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Seller: Bloomberg Finance LP

- Added the ability to turn off thumbnail images on news headlines. This can be done from settings within the app.
- Increased the font sizes on the Watchlist and Market Data pages
- Added support for Landscape viewing to Watchlist
- Added the ability to collapse/minimize the Watchlist summary
- Added the ability to tweet a paragraph from a story
- iOS 7 updates
- Performance and stability improvements

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Current Version:
727 Ratings
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44483 Ratings


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Get comprehensive access to global business and finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools from the world's most trusted source. Personalize the information that matters to you most and access it instantly.

- Access breaking news and top stories from over 35 categories including Economy, Technology, Politics, Personal Finance, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Emerging Markets, Funds, Energy Markets and many more.
- Get the latest news on companies in your Watchlist and on key events in the business world such as the Debt Crisis, Elections, Federal Reserve, Davos, G8, Technology, Earnings etc.

Market Data:
- Get the latest market data for global Equity Indexes, Bonds, Futures, Commodities & Currencies.
- Personalize the markets that are most important to you and get instant access to them.

- Track, manage and analyze your personal holdings (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, currencies etc.) with powerful performance charts, including Leaders & Laggers and summary visualizations by Asset Type, Industry & Location.
- Access detailed company pages that include key statistics, financials and earnings updates.

Tools & Visualizations:
- Get an instant snapshot of how the world markets that are important to you are performing.
- Utilize analytical tools to better understand how companies and markets have performed.

- Watch Bloomberg Television Live - a 24-hour global business and financial news network supported by 146 news bureaus in 72 countries
- Watch top videos from the top news categories or from within articles.

- Listen to insightful interviews and analysis from the smartest names in Finance, Business, Economics & Investment.

Other Features:
- Access the latest stock price and news for companies, people and topics mentioned in articles
- Synchronize your Watchlist with and also access it via the web
- Share articles using Email, Facebook or Twitter
- Search for news and stock quotes
- Adjust font size and contrast within news articles, Watchlist and Market Data pages to maximize readability

Customer Reviews

  • bloomberg

    by Hoya75

    Outstanding. Great investment tool

  • Great !!!

    by Johnny Blatt

    Very friendly, complete and powerful

  • Great app

    by Advisor John

    This is the first place I check for market info, and to track investments. The amount of easy-to-read info is amazing on a small iPhone screen.

  • Good all around application.

    by hartfoundation

    Provides a lot of features and is relatively easy to navigate. Good portfolio watcher.

  • What I need, when I need it!

    by The Fly 525

    This app provides the information I need in a timely manner. It's easy to modify so that I can see the information exactly as it want in the order that I want. I check it several times during the day. Great app!

  • Fantastic app

    by Mehul workout

    Very informative!!

  • Keeps me updated

    by jporter67

    This is a powerful app. It keeps me up to date on all the news and provides a one stop shop for business news that matters to me.

  • Great App... But

    by Atvpro30

    Great app, I like the new upgrade. But the giant ad when swiping between Stock Indexes and Stock Futures is annoying. I don't mind the banner ads at the bottom.

  • No more CNBC

    by Joonace

    Since I terminated outrageous expensive cable, I've been missing watching live finanancial news. This is surely a gem compare to CNBC. I love the live TV feature.

  • Slam dunk!

    by Big Oak NYC

    The bar has just been raised. Bloomberg is way out front on mobile.

  • Good app for news and bond market quotes

    by Bobby Franks

    Certainly not nearly the functionality of my office Bloomberg but good information and business news

  • My favorite App. Excellence in all counts!

    by 19Jake47

    Everything I need with one hand! Intuitive!

  • Great APP

    by gchavezd

    very good information at the time.

  • Brilliant

    by pdemarco

    I have been using this to monitor my portfolio, also related news and it's amazing.

  • Outstanding App

    by JustinMartin9d

    I have the CNN news and CNBC app but predominately use the Bloomberg app because of the quality and variety of their news coverage. Thank you Bloomberg team!

