Dough Finance App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Code Beyond
  • Updated: Apr, 25 2009
  • Version: 2.4
  • Size: 1.39 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Code Beyond

Support for iPhone4. Only download this if you have iPhone4 installed.

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Dough is an easy to use yet powerful three-in-one solution for personal finance.

Manage your accounts, budgets/reports and bills in the same app.

Save time and money by entering everything once. No need to switch in and out of three apps and learn three user interfaces.

"This is the 6th budget/checkbook app I have downloaded – this is the only one that I have been able to use right off the bat..." - thxJC

"Its everything I wanted. I have tried and purchased so many budget apps. None of them do exactly what I need. This app does, its great..." - RAE 718

"Dough is a solid personal finance tracker. Its stable and graphically pleasing, which is one of its strongest selling points..." - Dave804

"This app is very well written and does what it says it will do. I paid much more for an app that was similar but was not only very difficult/complicated to use it simply didn't do what it claimed..." - Tryllast

"..I emailed the developers and they responded very quickly, they continued to give suggestions until my problem was resolved!" - NzN

Many thanks to all users who have taken the time to write a review!

Our web site (iPhone friendly) has a how to section with close to twenty how to's that you can review. Also read dough-tips at our new blog

Email us at with any support issues or bugs.

Below is a breakdown by modules.

- Create and manage unlimited checking, credit card or cash/savings accounts
- Add, modify or delete any account.
- Capture detailed information for each account.
- Manage recurring transactions with ability to set period as none, once, weekly, two weeks, twice a month, every four weeks, monthly, every two months, quarterly, every six months and annually
- Split Transactions
- Reconcile checking accounts
- Transfer between accounts
- See realtime snapshot of account balance on the overview screen
- Use easy to use icons to identify transaction categories
- Purge old transactions in any date range

- Create monthly budget and view which categories have money available and which are overspend.
- Ability to modify monthly budget. Work with as many or as few categories as you like in your budgets.
- Provides budget stats such as budgeted income vs. current income and budgeted expense vs. current expense.
- Customize category names represented by icons.
- Turn categories on/off
- See a realtime snapshot of your monthly budget progress on the dashboard

- Generate dynamic reports in tabular form or pie charts in any date range for any account or all accounts.
- See pie chart of monthly spending
- See a bar chart of monthly top 10 spending categories
- Export of Transactions via Email

- Add, modify and delete any bill
- Input and track bills due including information such as payment address, paid date, paid amount and confirmation number.
- Manage recurring bills with the ability to set recurrence as one, once, weekly, two weeks, twice a month, every four weeks, monthly, every two months, quarterly, every six months and annually
- Pay a bill with any account
- See the top five upcoming bills on the overview screen at all times.

- Password protection with pin
- Work with over thirty beautiful intuitive icons representing spending categories and three income categories.
- Includes three custom categories displaying number 1,2 and 3 which can be customized if no other category fits
- Data is 100% secure. Your data is never send to our servers.

Customer Reviews

  • Physician

    by Dr F.Thomas

    Great app for people who need to stay ahead of their finances,gives access to all your accounts on one page,helps u stay ahead of bills with a security password that keeps vital info to yourself.Clear layout , great buy for people who need to keep trackof their money at their fingertips(literally)!Awesome!

  • Lifesaver

    by Natodd

    I'm really glad to have found this application. I often find myself a little bit off on my mental calculations and don't want to take the time to hassle with a complicated app. This is simple to use and very well thought out. Kudos to the developers!

  • A Solid Start

    by Croleva

    I enjoy this app and its features so far. It needs some bugs worked out and could use some additional features to make Dough my go-to finance app. All in all, I find it more stable on the iPhone 4 than other reviews here indicated. It hasn't lost my data or crashed on me yet in 10 days of heavy use. I'll continue to use the Dough application and hope its developers continue making improvements in future versions. Some specific improvements I'd like: I have trouble clicking the first category in reports to view details and I'd like to see a calendar view option.

  • Love it!

    by Dominicanchulo

    Finally an app where I can manage my accounts and bills in one place!

  • Very Useful

    by ni328

    I use this app every day my only problem is when you go into the different account info you cannot see the current entries unless you have entered a new expense. This should be changed because I would like to see what I have entered even if I have nothing to add. If that were fixed I would give it 5 stars

  • awsome, best so far.

    by Faelyss

    I initially searched several apps for a good financing application. I have 2 kids, and am married at the age of 20 and it's hard sometimes to make sure my money is spent wisely. I am so glad i downloaded this application! I use it all the time. It keeps me in check, and like the PP said, it tells me what i have beore the bank does. if you are looking for something that can help you keep track of your money, this is the thing. well worth the 3 bucks!

  • Love it

    by Nandologia

    It's a very nice application that is well worth the money. I began with the free version and soon found out i'd be using it frequently and needed the upgrade. It's been money well spent for I've been able to keep track of where my money goes before the banks update their sites. I love it.

  • Hmmm..

    by Nickkie

    Overall a pretty good app bt it wud recieve  if it had a calendar to show where ya paid & unpaid bills fall on the calendar & it wud be great if it made bill due dates on fridays if the bill due date fall on the wknd.

  • Another crash..

    by AlphaRapture

    All in all, it does what it says it does... It crashes when I try to edit a transaction to fix the value... Ends up closing the app and losing the data. I shouldn't have to erase and redo the transaction! Please fix, thanks! :) and I tried rebooting the pod, but it consistently still crashes.

