College Finance Finance App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Business Compass LLC

Made the app compatible with iOS 5 and higher.



College Finance is comprehensive application to amortize, compare, consolidate and analyze student loan. Easy to understand graphs and charts are displayed. Amortization input data is saved and retrieved when application is re-launched.

Pretty graphs and charts.

E-mail amortization summary and schedule as pdf attachment as well as print them as table with header, footer, page number.

Key Features:

1. Amortize - Amortizes student loan. Provides summary and amortization schedule. Pie chart of interest vs. principle is displayed. Area graphs of cumulative balances is displayed as well.

2. Compare - Compares student loans and provides summary for each loan. Bar graphs of monthly loan payment, total payment vs. total interest is drawn.
3. Consolidate - Consolidates student loans and calculates consolidated loan balance and interest rate
4. Analysis - Derives one of the 4 variables - Principle, Interest, Term and Payment when 3 are supplied.


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