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  • Publisher: Capital One
  • Updated: Nov, 30 2012
  • Version: 1.2.1
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Seller: Capital One Services, LLC

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Welcome to Capital One Bank's Mobile Deposit Capture service for Commercial Bank clients. Now you can use your camera enabled smartphone to make deposits conveniently from anywhere. Deposit checks from your mobile device as late as 9:00 PM ET, Monday-Friday, for credit that same day. Simply download our free Business Deposits app and follow the steps below:

• Endorse the back of each check
• Photograph the front and back of each check
• Submit your deposit

* This functionality is available for Commercial Bank clients only.

Customer Reviews

  • Doesn't Even Work for Commercial Accounts

    by Rick McClain

    I was glad to see that this app exists. Then I saw the one-star reviews. Still, I thought that I would give it a try. I have a small company that manages investment houses – perfect for this app. But it simply doesn't work. It won't let me log in to my account. #fail Now, I'm thinking how handy it would be to deposit my checks this way. Humm… maybe I'll change banks. This would be a good time of year to do that.

  • CapitalOne: most restrictions, least service

    by SamLivingston

    When they had arbitrary limits of 3k per day per transfer, upto max 9k/month, which no other retail bank had - i wanted to switch, but was lazy. Now that they created app for mobile deposits but dont allow retail customer to use it - i swiched to Chase. CapitalOne retail division is run by morons

  • No small business accounts

    by WordVader

    There is no reason why only some types of accounts should be able to use this technology. Hurry up and get this technology for small businesses, the ones that actually need it.

  • Hmmm. How many negative remarks until a bank listens to customers. Bank is behind the Time and . .

    by Taylor Stud

    . . . and the reason I ALREADY switched banks. Good luck getting a customer back once lost. Sure they don't care. They're rich

  • here we go again. WAKE UP C1!

    by polymechman

    another epic failure of capital one to listen to consumers. what commercial acct needs this? SMALL BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS.

  • Don't call it "Business" deposits if you only mean "Commercial"!!

    by cotasm

    Why the hell would you call an app "Business Deposits" if those of us with business checking can't use it?!? FAIL!!!!

  • Figures

    by Bubba906

    Lets take care of the big guy! The small Buisness is just extra and they don't really matter. South Louisiana Bank! Here I come. !

  • it's not regular free mobile phone deposite like other bank!

    by Chiaan

    I call capitalOne why the user name and pw didn't work for the business deposite account, there are two different saying from two different dep: 1. it's call remote deposite, it's $99 a month. 2. it's for pervious ING cusermer, (they just bought ING), so if you open the account with capital one, it's not available for you. I can't belive you want to depoiste the money to captial one are so complelate!? it was simple application like other bank, but it's not like what you think! the reson I open the capitalOne account is because they have checking reward, but end up you can deposite convenience like other bank normally. it's kind joke!!

  • It's 2013. Why does this only work for commercial?

    by garbnzgh

    Like the other reviewers I have a small business account. Why doesn't this work for all accounts?

  • Only for commercial accounts

    by plaine

    Boo, only for commercial accounts. I have a small business account and could really use this. Had been waiting for this, but maybe just time to switch banks. Capital One is behind times.

  • Horrible!!!

    by d pizzle

    Can't even log on to my account and after reading the other complaints it appears because in account is a small account, arrgghh

  • Commercial account only?

    by masseym

    Really? Only commercial accounts. How many large accounts are going to use this? What about the small businesses out there?

  • Commercial accounts only :-(

    by Anton Seidler

    Doesn't work for business accounts

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