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  • Updated: Sep, 16 2008
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Seller: Roger Lichfield

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Do you have a budget of what you want to spend a month on entertainment, clothes and going out?

Do you pay your child an allowance? Are you keeping track of how much you are giving your child?

This simple little calculator is a handy tool that will tell you exactly how much your combined allowance should be to your child or what you should adjust for your budget. It includes calculating how much you spend in a year on clothes, weekly allowance, daily school lunch, monthly entertainment and monthly misc expenses.

This little calculator will also break down what you spend on your child: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

This can also be used by anyone that wants to get a budget under control.

Customer Reviews

  • Worthless come-on ad for ebook upsell

    by SuperDad-of2

    Not worth the 3 seconds to download, let alone the $3 price

  • Allowance Calculator

    by Mary Caldwell

    This is a rip off.


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