Citi Mobile® Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Citibank
  • Updated: Jan, 24 2009
  • Version: 6.0
  • Size: 14.28 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Citibank, N.A.

Completely redesigned user interface. Additional new functionality for bank and credit card customers:
•Push notifications: available for checks cleared, credit card payment due and credit card late payment reminder
•Enhanced search functionality for specific transactions using keywords
•Edit/cancel scheduled payments
•Single button access for frequently used transactions: Bill payments & transfers, Mobile check deposit, Popmoney® Personal Payment Service

Citi Mobile® Snapshot: View certain account balances and recent transactions without logging in (Currently available in select markets only).

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
252 Ratings
All Versions:
24304 Ratings


Make your life easier with the new Citi Mobile® App
Enjoy a better banking experience, featuring:
•Sleeker Design: Breeze through your banking thanks to a cleaner, sleeker design.
•Easy Navigation: Get to where you need to go using fewer taps, with the help of streamlined menus.
•Alerts via Mobile Device: Get timely account notifications to stay informed and on top of your finances.
•More Convenience: Edit and cancel scheduled payments and search past, pending and future transactions.

And introducing Citi Mobile® Snapshot: a new optional feature that allows you to view certain account balances and recent transactions without logging in (currently available in limited markets only).

•Check your Citi® account balances
•See recent activity for your checking and credit card accounts , including pending transactions
•Pay bills and view payments
•Transfer funds between linked Citi accounts
•Send money to virtually anyone’s U.S. bank account with Popmoney®
•Deposit checks using Mobile Check Deposit
•Make or schedule future credit card payments
•View your available credit line (for Credit Card customers)
•Quickly find the nearest ATMs/branches
Accounts are protected by 128-bit encryption, as they are when you bank online.

Deposit accounts are offered by Citibank N.A. Member FDIC.
Citi credit cards are issued by Citibank, N.A. (1)

(1) Please note, Citibank does not charge you a fee for using the Mobile Check Deposit service. However, charges from your wireless carrier may apply. Regular account charges apply. The Mobile Check Deposit service is subject to eligibility. Deposit limits and other restrictions apply.
© Citigroup Inc. 2014.
Citi, Citi with Arc Design, Citibank and Citi Mobile are registered service marks of Citigroup Inc.

Customer Reviews

  • Got the job done.

    by Home Banker

    Didn't mind the update. Worked perfectly well making a check deposit. People have their underwear in a bunch because they can't copy/paste their pw. Get over it. It's called security.

  • I'm impressed

    by adawg!

    The redesign is excellent (especially exciting because the former version was horrible). I think it's better then the full web version. Looks nice, easy to view accounts, great to move money or pay bills. Nice job!

  • Notification

    by blackiez555555

    see the app of BOA. they have a lot of choice in notification

  • Horrible

    by Little. Manny

    Why Citibank? If it ain't broken, don't fix it. That was the first thing coming to my mind. The latest version is SLOW, and crashes EVERY TIME when trying to do a mobile deposit. Unuseable! If they don't fix this I will change to another bank.

  • Horrible

    by Nippleslick

    After update app is not functional. Can not use mobile check deposit feature. App hangs after snapping first picture. Also after typing in amount and hitting done the keyboard stays in the way. Very lame.

  • ...really?

    by Trini Giggles

    It looks pretty.

  • Can't paste Password after 2nd logon!

    by Zanboor

    When you download the app you can paste the password but after that you can't and you'd have to type it! So, it becomes very insecure coz it promotes short passwords but not the long and gibberish one we use. Fix it if you it to be used! Also, why not say 'waiting...' If you are going to make people look at sinew thing that's doing something but without showing it?? Bad user interface! Updating ... After redownloading and logging in I tried to deposit a check for 50 bux which the old one allowed me to. This NEW version, logged me out right after taking the front picture!! Which meant, I should redo the whole thing again. Really!! Update.... I tried it again and it seems it won't allow you to paste password if you SAVE username so, don't check it and just enter it very time you use the app.

  • Updated app is terrible

    by Xmanpa

    The old version was much more user friendly to view. The new one is very confusing. I Liked to view my statement month to month.

  • App Issues

    by Philly_Snow

    1) Takes too long to load/open while you are staring at a picture of a Dad and son. I'm trying to check credit card stats--not have to see unnecessary emotional marketing. 2) Needs a feature to see Pending Payments (payments that have been submitted but not yet posted.)

  • Newer isn't always better.

    by Aurora-Mae

    Although the updated app looks nicer, it's much harder to navigate through pretty much anything. A lot of the functions are either complicated to get to, or they take a long time to load. It's really frustrating trying to complete even simple tasks.