  • Excellent App

    by joboo8

    Really enjoy this app. Seems always up to date, easy to use and worth my limited time.

  • Good improvements

    by SE24 9HJ

    I use this app to track my portfolio. It's good at that. Great UX. Concise. Nice UI. No idea if the other features are of value. Update: dec 21: my PnL is no longer shown for stocks where I have only one lot. Also, the daily gain has less information than before - and is less useful. Please put it back to previous. Update: February 11. Hurrah!! They fixed their bug - I now see my PnL! (Dropping to 4 star as clearly their testing is poor, and that's a worry)

  • Good update

    by Tigerphil24

    Very good update to an indispensable financial and news app

  • Continuous Improvement with each release

    by todd7polaris

    Surprisingly dynamic and relevant financial information that offers alerts. Particularly impressive given the limited display size on a phone. It is the first app I review for market info. Recommend.

  • Great App - new interface is great

    by R0N1N13

    Love the new interface

  • Liberal website but well done from a readability standpoint

    by FlamingoFun

    It's a very liberal website with Liberal reporters and liberal stories. If you can get by the strong pro liberal pro government pro big business bias then it's decent.

  • Doomberg

    by Bybirdi

    If you want unbiased financial news go somewhere else

  • Slow

    by grfiv

    The features of this app are excellent. But it is interminably slow. It is slow to start up and loading the current data is also very slow. Were they to fix the response time problem I would rate it 5 stars but as it is, I always hesitate to use it and prefer CNBC for a quick look at the numbers and headlines.

  • Great

    by Beach949

    It's a great app! However, when you get notifications on the lock screen, I wish there was a way of going straight to those news instead of trying to find them after you get the notification . Other than that it's very helpful.

  • Best business news app out there

    by DML7

    The is better than WSJ and cheaper. I highly recommend.

  • Indispensable.

    by Viralkmehta

    Excellent tool. A must have in the app armory.

  • I'm a fan


    I really like the app, good bug fixes! The one thing that is missing is other news sources besides Bloomberg news including press releases related to each stock, this makes it a 4 star app!

  • One of the best!

    by Big spender 21212

    On Bloomberg all day! Easy to find everything I need! Love it!

  • Great App

    by Patrick Zurlinden

    I love this for market data and news. I use it regularly

  • Great

    by DennisPan

    great app!

  • BloomBerg

    by Pizz246

    Best app to track ones personal portfolio that I've found.

  • This is the Real Deal

    by casualuser5

    I worked for Bloomberg for almost 15 years, so I know first hand what an excellent company it is. The functionality of the app is really good, the quality of the data is outstanding and you can't beat the news.

  • Excellent coverage of financial news

    by allnewstome

    World wide insights.

  • Great App.

    by jayberkow

    The latest update fixed issues with the Day Gain, Value, P&L or Cost on the mobile watchlist. It works as it should and is a great app with lots of information. Thank you Bloomberg.

  • USMarine8513

    by USMarine0913

    This app is tops when it come to the news thats important to me, i mean the real news, like the markets, politics and keeping up with my personal portfolio but this app needs some sound for the push alerts, its annoying to have to check you phone all the time for important news.

  • Best finance app

    by Gpnuckles


  • Handy !

    by Bowhntr

    Fast,accurate, and to the minute !

  • Good but could be better

    by Trojy

    Overall I use Bloomberg a lot and I enjoy it, but it could use some improvements such as charting for commodities and more videos.

  • Favorite App

    by Jpanarama

    Hands down my favorite app. Great way to stay abreast with the markets/current news while I'm away from the office. The new layout is also much better than previously. Nice work!

  • Always refer to it

    by Nerakk

    Use this constantly to stay in touch wherever i am...

  • Great App for Market news

    by Nshahi

    I use it all the time. Excellent articles ..

  • Perfect

    by alr_lawyer

    Perfect, All you need in one app !

  • Andre

    by Juststui

    Great app!!!

