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Bug fix and re-enabled iOS 3.x support

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Checkplease is the top tip application on AppStore for calculating the tip or splitting a bill between multiple people.

★★★★★ "Absolutely the best App! I have used it everyday for over 6 it!" - Edtheshark

★★★★★ "Far superior to any other tip calculator (I tried a few.)" - iGabby

★★★★★ "If you look around and compare all of the apps that do what this one does, this one STANDS ALONE!!! I wish all of the apps were done as proper as this one - my wife and I both use it all of the time." - aruble69

✔ Quick and accurate calculation of tip.
✔ Option to not tip on the tax.
✔ Round tip, round total, and ability to always round up.
✔ Split the bill among multiple people.
✔ Uses your local currency or optionally pick a currency.
✔ Post the amount of the bill directly to PocketMoney. (Download PocketMoney LITE. It's free.)

✚ Full version has a new "Heads up Display" for entering the subtotal, tax, check total, and specific tip amount on the main screen.
✚ Full version does not display ads.

(* When redesigning CheckPlease for 3.0, I looked at all of the other tip calculators on the AppStore. Each had features I liked, and each had features I disliked I took combined features from several of them. BigTipper (keypad), TipTap (side-by-side scrollers), and Tip (Exact/Round selector and layout, but there's only so many ways to fit a keypad and side-by-side scroller on the screen).

CheckPlease™ has been calculating tips for users since 1995 starting with the Newton OS, migrated to the Palm OS, and now the iPhone OS.

Graphic design by Image Limited, Ltd

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: There are some reviewers posting that CheckPlease is calculating the tip wrong. CheckPlease is calculating the tip correctly and does not tip on tax if you have a tax rate set. If you think it is calculating something wrong, then contact me at or in the forums, and I'll help you.

The most common error users have is they have rounding turned on, or they have a tax rate set.


Customer Reviews

  • Best Tip App - please update to iOS 7 - IPhone 5

    by gvaughn

    People don't understand tip calculations when they post it calculates incorrectly. Rules of tipping do NOT include tipping on tax. You're supposed to tip on the pre-tax portion of the bill. This is the only calculator I've seen that seems to know this and calculate correctly. PLEASE UPDATE FOR IPHONE 5 and iOS 7!!!

  • Great

    by Nicknamezxcv

    I've used this for ages. My favorite tip calculator. A bit annoying that you need to zero out each part of the bill separately (tax, total, etc) before every new calculation, though.

  • Offensive advertising

    by Kara Santa Clara

    I really liked this app until we were using it & an ad came on that said 'sexy girl wants to chat.' I'm glad my nephew didn't see it.

  • I use this all the time.

    by Bubba5062

    Works perfectly. I've been using it for about a year.


    by gre21

    Calculations are Correct. If tax rate is set, tip is based on bill minus tax rate (not tipping tax portion of bill). Set tax rate to 0%, and the tip is based on the bill, including tax. Round options are easy access, not in settings like the other tip apps. This is a GREAT app!

  • 1 very important feature

    by Ddogg34

    Great app and it has a "split the bill" feature. It'll break it down by how many people in your party so you know how much each person owes.

  • Does exactly what I need it to do.

    by kmarie017

    The app doesn't have a calculation problem that I have encountered. I use this app every time I am out and want to quickly figure out the tip. Have had it for a while and have never had any problems.

  • Just downloaded it...

    by Carrime

    And love it!

  • THANKS!! BUG FIXED with latest update!!

    by Christebella

    UPDATE for v4.4.1 4/1/2012: bug has been fixed and support for those running iOS 3.x has been restored. [Don't bother with upgrade! WAS the perfect tip calculator for me until the latest upgrade (v4.4 2/3/2012). Now it just crashes as soon as it opens. Boooo! Bring back the previous version!]

  • Love this app

    by NOTSjobs

    Math is hard, but this app rocks!

  • No complaints

    by skyyblnde

    I've never had a single complaint about this app. It's quick, efficient, all around good. The latest update added in a video ad, which is annoying, but you can exit it quickly.

  • Very helpful!

    by Markymarksmistress

    Great app! I go to dinner w friends often and love how it is quick and easy to split the cost between us, including tip!

  • Great app

    by GreekViking

    My wife and I use this when we go out, we've never had a problem. Don't know why anyone is down rating this app.

  • Great app

    by Babycoconut249

    I use this all the time when I go out to eat.

  • Very useful tip calculator

    by Oidiaz

    Very easy and useful

  • Solid app

    by Dec's Dad

    Does what it is supposed to do. Splits the bill and calculates the tip.

  • Best tip app out there.

    by Hawkeye2003

    Calculates you tip very quick and easy. The second the bill comes the app has me writing down the tip plus total in seconds.

  • Most useful tip calculator + video

    by MarlyQ

    I liked this the best of the free tip calculators. Even before I took advantage of 'view audio.' The simple, basic video tour showed that the app's even better than I thought. Very simple, but also comprehensive.

