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-> Now Ready for IOS7
-> Smoother PASSBOOK support for coupons & deals
-> Better geographic search - see more free offers
-> Lots of usability improvements

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Attention HARRISBURG, PA and LANCASTER, PA value seekers! A revolutionary mobile app is available exclusively for you- unbelievably fast, easy, FREE tool to SAVE YOU INSTANT CASH on the best of your world.

Discover big cash savings at your fingertips. That smartphone in your pocket now means big savings in your pocket!

Take advantage of the valuable offers on many of the best local restaurants – plus personal services, recreational activities, retail stores, and more! No fewer than 1000 of the best local businesses you already like – with INSTANT SAVINGS OFFERS, plus traditional, "% off" coupons + 50% OFF, limited-time deals! WITH NO CLIPPING OR PRINTING – EVER!

Download the app now and discover all the INSTANT CASH SAVINGS waiting for you – while you’re on the go around town – with all offers conveniently organized according to what you’re looking for.

Traveling or work out of town? This app is perfect since we offer savings in 29 states and over 750 cities with over 50,000 FREE COUPONS + 1000's of 50% OFF DEALS! You trust the restaurants and merchants we feature where you live, shop and play so you can trust the DOUBLETAKE OFFERS APP to recommend great places (with great deals + coupons) as you take a trip or travel to work.

IT IS SO EASY! Just decide what you’re up for, tap on an offer. Then hand your smartphone to the cashier/server and, with a tap, YOU GET THE INSTANT CASH SAVINGS!

It doesn’t get any easier than this to zero in on what you want and save big with offers you won’t find anywhere else online! Here are a few great features:

- SHOP AND BROWSE for deals + coupons with EZ category options
- REDEEM with a quick tap + send to iPhone Passbook
- VIEW details, directions + business hours
- SHARE your favorites with Social Networking options
- FOLLOW your favorite businesses by setting mobile alerts
- ACCESS your account and login to connect to your deals + coupons
- MANAGE your saved certificates
- EXTEND your savings online with

Just REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR GPS TURNED ON so your app can lead you to the biggest savings the best LOCAL businesses have to offer. Let your smartphone become your go-to savings resource!


Customer Reviews

  • Clipper Cash saved me $13.00 this week and I haven't gotten through the weekend.

    by Orndorff

    I used this app 4 times during the past week. I used in on our regular "Pizza and a Movie" night on Friday and saved $2.00. I used it for lunch twice and and saved $4.00. I used it for a quick dinner before soccer and baseball on an insane sports night and saved $7.00 at a place that I don't normally frequent but loved it and would return again. That is a total of $13.00 saved and I would have spent this money anyway. I love coupons but hate that I never have them. I ALWAYS have my phone. THIS APP WORKS because it fits your lifestyle. Give it a TRY.

  • Very nice app!

    by Kebarrett

    Perfect for Lancaster and Harrisburg restaurants, retail and activities. I've use this 9 times with only one hiccup.

  • Very easy to save

    by Monty6

    Lots of local restaurants with coupons. This app crashed for two days and we actually missed not having this app! It's been perfect since, no crashes and more offers. Looking forward to more offers outside of Lancaster and Harrisburg.

  • Awesome $avings

    by Walcky30

    Great way to find coupons around you. Easy to use and great app design. Plus it's free! :)

  • Great way to save!!!!

    by Whitney Wealand

    Easy to use and fun! You can get deals without worrying about having coupons with you. Highly recommend!

  • Does not work

    by Prilly99456

    This app does not work

  • Not good

    by dramsey76

    Just downloaded this app. The home screen comes on and just sits there.

  • Deleting this one

    by Bruce Fry

    I really liked the old Clipper Cash app. The upgrade really downgraded the app. Spent 15 minutes at a restaurant trying to get it to work. Don't upgrade your version or waste your time downloading this. It's a shame they had to fix what wasn't broken.

  • Don't upgrade

    by 7Ronin7

    This app is bloated and so slow it makes it hardly worthwhile if you're not on wifi. It's also more difficult to find the old clipper cash coupons saved and used frequently. Don't upgrade to this app if you're still using the old clipper cash app!

  • Crap app

    by James Bollinger

    Had it loaded & it works great in my home to view potential coupons. However when I tried to use it at the businesses, I just got a red screen message "network error" and it would never display the coupon. Finally decided to delete it since it was useless.

  • Horrible

    by slomostyl

    First two places I tried to use the coupons, I was told they didn't know what it was and denied me the discount

  • Keeps crashing

    by shocker86

    Please fix this app. I can't use it because it keeps crashing.

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