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Seller: Bloomberg Finance LP

1. IB
- User experience improvements.

2. Message
- Attachments: View password protected Message attachments for PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX files.

3. Quote
- EVT: View corporate events and get transcripts for a security. Available on the quote page.

4. News
- Blue Links: Tap on blue links within a story to see related market information, news articles, photos, videos, documents, BIO pages and more.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
4 Ratings
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337 Ratings


With the Bloomberg Professional app, you can log in to your Bloomberg Anywhere account from your iPhone or iPad, with the same reference-quality, real-time data, security and access to personal files you have on your regular computer.

- Send and receive messages while on the go
- Use Instant Bloomberg to stay connected with all your contacts wherever you are
- Get comprehensive news and alerts from tens of thousands of sources including Bloomberg’s exclusive coverage
- Monitor real-time market data, quotes, events, and Eco Calendars
- Gain deeper insight into your Portfolios by understanding your positions and active bets
- View “EVT” corporate events and get transcripts for a security on the quote page.

iPad Specific Features:
- Terminal Mode: Access the full Bloomberg terminal and thousands of functions
- Gain better insight with Bloomberg Industry data including charts and written analysis from a team of industry experts
- Access exclusive Bloomberg Research from over 2500 providers, including brokers and research firms

iPhone Specific Features:
- Get “Fly” airline information
- Use “Dine” to access restaurants nearby

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by Skinny109

    Great information tool

  • Awesome

    by Blaudau

    Perfect for iPhone and iPad.

  • As good as a terminal

    by jvnickname

    This is by far the most impressive app I've seen on iOS. If you have a bbg subscription, you should definitely take advantage of this incredible app. Mobile bloomberg terminal - what a useful tool!

  • Tap to Rate

    by Bigdaddyt2013


  • Almost full Bloomberg functionality

    by Scottyjmp3

    Great for research, monitoring positions, and seeing what's going on in the markets. Please add screen print capability, file saving capability, and PLEASE ADD EMSX TO THE BLOOMBERG ANYWHERE APP! Those fixes would make my life a thousand times easier!

  • Latest update ruins MSG workflow

    by Laze00

    After sending a message I'm taken back to the list of screens that lists my inboxes. Why on earth would I want to look at an SMSG inbox after replying to an email in my normal inbox? Also, for those of us that keep a clean inbox, it's now hard to manage. Delete now goes up to a more recent message. This means that I can't start going through my messages from the most recent email. If I see an email I want to keep, go to the next one and delete it, I'm back at the email I already read. Either make this behavior optional, put it back, or use smart behavior to side which direction to scroll.

  • Free for Bloomberg Subscribers

    by rlcarbonell

    With the Anywhere Service. Best app!

  • Improvements

    by Chris1235456

    1. Need daily P&L for positions in Monitors. Currently only P&L from cost. 2. Allow multiple column of securities in Monitors. Currently only one. 3. In terminal mode, allow a way to perform the equivalent of "right click" so as to access shortcuts or additional features. 4

  • IB

    by Shadowslayer 5

    Why can't we have notifications for incoming IBs???? I conduct 90% of my business through the IB system, yet with the iPhone BA, I have to manually enter the menu, chose the IB icon and then see if I have an incoming IB. Please add the ability to add to notifications!!!

  • Excellent App Love it !!!!


    Excellent App Love it !!!!

  • Will be great to have IB in the iPad version.

    by LionFishROAR

    So I dun need to login to the terminal on iPad, which is slow.

  • Huge improvement

    by vitpm

    You have to be a Bloomberg anywhere subscriber (as stated on the description) but eclipses the previous version in each and every point.

  • Awesome

    by RNOR3

    Very quick now the messaging work well. Love the colours!

  • Big improvement over the last version, remember to reboot….

    by SwiteWylie

    messages weren't coming through until I rebooted the iPhone.

  • Awesome

    by Bobby Asher

    Love the tv app in it

  • Great improvement

    by Bob Kat

    the app looks great and charts are amazing

  • happy days

    by pierre3636

    now everyone can throw away their blackberrys … world class app - only thing missing is auto sort for IB chats to latest messages at top - great app...