  • Bitchy banker breaks it down:

    by OkayGoLater5

    Do you want a slower interface with load screens between each click? DOWNLOAD NOW!!! Do you want extra steps because there weren't enough steps before? DOWNLOAD NOW!!! Do you want side buttons and drop down menus that seemed to be organized by a lobotomized plebe? DOWNLOAD NOW!!! Do you want to see pictures of smiling people when you first open up Citibank's mobile app to remind you what it's like to feel happy? DOWNLOAD NOW!!! Citibank: Mobile App!!! Because pictures and hieroglyphics are better than efficient design!!! :D D:

  • Really disappointed

    by SuperReviewer550


  • Awful upgrade

    by Jdkmfish

    Horrible update, they took a easy to use app and make it crap. No more payment history, can't find pending transfers, hard to view and use. I would go back to older version if I could. So not install this upgrade

  • Not good

    by applesoft01

    The app is slow overall. The splash screen has nothing to do with banking and stays up way too long. When you press something you do not get feedback that it was pressed, and the response time is too long. The UI feels cluttered and not nimble. Overall usability is poor - for example, if someone has just one checking account, why not pre-fill it for payments - and why not remember the last account used so that users don't have to select it for each payment. Not a good update.

  • Slow as hell.

    by missnovocain

    Change it back, this is horrible.

  • App died day one

    by Bug with password reset!!!

    I decided to get the update this morning, then I read negative reviews and think "it can't be that bad..." I tried it and yes. It is that bad. Restarted the app a few times and it is frozen. Considering changing banks...

  • Where is the QA on this app

    by Jstoner0007

    Hard to imagine this application passed through QA testing and UAT testing. Crashes when trying to deposit a check.

  • Futuro

    by El biejo León

    Antes era más fácil esta es más lenta muchos botones no me gusta

  • Doesn't work

    by Texas Daisy

    I use to be able to see my acct with the old app. I saw my acct the first time this new one was loaded... Haven't been able to since - 7 days or so. Worthless!!!!

  • ???

    by Fireraven25

    Crashes everytime I try to take a photo of a check for deposit. Bring back the old version!!!!!

  • Just awful

    by Dll338

    The level if frustration I'm feeling right now is off the charts. Don't update!!!!!

  • Awful and Slow

    by TooBigToExist

    Much slower than before and now I can't find anything. I want to look at my account, not into some kids' mouth. Bring back the old one please.

  • Can't pay Mortgage anyone

    by American Shorthair

    What kind of numbskull developers do they hire? Previous review: Geez how bad can this get. Used to be barely working now doesn't work at all. You should fire your entire programming staff! - Search by date function does not work at all transactions start April 21 *no matter* what date I put in - Check images are supposedly viewable but I've never seen any - No credit card support - Transfer funds is useless I cannot deposit money into someone else's account. At least if credit card were available it would be useful - Needs ability to sort by amount over date range, maybe description, and all that other good stuff. The app as it is now has the quality of a beginning college course final project

  • I want the old app back!

    by Halograham

    A full 10-15 seconds to load the app. Crashed 5 times while trying to deposit a check. Photo keeps bouncing back for not having all 4 corners of the check visible, but the camera view in app DOES NOT match the photo result. Try to retake, crash. Each button hit takes a good 5 seconds to respond. You guys really fixed something that wasn't broke.

  • unsecure and unusable

    by riffraf

    They have decided to disable the pasting of passwords in the log on field. I use a different, complex 32 character password generated by 1Password for every account. My option now is to use a non-secure password for Citi, or not use Citi. Bye bye Citicard. I'll be finding and using other credit cards if this isn't changed.

  • If it aint broke...

    by Det Shadow

    Once again some egghead decides that we have to fix something that isnt broken. The citi app worked fine. It was easy to navigate, fast and let me do whatever I had to do with minimal clicks.'s slow, hard to navigate and totally useless to me. I'm deleting it and installing the old app off my itunes back up. Way to go eggheads, you screwed it up... Update....if you delete the updated app you can go to iTunes and install the old one as long as you have not backed up the phone since the new one was installed. I am happily using the old app again!

  • New update freezes the app every time.

    by Bronze75

    The new update freezes the app every time I use it. Using iPhone 4.

  • Where's the new update to fix the update?

    by Mz. Drag-On

    I like the previous version before the 'new redesign' Didn't need the art need the capability to actually do more than look at my accents the 'easy' transfer is not working! Please redesign your update.

  • Made a BAD App WORSE!!

    by Fred680912

    The old app was bad and outdated. But at least it worked. The new app is horribly slow and requires way to much navigation just to make a credit card payment. If it even works. Today it won't even log me in.

