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Languages: English

Seller: Bloomberg Finance LP

New in Release 1.1.1:

- Supports iOS 7
- Performance and stability enhancements
- Added reminder alerts to shows. Get an alert when new content is added
- Usability improvements:
(a) Download all clips for a date with one tap (rather than having to pick one at a time)
(b) Sort saved shows in chronological order or reverse chronological order
- Added "Professor's corner" featuring interviews with top-tier academics across a range of finance, economic and business topics.

Customer Ratings

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20 Ratings
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Bloomberg Radio+ - Best Finance App of 2011 from Apple - 2012 Lovie Award for Best News App Listen to in-depth interviews and insightful analysis from the smartest and most influential names in Finance, Business, Economics and Investment. Bloomberg Radio is the number one radio station in Manhattan. Past guests have included: - Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund - Dr. Mohamed El-Erian, CEO and co-CIO of Pimco - Bill Clinton, Former United States President - George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management Features of the app include: - Bloomberg Radio live 24-hours a day - Bloomberg shows and interviews available on demand - Offline listening. Save/download shows and interviews - Latest market data and Breaking news on companies - Charts as they are referenced during a show or interview - Bios of guests - Customizable scrolling ticker Shows available on demand include: - Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene - The First Word with Ken Prewitt - The Hays Advantage with Kathleen Hays - Taking Stock with Pimm Fox and Courtney Donohoe - Bloomberg On the Economy with Carol Massar & Mike McKee - ETF Report (Bloomberg's exchange-traded funds report)

Customer Reviews

  • Great content but freezes a lot lately

    by AllanRosen

    Seems to freeze much more the past month or two. Isn't performing well with the new updates either from bloomberg or ios.

  • POWER HOG, but great content

    by mgkg3

    Really like the streaming live radio. The only problem is the amount of power consumption over cellular data. Listening to live stream consumes significant amount of battery power. After 45 minutes, the app has drained 40% of my iPhone 5 on AT&T network. Similar connection on CNBC live stream VIDEO uses only 10~15% of power. Mono audio stream should be very little compared to video - please fix as I really like listing to the Bloomberg radio in the car (I don’t live in NYC nor want XM).

  • I love this app!

    by Camiolo

    Living in Bucks County PA listening to WBBR 1130am has been a challenge at times. Now I can listen anywhere. I enjoyed listening in Italy on our recent trip. It works flawlessly on iOS 7!

  • high cpu

    by Tomzni

    love Bloomberg functionality,but technically flawed as it continually uses at least 25% cpu even when app is idle. Looks like app was built without proper round of performance testing.

  • Great app

    by ilmyvi

    Works well in iOS7. Some people rush to give bad reviews without really knowing where the problem is. Still works great!

  • One Of My Favorite Apps, but.....

    by thejakester20

    Love the app and use it as much as I can. However, since ios7update having trouble opening and seeing freezing, especially in environment where used to use most; my car via Bluetooth. Would love to see fix and update addressing bug.

  • Works great

    by Eric from Pensacola

    It's a great app, nothing like it. Five stars for sure!

  • Best Radio app!

    by Chomi81

    Great experience with lots of interesting podcasts.

  • Great radio experience

    by Ravkarp

    I have been looking for a Radio app that will keep me up to date with news for a long time - thank you Bloomberg for an excellent product!

  • Radio +

    by MSmith828

    I love the updates. I use the app constantly.

  • good

    by sth7107

    a good radio

  • Love it.

    by Big Oak NYC

    Awesome app.

  • Great on Wifi not so much on cell

    by DKnPA

    When on wifi this app works pretty good. When on the cell network the app keeps cutting out and I need to keep going back in and tapping the play button.

  • Update

    by Ozforpres26

    Good app... Crashes sometimes ... Please update to iPhone 5 capability to get full experience

  • Works great

    by rahul chandra

    App works fine but should support portrait mode

  • App doesn't open anymore - keeps freezing.

    by Dbmol12

    I used to listen to the morning show every day on my way to work, in my car ( iPhone 4S). I can't do it anymore - the app starts trying to open and then freezes. Please fix it! Thx.

  • Great App

    by estoughton

    This app is so useful and handy.

  • Great interviews terrible reliability

    by GlobalCEOMM

    I am a very long time listener of the radio station. I think the interviewers are great and the guests that they bring on provide excellent insights on a range of topics. The application stinks. I would say more than 50% of the time it wont start. If they can just fix these IT related issues this is a five star app in my view.

  • Poor stream

    by Jesperanto

    Live Radio stream constantly stops and wont restart. Happens on the website radio as well.

  • Survailance

    by dance4U

    Excellent economic and business update and analysis. Format is excellent with one expert after another giving their perspective. I do miss the 9AM PST broadcast but pick up the interviews on the podcasts. Keene and group are lucid and have breath,clarity and focus I don't find on other business programs.

  • Bloomberg radio

    by niskytunes

    This app keeps freezing on opening on my iPhone 5s. I have to keep deleting it and reloading from App Store. When it works I like listening to it.

  • To many comercials

    by Travis Narine

    This app defeats its own purpose. There are to many commercials.

