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*** Featured by iPhone Life Magazine, Top iPhone Resource, TouchAholics, and more! ***

Track the price of your favourite stocks, monitor your portfolio, and have a powerful, easy to use set of charting and technical analysis tools at your fingertips.

Stock Chartist provides clear, fully customizable charts of the most popular technical indicators that can be easily browsed with the touch of a finger.

From Moving Averages to MACD, Bollinger Bands to RSI, Stochastic Oscillators to Swing Charts, it's all there.

Do you prefer candlestick charts? OHLC bars? A simple line chart of the closing price? They're all available at the touch of a button.

Do you want to zoom in on a chart and get detailed information about each day? With Stock Chartist it's easy.

Do you want the power to choose the parameters for your favourite indicators? You've got it.

The perfect solution for traders who are on the move.

Make money by evaluating trades with the best technical analysis at your fingertips. And all for less than the commission on a single trade.

- Watchlist functionality so you can save and easily track your favourite stocks
- Portfolio functionality so you can easily keep track of your positions
- High quality charts
- Candlestick, OHLC Bar, and Closing Price Line chart types
- Daily, Weekly and Monthly charts
- Support for logarithmic price scale on charts
- Can zoom time and price independently with pinch gestures
- Draw trend lines and support/resistance lines on charts
- All charts can be viewed in Portrait or Landscape mode

- Moving Averages (Simple and Exponential): Up to 4 per chart to show crossovers
- MACD Indicator
- Average Range and Average True Range (ATR)
- Volume data (including Volume Moving Average)
- Relative Strength Indicator (RSI)
- Bollinger Bands
- Fast and Slow Stochastic Oscillator
- Rate of Change (ROC) Momentum Indicator
- Directional Movement Index (DMI/ADX) Indicator
- Swing Chart overlay
- Williams %R
- Parabolic SAR
- All indicator parameters are fully customizable

Multiple exchanges across several countries are supported (using the Yahoo! exchange suffixes).

- NYSE (no suffix required)
- NASDAQ (no suffix required)
- Australia (.AX suffix)
- London (.L suffix)
- Toronto (.TO suffix)
- Paris (.PA suffix)
- Oslo (.OL suffix)
- New Zealand (.NZ suffix)
- Singapore (.SI suffix)
- Spain (.MC suffix)
- and many others

Note that not all stocks are supported in all exchanges.
For most exchanges, quote data is typically delayed by 15 or 20 minutes.

- By choosing this app you are paying for its charting capabilities, not the data.
- The app utilizes free data that is externally sourced and is beyond the control of the developer. Data provided by this application is "as is" and on an "as available" basis. The developer assumes no responsibility for inaccurate, erroneous or unavailable data.
- This application makes no recommendations about what securities to buy or sell.

Customer Reviews

  • Best stock charting app on the store

    by Mike-stro

    I've got a really nice set-up in my home office which features a trading platform with more functionality than I will likely ever use. Let's just say that I'm spoiled when it comes to technical analysis of my portfolio and watch lists. As much as I love my iPad, I've found a couple of things lacking. (i really want seamless access to flash video - but that is a different story, for a different day.) Near the top of my wish list is/was a good stock charting tool that I can use when I'm away from my office. I really couldn't say how many apps I've tried - and been disappointed with. But this is one that I keep turning to. It doesn't fill the hole completely, but it comes most of the way. Close enough that I don't feel handicapped when I need to look at something. I really like the fact that I can draw on the chart - and it stays until its deleted. Being able to tweak the indicators is also a real plus. This app allows me to be at the right place at the right time, and is therefore partially responsible for a couple of significant wins. There are a couple of things that I would change if I could - but they are not significant enough to lower the overall rating. (For the record: Fibonacci retracements would be nice, as well as the ability to view 2-3 indicators simultaneously. And while you are at it ... Drawing on the indicator might be good to do on occasion. Even with those picky little things - THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST USEFUL APPS ON MY iPAD.)

  • Super app.....but

    by Vidiot1122

    Please let us put more than one indicator at a time on the chart. That would make it the best chart app for the iPad. Thanks

  • Cool

    by lorrinleehawaii

    A cool way to see my Watch List fast. Thank you!

  • great app, but needs minor improvements

    by igornyus

    Great app, great interface, very user friendly. Please make "weekly" charts data updated during the trading day and not in the evening. Essentially there is a 24hr delay when viewing weeklies. Also, the window to different charts covers up price moves and one has to scroll up or down the watch-list, click on unrelated stock, go back and only then you'll see the price move of the stock that interests you. Please fix! Thanks

  • Best Yet

    by Clintstir

    I've downloaded several, for a mobile stock app, this is pretty good. I typically do NOT review apps. I think enough of this one I'd take the time. Love the OHLC bars and the feature overlays. I think it's money we'll spent, when I'm on the go & want to quickly check where things stand, it does a real good job. Enjoy!

