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Solve finance and business equations with this accurate, powerful, and easy to use calculator. With save & load function for future reference & comparison purposes.

* * * * * "…Now I don't even take my HP financial calculator along on business meetings. All I need is the iPhone because of the Finance Business Calculator app. For me it's a no brainer--carry two devices or one. Also a good deal when compared to an $85 device." (Rating : 5 stars)

* * * * * "Great app for finance courses - This app has been a life saver! Worth every penny!" (Rating : 5 stars)

* * * * * "All the calculations you could need in one nice, easy to use tool." (Rating : 5 stars)

CF Financial Calculator includes a variety of financial calculators for different business and financial scenarios:

▸ Amortization
▸ Basic calculator
▸ Capitalization rate
▸ Cashflow
▸ Loan payment
▸ Loan term
▸ Mortgage
▸ Percent change
▸ Return on investment
▸ Savings
▸ Simple interest
▸ Time Value of Money (TVM)

Time Value of Money
Annuities, mortgage payments, insurance payments, savings bonds, and regular saving contributions.

Capital budgeting, competing investment profitability, NPV, IRR.

Mortgage payment, mortgage insurance, homeowner's (hazard) insurance, property tax, custom 'other' field. View your amortization schedule.

Loan payments, length of loan, total interest paid, total paid over the life of the loan.

Reach your savings goals by adjusting initial deposit, deposit frequency, saving contributions, interest rate, tax rate, and time.

Solve annual percentage rate (APR) and effective annual rate (EAR) calculations to find the true interest rate on credit cards and loans.

Capitalization Rate
Evaluate capital investments for industry and real estate.

Solve for the total and annualized return on investment.

Percent change
Determine the percentage change (positive or negative) between a beginning and ending amount.

Simple interest
Solve for the amount of interest earned between a start and end date without compounding.

Loan term
Find out how long it will take you to pay off a loan based on the principal, interest rate, and equated monthly installment.

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Customer Reviews

  • Variety of tools all in one place

    by NNA1013

    Update-great new look to the app! A lot of useful tools with the ability to save settings. Great layout and easy to use.

  • Very easy to use

    by Khoxxxx

    Great App

  • NPV/IRR Glitch

    by AM004

    App works well, but when you save a series of cash flows and then try to reopen the file the cash flows disappears but the calculated NPV/IRR figures remain. Anyone have any idea why this is?

  • Great app for finance courses

    by dwis1963

    This app has been a life saver! Worth every penny!

  • A couple glitches

    by Cleveland DP

    1. In APR/EAR, it would be helpful if the decimal place go farther than two places (tenths). I did an example in class and the difference was .10 vs. .1025 Also, the is a glitch with Time Value of Money. When you put in more than one period a year (semi-annual) and interest rate is 5%, it doesn't calculate the interest rate to be 10% in the year. My answer didn't come out right. By playing around with the numbers, I found that I had to put the interest rate at 10% to get the correct answer for my class. Even though the problem stated 5% with two periods for three years. These are significant problems when you're counting on this app!

  • Great!

    by Georgia Schrager

    Exactly what I needed.

  • Must have in Financial tool chest

    by flabbycabby

    All the calculations you could need in one nice, easy to use tool.

  • Small package with big punch

    by LacyLola

    I discovered this app when I forgot to bring my financial calculator to a business meeting. In desperation to help a client, I downloaded this program because it looked like it could help me. I was completely surprised when I solved the financial question in less than a minute. The program is so intuitive that I never looked at the manual. I just started entering numbers on the input lines and selected "solve." I later confirmed the results of my query on a trusted device. Now, I don't even take my HP financial calculator along on business meetings. All I need is the iPhone because of the Finance Business Calculator app. For me it's a no-brainer -- carry two devices or one. Also, a good deal when compared to an $85 device. It is truly a very useful, trustworthy and convenient app.

  • Great!

    by Autumn Crawford

    Helping me decide if I should refinance the mortgage on my house. The adjustments section is really helpful.

  • She's a keeper!

    by Brasssteven

    Simple to use. Very comprehensive. I probably won't buy any other financial app after using this.

  • Very comprehensive finance calculator!

    by Rachel431895

    My husband and I are in the midst of buying a home and this calculator has been very helpful in preparing us for managing our mortgage and other loans. There are so many great features to this app. It's definitely the best finance calculator I have ever used!

  • So much here

    by Prince Duke

    Lots of stuff for finance geeks, loan officers, or anybody looking for a mortgage. See how fast your investments could grow, the interest versus principle on your mortgage, how much you need to save each month for kids college if you make X% in a savings account. Very comprehensive.

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