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Seller: Clipper Magazine

-> iOS7 improvements abound!
-> Improved support for iOS6 and iOS5 devices.
-> Fixed iOS6 crash on start-up for some users... Very sorry.

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Take, Shop + Share and REDEEM directly from your device thousands of 50% OFF DEALS + FREE LOCAL COUPONS from your favorite businesses advertising in CLIPPER MAGAZINE.

CLIPPER MAGAZINE is created and published for 29 states across the U.S.- mailing to homes and trusted to deliver the best LOCAL deals and coupons for the best restaurant, family activities, health & beauty, services (lawn care to car care), and more. We know the great places, because we live here too! You want the local pizza shop, sushi bar, ice cream treatery, dry cleaner, spa, or family fun place in your town? THAT'S CLIPPER MAGAZINE!

Our mission is to put instant savings in your pocket. Need an idea where to eat, play, or shop? Wonder if there's a deal or coupon? Check your DOUBLETAKE OFFERS APP and stretch your dollars nearly every time you go out.

Traveling or work out of town? This app is perfect since we offer savings in 29 states and over 750 cities with over 50,000 FREE COUPONS + 1000's of 50% OFF DEALS! You trust the restaurants and merchants we feature where you live, shop and play so you can trust the DOUBLETAKE OFFERS APP to recommend great places (with great deals + coupons) as you take a trip or travel to work.

Here are a few great features:

- SHOP AND BROWSE for deals + coupons with EZ category options
- REDEEM with a quick tap + send to iPhone Passbook
- VIEW details, directions + business hours
- SHARE your favorites with Social Networking option
- FOLLOW your favorite businesses by setting mobile alerts
- ACCESS your account and login to connect to your deals + coupons
- MANAGE your saved certificates
- EXTEND your savings online with


Customer Reviews

  • App is great

    by DoctorPane

    I am shocked at the reviews here. The old app was crummy. It's app is crazy nicer! Yes, you have to put in your email now, but um... You tap a category, like food, and there is everything. There seems to be way more than in the old app. Passbook is easy too - you just have to tap use now on the coupon and then when the certificate pops up, tap add to passbook. I'm 63 and I can use this app. I put in my doubletake deals password and there are all the deals I bought, too. I like this.

  • Easy to navigate

    by Unc girl 17

    Easy to navigate. I love how I can get updated deals and coupons from the magazine.

  • Concept good... But…

    by figment767

    I like the concept of this update, however, a lot of places I had coupons before are no longer available, AND it's no longer passbook linked... Either that or I'm missing how to add to passbook

  • Works Just Fine!!

    by danielecb

    This app is very easy to use and I found it to be accurate. The coupons have expiration dates as well as codes for the merchant to enter into their system when you're purchasing something from them. I save my coupons directly to my iPhone's Passbook! I just wish there would be more merchants to choose from.

  • App keeps crashing

    by HirePA

    Every time I execute the app, it crashes!! Please fix. Thanks!!

  • So stupid

    by Brid45

    Why does not except new jersey as a state because it is a state

  • Savings!

    by iYoungblood

    I save so much money with this app. Especially on restaurants.

  • Like having the published version - supported city

    by Dpinsk

    App lists same discounts I've seen many times in the published version - and far from just Vitamin stores. Am in one of the cities listed, outside Chicago. Only 4 stars for now - seems a bit quirky.

  • Great App! Lots of locations.

    by Jorginity - Fan Since Day 1

    Really great app, I use it almost daily.. Lots of variety..

  • Hey folks...

    by Kebarrett

    Coupons are in 29 states - not the whole country. Also you need data connection and gps on. App Works great if you understand this. Coipons for tons of local merchants you won't find anywhere else on the Internet.

  • Love it

    by Lucia Aguirre

    Now I'll always have my coupons with me! Hope it works

  • Doubletake

    by Grand specialties

    I got this app for doubletake deal but like getting free coupons. Nice.

  • Won't open

    by Cwlady

    I can't get it to open. Tried rebooting and reloading. I'm deleting. Update: it opens now but there are a lot coupons that are in the magazine that aren't in the app. That means I still have to cut coupons. Still only worth 1 star which is sad because I so wanted it to be great.

  • Garbage

    by DancingFag

    Crashes on ios 5.1.1

  • Version 3.1 Crashes

    by MeHungry22

    New version 3.1 crashes immediately on iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.4

  • Doesn't Work

    by hawtboi

    iPhone 5S iOS 7.0.3 and app will not load. Garbage.

  • Does not work

    by Prilly99456

    This app does not work

  • Horrible

    by NicoleMV

    App won't even open. Update stinks.

  • Doesn't Work

    by AdventurelandFam

    This app doesn't seem to work for me anymore. All I get is a screen that says swipe here at the bottom that takes u through directions to use the app but there is no button/ or anyway to get u into the actual app...

  • Terrible since the last update...

    by tweet.long

    Can't access anything after the most recent update. Wish they hadn't changed things. It's completely useless now. If I could give it zero stars I would!

  • used to be good

    by Ls37

    Someone over thought the update. What was a very good app and simple to use has become a chore to use. KISS, market to the end user not to yourself.

