iPhone app by mistake. Many compliments on your program- works great :)

  • Doesn't get better than this

    by Monk On Fire

    The developer is great! Awesome calculator, very cheap, and willing to implement user requests. I'm so glad I bought this. Saved me $30 and it's easier to use than any financial calculator you can find in a store! I took a college finance class and every calculation was spot on. The developer brought back the old look and feel of the calculator which is awesome. Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks for listening...

    by It was my favorite calc...

    Thanks for rolling back to the prior version and listening to user reviews!

  • Great calculator!!!!

    by Teacher/Business student

    I am a elementary school teacher that went to get her masters in entrepreneurship. This calculator is easy to use and works great! I recommend it to all my fellow students! It saved me from paying $60 for a regular one for a 2 month finance course. I love that its constantly updated as well! Definately worth the 99 cents!!!! Thanks!!!!

  • User

    by Hggcr

    A lot of help fixing problems.

  • College student

    by Dik lovr

    I think this calc works great for any college finance 301 class. Cheap, effective. What more do you want? I really don't know why it's reviews are so poor. Prolly from competitors. This is from a real student at UNLV who used this all semester. Chea buddy!

  • Best app ever!!!

    by Killaiam

    This app is great to know what your really paying.

  • Great Value

    by Corban324

    This is perfect for my principles of finance class. The easy mode is really cool, it blows my HP calculator out of the water.

  • Love it!!!

    by T. Soprano

    Great app. I like the easy mode feature.

  • Can't do npv

    by Lord2002

    Yeah, there's an easy mode, but that doesn't help you learn. Tried putting in risk adjusted cost of capital to calculate npv and it won't accept a percentage. Keeps telling me to put in rate, and then it calculates it as it were zero. And yes I pressed every button just in case the calculator was set up different than every other calculator in the world. Btw, there is no FAQ in the help section. Just a link to a porn site. Huge waste of money. I should have just bit the bullet and bought one from an established brand.

  • Needs to be fixed


    The app mostly works BUT it does give me errors or wrong information sometimes. I use this as a CFP and I can't have incorrect numbers. Useless to me until fixed. I have had this app for at least 3 yrs

  • Review

    by Dave 8320

    I wasn't able to compound interest so it was useless thanks alot.

  • Doesn't work

    by Bad idea to buy

    I should have listened to the negative comments. It doesn't work and I cant get it to compute...

  • Piece of c%#@.

    by Ghe I

    DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONE. It is so awkward and backward and full of bugs you will hate it in the first 30 seconds of usage. And you know how it is with Apple Store apps: no returns, no money back for stupid applications, you pay first you're sorry after.

  • Update killed it

    by Joedaman612

    This app was fantastic before the latest update. Now it takes nearly a full minute to load. Anyone using an app like this on their phone obviously cares more about functionality than appearance. Stop trying to make it look pretty at the expense of usefulness.

  • Great till lately

    by Poophonk

    Was amazing until they updated it...was very clean and quick used it all of the time as a financial advisor...don't know what happened. Looks and runs poorly now

  • Resolution is still crap

    by Mbivins

    Was a great app until the last couple of updates. Resolution horrible and landscape view terrible. Way to go.

  • Please update app

    by DMBJunky1015

    First off the app will crash if you wake up your phone once the screen goes black from not using it. Secondly the buttons are hard to read. Otherwise it's ok.

  • Last update was not good.

    by Chris from Wappingers

    What happened to the tip calculator in the easy mode? Last update is no good at all.

  • Worst update EVER!

    by Our Captain

    The resolution, both iPad and iPhone, is worse than Atari from the '80's. This is the worst update of any app in the history of app's. If Zero Stars was an option that is what I would rate the update. Fix it.

  • New version is awful!

    by heloyeti

    The resolution on the new version is terrible. Also as stated previously, I prefer the main buttons at the bottom like before. Please fix your "updated version."

  • Enduser

    by Oksmitty

    New update takes too long to load. Symbols font and size is too small to read. This ap just took a step backwards for users.

  • Resolution Is Horrible

    by BSeliger

    This app is generally awesome but please correct the resolution issue for ipads. It looks horrible.

  • Go back to original design

    by Elvis N

    This updated design makes it look like its from the 1970's. Please update and use previous design.

  • Updated


    I updated it and the resolution is really bad.

  • Bad Design

    by RealEstateInvestor

    I'm really disappointed in the design. I think they phoned this one in. The values above the tvm buttons get cut off, the amounts in the CF fields have like 12 decimal places making them not very usable, you can't do uneven cashflows with repeated amounts (if I get 12 payments in a row which are the same I have to add 12 rows). Don't get this app.

  • Don't by

    by Mohamed Ghanem

    Uses abbrev. Nt coherent with cfa very frustrating and dum

  • Ahhh it's an ok app

    by Macanche

    The easy mode should be the main homepage of the app as it's the one that is used the most.

  • Not as good as pitched

    by Joe64278

    iPhone froze up and the NPV results don't match with my HP calc.

  • Okay, where's the amortization function

    by Dptrjdo

    The buttons are tiny, and sometimes unresponsive. I couldn't figure out how to use the amortization function. Get the 10BII. Much better in my opinion.

  • Doesn't rotate on iPad

    by TK 1

    Disappointing. Resolution is OK but display DOES NOT rotate when you turn your iPad. Also % function is not consistent between functions. Needs an upgrade or don't buy it.

  • Excellent calculator

    by Emsantiago

    Been using it for a couple of years now.

  • Great App!

    by Kpmcgrath

    I downloaded this app because I was required to get a financial calculator for my 400 level Finance class in college. Lets just say that this app was the only reason why I passed that class! Well worth the money and the "Easy Mode" function makes life so much easier and takes a lot of stress out of tricky time value of money problems.

  • Love it!!

    by VictoriaMueller

    I love this calculator! It does everything my $60 hp10bII does... The only thing, would it be possible to get a 'clear all' button? It's a little hard when I'm doing TVM stuff and the old stuff is still in there. Thanks!

  • Great app

    by Kingpin999

    I think most of you people are too stupid to use a financial calculator. Either learn to use the app or stick to adding and subtracting. Either way stop posting nonsense.

  • Calc gives wrong solutions

    by Trew123

    When calculating the YTM on a bond, the calculator provided the wrong result. I even gave it the same inputs as the BA 2 application and the results were wrong. I want my money back.

  • Poor update

    by It's true

    Was fine. Now it's unstable and the fields are formatted too small to fit answers.

  • Please fix the app

    by Rutherford Crenshaw

    It would be good if the TVM easy mode didn't keep freezing up after using it for awhile. The entry boxes double and then they wont compute an answer. I had to restart my phone both times this occurred. The decimal numbers arent as accurate as a Texas Instruments calculator either.

  • Naw

    by Cryin now

    Needed something quick & easy for an exam- This is not very intuitive. Even the Easy Mode is not easy to use.

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