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Bug fix and re-enabled iOS 3.x support

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Checkplease is the top tip application on AppStore for calculating the tip or splitting a bill between multiple people.

★★★★★ "Absolutely the best App! I have used it everyday for over 6 it!" - Edtheshark
★★★★★ "Best tip calculator out there especially with the discount/coupon option." - RajeeK
★★★★★ "Far superior to any other tip calculator (I tried a few.)" - iGabby
★★★★★ "If you look around and compare all of the apps that do what this one does, this one STANDS ALONE!!! I wish all of the apps were done as proper as this one - my wife and I both use it all of the time." - aruble69


✔ Quick and accurate calculation of tip.
✔ Option to not tip on the tax.
✔ Handles coupons/discounts by tipping on the coupon amount so the waiter/waitresses don't get short changed.
✔ Round tip, round total, and ability to always round up.
✔ Split the bill among multiple people.
✔ Uses your local currency or optionally pick a currency.
✔ Post the amount of the bill directly to PocketMoney. (Download PocketMoney LITE. It's free.)


✚ Full version does not display ads.
✚ Full version handles coupons and discounts.


CheckPlease™ has been calculating tips for users since 1995 starting with the Newton OS, migrated to the Palm OS, and now the iPhone OS.

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TECHNICAL SUPPORT: There are some reviewers posting that CheckPlease is calculating the tip wrong. CheckPlease is calculating the tip correctly and does not tip on tax if you have a tax rate set. If you think it is calculating something wrong, then contact me at or in the forums, and I'll help you.

The most common error users have is they have rounding turned on, or they have a tax rate set. Tap the (i) button and turn on the "Heads up Display" in the settings to see how CheckPlease is breaking everything out.

Customer Reviews

  • Thanks

    by iGabby

    I'm happy to buy one of the best thought-out and easy to use iPhone apps ever. Tip calculating with rounding and bill-splitting done in seconds all from a single screen! Far superior to any other tip calculator (I tried a few). Thanks for the ad-free version. PS - You underpriced it, I'd have paid at least $5, maybe more. Too late :-)

  • My favorite tip calculator

    by Walt Basil

    Now ad free! I would have paid up to $10 for this, but it's still be given away for practically free at $1.

  • Beyond Excellence

    by rwizard

    When I started in the computer field 33 years ago, it was a wonderful time. If I had a problem with hardware or software, it was a simple matter to pick up the phone and get to speak to the guy who designed the hardware or wrote the software. Today, you get to talk to a call center in India, where "support" knows far less about the product than you do. But Catamount Software is a delightful exception to the current sad state of affairs. I had downloaded the free version of CheckPlease, and was so favorably impressed by it that I promptly bought Pocket Money. I use this combo daily. Then Catamount made CheckPlease an ad supported product, and I just don't do adware. So I complained, and got a great response back. Now, only days after my mumbling and grumbling, here is the ad free version (and at a cheap price, too!). Well Hardy, I promised to be the first to buy it, I am at least the first to review it. Boys and girls, if you see anything by Catamount Software you want, don't hesitate, just buy it.

  • Best Tip Calculator App... Only,

    by chrismoody1111

    Please update it! It's been a long time since an update. It hasn't even been update for the iPhone 5 screen size. Please update for screen size and iOS 7.

  • Could use improvement on some features

    by skelly328ci

    Well I typed the review and the nickname was taken so it erased the whole thing. iPhone issue I guess. On this app the tax feature is backasswards. It subtracts it from the subtotal instead of adding it to the subtotal and tip. It should be enter the subtotal, apply the coupon if applicable, add the tax and tip and show the total. That is how it is done manually. I tried to promote the app to friends and it actually was more cumbersome than mental math. I will keep an eye out for updates that address this issue but until then I will be looking for another app that actually works right.

  • The Best

    by Restaurant freak

    If all APPS were as professionally done as this one, life would be perfect. Easy to use. REALLY worth money.


    by RajeeK

    Best tip calculator out there especially with the discount/coupon option. Thank you for the excellent product!!!!!

  • Great concept

    by ab0ve

    For someone who needs a pen:paper to figure correct tip, this has made my dining experience more relaxing. Super easy & reliable.

