Discount Calculator PRO With Shopping List & Sales Tax Guide Mobile To Go Finance App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Michael Chu

1. Fixes for devices using iOS 7

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The Discount Calculator was created to help shoppers estimate ahead of time how much items will cost and how much will be saved during a sale.

PRO Only Features


Features include:

• Easy to input calculator with sales and tax inputs.
• Calculations include taxes.
• A shopping list with totals for all items.
• A tax reference guide (US only).
• Handy help and reference guide.

Customer Reviews

  • WOW

    by SMOOTH1974

    Nice very good can be faster

  • Accurate

    by TheHumblizer

    Great for Black Friday shopping!

  • Love the look

    by thisappworkslikeachamp

    Functional and stylish. Better than any of the other discount calculators out there!

  • Great Tax Guide

    by MoMoneyMoProblems$$$

    Love shopping and love saving. Love this app!

  • Calculations are correct!!

    by CD buyer

    Not sure what the other previous reviewer is talking about. The math works just fine. Maybe he put an additional discount in or something? Love the tax guide, useful when I travel to another state.

  • Super helpful

    by Harold Hing

    Really handy and easy to use discount calculator that factors in your states tax so you know exactly how much you have to pay! Really helpful when trying to figure out all the percentage discounts in the store.

  • Helps Me Shop!

    by Whitangels

    Definitely will use this for my holiday shopping!!

  • Helps save money

    by J6chan

    I used this app to figure out how much items cost without wasting time at the checkout counter. It's a breeze to use and handles multiple discount types. I can shop faster and save money, thanks Discount Calculator!

  • Works great for shopping!!

    by Emtressa

    App was extremely useful during the Black Friday. Tax guide is also very handy. Thanks for making this app!!

  • Why so many zeros?

    by Titan1776

    Instead of letting me put in the exact number, it forces me to put 0s. For example: if I want to put 100, it makes me put 1, then 0,0,0,0 until it reaches 100. Because it starts at the cents instead of the dollar. Please update it and I will surely put a 5 star rating. It is time consuming to start at the cents mark.

  • WRONG !!!

    by edisonortiz

    The Math is WRONG !!! don't you see... Put for example 38 and apply 25% off.... Must be 28,50 and the PRO Discount Calculator says 28 !!!

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