  • Upgrade Remorse! The update is AWFUL!

    by NowhereInAbsentia

    You can't easily look for favorite coupons or companies, you have to create an account. Don't try to look for anything nearby ... there isn't anything there. Now with 'create an account or this app is useless' improvements! Lots of glitz, whee isn't the new app shiny? Too bad the functionality isn't as good as the last version.

  • New version is bad

    by Dsus11

    The new "double takes" version is soooo bad. It no longer has any of the coupons for the restaurants I frequent.

  • New updated version

    by TheDeeeeJ

    The new updated version is terrible. It takes forever to load anything you want to view. It's glitchy. And not as easy to navigate. Tried to go too techy and professional looking. Wish they would have kept it simple and easy. Too many new buttons and features now!

  • Use to be good

    by Andy Pannafino

    Use to be decent. New version is just about useless !

  • Horrible

    by Rater the greater

    This app is horrible,,, with the coupon clipper I had no problems,,, as soon as I did the update that combined coupon clipper and double take,,, the app would not open,,, spent 11/2 hrs on phone with apple,,, and they couldn't even get the app to open,,, gonna give it one more day then I will delete the app permanently,,, there was some good food coupons on there that I used weekly,,,,,, I wouldn't recommend this app to no one at this time,,,,since the update,, it's the worse app I've ever had on my phone,,,, and I'm not one to complain !!!!!!

  • uninstalled

    by tgrant10

    like other reviews said. has no content.

  • Horrible

    by Bunnytail24

    This app either crashes or cannot locate you with the GPS. Don't bother. I uninstalled it.

  • Merchants Refuse to Accept

    by ThisBlows11

    Phoned in food orders to vendors multiple times but they often do not accept the electronic version of the coupon. SOMEONE MAKE CLEAR TO MERCHANTS ON HOW TO ACCEPT/REDEEM THE COUPONS!

  • Nothing!

    by Sabdafav

    First off GPS couldn't find my location and secondly there was nothing in my location and this is a pretty big town so no I don't recommend.

  • App is okay. But why can you add to passbook on the web, but not the app?

    by TGTJp

    I was able to add the coupons I liked on the web but was a little confused that they didn't offer passbook with in-app searches. Seems weird. :/ I love the idea and hopefully, streamlined passbook integration would make it a more frequent use app.

  • Does not work with iOS 6

    by ChiTownDave

    Despite having been updated since release of iOS 6, the application does not work on iOS 6.

  • Merchants don't accept it

    by Tunechi420

    I tried using it a few times at flame broiler and said they couldn't accept it I showed them their address and said I don't know why we are there we never approve them we need a actual paper coupon.

  • Passbook

    by Ryun Swank

    I thought they'd be all over the passbook integration. It'd be so much more convenient for both the coupons and the businesses using them. As a business that has advertised in the clipper, it'd be great to see that people would drive by my business and receive a pop-up notification to call us or stop by. This is greatly lacking without passbook.

  • Not the same as the Magazine

    by JBTN2006

    Not bad. It does have quite a few coupons for my area, however not near as many as the magazine.

  • Coupons never change

    by tvkimberly

    Disappointed in this app. I love the Clipper magazine which always has many coupons for my city Wilsonville, Or and it said it was the same but the coupons never change and there is only one for my city. It is nothing like the magazine.

  • Look stuipd

    by Mancinigirl

    I don't like how it look hope they can improve

  • complicated to understand

    by AnaVito

    quite difficult to understand. only two coupons for el paso texas.

  • Lame

    by LoneRanger068

    4 coupons for a major metropolitan capital? Might be better in other cities, but MSP is a dud.

  • Not a fan

    by smp0530

    Nothing except vitamin world

  • Lame

    by Bamfheather

    Nothing except vitamin world. Every one within 50 miles to be exact. Stupid.

  • This app

    by Couponer girrrrl

    I was not pleased with this app,the only coupons on this app was for consignment store, there were not any un-used clothes store coupons! DON'T INSTALL, unless you shop @ consignment stores often

  • Hope you like vitamins

    by AirKevOne

    Cleveland : only listing is vitamin world. Let the savings begin!

  • No coupons!

    by Girl in Brooklyn

    Like other reviewers, I downloaded this because Brooklyn was listed as one of the cities covered, but there was nothing.

  • Sucked like crap

    by Camdenie

    Says in the titles SUCKED LIKE CRAP!!!!!!

  • Disappointed

    by 13heather

    I live in a state and primary market this app claims to serve (Orange County CA) but absolutely no coupons downloaded in any category. I tried first with the gps on and then searched for multiple cities all over Orange County and still had no success. Love the idea of this app but without any results, it's completely useless.

  • Boooooooo

    by Cld1984rrd

    I thought for sure Texas would have some dang coupons.... Nope... DELETE!

  • No bueno

    by Srftexas

    Glad this was free. Only listings is a vitamin store. Delete

  • Waste of valuable time

    by R-arn

    The gps locater doesn't work for small communities and the app in general has its navigational challenges. It's a good thing this app is free. I deleted and would not recommend.

  • POS!

    by dino stephens

    maybe if it opened i'd be able to use!

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