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Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: Big Blue Clip, LLC

* Complete redesign of UI
* New backgrounds

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Make your application icons glow!

Thanks for making Glowing App Icons a top app in countries all over the world.

With Glowing App Icons the possibilities are endless. Create custom glowing icon wallpaper for your iPhone or iPod touch.

★ Choose from a fabulous selection of included HD wallpapers.
★ Select any photo you desire from your own photo album.
★ Select Black and White, Sepia or Color versions of your background photos.
★ Choose from several cool frame styles.
★ Select your glow color from a color slider so you are limited only by your imagination.
★ Create a new glowing background every day!

★★★ Best of All! It's Free! ★★★

ATTENTION: This app is not intended for older devices such as iPhone Edge, iPhone 3G, iPod 2nd Generation. It is also not designed for the iPad.

Customer Reviews

  • Doesn't work

    by Jabroune1

    It doesn't work for the iPhone 5 but it is good for a 4s

  • works with iPhone/iPod 5!!!

    by Fufgigjfgf

    Thank you

  • Ok

    by Hgjvdtgk

    It looks cool when the home screen is full, but when the home screen isn't full there are just squares there and it looks dumb when you turn your home screen. I wish it worked for real. I wish the apps really glowed. It is just a picture behind the apps. Still pretty cool.

  • Good

    by Jt123456780

    It's not good but it is pretty good

  • I love it it is awesome

    by Doglovermm

    It is so cool I love the vibrant colors

  • My review

    by trayvionedwards

    I love this app it makes things pop out

  • Loving the app'...

    by Ally200172

    I like it makes everything pop out

  • Ok

    by BillyBob baggy pants jones

    Some glow shelves r kinda lame look and it crashes a lot

  • Love it!!

    by Colnel Hbom

    I think it's really cool and I love the design this app has some cool wallpapers and cool glow colors overall it is a really cool app.

  • Love This App !!!!

    by Spacecadet410

    Its a good free app that makes my background look pretty :3 #LoveIt

  • Love This App

    by NaughtyGirlCute

    It Work perfect I can use my own photos to use it with the GlowFrame. It has different design & Colors

  • Eh...

    by Lizbiz4

    It's a good idea but the app is a bit of a fail, update for iPhone 5

  • Was good but slow to update

    by Khariton

    The iPhone five came out today and this app does not support it. Despite what they show you on their Features screen.

  • Good App

    by Naimah page

    AWSOME !!!!

  • Perfect app!

    by MerveMcNally

    Great, and with all i will have!

  • Love it!!!

    by Barbie lives in Texas

    I love it there is nothing better than this you should down load it right now!! You will not regret it!!!!!!!!

  • This app rocks

    by SpogeBobJordyPants

    No Jailbreak Can do glowing appshelves and icons 5 1/2 stars

  • Cool effect

    by carmenb4er

    Thumbs up

  • SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Piratekid99

    This is awesome I love it but I do wish the glow followed the apps but still HEEE HE HEEAEE HEE michael Jackson!!!!!!! Yeah.

  • -(^^)-

    by ICE

    Took a while to download but it was still great :)

  • Horrible

    by Kaylee5125

    This needs different backgrounds and there to big for the apps

  • Icons

    by Ner114

    It doesn't work for the iPhone 5s or my iPod touch 5th gen please fix this

  • Ok until the iOS7 update

    by GG_123456

    I thought it was great until the update. They need to make it able to use with the iOS7.

  • Meh

    by Amandahosein

    It's ok but I'm using my ipod 5 and it ok

  • DUD!

    by Hunger Snowcat

    Its a dud. It keeps saying "user assess denied"

  • Didn't work

    by Luvkie

    Can't save the wallpaper, keeps saying user denied assess.

  • I hate titles

    by awe50me5auce10

    It looked like an awesome app but it keeps crashing. I wish I could make the background things :,(

  • Needs Update!!

    by Lampy the lamp

    Cool app but doesn't work with IPod 5 or iPhone 5

  • Looks like it would be cool BUT...

    by Kristyzino

    Doesn't work for iPhone 5

  • Doesn't work for iPhone 5


    Icon skins are not optimized for iPhone 5.

  • Bad!!

    by Rdbuher

    This app NEEDS help!!! Someone fix this app!!!!VERY BAD

  • What

    by TheQueenM

    What happened to making the background just black or a different color fix this now

  • Really dumb

    by Cocobutter 9301

    This app has terrible back grounds and is not good

  • To everyone who rated low!

    by LordVader2112

    this is for iPod 3rd n 4th gen, & iPhone 3Gs n 4G

  • Does it work

    by Lakertopia

    Does this app download

  • 

    by Crazy lady!:p

    I  this app I loved how u could change the color and make it glow! I just wish that u could just choose ur own background though. But other than that 

  • Bad

    by Nike vs adidas

    It doesnt even download what the f*ck

  • Horrible

    by Prettycute84

    Worst app ever!

  • So much customization

    by Randysusan

    This is second to Pimp Your Screen.

  • Great!!!

    by MasonQQQ

    Love it!

  • I like it

    by Stayne27

    Enough said.

  • Bad

    by Rueben24

    This is too bad for me!!

  • I wish I could rate it 0 stars

    by SMT12

    I just wasted $0.99 on the electric pack and it wouldn't show up i don't know where it is I cant use it stupid app I hate it

  • Great app

    by Pressmold

    Great app, but it runs very slow

  • Perfect

    by fallout3 rockz

    It's free and is well worth it if you had to pay and it pimps out out iPod

  • Help

    by Alex55591738

    Will this work for my ipodtouch 4 gen

  • Gangsta

    by G.I.ft.Gudacris

    I wuv this app

  • Easy to use

    by Chewyfurball

    Does what it's supposed to and easy to use, would give 5  but not many options, still like tho

  • So much fun! I love it!

    by chellie g

    I love this app! I made some really cool backgrounds on here and they totally change the look of my phone. You can even make special ones for holidays throughout the year! And you can't beat the price - free!

  • good

    by Meggie64

    its good but all u do is take a picture then set it as ur wallpaper

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