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- Supports iOS 7
- Performance updates and enhancements

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Read Bloomberg Businessweek+ weekly for all the content of the print edition of the magazine along with exclusive content and interactive features that enrich the reading experience.

Download the FREE App and get a Selection of FREE Articles every week. Subscribers to the print edition of the magazine get each week's issue for FREE after validating their print subscription.

- iTunes App Store Best of 2012
- 2012 Webby Award for Best News Tablet App
- Best News and Info App in 2011 (Mobile Excellence Awards)
- XMA Cross Media Award from WAN-IFRA (World Association of Newspapers)

- Exclusive video featuring Bloomberg Businessweek's editor, Josh Tyrangiel, and his creative director, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the feature story and cover designs
- Listen to Tom Keene's Econochat, Charlie Rose's interview and editors as they share insights on the top stories
- Get the latest market information and news on companies mentioned in articles by tapping on the name of the company in the article (in bold) or by tapping on the related tab
- Search across all your issues
- Create your personal archive and access it from any issue
- Easily manage your issues with an auto-archiving option for issues older than 3 months (ON by default). TIP: Even if auto-archive is OFF, Newsstand will continue to auto-archive issues once device storage is constrained.
- Resize the fonts to suit your reading needs
- Share articles via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook
- Each week's issue available from 10pm on Thursday EST

How does the Bloomberg Businessweek+ subscription work?
- Subscribers to the print edition of the magazine get each week's issue for FREE after validating their print subscription
- To subscribe, choose either a monthly subscription for $2.99/month or an annual subscription for $29.99/year
- Unlock ALL archive issues for just $3.99
- Your subscription gets you access to both the iPad & iPhone. Pay once and get it on both devices.
- Payments will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
- Your subscription will auto-renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- You may turn off auto-renewal from your iTunes account settings on your iPad or iPhone
- Subscriptions cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.

Bloomberg Businessweek offers a global perspective to help senior executives profit from smarter, faster and more informed decisions. Founded in 1929, the magazine is a market leader with more that 4.7 million readers in 140 countries. Drawing on more than 2300 journalists in 146 bureaus across 72 countries, Bloomberg Businessweek covers the business world like no one else can.

Customer Reviews

  • Great content, needs iCloud support

    by IceMan~

    Just started reading Bloomberg Businessweek and it is a fine publication. The print subscriber access was easy to set up (although another reviewer says it fails every six months -- I guess I'll wait and see). The one thing missing from this is iCloud support. If I "clip" (save) an article on my iPhone it does not sync over via iCloud to my iPad. This is paramount to a seamless experience. There are many times when I'm out and about and would like to save an article to read later. But when I get home I'd prefer to read it on my iPad; which I cannot do without extra work to rediscover the article in question. Fix this and it'll be 5/5. The format and layout is perfect.

  • Great

    by iam4kae


  • Crashing

    by Mike Nowak

    Keeps on crashing every time I try to open it.

  • Great content, some tech issues

    by danaaboemi

    I love the content of the magazine. However, it takes a while to download whole issues, and if you do that on the day they become available (sometimes the default), then it is very difficult to get the audio. I think the app should be tweaked so that it is clear how many radio stories there are each week, and that you can re-fetch the audio content. Also, issue download can be buggy when you let it go in the background.

  • Excellent business news app

    by acie1972

    This news app has exceeded my expectations. The audio & video content are outstanding.

  • Love it

    by Big Oak NYC

    Simply the best!

  • Great source to be informed!

    by Fonze21

    I love the app, even though the print copies are great, they are a little hard to carry around. The application is perfect to read and review 24-7

  • As close to a perfect magazine app as I have ever seen

    by Reviewer5742

    Very convenient, intuitive and has lots of nice features

  • Great App!

    by Mr Reading

    Love this app. Great example of how a magazine app should be!

  • Generally ok

    by thomaspinckney3

    Better than most newsstand apps. Works reliably, though slow to download and had problems recognizing my print subscription.

  • Nice App!

    by goxyz

    I'm a subscriber of the paper magazine, too. I enjoy the paper version but the digital version offers more: If you tap a word, you get the directionally. It's also easy to find the article you want by searching the key words. I feel assured that I won't be bored on a long flight because I have several issues of this magazine on my iPad. Thank you!

