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Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: Big Blue Clip, LLC

iOS 7 compatibility
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Translate any text to and from 37 different languages.

Translate words, sentences or even whole paragraphs.

** Features **
- 37 different languages
- iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad compatible
- History to recall recent translations
- Quickly and easily put translated text into Emails, Text Messages or copy to the clipboard.

Customer Reviews

  • Sí! It works!

    by Jimmy080100720040

    I love this translator because when you don't know how to speak a different language, you can use this app! And for the people that said it didn't work, try deleting some pictures and getting rid if some memory the re-downloading it. The same scenario happened to moi and I did those things and it worked! Do that, my amigos!

  • Don't Listen To Bad Reviews!!!

    by YourDadSaysHi

    I Never Leave A Review But This App Does Work!!!!!

  • Works great for me

    by PJ-A

    I just Loaded this app. I've used it to translate from English to French and it's working great. I have no complaints at all.

  • ...

    by Toastontoast

    Given that the app has not worked since I downloaded it, I highly recommend you do not download this app. I cannot totally judge it's capabilities but from what I can tell, it's a waste of time and is hardly even worth free.

  • translator

    by Money_t$

    it's ok

  • Disappointing

    by Mr. Barr

    Every time i try to use it it says "can't connect to translator"

  • No bueno

    by Kryslea

    App doesn't work :-(

  • Doesn't work.

    by Sir conference

    I'd like it if it actually worked. All it is is when you press translate it can't because of some bs message if it works for you that's good get it if it doesn't than I told ya :)

  • Bad

    by Rcobelli

    When ever you try to translate something, it won't let you. It says "cannot connect to translation server" Awful app.

  • Hate it

    by Jedidean

    It will never translate and if you do not fix it soon I will delete it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lame

    by Skdidjfjjfiiwiwjmdmd

    I doesn't work!!!

  • Horrible

    by Ronald ino

    Even if you do have connection it wouldn't translate

  • This app does not work

    by Azhure

    Don't get this app. It cannot connect to server

  • It will not connect to translator service

    by Rock1256

    I cannot connect to translator service.

  • Terrible app

    by Momeve3

    Once I first got this app it didn't even work don't get this app

  • No network

    by Chinese girl lover

    The app worked well for 2 days now it won't connect to net work for last 3 days. When u pay for something u expect it to work very unhappy one s

  • by AndyTigre98


  • Mad

    by Minney_Mickey_Mouse

    Uggg it's not working

  • Terrible

    by Avery_Red

    It always has a bad connection also wont let me type Either you need to update it or delete it!! I was very Disappointed

  • كذاب

    by Mohmbc12

    لايعمل ولا عربي ولا غيره

  • Translator

    by Coloradoone

    I too get a message each home I go to translate. Unable to connect to translator. Worthless to me.

  • Zero stars

    by Get this app it is the best

    Don't get it


    by Hdjdnsjsldndn

    IT IS THE WORST APP EVER! I tried to translate English to French and it kept saying could not find translator server? I hate this app.

  • Worthless crap

    by JOFiPad3User

    There should be standards on the app store to prevent crappy software like this from being available for download. I attempted to translate one word from English to Chinese and it told me that it could not connect to some translator service. A lot of good that's going to do me, anyway, if I am in a country that does not have Internet access.

  • Seriously

    by Electric15

    This is sooooooooooooooooooo a waste of time. And it says could not connect to translator service. Horrrrrrrible

  • Worthless

    by Teal7

    This App. Is worthless. Could not translate a word, could not connect to translator service.

  • Irritating!!!

    by QuestionMarkk

    Fix the problem! Says cant connect to spanish server when i try to translate!!!

  • Bad

    by Stick waver

    Don't waste your time it wont let you do anything!!!

  • Stupid!

    by DinoNinjaGurl

    Ugh! This is a stupid app i tried to use it but it keeps saying Cannot connect to something! Please fix tw issue! Thanks

  • Big Blue Gip

    by Crappola plus

    I concur with many other reviews of this app. A total waste! My other translator apps work fine, but Big Blue has yet to " connect with the translator ".

  • Do waste your time

    by Unhappy Translatations

    This app doesn't work, don't waste your time downloading the app. With each attempt, I received, "could not connect to translator service". I gave it 1 star because in order to submit the review, I had to choose a rating.

  • Doesn't work

    by Fatman300

    Don't waste your time it won't do anything

  • Angry.

    by How many times?

    I rate this minus 5 stars, every time you hit to translate, it says "unable to connect to translator" BS. It's a fraud! No matter how many times you try, it won't work. Good thing it's a free app. Don't waste your time.

  • Please fix this issue

    by SensitiveChic

    This app isn't very good. The translator keep saying Could not connect to translator service. Please fix this issue when Ever I type in a word and click on ok it says Could not connect to translator service. I hope you this problem or issue thank you

  • Terrible

    by Secret angent

    Rip off

  • translator app.

    by syruspimppiedpipper

    this app has a slow transmission with loading and unloading translation.. internet connector is also very slow.. it doesn't support build up.

  • Horrible

    by Jakethesnake916

    Complete garbage

  • HORRIBLE!!!!!

    by Rissagal588

    if i could give this zero stars i would!!!! ):-|

  • Does not work

    by Ca ll

    Cannot connect to translator service......... I could have written this guys should be embarrassed.

  • Tis Worthless!

    by ErLomoLomo910825:)

    This app says that it is incapable of connecting to the server. And I am glad that this ball of crap doesn't cost any money.

  • Does not work

    by Zippity-Doo-Dah

    This app does not work. Do not waste your time. Other apps out there better. Trust me.

  • Not Working!

    by Girlwithacold

    I tried using it today and it says that it cannot connect to the server! Please fix it:)

  • Bogus app

    by RD901

    This app could not connect to the server, therefore it would not work !

  • Bad

    by Dragon78473158274

    It is a waste of time

  • Review

    by Searay330-1

    Do not buy it. It does not work. It is fake

  • Not very good

    by Bleep bolo

    I got it to help me with Spanish, but it doesn't conjugate for the past tense.

  • Bad

    by Dnggdfhgbgxrggb3

    Cant connect to server after like 2 minutes

  • Really bad

    by Ryn Kreidl

    It stinks

  • Should say if it needs wifi or no because that's what I need for school!!

    by Fjkta


  • Bad

    by kruss68

    DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

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