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Seller: Big Blue Clip, LLC

* iOS 7 Crash fix
* 4 inch screen support

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There are few things in life more frustrating than trying to sort out your business gas and mileage usage from your personal usage. The monthly expense reports are due but your receipts are either missing or mixed in with your spouse’s. To add insult to injury, you didn’t keep a log because you thought you had the receipts. In the end, you submit what figures you can find, knowing that you’re missing some for which you will never be reimbursed.

If you do a lot of traveling, or just like knowing your distances and costs, you need the MPG Fuel Calculator. This convenient app is the place to keep all of your information. Use it to store your work or personal travel expenses, track your usage and distance history and the amount you spend on gas. With this app, it’s super easy to check your credit card charges when they arrive.

MPG Fuel Calculator breaks your stats down in complete detail, too. You can read your mileage and fuel consumption by the month or trip, determine your miles per gallon and your total cost per mile.

This easy iPhone and iPod Touch app works great for imperial or metric entries and will even calculate your costs in dollars, euros or pounds. You get to choose.

Need to keep track of more than one vehicle? That’s not a problem for MPG Fuel Calculator. You can add more vehicles, the name of the gas station you use, or keep your personal and business entries in separate categories.

Making a mistake is no big deal, either. MPG Fuel Calculator has an edit or delete feature that gives you full control of your information.

Let’s face it. If you are serious about accurate gas and mileage records, you can’t live without this app. Don’t lose out on any more expense money. Get the MPG Fuel Calculator now.

* Key Features *
- Charts
- Data Backup and Restore
- Odometer or Tripometer
- Data Export
- Multiple Fuel/Driving Measurements
- Multiple Vehicles
- Usage Statistics
- Vehicle Specific Settings
- Extensive Help Pages
- Supports Partial Fill Ups
- Supports Multiple Fill Ups Per Day
- Fuel History Sorting

To ask questions, get help, report bugs or request features you can go to our website or send an email.

Customer Reviews

  • Outstanding

    by Thetexasrabbit

    Love it absolutely perfect!

  • Only one with a trip odometer option. Works fine.

    by TechGuyNYC

    Geesh... spent way too much time looking for a simple MPG app. I wanted to use the trip odometer, not standard odometer, and finally got that on this (3rd app I tried). Interface is solid and worth the 99 cents. Would be nice if they had some graphing options.

  • A good start but needs improvement

    by Michaelf3

    It's not bad. What I would like to see is the ability to select the date range I want to report on. For examples, if I want to see milage/cost informaton for 2008 I should be able to select start date and end date. I also would like to see abiltiy to export the data to MS Excel or even just a CSV file for futher analysis.

  • Good

    by turtleslo

    Why does the MPG not work Adding all the info very easy

  • Nice and helpful tool!

    by nutella_98

    I like this app! Does a pretty good job and you can keep an accurate track of your MPG. You can add different cars if you have more in the household. I wish if the text you enter could use a bigger font though. I think it's too tiny. There is enough space to make the text area smaller and the font bigger.

  • Great app!

    by xenod

    This app does exactly what it says it Will do. I use it for 1 personal vehicle with everyday use and occasional trips for work. I love the ability to back up to server, wipe your iPhone, and restore all data!:)

  • Excellent customer service

    by JimmyZ60

    Great app, staff very helpful in providing clear instructions in a timely manner on how to transfer data from an iPhone 3Gs to an iPhone 4.

  • Great App

    by Grandma65

    Thus is the first review I have written, but this app deserves praise. I am 65 yrs old and cannot fathom why anyone would have trouble using this app. I have used it with 2 cars. Maybe the problem is with the person entering the data. This is a great app that does just what it says it will do. Thanks!

  • Great App (v2.0)

    by Bz455

    The graphics in v.2.0 are super, no need to export to excel. We are using this app to manage our family car fleet; great for budgeting etc. One of my best apps.

  • Best alternative

    by redaggie12

    Until some of the better ones get cheaper, this isn't bad. Could use some graphs and fuel price, but I'll take what I can get.

  • very good app with one major flaw

    by Hervie123

    I tried to contact the developer to fix this flaw of an otherwise good app, but I can only reach a forum. No way to email from the app either. So here it is: if you miss a gas fill up occasion -- like if you lost the info -- but continue to post log entries, you will not be able to enter that missing fill up occasion because the odometer reading will be less than the last entry, and the program will not let you. No way to override this. So the gas consumption statistics will be wrong. Developer: fix this, and please make it easier to reach you by email so reviews like this one will not be necessary. I will change this review and give it the 5 stars it deserves after this is fixed.

  • it's the simple things

    by Johnthrax

    Thank you thank you thank you, for making it possible to use your tripometer OR odometer to input miles. Every other gas app doesn't seem to allow this, and it blows my mind, it's so simple.

  • Lost records, but fixed problem with update

    by virtualcappy

    Decent app but needs a backup... Lost my data when I updated iPhone. Shouldve seen it coming but who can keep track of all these apps? Useless without a backup. Even an email with records would be better... Update: sweet, email export is a great idea... I'm satisfied...

  • Nicely Done!

    by GangstaLeaner

    This app is very well designed. It's easy to use and has a lot of features.

  • Great app

    by FUSE33

    Does everything I need.

  • Great App, upped my previous rating

    by tnarng

    I bought this app several months ago as all I was looking for was a simple way to keep up with MPG for 2 cars. The app works great. I emailed Alex the developer about adding some fields to input info such as VIN, license plate, ins. policy, tire presssure, etc. He replied back to me the same day thanking me for my suggestions and that it was an easy fix and he would put them in on the next version. I told him if he added the suggestions, I would up my rating to 5 stars. Unfortunately you have to delete the app then reinstall it to get the new version, at least I did. This meant I would lose the data I had already input. Fortunately I keep a back up in excel so could put back all my data. Even if you don't have your data backed up somewhere, you can write it down before deleting the app. The app warns you that you will lose your data if you delete the program. If you delete the app before writing it down, it's your own fault. That said, it would be nice if it didn't delete on upgrades and hopefully he will get a fix for this.