  • great! But........


    Please please please add a display with total $ value of portfolios! Your charts are awesome and I like the way the stocks are listed alphabetically, but maybe by sector would be a better option. It would be really nice to choose.

  • 4Stars very nice

    by Monsseur

    I was looking for a stock chart app and I found it, simple and clean Thanks

  • Nice app

    by Themoores

    It works, one of the best charting apps for iPad. Well worth the money.

  • Outstanding!

    by Scott B Hunt

    Hi folks, This app is worth every cent of the cost. It comes with great charting tools and toms of features. Once you get use to finding your way around this app, its easy to use. If you was an app with lots of features, expect to spend a bit of time in the learning curve. Well worth the time! This app also tracks gains and losses. Very cool. Regards......

  • Great App!

    by User too.

    Well worth the price for anyone who follows stocks using technical analysis. One can swipe through a watch list very rapidly.

  • A full featured stock tracking app

    by BillyJon

    This is a full featured stock tracking app. Highly recommended.

  • Great ^^!

    by imtam21

    download and use now !!!!!!!

  • Is Great ^^

    by shockqua21

    Great for track stock

  • Working perfectly

    by trungking

    It's very helpful and working perfectly

  • Nice app

    by Dbazhsb

    It works really well.Worth the price.

  • Awesome app!

    by ttlhv22l

    This is an awesome app! I'm very pleased with this purchase!

  • Good

    by Gisbeahh

    Worked much better than I expected!

  • Great App!

    by calupamo

    It's a great app! Very well designed

  • awesome

    by odormtrs

    an awesome apps,worth the money,5 star for you.

  • Good

    by wazzbelt

    It's nothing special but it works well

  • Awful

    by Orangganjil

    This looked like it had promise but the zooming on charts is terrible. No pinch-to-zoom? The method of switching between indicators is by cycling through them one by one. Tedious. Would certainly not recommend.

  • Not impressed

    by Mrhustlah

    Not worth the money, no real time analysis, shortest period is 1 month charts, wasted my money.

  • stockchartist

    by kansas state

    this is the first ipad app i was truly dissappointed in. dont buy it! it is pretty basic and worthless. you can get a much better tool free by getting 'the street'. the five star rating is bogus!

  • Awesome

    by zofjiomy

    Great app! Highly recommended!

  • Love this app

    by geuc8c

    I'm pretty love this app,quite useful for me!

  • review

    by pikaokos

    Useful and really nice,go for it if you need it

  • Great app

    by Dgalsji

    This is a great app! I'll use it everyday.

  • Nice app

    by wzzahhni

    It works really well.Worth the price.

  • Amazing!

    by GalieNiu

    This app is amazing. Love it

  • Great app

    by vico8182

    Very useful app. Easy to use and works well

  • Well done

    by enicnahm

    Just what I have been looking for

  • Great!

    by jpkcnh

    Very useful app! Just great. Deserves 5 stars!

  • Nice app

    by Usperriz

    It's a nice app and very helpful! I'm very pleased with this download!

  • Great Job

    by Kmazza

    Great app to track your favorite stocks

  • Awesome

    by Awozi


  • Perfect!

    by rie3127

    This app works perfectly.I've tested this app out several times and it works great

  • Awesome!

    by feijilaji

    Great app! works perfectly for me.

  • Good

    by hybrid0682

    I give five star cuz I've tried several stock apps and Stock Chartist is the best. It runs perfectly on my iPhone 4 and never crashes.I can easily track my stocks. Worth the money!

  • Helpful Tool

    by happygeorge

    This is exactly what i'm looking for I use this to check my stocks everyday. Great app!

  • Awesome

    by crpe4121

    Very nicely app! Well done!

  • Awesome

    by Gafijia

    Great app! Does what is described and does it well!

  • Great!

    by Hibixah

    Quite useful and easy to use

  • Good app!

    by fduarte

    Works way better than what I expected. Very useful.

  • Great app

    by iwacioy

    It works great and very easy to use.

  • Stock Chartist

    by Sudanhh

    Amazing app worth every penny!!!

  • Works great!

    by yoy6711

    Works like a charm.Application is easy to set up and use

  • Great app

    by E31551

    This app works great for me! I love it!

  • Must have

    by Hernrab

    This is a must have app. You will love it. It is awesome.

  • Awesome!

    by Vinolke

    Excellent app.Does exactly what it says it will do.

  • Good

    by Irish Sparky

    Works and easy to use but not worth the price. Needs a lot of refining.

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