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This amazing Audiobook and Video Training Course can totally transform your life and enable you to lead a life of prosperity, happiness and filfillment.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the most famous book ever written about the power of the human mind in creating wealth and fulfillment. It's 13 steps towards riches have been tried and tested by millions of people around the world and when followed correctly will not fail.

Think and Grow Rich has been instrumental in creating scores of millionaires, and it can enable you too to create a life that until now you may have only dreamed about.

This Audiobook & Video Course is iterally a step-by-step manual for personal transformation, allowing you to create a life of happiness, prosperity and fulfillment in all areas of your

There are more than 10 hours of professional narrated audio and more than 1 hour of training videos by the author Napoleon Hill who teaches these principles for success directly.

This video course is entitled "The Master Key to Success"

Think and Grow Rich is the original masterpiece and all-time best seller on which countless other modern books on success and the Law of Attraction are based.

You will learn exactly what you need to know to achieve riches, and precisely how to do it. You will also discover that it's very easy to put into practice what you learn, so that you begin to see tangible results very quickly.

This is one audiobook that you will want to listen to again and again as your life becomes more and more abundant.

Author's Preface
Chapter 1. General Introduction
Chapter 2. Desire (The First Step toward Riches)
Chapter 3. Faith (The Second Step toward Riches)
Chapter 4. Auto-Suggestion (The Third Step toward Riches)
Chapter 5. Specialized Knowledge (The Fourth Step toward Riches)
Chapter 6. Imagination (The Fifth Step toward Riches)
Chapter 7. Organized Planning (The Sixth Step toward Riches)
Chapter 8. Decision (The Seventh Step toward Riches)
Chapter 9. Persistence (The Eighth Step toward Riches)
Chapter 10. Power of the Master Mind (The Ninth Step toward Riches)
Chapter 11. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation (The Tenth Step toward Riches)
Chapter 12. The Subconscious Mind (The Eleventh Step toward Riches)
Chapter 13. The Brain (The Twelfth Step toward Riches)
Chapter 14. The Sixth Sense (The Thirteenth Step toward Riches)
Chapter 15. How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

Video 1. Definiteness of Purpose
Video 2. Mastermind Principles
Video 3. Going the Extra Mile
Video 4. Applied Faith
Video 5. A Pleasing Personality
Video 6. Self Discipline
Video 7. Positive Mental Attitude
Video 8. Enthusiasm
Video 9. Personal Initiative
Video 10. Overcoming Adversity and Defeat
Video 11. Creative Vision
Video 12. Accurate Thinking
Video 13. Cosmic Habit Force

This professionally narrated audiobook & video course app also includes the full text of the book itself.

Customer Reviews

  • It works great.

    by Markiux007

    I like it because I play it before I go to bed and don't have to read, I have it on the iPhone 4 (2 iPhones my wife's and mine and no problems) I can read it or use the audio it's better than other cheap one that I got before. I don't know about other people because I always read the reviews before I get something but seems like if you have the iPhone 4 you should be okay. I highly recommend it.

  • Great app had no problems.

    by Kool12no

    Now if I can just apply burning desire into my life.

  • Great App

    by Kenduck

    This app is awesome. I read other reviews. They must have fixed all bugs. Works great on iPhone 4.

  • Dont buy

    by Marco"the great" Morales

    This is ridiculous!

  • Kindergarten Level App Developer

    by Davviiid

    The book is amazing material! Yet the developer is an antonym of great. Audio won't play, text overlaps itself... No contact info to try and resolve issue. I've had app for a while hoping for updates where they will fix issues, but seems they could careless. Won't work on my iPhone, itouch, or iPad. Stay away from their apps!

  • App won't load

    by Mr. C O

    This App would not load or work, after taking my money. I am very disappointed.

  • Bugs

    by CuriouslyStrong

    If you press 'read text' the text is superimposed on itself again and again until you are stuck with many many layers of superimposed text that won't go away ruining your ability to use the rest of the app. Tragic!

  • Not worth the money .. Audio doesn't work

    by JoshuaCardwe

    Great book, but app is total rip-off .. Feel pretty stupid for buying it

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