  • Review

    by Bardo63

    The app works fine for tracking fuel efficiency. As a small business owner it would be helpful to have a seperate category to track business milage for tax reasons.

  • Great little app

    by BackInTime1704

    I really like this app. It is sime to use. I like having the ability to separate work and personal vehicles. Two recommendations for improvement. First have a field in the vehicle setup to put the starting mileage. I just created a bogus first entry and had no cost associated. And second, besides just the total cost of gas it would be great to track the individual per gallon gas cost and allow trending of that over time. Great app!!!! Don't believe the early reviews...I set this up in like 5 minutes.

  • Works fine on 3GS

    by Elwinna

    This app works just fine. Contrary to what other reviewers have said you can have multiple vehicles. And the only way to figure out mpg is to input your miles (duh) and the gallons you are adding so of course you have to know how far you've driven. You can use a trip odometer ("tripometer") or the odometer reading and it will compute the miles driven for you. Just set it up with your starting information and everytime you fillup you enter how many miles and how many gallons. The mpg will compute and log it. Just like I've been doing on paper but this is easier. The only complaint I have is that it's a little hard to find all the directions. Apparently you get directions depending on what page you are on when you request help so it's not all in one place. If you follow the directions though it'll work fine. Good app for 99 cents.

  • App crashes

    by stevea.rockon

    These people are out of business and are not supporting this app on the new IOS7. Stats page crashes app. will not handle 4 vehicles without problems.

  • You get what you pay for

    by YngJoe

    This app may only cost $.99, but you get what you pay for. It requires you to add up your own milage in order to get your average dollar and distance per mile. You would think an application created to track and compare this data would be able to figure that out on its own. Sadly, it does not. And if you don't know this at first, it's your job to go back, delete all the entries, subtrack your milage from previous entries and add them all back. It's just too much trouble for me. I don't commonly keep an extra caculator lying around my car.

  • Use to work

    by T2UD

    App worked fine until I updated iPhone 4S to the iOS7. Now it opened then when I click on a tab it closes. Was good guess I'll find another on. And it should have weekly mpgs too


    by RevTobeyJr

    Hello, I purchased this app thinking that it could be used for multiple vehicles. YOU CAN NOT. BEWARE....... While you can add additional vehicles, you cannot add gas purchases etc. DO NOT BUY THIS....

  • Crapware - Do not buy!

    by arbittan

    This app is nothing like Gas Cubby. Buyer beware. The lower price doesn't compare to referenced competitor. Apple needs a return policy and/or forced demo version requirement for all software.


    by cookwithfire

    This app is poorly designed, from an end user perspective. Some functionality does not work at all. Try again guys... We should all get a refund. DO NOT BUY

  • Fail

    by Austin.rook

    It requires that you put how many miles instead of just putting the mileage. I am tired of crapy apps that you have to pay for. This app needs to be made free untill the maker makes app more usable.

  • will not open

    by Brian5Oswego

    it worked great for a long time then it crashed the other day. Now it will not open?????

  • Not a bad program, but I am unable to import data into my new iPhone

    by Jsw_2000

    I invested $5.00 into this program because I tried a few free mileage apps and was disappointed by them. I've been using this program on my iPod Touch for about 8 months with no problems until now. I just purchased a new iPhone 4s. The app synched up but my data was not there. So, I backed up the data from my ipod using the backup utility. However, there is no way I can see to import data into the program. The help screens are useless. The web site offers no guidance. This is disappointing, especially since the program author claims that data can now be exported and imported. I sent an email to the author. If I hear back with a positive solution, I'll update this review, and maybe change my rating.

  • Not what expected

    by abegonzo

    Maybe I missed something, but one cannot link accounts for actual gas cost, sort of limited it what can do. at least was only $5. Over ok just to track milage, but too cumbersome have to enter every bit information which can be done easily on an excel spread sheet.

  • gas apps

    by Tony8749

    I want apps that automatcally calculate my MPG everytime I put in gas entering my prevoius milage present milage,price/galoons, total of gas put in the tank.

  • Ehhh

    by Someone who drives a car

    Whenever I put gas in the mpgs it records is so off... My car has gone from getting 9 mpg to 75 mpg... I'm going to try another app that may calculate things right

  • Don't waste your money

    by Rinjur

    All this does is calculate mpg. Thanks, I can do that for free. It said it could be used for both personal and BUSINESS. Well only if you fill up your gas tank after EVERY trip. Should say one or the other. Doesn't track what it should. Get MILEBUG instead!!

  • Nice app but restore wiped out data :(

    by Werkingman

    Began entering data, had about three months worth, synced phone w iTunes following day apple genius bar appt did a restore on the phone. Took phone home and restore from backup did not replace the data previously entered. Unfortunate. Not likely to use again, most likely to look for an alternative-one that syncs or stores data on web.

  • lost my data on update - do not buy!

    by sleds

    I had a good number of records in v1.3 and just updated to v1.4 today - it blew away all my records! I tried to restore the app from iTunes, and no records are toast. If you're going to buy this, DON'T UPDATE it if an update comes along - you'll lose your data! And, since there's no way to export the data you input, you can't back up the data. Sure, it's backed up in iTunes, but I don't want to restore my entire iPhone since I've made changes in other programs that will be lost if I did that. I like the program - good interface - but lacks export feature. Which, after my experience today, I've determined is a critical missing feature. I'll be searching for another mileage app that has an export feature.

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