  • Last update

    by Billtkidd

    Last update was terrible. May no longer use this app again. It has not been fixed since last month. No day gain or gain since purchase for individual stocks STILL. I had deleted app and readded back several days later. Still does not work correctly. Wish you could fix it.

  • Political Bias App

    by CallMeBanker

    Can anyone point me to a less politically bias App/news? Looking for strong financial analysis and reporting where professionals can avoid a blind (blinding) party march. #disappointed #hatepoliticsinmynews

  • Great app

    by Steve scoobs

    As one would expect from Bloomberg, this app works great. I I didn't notice any flaws or delays while scrolling through it.

  • In my opinion best app out there

    by Sajoch

    This the best app I've seen on the apple store

  • Excellent app!

    by Martell8190

    Great app for those interested in the markets. I like the ability to watch live tv as well! Overall great app with awesome news stories.

  • Power Hungry

    by AllanFoo

    I love the app and the live Bloomberg broadcast, but this app is so battery hungry. Even while charging off a USB port, the app drains faster than the incoming charge. My iPhone 5 could be used as a pocket heater because it becomes so warm.

  • Not good now

    by At39168

    I Liked the old app much, much better. This app is way too busy w/ scattered information all over the place. Go back to the previous format. Sometimes newer isn't better!

  • Not too bad

    by Al Guo

    Easier to read compared to the old app.

  • Very useful app if you deal with any kind of stock or financials

    by Evalas

    Very useful, very streamlined, very easy to keep up with what you have and what you might like to have. Can't recommend highly enough.

  • Very good app

    by Mgheyath

    Easy to use and so detailed

  • I'm impressed

    by Billiam IV

    Highly useful for keeping track of currency values and all kinds of investments.

  • Crashes!

    by Saharan1234567890

    And you lose everything. Do not rely on this app when you're away from your regular sources of info. Disaster lurks.

  • Bloomberg

    by Cuileo

    It's the best. Easy to set up. Easy to use. I love it.

  • Great Content

    by Markfreedman

    Bloomberg is my daily source for news-period.

  • Great biz app

    by Jilu98

    Some of the best business news content out there in useful app

  • Best App to manage your stocks

    by Joash Eduarte

    Its hard to find an app compatible with Philippine stocks exchange. Most apps out there only handles US, EU, and China while skipping some stock exchange in developing countries. This app is the only software that can handle my portfolio perfectly without all the confusion.

  • iPhone good, iPad not so much

    by Mark Mara

    The old iPad app was much better on an iPad. The new app seems to use a common code base for iPad an iPhone to the determent of the iPad interface .

  • Crippled. With a host of performance issues


    Like a "rooster" that goes limp at a "cat"; Bloomberg is impotent and wilts when you need it most. All the settings and watch list etc... Are wiped out. Inexplicable and simply pathetic. Truly a performance issue of limpness before penetration. The updated version inexplicably takes away to send entire articles. What a moronic move.

  • Excellent source of news. Excellent app

    by wcapellan

    Nothing else to say.

  • Excellent

    by A Turf

    Best finance app. Use it everyday.

  • Great changes

    by Jieqing Lin

    Some of the upgrades are making it so much better than the old version, I really like the push notifications it sends to me whenever a major news comes out and I don't have much time to do the detailed readings.

  • Amazing

    by Amaralbl

    Just everything that you need to keep track of the markets and your shares!!

  • Great app!

    by carlossierra

    I love that I can track my colombian market stocks!!

  • Bloomberg rating

    by Twodeepzone

    Great source for essential financial news that's presented in an outstanding manner. A pleasure to read and peruse. Keep up the good work.

  • Need info fast?

    by Jdosmer

    Quick and easy to use. What's not to like.

  • Perfect

    by NCF2784

    Much better than other market app n accurate news

  • Absolutely Essential!

    by CuppaJoe74

    Great news. Great app. An essential part of my day.

  • Good one

    by Rachelvsu

    It is an efficient app!