  • Now with Bloomberg TV!

    by Andrew Hubbard

    Bloomberg Anywhere now works on the iPhone too. Great improvement over the regular Bloomberg app for iPhone. Navigation and layout are much better. And the best part is it now includes Bloomberg TV. Now I can watch my favorite anchor, Stephanie Ruhle, on Inside Track in the cab on my way to work!

  • Fantastic!

    by FrequentMintUser

    For Bloomberg Anywhere users, the navigation, layout and functionality in this version are dramatic improvements over prior releases.

  • Unbelievably slow

    by Shushu59

    The latency is simply horrendous. So slow to respond to commands.

  • Don't update if you use research

    by Etchen

    The news update added blue link capabilities but lost PDF attachments. Please fix!

  • Be upfront

    by InformedInvestor

    ...that u need a paid subscription to use this app. I shouldn't have to find out after I downloaded the app.

  • Unstable, slow- data not optimized

    by BradGolding

    Not stable - don't update! How much per month? 1800$ seriously! Interaction with Message function , cause crash. Especially searches. Downloading data on cell, or even wifi, takes forever. Programmers clearly play with this in high speed environment with latest ad and nothing else running the lie to bosses about how fast it it. Still a POC

  • Battery Killer

    by Harm19672013

    Love the app but the IB and MSG count feature just destroys the battery.

  • IB Manager logs off by itself

    by GastonVedani

    The app is good for most things. However as a bond trader i MUST be able to have continued access to my chats. Blackberry works perfectly in this area whereas iphone misses it completely. Thumbs down.

  • Crashes frequently after update

    by lz2006

    It works fine on my iPhone but crashes frequently on my (original) iPad.

  • Worthless

    by Alcamus

    Why can't you guys figure out how to send push notifications When a new IB message posts.

  • The app became really slow to load

    by iPod_on_the_Pod

    Since upgrading to 2.4.1 the app has become really slow and unresponsive at times. Can I roll back?

  • Useless

    by Crunchity

    Gives so little info!

  • Another underwhelming Bloomberg product

    by Majorlance12121212

    Once again, Bloomberg demonstrates its fear of cannibalizing dumb terminal sales by creating an inferior product that can't handle basic functions like news updates, messaging and charting. Mike is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Not good enough

    by Longtime Bloomberg user

    Sadly, the blackberry version from 2008 is better than this. Charting capability is awful--no moving averages, no ability to set custom dates, non-standard y-axis ticks on price charts (eg putting a line at 10.03 instead of 10.0? Really??) Want to read news on your ticker list? Punch them in one by one because you can't do it. And forget about IB. The delay is so long as to make it useless. Want to do other news searches? Sorry! I mean, c'mon Bloomberg some of this has been available on the iPad version for the last 12 months! (sadly the iPad charting is the same--awful) Get back to work. Maybe you should put the blackberry programmers on the job-they seemed to know what they were doing!

  • Lack of innovation disappointing

    by johnbro23

    I expect a faster pace of innovation from Bloomberg. This app is missing many key features. The mobile team should do a better job of integrating some of the most commonly used functions (EVT, CF, EM, etc) into the mobile app.

  • New update crashes constantly

    by GjW67

    Every time I try to launch this app since the last update, it crashes on my original iPad. While the app has always been a little unstable, it has never been this bad.

  • Ridiculously buggy

    by Shumotoriki

    Messages updating in the background causes currently viewing message to scroll back to the top whenever a new message arrives. In general messages update from the oldest to newest so if you haven't logged in from iOS in a couple days it can take 5+ minutes to refresh to the newest runs which is generally what you care about. Monitors' column width still all messed up even after purported fix Feels like a step back from previous version with no new enhancements. Disappointing as usual.

  • If only....

    by Bugitout

    This would be a great app IF my Inbox messages would update. Today is 12/18. The latest msg displayed in my inbox is 11/6. Strangely, my Sent folder is updated to current. I don't understand how it's possible for one to update and not the other. Also, the app for the iPhone does not have this issue. Please fix so I can check my messages when out of the office. Seems like this wold be a fairly simple bug to take care of.

  • Updated for the new version and now crashes every time

    by Not for bugs

    I've never had problems before... Now that I updated with the latest version it keeps crashing while it's starting.