  • Awful! As slow as aol dial up!

    by Elle0877

    The new app is a nightmare and has made complicated mobile banking! The app is slow to process! Bring back the previous version.

  • Don't fix something that's not broken

    by Ninav1414

    I don't understand why the original version was updated to this. Although it is prettier it's not functional at all. It takes forever to load from a promo picture to the home screen; what's the point of that? I find myself giving up and just using my laptop to do my banking. I use to be so proud at the efficiency and ease of the last version of this app but now I hate it and dread using it. Please fix this broken app or go back to the original.

  • Don't fix something that's not broken

    by Ninav1414

    I don't understand why the original version was updated to this. Although it is prettier it's not functional at all. It takes forever to load from a promo picture to the home screen; what's the point of that? I find myself giving up and just using my laptop to do my banking. I use to be so proud at the efficiency and ease of the last version of this app but now I hate it and dread using it. Please fix this broken app or go back to the original.

  • Horrible update

    by Monkeymrm

    This new app update gets ZERO stars. Can't even use. Locks up at every other screen

  • Not Good

    by Shaman2112

    Pls let me change back to the old version that I enjoyed so much. Why is there a need for multiple keystrokes where previously information was available at single glance? The old sign in process was better. The old icons were more easily recognizable. I used to be able to see available balance for my credit card without multiple keystrokes. I was very happy with the old version I have to say this update is a fail.

  • Not international

    by Dasy1

    New update is slow. Also Transfer $ interface reversed 'from' <> 'to'... I made a large transfer 'to' what I thought was my credit card. However because I didn't notice the new tiny "To" and "From" were opposite from before, I actually did a cash advance from my CC. Got a big fee now. Hopefully Citi will cancel that, but a hassle.

  • Much worse than previous version

    by Anonymous146tjd

    Slow and difficult to navigate through. Copy/paste a password is disabled in this version.

  • App is way too slow

    by Dlv66

    I'm a long time user of the app and, while I like this new design, it is way too slow. Everything I clicked made me wait and made me feel like I had to reclick. I can see all accounts including credit card but payment info shows only the past one payment on one of my cards and can't change no matter what. Speed of app needs to be fixed ASAP

  • Hard to login!!!!!! Made it worst!!

    by Edgar56

    App is worthless now, it was way better before!! Please fix!!

  • Really?

    by Ch4no

    Not only your automated phone syst is beyond atrocious, now the app too? Really citi bank? Not really looking to keep my money in your bank anymore. Fix the check deposite option!!!

  • Terrible update

    by Kalter22

    Now I can't find the tools I use the most, like future and past payments. Hard to believe they did any user testing on this update.

  • New Update Horrible

    by OliveOilAnna

    App loads extremely slow after new update. When you click buttons they don't always respond. Wish I could go back to the older version. They tried too hard with making it look modern but it's too cluttered and is too slow.

  • Wrong

    by MoorparkDan

    Rotation lock = #FAIL This “mobile” app is for iPhones. Only iPhones. It’s a complete fail on any other platform.

  • CitiUser

    by semmernad

    You can’t promote unique, complicated passwords then restrict the ability to paste from an encrypted password manager. This effort to improve security backfires. Don’t upgrade until this issue is addressed.

  • Can't paste my pwd

    by Nac98

    New version and won't be using it. I never write review but this time I am so disappointed that I had to. Old app let you paste your pwd. You guys know we use pwd management software to keep pwds? Apparently not. I won't be using this app until this happens.

  • Really bad app upgrade.

    by FamMedDoc

    Hate the new app. Have tried to pay my bill twice now, on different days and have still not been successful. Ugly new look. Complicate screens. Too many clicks. Took something that worked fine and made it unappealing and unworkable.

  • Poor update

    by Lbdb40

    Page is hard to read and clutter. Can not see if I already have a future payment/transfer set up. Like the old version better

  • Worst app ever - No copy and paste of password

    by J0HNBLAZE

    Disabling copy and paste of password was the worst idea in history. People who use password manager apps for complex passwords can't use it. App deleted. Ridiculous. Remove that block. Seriously.

  • No more copy and paste

    by ShazamTram

    With the newest version, you are unable to copy and paste information into the password field. This is a deal breaker for us who use complicated passwords that we save using Password Safes such as KeePass.

  • I hate the updated app!

    by blSwagger7

    I use the Citi app primarily to deposit checks without having to go to the bank. The old app worked fine. The new app, however, is horrible. You can no longer use a flash to take a picture of your checks! How dumb?!? I just tried depositing a check, but my phone cast a shadow over the check. Additionally, you can no longer use the volume buttock to activate the shutter. Why would Citi take away these features?!?

  • Might delete it soon

    by Jujubee1224

    I honestly don't like the new update. So slow and won't let me make a transfer

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