  • To many comercials

    by Travis Narine

    This app defeats its own purpose. There are to many commercials.

  • Fail

    by Stedios

    There's a splash screen but no audio or controls. It doesn't seem to work in iOS 7 based on other reviewers comments. Gr

  • Drains my battery

    by sshivaram

    Not sure why. Every time I use this app it gets my iPhone hot and battery runs out.

  • Phone heats up in less than 3 min

    by xjonnyviciousx

    I would give it 5 stars when you fix it from overheating the phone

  • 5s, runs hot and drains battery.

    by Cdfnkkfslk

    Needs update

  • Functionless

    by dwboston

    Obviously not written for OS7. Nothing but a photo of a studio with no controls and no audio.

  • Hot!

    by @mathellums

    App seems to work but my iPhone 5s is getting very hot. Please fix this issue.

  • No Bueno

    by 1c00ldude

    Does not work as advertised I'm unable to stream any news at anytime when there is supposed to be 24hr coverage. App won't load correctly on my phone

  • Bloomberg Radio +

    by jjhehir

    The app store tells me that Bloomberg Radio + has already been downloaded. It won't let me download it again. Too bad. I enjoyed listening to it. I guess I will have to listen to something else.

  • Crashing

    by Jonathan Wealth Management

    I love the app. and use it daily. But, since the latest update it crashes every time I try to start it. At least I can listen live on iHeart Radio. -JM. Boston.

  • App no longer works after new update

    by The upgrade killed the app!!!

    App worked fine until latest update and now won't open at all. I am still on iOS 5.1.

  • Used to work

    by Lgprezes

    Worked great untill the last update now it will not load!!! Great job guys!

  • No iPhone 5 Update!

    by tech302

    This app hasn't been updated since 2011 and yet Bloomberg continues to advertise it on radio and TV. Are you joking? No iPhone 5 full screen? Sad.

  • Not a Bloomberg Fan

    by Jay112323

    Michael Bloomberg is creating a nanny state in NYC.

  • Constantly freezes

    by Ocgeezer

    This is the only review I've ever written. It tells you how frustrated I am with this app. Whenever I'm listening to a show, it pauses, restarts, pauses again. It may completely freeze and start again from the beginning. It's extremely annoying and time consuming especially given the great quality of the content. I just can't get to it! Bloomberg: time for a fix and an update!

  • Good when it works

    by Frank123hu

    How can this app have 4 stars? It times out/freezes CONSTANTLY BLOOMBERG ARE YOU LISTENING?

  • Another fatal flaw

    by NOHUHU

    I was happy with this app until I upgraded to the iPhone 5 and iOS6 and discovered a fatal flaw. Bloomberg obnoxiously places their #1 link to their own magazine, (basically an ad) and following this link breaks the app. If you click on it and don't have their magazine app installed, it will take you to the apple app store and never return. Every time you relaunch the radio after that, it goes directly to the app store-with no way to escape. I suppose I could try uninstalling and downloading the radio again, but at this point, I'm not inclined to try. MEH!

  • Lacks polish.

    by Mr. McCall

    This app hasn't been updated in over a year. What does that tell you?

  • Why only landscape!

    by R234B

    Opens now only in landscape without setting to change to portrait! Why do developers make nonsensical changes to perfectly good they just get bored??

  • Not working in OS6

    by jimdarcy

    This app worked like a charm until OS6 was installed. No radio no nothing. Please fix.

  • Yay constant commercials

    by Szeus44

    First downloaded it, listened to 5-mjns worth of commercials and couldn't switch to anything else. Deleted.

  • Freezes a lot

    by Ara.O.

    Good content, but unreliable. Hard to listen to an entire interview.

  • Frustration

    by TheSauce619

    When it works I enjoy it. The problem is that it shuts down a lot it freezes and by the time you have it up again it's time for another one of the commercial breaks it has every ten to twelve minutes. I would rather pay for the app and have it work.

  • Crashes...

    by EastWave

    ... more than Lindsay Lohan:(

  • Radio "minus"

    by Minty Fresh9999

    I want to like this app; great experience and promise of good content. However, it often won't even start up on 3G (needs wifi) and when it does startup, the streamed audio feeds are extremely choppy. It's not only the network as Bloomberg podcasts using Tunein app work fine. Waiting for next version...

  • Great app missing a couple of features

    by Anas Almasri

    I love this app, but to make it even better I would love to be able to use it in portrait mode so it would be useful when the iPhone is docked on speaker system, and I miss rewinding and pausing live radio that Bloomberg on TuneIn Radio app use to have before

  • Choppy cuts out all the time

    by Davidtu

    Always cutting in and out

  • Excellent content, but need app features

    by Rich Rein

    Content is accurate, valuable, and unbeatable. UI is intuitively obvious and attractive. Needs more work on the on-demand features. For example, charts are not downloadable for on-demand podcast. The app needs the ability to annotate/tag podcasts and save to other apps such as Dropbox and Olive Toast's Files Pro to so that the Bloomberg articles can be found and properly quoted when studying subject and talking to others. For listening at bedtime, the app needs to stop after some time, preferably on a podcast boundary, so it does not reawaken the listener.

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