  • Excellent and very useful

    by FCubillos69

    I can track all my investments in different markets

  • Bloomberg is good!

    by Stephen Warner

    Use the app almost every day. Getting quotes and more is easy and fast.

  • A must have

    by Niroda music

    If you do anything with a dollar sign this is a must have app

  • What a terrific way to follow fat cats!!

    by Costanza16

    Hooray for amerika

  • Past version much better

    by Jdpowerway

    The old version was easy to Navigate, new version much more complicated and less advice: if you have not updated don't

  • Love it!

    by New to bing

    The best feature of this app is how it generates news from your watch list of companies.

  • Amazing app

    by Akinvesting

    Such an amazing app, so full of great information. There's also a ton tools to track your investments. Easily earns 5 stars!!

  • It's usable !

    by Apollogold

    Improve platform .

  • Great financial news source and App!

    by Vancejeremiah

    I liked the old app, not sure the new app is that much better, but still love getting my Bloomberg news. It is one of the better sources out there to keep me abreast of what is happening in the business world.

  • Great app!

    by Bowtiemi6

    Love the app!

  • More and varied stories

    by Bokononist

    Really like the categorization of news and variety of sections. Watch list is OK, but I like the old tracker better

  • Good stuff

    by SueBruce1

    Up against the other majors, this app is the gold standard.&

  • Theinvguru

    by 4Victor

    I agree with a previous response...I don't like to be pushed to reco this! Also what good is a portfolio without a total? Should also allow more than one portfolio otherwise it is improved. For this reason -3

  • Great App

    by crossi59

    great for a quick look at indices, commodities, and currencies, plus scanning and reading the latest news.

  • Sr VP Retired

    by Dan Weisman

    I am very impressed with all parts of the Bloomberg programs and am dependent on them every day Dan Weisman

  • 24/7

    by Richinthenight

    News stories from around the world make this my number one, go-to, source for news. The reporting leans left, but you can easily look to past to the great content. I run this app on multiply devices, but mostly mobile.

  • Great app

    by Bf121

    I really enjoy the app except the newest update changed on the my stocks page so I now have look for how much my stocks change in $ for the day it use to have % change and $ change together over top of each other on this mobile app now it only shows the % change on the first page of watch list so I have to look for the $ change not a big deal but I wish they would go back to the way it was for ease. Another nice thing would be if they had a real time stock price like cnbc. I like Bloomberg better except for the real time is more accurate.

  • Very good app

    by Scerin88

    Easy to use. Continuously improving the app. Presents a lot if data on many markets.

  • Upgrade is awful

    by Puckdoc

    Updated the other day and it crashes every time I try to open it. Never had that problem with the old version.

  • The go to app for market info

    by Predfan9899

    Wonderful app. Good reporting and useful information. Everything I need. Just wish stick quotes were real time or streaming.

  • Very reliable info

    by Eleventy eleven

    This is the only financial instrument needed. Especially world wide markets

  • Mr.

    by Soulnomad

    One of the best information apps in the world. Deep, timely inter-contextual analysis without being overbearing. Clear presentation. Intuitive effective interface.

  • Fantastic

    by Monty1781

    Great quality and nice interface.

  • Go to market app

    by GeorgeJ123

    Quick market resource and useful news.

  • look no further

    by dbronston

    best financial/investment/news app out there.

  • Showing no data in this app!

    by Funkdan

    Is It just me or this app doesn't work if you are not in the unite states,cause it appears to me when I open this app no data is downloading , I can't see nothing , I was wondering its because I'm not in the states, does anyone else have this problem ?

  • Easy to use

    by Spinmilled

    App is easy to use and stores a lot of data at your finger tips

  • Enjoy it a lot, thanks

    by B+'ve

    Great app

  • Nice update, well done! But...

    by Dr Eliot

    Lots of info packed into a small space. Easy to navigate. Too bad the comments are not monitored. They leave a sad impression of the state of American education.

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