  • Great app makes it better than the print edition.

    by drewmie

    Seamless integration, links everywhere, and prevalent video and audio make this app better than the print edition. Great job!

  • Best Presentation

    by rpendred

    This is how a magazine should be presented on a tablet!! Keep up the good work!

  • Tap a Star

    by Bigdaddyt2013


  • Like it

    by toolg1rl

    I really like how the magazine is laid out on the iPad. I like being able to download past issues as well and the fact that I did not have to pay extra for the online version.

  • Works great

    by Luis7955

    Very intuitive and good features. Better than Zinio app.

  • Cool magazine

    by 珊瑚吱吱

    Good work!

  • Yay, free articles

    by iPadHugger

    Of course, free is not really free. They still make ad money via digital impressions, click-thrus, etc. So that's a fair exchange! I might actually re-up my subscription some day. So five stars for using the better biz model.

  • Viruses?

    by exReader

    Don't know HOW the ChiComs did it,but once the article on "spying" came out, the app began to continually crash!!! Don't know how or where to go to restore, but hope the BBW management will help (and not publish any moe articles dissing the Red Army (or PLA, as they'd like to be called).

  • Great Digital Conversion

    by KarSun01

    Great app, allows you to use your print subscription to gain access to the digital version. Has additional features in the digital version such as audio excerpts.

  • Confusing

    by nmark125

    I thought this was a magazine. There are no flip through pages. I have no idea how to read the content.

  • Will not activate print subscription

    by JimRichmann

    The publisher of this app seems unwilling or unable to fix activation errors for print subscribers. I have discovered that if you delete the app from your device, and then download it fresh from the app store, that you can then activate--establishing that there is nothing wrong with your subscription account. I've found I need to do this every six months or so. Customer service is clueless.

  • So slowwwww

    by amalyshev

    Never had patience to wait until it downloads completely. Tried several times, then removed the app.

  • Useless app

    by Bigdog1115

    What a waste of memory. I loaded this app and within 10 minutes I was disgusted with all the areas on the pages that you could not access without a subscription. DO NOT RECOMMEND .

  • Not worth it

    by Jay112323

    I can't say anything positive about something that has the Bloomberg name associated with it. No thanks to the nanny state.

  • Waste of time

    by Dabuff

    Not worth the time to download

  • Not a happy camper

    by Wkeithg

    I started my subscription in July. However, the app keeps thinking I only subscribed 2 issues ago (on a rolling basis) so I cannot re-read more than the two most recent issues without paying for them. Emails to their "support" email go unanswered. No one else that I subscribe to (Conde Nast, Fortune) does this. Not happy.

  • Too bad

    by Woolwang

    Always stop at around 70% download. Can't download, you're a liar.

  • Crash

    by CC2118

    The application closes itself about every five clicks. It's done this for well over a year. I've re-installed it a few times hoping for a change, but it's just a poorly written application. I am paying for the content; I recommend Bloomberg pay some qualified developers to make it work. Looks great, content is great, doesn't work. Application is pathetic! Please fix it.

  • Can not activate with print subscribers

    by Uksooro

    Not good.

  • Can't unsubscribe!

    by Bilbo3101

    You actually have to call Bloomberg if you want to unsubscribe. Otherwise it keeps auto renewing each month. C'mon, don't try to lock us in to your crap magazine!


    by Dale912

    I am a current print subscriber. Cannot log in since the last update. App gives no feedback as to why and just won't open on my iPad 2. Like the magazine. App is worthless.

  • VERY Poor APP

    by Dhorro

    Downloaded the latest, I am unable to even see pictures and tabs. I deleted and reinstalled the APP, still does not work!!

  • Can't activate my account

    by Percy0th

    Too bad

  • Not working

    by Branden Hertz

    After the last update the app closes immediately upon opening!!$&@ It's driving me nuts. Please fix ASAP!!!!

  • International subsriber- Can't activate

    by ash1m

    After the latest update, all my saved issues are gone. Reactivation does not work. Please fix this asap.

  • crashes

    by Jester4747

    Constantly crashes, Zinio version works fine.

