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Seller: Big Blue Clip, LLC

* Newly designed editor with tons of new effects and features
* Bug fixes

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Create amazing collages of you and all of your friends!

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!

    by Desi122

    I love this app


    by Momoftwoboys2

    This app is perfect for people who like to make collages. This is coming from a 10 year old boy and the reason I wanted this app is because I have a basketball team and wanted to thank my team so I got this app. This app is totally worth your time

  • PigletRae's review

    by Pigletrae

    I like this app because its easy to use. I recently had a lot of photo editing apps & I couldn't decide which one was the best or was my favorite but when I found out this one had *mPoints*, I quickly deleted all the other photo editing apps & now only have this one!

  • Nice Photo Collecter

    by  H.e.i.d.i.m.u.s

  • Great app!

    by mediawolf 

    I love this app!


    by MoreMoreMe

    I am in love with this app! So user friendly, seamless and easy! Even my 10 year old daughter can do it. I like the 'print to Wallgreans' feature, I have been printing them all:) Beautiful! Recommend to anybody who loves to play with pictures! I have recommended this app to all my friends and they all love it too. When I post my creations to Instagram or Facebook, I always get responses asking how the collage was made. Its SO fun......I'm addicted!

  • Colagtasic

    by Ritzy Fletcher

    This is a great app!

  • Useful photo app

    by segafun1

    This app has many features,it is very useful. I like to use the app.

  • Nice app

    by TheDarkSamurai33

    App is nice and convenient.

  • Love this app!

    by Kayelousie

    I love this app. I make pics and than send to my Ceiva frame. Great way to share photos with the family .

  • Love it!

    by Achi peeps

    Finally, a great app to showcase my design and inspiration boards without the limits of frames. Wish you could add text to the canvas, though.

  • Great

    by  Chad Dukes

    Love it for Facebook !

  • Nice

    by  Kroqdude


  • Fatlace 31

    by Illest 31

    Kool fun with pic.

  • Send updates

    by TrueLoveWaits000

    Love this app

  • Awesome

    by Obeymamay14

    This a really cool app! It does everything I was looking for.

  • Creative

    by JackEm4


  • Love it❤

    by Mikodia666

    It is a great app,i love it so much

  • Cool app

    by TickleMeDingle

    I think it's really cool how you can edit your picture with this app!

  • Aaa

    by pugamer22425

    Works great.

  • Bugs!!

    by 4Aces+DblEgle444

    There is the option to save your collage or your photo after editing it ant to export it to Facebook but none of those features work! Too bad :-(

  • Great App

    by takomacarpenter

    I have an older ipad and this is flawless even with very large photos. I did have to turn off some background apps like magazines and the Washington Post. They were slowing it down but I was asking for a lot huge high pixel photos. It's nice to put your whole family together for a wall paper etc.

  • Great app!

    by  Paula in time

    I really love this app!

  • Annoying!

    by 1d lubricant

    It won't let me make the photo's bigger or smaller !!!

  • LOVE IT!

    by abbeyainscal312078

    I love this app! It's perfect! You should get this! I got it and was on it all day!

  • Snotty Rotty Rino

    by Snotty Rotty Rino

    Not exactly what I wanted when I downloaded it, but it's still pretty cool. Although, it did let down some of my expectations.

  • Great app for its purpose

    by Bridog110

    The mPoints thing is annoying and completely out of place. But luckily they don't shove it down your throat. I am concerned about quality of the exports. I partly blame Apple for not storing the full sized images in iCloud that I use but I also wonder what quality this app uses. But it's fun and I haven't tried anything over a 5x7.

  • Love

    by Pint-sized<3

    Combines a photo editor, collage maker, and mRewards - perfect!

  • Amazing

    by jdubfrick

    Very awesome app. I've been searching for a long time for an app like this and it has exceeded my expectations!

  • Collage

    by  funkychunk

    Love it!


    by TheGoldenHashbrown


  • Me gusta pero me gustaría mas di pudiera poner fondos con diseños

    by Branny salas


  • Not good for big pictures

    by JaneLane1978

    Otherwise I like it.

  • Awesome!!!

    by big larry c 

    Love it, love it, love it!!!!

  • Pretty good

    by Anonymouse

    Every time I try to get a picture I just took on the camera made my last picture disappear. Please fix!!!

  • Collage app

    by  Oz&Em

    Awesome & love that you can get them developed at Walgreens.

  • Wish it had stickers

    by JaylinMartinez123

    I liked it but I would like it more if it had stickers ;)

  • Excellent

    by Robby Boxrz 

    It delivers! Personally love doing my editing On my iPhone 5 and this is a great asset in my photo app collection

  • Crazi Ladi 123

    by Turkombo2000

    Love it .. Comes in handy , for serious occasion ...:)

  • Iphne4s

    by Captain7 


  • Love it!!

    by Yaya's mom

    Great app - so easy to use!

  • cool

    by  Raymond 1814

    this app is very easy to use & fun!

  • Best collage app!

    by Glass mirror

    I love how you can put as many photos you want and there is no set layout you have to follow!!

  • Love it

    by Lishakeys

    Simple and easy. I love it

  • Nagyon jó!

    by Nightwalker iP

    Könnyü használat, sok funkció, szinte tökéletes végeredmény!

  • I Can't Create A Collage?

    by CheapAsian:)

    It says that I have to allow it to use pictures from my photo album, but I can't because it never asked for permission! So now I have no pictures to work with and there's no point in this app.

  • Great app!

    by o0KiwiLime0o

    Wonderful app, definitely serves it's purpose. I just think that they could add a few things. Changing the color of the border, and maybe some more complex backgrounds (currently they are solid color, maybe some designs like plaid or stripes?) it's a beautiful app though and I definitely recommend it. :)


    by emilygarstin

    Absolutely love. You can use as many photos as you want and you get to control the cropping and placement. Super versatile, you can make it look however you want. No limits!! Very different from any other collage making app. Highly recommend it!

  • A great app

    by Classclown1123

    This app reminds me of Instagram!!! Both Instagram and this app are like twins!!

  • Collage

    by Tylerhoot

    I'd rate it higher if it didnt crash!

  • Love the editing options

    by Brijozka

    The only thing I think could really be improved is make a zoom for more detail while drawing on a photo

  • Great app

    by slamshut 

    I love making collages. Thanx I finally found a collage making app that really works and is easy to use....I love this app!!!!

  • IndyCLAW

    by Indy Rescue

    Fairly easy to use for a non techie.

  • Love it

    by Tony1585

    Love it

  • Great

    by Troy Crawford

    It's really awesome to use

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