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- iOS 7 compatibility
- 4 inch screen compatibility

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This is the "LITE" version of Gas Log. With the lite version you will be able to try Gas Log before you buy it. The lite version is limited to 5 fill ups and 1 vehicle. You can upgrade from within the app at anytime (without losing your data) to remove these limitations.

There are few things in life more frustrating than trying to sort out your business gas and mileage usage from your personal usage. The monthly expense reports are due but your receipts are either missing or mixed in with your spouse’s. To add insult to injury, you didn’t keep a log because you thought you had the receipts. In the end, you submit what figures you can find, knowing that you’re missing some for which you will never be reimbursed.

If you do a lot of traveling, or just like knowing your distances and costs, you need the MPG Fuel Calculator. This convenient app is the place to keep all of your information. Use it to store your work or personal travel expenses, track your usage and distance history and the amount you spend on gas. With this app, it’s super easy to check your credit card charges when they arrive.

MPG Fuel Calculator breaks your stats down in complete detail, too. You can read your mileage and fuel consumption by the month or trip, determine your miles per gallon and your total cost per mile.

This easy iPhone and iPod Touch app works great for imperial or metric entries and will even calculate your costs in dollars, euros or pounds. You get to choose.

Need to keep track of more than one vehicle? That’s not a problem for MPG Fuel Calculator. You can add more vehicles, the name of the gas station you use, or keep your personal and business entries in separate categories.

Making a mistake is no big deal, either. MPG Fuel Calculator has an edit or delete feature that gives you full control of your information.

Let’s face it. If you are serious about accurate gas and mileage records, you can’t live without this app. Don’t lose out on any more expense money. Get the MPG Fuel Calculator now.

* Key Features *
- Odometer or Tripometer
- Data Export
- Data backup and restore
- Charts
- Multiple Fuel/Driving Measurements
- Multiple Vehicles
- Usage Statistics
- Vehicle Specific Settings
- Extensive Help Pages
- Supports Partial Fill Ups
- Supports Multiple Fill Ups Per Day
- Fuel History Sorting

To ask questions, get help, report bugs or request features you can go to our website or send an email.

Customer Reviews

  • Best Milage App available

    by macrogp18

    This is the best fuel milage app available. They have the most options for logging and most available parameters to track how fuel efficient your vehicles are. Highly recommended.

  • .

    by Viperchic

    Good for a free app. Only allows 5 entries before paying, though.

  • 

    by billiarddaddy

    Great free app for watching your mileage and monthly gas expenses. Ive been doing this with a pen and paper for quite a while.

  • Looks good

    by teamnoir

    Has all the features I want: logging, basic graphs, good UI, pretty to look at, exportable data, except that the free version doesn't allow for multiple vehicles. This "one more feature for $0.99" kind of scares me. Is it going to ask for another "$0.99" every time I try to something new? Every 10 entries? Every 2 weeks? All of the above? The monetary units are a bit limiting. I live in the US but occasionally drive into or through Mexico or Canada. (The problem with significant digits reported by another reviewer has apparently been corrected. I could still wish for a larger odometer, both millions and tenths, but the prices and volumes are right for American dollars and gallons today.)

  • Bait and switch

    by Alka

    Only allows 5 entries before demanding an upgrade! No mention of this up front.

  • Could use some updates

    by bkclerke

    There shouldn't be required fields to make a post. The information it collects is good. There should be a place where you can enter how you paid for the gas (cash, visa, etc.).

  • Awkward app

    by Mike Wylde

    This is a good foundation for an app but it needs to be taken further. Right off I noticed that when you Add a new fuel transaction, you have to go back and forth to a main input page. I would prefer sequential pages with a Next button instead of hopping back and forth constantly. The odometer "wheel" looks good but it would be faster to enter mileage with a simple number pad. Entering gallons leaves off a digit - my purchase of 8.453 gallons was abbreviated to 8.45 gallons. (Not a giant issue but gas has been sold with 3 digits to the right of the decimal point as long as I can remember. It's a simple detail that shouldn't have been missed.) It doesn't include a price per gallon field as a similar app does. By entering the amount of gas purchased and the cost per gallon the app could calculate the total cost. A price per gallon field is also useful to track gas price variations over time or across locations when traveling. Perhaps this will get better with time. Until then, I've deleted it.

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