  • Works as advertised, but needs more!

    by PocketsNH

    I use this app often and would upgrade Instantly with $$ (up to $5) if only I could save my history for analysis! Would need: - name of establishment and server, with optional notes. - export CSV to a spreadsheet so I can work the data. Better still if one was integrated!

  • Good

    by TantarianArgus

    I dont have to round or give exact like i used to have to do. Love it

  • Wrong calculation

    by Whiiiiiiit

    I've been using this for years and just found out that the calculations are wrong! It tells you to give less than is needed. Almost 10% less.

  • Good

    by Rustydawg37

    For some reason it defaults to two person split.

  • Wrong calculations!

    by ApiaristAlaska

    It can't even calculate correctly....that's its sole purpose...lame.

  • Wrong numbers

    by Jimbo323232

    I thought it was me but its been given me all wrong numbers if u double check. USED to be good. Deleting it dont waste ur time using it.

  • flawed

    by TomCarl

    It seemed to work well in the past. Today I noticed it couldn't calculate a tip correctly on my iPhone 5. As a test, my wife brought up her version on her iPhone 4 which hasn't updated its operating system. Check Please determined that a 10% tip on $10.00 was $0.87. The same thing my verison determined.

  • Wrong calculations

    by Neeelu

    Doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Gives all wrong calculations. Deleting it !

  • No longer useful - Huge disappointment

    by FancyPants64

    Upgrade ruined this app. Calculations are all incorrect.

  • Calculations are wrong

    by Ohpleassseee

    This apps calculations are wrong. I will be deleting it.

  • Crashes

    by Zigbert

    Crashes as soon as it opens! Deleting

  • Gives the wrong tip for amount due.

    by pamsay

    I was looking and noticed this calculator does not give the correct tip due.

  • Video Ads

    by Awkdade

    Deleting ads are new and unwelcome.

  • Worked fine until the upgrade...

    by Trvl4fun

    Loved this app before you messed it up! Please roll back these changes.

  • Terrible video ads ruin this great app

    by Cody Steffen

    Shouldn't have to have annoying pop up video ad to use app. There is such a thing as unobtrusive ads. This app would be great if not for that decision.

  • Was good till upgrade

    by Jwajojobird

    It was great until the upgrade, doesn't work anymore.

  • Video ad plays

    by Omniblast

    Leaving the app running will load a video file to play. Removing this "ad" that was once prominent in my daily usage for many breakfast, lunches and dinners. You will not get any more ad payments from me. Good bye.

  • Bogus ad within app

    by Dragon7876777

    I hate apps that except ads from bogus companies. Win free stuff if you sign up with us. I think it reflects poorly on your company and you deserve a one star rating.

  • Doesn't work for me

    by Edandjeny

    Automatically scrolls to 20 or 21 people and puts in two 00 after the first number I type (if I try to put $75.00, it changes it to $7.005 divided by 20 people). I tried deleting the app and downloaded it again and it still does it. Bummer.

  • Good

    by Joscelyn13

    It is amaing I love it!!!

  • Checkplease

    by Th3 L3o

    Totally awesome!!!! recommend it to everybody!!!!


    by StashKitty

    There is a bug in the paid version that is not present in the free version. If you enter The subtotal instead of the total, the tax rate will be zeroed out. This is not a problem with the free version. I upgraded to get rid of the ads because I kept hitting them accidentally. The lines are really tiny. It turns out you can scroll through the items like subtotal, tax, tip, and total just by repeatedly tapping that section of the screen and don't have to actually tap the specific one you want. So far as I can tell, the free version calculates perfectly and is a dream to use. Very nicely done.

  • Tip calc

    by Dageekproj

    Great app for free !

  • I love the video review!!!

    by mmontecinos

    I wasn't expecting thus feature. Pretty amazing :)

  • Very well done

    by Leslie Vail

    Nice and clean!

  • Good tipper

    by davidlitt

    A very handy app. I use it to divide the bill with co-workers during lunch. Nicely done!

  • Ads r bad

    by Joe Amaalie

    Nice app. Great features. Annoying ads. I deleted it.

  • Reliable

    by chemist6464

    This is a really good app. I use it alot whenever I dine out.

  • Best!!

    by Xicano Gamer

    Sitting at a table with 5 buddies, just get bill."How much" is yelled by everyone. I pull my IPhone out click on this app. This is done all the time! And not by just me but whomever is paying the bill always asks me to hand them my phone. Love it!

  • Calcs Tip Fast!

    by s_kousol

    It's so easy to use, I love this app~

  • Tax is confusing

    by Macnick101

    I wish the app would just let you input your item total, then it will give you the total with tax and tip. All this "working backwards" is annoying.

  • Don't let the slick looks fool you

    by M. Jefferson

    This app looks great but it's overwhelming ad presence ruin it. I know its free but come on! Balance.

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