  • Too bad

    by CDub

    How does one get pastthe login page? Long time user of Bloomberg Apps but this one has struck a terrible cord with regard to functionality.

  • Update speed makes it worthless

    by SunshinePacker

    Gets two stars for looking nice and giving me access to my terminal. The actual iPad app is worthless. None of my messages update. I'm writing this review on the 30th of October and, according to the app, my newest messages are from October 4th.

  • Not actually free

    by Thenick191

    This app appears free but has no functionality without an account. Nowhere in the description does it specify this. Waste of a download.

  • Messages

    by jpbeads13

    My main reason for having this app is so I ca see my messages when I'm not in the office. But they just don't come through at all. It's a waste.

  • No msg/ib notification = useless app

    by Lagouz

    We urgently need notification (incoming msg and ib). Surprisingly the old app had it and i can't get back to the old version. One of the last reason why i keep my blackberry is for bloomberg. Apple and Bloomberg need to react urgently

  • Still lacking blackberry functionality

    by LSF33

    I don't understand why it is taking so long for the Bloomberg Anywhere iPhone version to have the functionality that all Bloomberg Anywhere clients on the Blackberry version had enjoyed. In this latest update Bloomberg included fly and dine modules. Are those really more critical than ticker news alerts and a company Events module? Not to mention I can't even retrieve a very lengthy news history on a company. Remind me again why I am paying so much extra $$$ per month for a Bloomberg anywhere capability???

  • Stick with the old version

    by Splash2000

    The intraday graphs show me YESTERDAY'S intraday pricing...not always today's. Unreliable. I like the old version though.

  • MSG downloads too slow

    by tamllc

    The ability to download messages is intolerably slow compared to blackberry version.

  • Need serious improvement

    by Grebmoolb

    I don't find anywhere app very helpful, comparing to the free version, it is slower and crashes more often. I use both bloomberg and factset, factset iPhone app has so much more functions that bloomberg anywhere app. The management for bloomberg mobile apps need to act now or they will lose paid users and this hurts their reputation and market shares. This is not an issue with the programmers who do this anywhere app or upgraded free app with total disaster a few weeks back. The issue is deeper. I hope people realize this and have this fixed. Thank you.

  • Stay with the previous version

    by Vandy212

    Too many bugs and freezes up too often.

  • Bugs

    by PattyVacation

    More bugs and drops and frozen screens than previous version.

  • Needs to say BUY SERVICE or go away!

    by Ember's Grandfather

    Downloaded and installed on all of my devices based on the useless writeup on what the app did. What a shock when I got to starting the app and it asks for login and payment or it does nothing. It may be great for someone who has a Bloomberg trading account, but it seems to not mention that so I could understand it. I have deleted it from everything now and hope this helps others save the bandwidth.

  • No push messages and IBs

    by Gonzbird

    The only thing I need this app for is to use IB and send messages. Why can't they figure out how to push these messages while using other apps?? Every other app can do this. Why am I paying 24k a year again??

  • Lol

    by Gpshik

    Bloomberg and Apple put out a lot of hype on Bloomberg Anywhere for iPhone and it simply doesn't deliver. Most users (Bloomberg has the data on this) use a Bloomberg (at $1500 to $1800 a month per terminal or user ) for its Message (MSG) or chat (IB) functionality. The appeal of a PDA as a iPhone or Blackberry is access to these messages when away for desktop terminal. Not being tied to this desktop during a trading day is potentially very productive for brokers and traders. The problem there is the server that sends these messages out on an iPhone can have big delays in the MSG and IB send/receive times (up to 15-20min in my 1month experience). Rather the Blackberry server continually pushes messages out (worst delay in my 6yr experience was 1-2min, unless Blackberry or Bloomberg were having system problems, this occurs approx every 6 to 9 months). Now for those who interact with clients on these message functions imagine what a 15 min delay does to yr business if client sends order to buy $250mil UST 10yrs or sell 5bil notional of Eurodollar Futures?

  • Needs some crap account to use

    by It's 5

    Needs some crap account to use

  • No yet as BB App

    by LatinLiber

    I love my iPhone, but this app is far from the BlackBerry ones ... Graphs with MA, functions as ECO, EVTS still no working ... Come on BBG you can do it ;-)

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