  • A great tip calculator and fantastic when combined with Pocket Money

    by JohnJ80

    I've been using this for a long time. I love the way I can calculate the tip and then post the result to a transaction in Pocket Money - eliminates double entry of numbers and gets it right. It's also very easy to use and intuitive.

  • May not work at times.

    by 3Kuni14

    Did not work at the restaurant but work outside of it. How you figure? It happen only once so I guess it may okay. Need to understand the calculation before you understand what you are paying.

  • CheckPlease & PocketMoney wonderful together

    by maniaprincess

    I love how easy it is to quickly calculate the tip and with one tap have it sent to PocketMoney so I can update my expenses/budgets. No only does it save me money, but it saves me TIME. Like the other poster, I had been using the free version and wanted to show my support for Hardy so I bought the regular version. (To Leena: to get to the preferences screen tap the little (i) in the lower left corner of the screen.)

  • Good to have while dining out

    by NutFlush920

    Good buy for the price of a dollar. Bought to avoid the ads in the free version.

  • Probably one of my most frequently used Apps!

    by msg_man

    I have had an iPhone since day one as an Apple employee, and one of the first apps I got was the free version after trying one or two other weaker products. We all have lots of little utilities on our iPhone like levels and flashlights and stuff we might use from time to time, but this puppy is probably one of my most used apps and I don't dine out that much. I have used the free version until now, and just paid $1 not because I want an add free version but because these guys EARNED THE TIP! Seriously, people, get this or the free one and once you use the free one enough to appreciate it's value then step up to the plate and cough up a measly .99 cents to say thanks to these guys. This app will save you well over and above the cost when it comes to dividing bills or calculating a tip. Come on. The service is great here. Leave 'em a buck.

  • Great deal

    by iPhone Skeptic

    Great purchase. The only difference between this and the free version is the ad banner that pops up on top of the free version. This is a very easy to use program with an easy to read display. The screen display compliments the Iphone life style. Buy it you will not be disappointed.

  • Great App!

    by LancerNJ

    I use this App all the time. The only feaure missing is a coupon discount - percentage and dollar.

  • KDB6151

    by KDB6151

    I have not actually used this app in a restaurant yet, but I did play around with it and do like the features. The reason I chose this particular tip calculator is that has the option of not tipping on tax. I strongly feel that tip should be based on the pre-tax amount as I feel it's double dipping to pay tip on the after tax amount. In addition, another feature that I like is that it takes into account any coupons/discounts I used so that you are not short changing the tip for your server, since your tip should be based on the amount BEFORE the coupon/discount was applied.

  • Well Done!!!

    by RogRitz

    Finally, a simple, easy to use calculator!!! Well done!!! Definitely recommend the upgrade to the paid version. Money well spent....

  • Terrible

    by run_faster

    This is a terrible application. Not only did it not accurately compute a tip, it is also dificult to use. The buttons are so small they are nearly impossible to hit. Additionally, while you can split a bill, you can not adjust the split so one person pays more than the others.

  • Stick with free version

    by StashKitty

    I upgraded to get rid of the ads and to support a good developer. Unfortunately, there is I bug in the paid version not in the free version. If you attempt to enter the subtotal rather than the total, your tax rate will will revert to zero, not to your default tax rate. This app is no longer supported by the developer. Contrary to claims in the description, he does NOT respond to support requests through his support email or bugs reported on his own forum.

  • not working right

    by leann56

    I bought this version because I couldn't get the lite version to go to the next screen so I could put info into it. I am only getting the first screen on the paid version also. Am I doing something wrong? It seems like a great app. I just wish I could get it to show me all of the screens. Can anyone help

  • bill splitting

    by comdot42

    There is actually nothing in the app to split the bill fairly among people. I thought I could itemize Person1, Person2, etc. orders and tell them what they owed. Nope. And, even if you decide to pay equally, you must do the division of the totsl amount for splitting on your own. You could just as easily (and better) replicate what this app does by opening the Ipod calculator, entering the subtotal before taxes and multiply that by the your tip amount (1.18 for 18%, for instance) to get the tip added to total and divide by the number of persons. Dumb app for the dumb.

  • Absolutely riddled with bugs

    by Mr. Zyler

    And no, it's not operator error this time.

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