  • Buggy, low-quality app

    by Justin3535

    I'm a huge fan of Business Week and have subscribed for over a decade. I was happy when they launched the app and liked the clean layout and simple navigation. However this app has been nothing but a disappointment, constantly crashing (especially when opening videos or detailed graphics) and often containing broken links between articles. This week for example its not even possible for me to reach the cover story due to misdirected links in the app navigation. I thought these things would get fixed over time but a year later it's just as buggy. Very disappointing effort for such a good publisher on the print side.

  • Crashes on iPad 1

    by lz2006

    It crashes every time on my original iPad when downloading new issues. Please fix.

  • App has started to crash

    by Shsum

    Used to be a great app. For some reason it is now crashing continually.

  • Must Download

    by Lydia Derfler

    Beautiful layout, simple interface. Get great news that WORKS for your technology and is free. Good work Bloomberg.

  • Improved significantly over the last few updates

    by aloudnoise

    The app has improved its performance significantly over the last few updates. While there are still a few kinks to work out, the app is much better than a lot of the other magazine apps out there. Navigation is easy, as is sharing. Downloads are not enormous, despite retina graphics. Audio/video content is added throughout the week. Things still needing improvement: - Landscape mode is not that responsive to page turns. It's easy to get around this by reading in portrait mode, though. - No background downloads of new issues overnight while on wifi. This was supposed to be a big deal for newsstand apps. I would love to just pick up my iPad in the morning and have the new issue waiting for me. - Archiving old issues is SLOW. Just how long does it take to delete a file, anyway? Fix these bugs, and it will be a five star app.

  • Great magazine worth the money

    by Rebornkek

    This is my first newsstand magazine. Well worth the money. Gray articles and fluid interaction on the iPad.

  • Love it!

    by Mario Yohanes

    Unlike other Newsstand app which tends to be nothing than scanned magazine, Bloomberg really nailed it! Download is working over cellular and no need to hog my iOS devices storage. Layout is very intuitive and pleasure to read. This is the best Newsstand app I have ever read!

  • Excellent

    by MAlcheck

    This is probably the best magazine app. It is kindle like in its ability to change font sizes as oppose to some magazines that are essentially PDFs that you can pinch zoom only. The app is very well organized and the content is as superb as it is wide varied. Don't hesitate to try it, it's definitely the best way to read the magazine.

  • Thanks a lot

    by Mahmoud ebadi

    This is a great reference for me on business.

  • Superb app for iPad and iPhone

    by Yogi10285

    Very nifty, easy to read and user- friendly app that allows the excellent content of Businessweek to shine through. I consider this a top news app - recommend it highly.

  • Love it

    by abisen

    Nice content and very clean design

  • Implementation

    by CLH-USA

    About 6 months ago I had a Bloomberg subscription and let it expire. No doubt there was some "pundit" pontificating that I, the cheap-scate consumer wasn't willing to pay for news delivered electronically. Baloney! My problem was lousy implementation. I now decided to try again, encouraged by several upgrades. Here is the most obvious change I noticed: full page ads. No problem. If I don't want to see an ad, press the closing X, right? Sometimes. At other times, the close button doesn't work. Yep, it's a full page ad that can't be dismissed until its good and ready. As opposed to ads in magazines you can look away from if they don't address a current need. That, folks, is the beauty of digital. Hijack the screen and make it not respond, and you've got a customer, right? Right? I've heated many times that magazines live by the money advertisers bring in, not the consumers. If publishers can live without consumers, I suggest they sell their periodicals directly to the advertisers. That should make them both happy. Sounds ridiculous? Hmmmm. I wonder why. I'll likely let my subscription lapse again. They'll never miss me...

  • iPad magazine done right

    by lunarboy

    Bloomberg Businessweek has really created what I think is the gold standard in iPad magazine apps. Unlike many others, this app features live font resizing, allows you to copy and paste, and integrates social sharing. The app is fantastic and the content is great too.

  • Top notch

    by Seven7

    Been waiting for iPhone 5 support and it finally arrives. The app looks beautiful on the iPhone 5. This app showcases how a magazine can make itself iPhone/iPad friendly and it's eons better than any other magazine app out there. I just extended my subscription for two more years thanks to this app and the fact that we aren't being double charged to get iPhone access like practically every other magazine out there.

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