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Languages: English

Seller: Dennis Nederlof

iPhone 5 support
New iPad support
iOS 6 support
Interface upgrades
Bug fixes

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EasyLoan is an app that will let you quickly calculate loan payments. Simply enter the loan amount, interest rate and term. Then press the "Calculate" button and the loan payment is computed. There is also an option to display and email an amortization table.

Customer Reviews

  • Great !!

    by kikeman07

    It do what it says ! Great app and FREE!

  • Works Great!

    by FlyingDutchman22

    Nice simple loan calculator.

  • Great!!!

    by nicholasdh

    Great app. Of course any thing can be better. But very useful as is and recommend it to anyone

  • Simple + Easy

    by samvlu

    What will it take for me to pay my loans in 2 years? 5 years? 'Easy Loan' app answers these questions in seconds. Great App

  • Good app does what it says

    by jasont_03

    It ain't flashy but it does just what it says it will do. Would like if UI keyboard was only numbers but that is a minor fix. Good useful simple app.

  • Great tool

    by RBG 24

    Would like keyboard to default to numbers. Just an extra step. Would like to have option of months or years. Would be a 5 star with those mods.

  • Perfect

    by Eid169

    This app is perfect. Just what I was looking for and is very easy to use.

  • Not working!!

    by Spider100p

    Worked on the beginning But not any more Doesn't want to calculate no more!!!

  • Almost Perfect

    by iMacOffice

    Very nice look. I would suggest a better entry for numbers. When you enter a field, letters are presented? I know how to get to numbers but still this should be just numbers on a large keypad. Interest rates should be on a roll in increments of .125. Years should also be on a roll defaulted to 30 years along with 10, 15, 20 and 40 year loans. No need for "back" on the main screen, it goes nowhere. I would suggest to make this a "clear". Also, an extra payment at the bottom for 1 extra payment a year would be a nice final touch. As a result, the amort will have the adjusted terms of the loan.

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