  • Changed my mind!

    by NzN

    You can read my previous complaint below... I emailed the developers and they responded very quickly, they continued to give suggestions until my problem was resolved! Great job guys! Ur app is NOW amazing! This would be amazing.... If it actually worked! However, it crashes each time I try to add a bill. I have erased and reinstalled several times with no luck... If this would be resolved... It COULD be great... Amazing... But, it's not as is! I give it one star for what it could have been!

  • App exceeded expectations !

    by Tryllast

    This app is very well written and does what it says it will do. I paid much more for an app that was similar but was not only very difficult / complicated to use it simply didn't do what it claimed. I am very impressed with the way this app looks as well as functions. I had one pet peeve about the save button placement and the correspondence I've received from the develpors was not only fast but addressed my concern and apparently the pet peeve is being addressed in the upcoming patch. I loook forward to seeing the tweeks that they implement and I encourage anyone that is looking for a simple yet fully functioning account and budgeting tool to give this a try. It has served me well and you can't beat the price.

  • Hopeful

    by thxJC

    This is the 6th budget/checkbook app I have downloaded - this is the only one that I have been able to use right off the bat. So far (yes, it's been a whole 20 minutes) I have been able to get my main account set up, recurring payments entered and have a basic understanding of the app. Nice job - once I have a chance to see how this works...I will let you know if you are getting 5 stars. Thanks so much for giving me an app that I can use - I am just sorry that I didn't download this first!

  • I like it ALOT!!

    by Rae 718

    Its everything I wanted. I have tried and purchased so many budget apps. none of them do exactly what I need. this app does, its great. You get to input a budget, record your purchases, plus you get an alarm when a bill is due. its great!! My one problem is that I would like to reduce the number of categories to only the ones I am using.

  • Update pls

    by Yourcoolgirl

    Needs to be updated for more customization.

  • I want my money back

    by bdjace

    When I pay $7 in the app store I expect it to work as advertised. This app seems more like an early beta because it crashes and is glitchy. I have restarted and reinstalled multiple times with no change. The email transactions feature does not work. There are no splits and you are stuck with preset categories. Needless to say I am not a happy customer.

  • Save your Dough!

    by Missing my Palm Pixi

    I've had this app 30 seconds and I'm already disappointed. I had this on my Palm Pixi and I loved it. I just purchased this on my new iPhone and I just wasted my $. - which I would like refunded. this app is plain Jane and hard to navigate- NOTHING like the palm app. FIND Something else and save your own dough!!!

  • palm

    by Kysoza

    i had this app when the Pre came out & let me tell you i used it daily & loved it but this version seems 2 b missing quite a bit of the things that made it stand out on the pre

  • Stick to Mint.

    by dmontes79

    This apps looks like a ripoff of app except they made it much more complicated that it needs to be, stick to Mint.

  • Hmm

    by Kila.Malia

    So far I don't like it,very hard to use and most the time it don't work. Like I added my account info and saved it, but when I went bk it was gone, I sure hope they fix it or I will delete it. Not worth the money...

  • Do Not Buy this app!!!

    by RabbitLuvr

    I have been using Dough for 6 months. The accounts portion always worked great for me, but the budget tab wouldn't even open half the time, and the bill pay feature never worked properly- bills never updated, wouldn't link to my accounts. I kept using it for the account feature, until I upgraded to iOS 4. Now I can't even add a single transaction without the whole app crashing.

  • High Hopes:

    by Yiemona

    So since I received my Iphone I have been searching for an app that could live up to Spb Finance on Windows based phones. I tried a few and they were all missing something. So when I found this all in one app I thought I was on to something. I was wrong. First of all I can’t add my accounts to checking because that button doesn’t work on it. On the account page or Overview page there is no way to sort the transactions. I wish the Bills had an alarm or push to notify you when due instead of adding them to your account as you add them and making it look as though that money is already done. I really wanted this to work out because frankly it’s the only one out there that has an all in one that I know of...I don’t want one app for banking, another for budget, and another for bills. PLEASE Fix these issues....PLEASE

  • Crashes

    by KeeRoJo

    Was looking forward to this app a great deal. It crashes when trying to enter "bills due". Tried several times, always crashed. Unhappy now.

  • What is up with this app and the Dough support group

    by edgarnsroman

    When I read all that Dough could do for me I was sold. I updated my IPOD Touch to 3.0 just for the app. A cost of $16.41 between the two. But guess what, the app wouldn't download to my IPOD Touch because it wasn't compatible, so I get in touch with their support group, and they tell me to try downloading from the IPOD instead of using my desktop, I did and didn't work because the program said that it needed a microphone, they told me to restore my IPOD because it must be something I caused and not their program (they think I don't know what I'm doing), because their program doesn't require a mic, maybe they thought I had a need to make that up or something, but to prove them wrong I did restore it, and guess what, it didn't work. So finally I say to them that I should get a credit or money back, because what's happening is something with their program, but they tell me that in order for them to give me my money back I must give them a 4 or 5 star review saying that they gave me my money back using PayPal. So their program doesn't work, and they had me do unnecessary things because they are right and I'm wrong, but I should still give them a 4 or 5 star review in order to get my $4.99 back. Hope you guys have better luck than I did.

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