AcuPressure Doctor Medical App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: ASV Apps
  • Updated: Jun, 03 2011
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 1.82 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Anu Verma

➠ Few Image Updates
➠ Few content Updates
➠ Minor bug fixes

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AcuPressure Doctor is your ONE STOP GUIDE App for ROUTINE health, SEXUAL health, WOMEN health, MEN health, CHILDREN health & LOT MORE! (We were Ranked#1 App/Featured App/NewsWorthy App of the week in June in Medical Category of iPad!) AcuPressure Doctor will guide you with AcuPressure Points one should press to gain potential benefits and relieve oneself from any of the health problems.

AcuPressure Doctor provides STEP by STEP details on the various AcuPressure points for the following Health Problems:

Stress & Tension: Acidity, Depression, Hyper Tension, Mental illness (Madness), Mental Breakdown, Paralysis, Stroke (Brain attack) [With upgrade to MAX]

Allergy: Allergy, Blocked Nose, Boils, Bronchitis, Cold, Cough, Hay Fever, Headache – Cold, Headache – Heat, Mumps, Nose Bleedeng, Nose Bleeding, Sinus, Skin Deseases, Sneezing, Urinary Troubles [With upgrade to MAX]

Bones: Arthritis, Rheumatism, Backache [With upgrade to MAX]

Children Problem: Chickenpox – Children,Convulsion – Children, Crying – Children, Diptheria – Children, Measles – Children, Over Growth – Children, Polio – Children, Smallpox – Children, Teething Troubles – Children, Under Growth – Children, Whooping Cough – Children [With upgrade to MAX]

Heredity: Anaemia, Asthma, Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Stones [With upgrade to MAX]

General: Backache, Cervical Spondyltis, Deafness, Lack of Speech [Dumbness Disease], Dysentery, Ear Pain and Puss, Frigidity, Gas Problem, Gastro-Enteritis, Heatstroke, Liver Problem, Loss of Voice, Menopause, Men’s Problems, Menses Problem, Pain In Legs, Pain In Neck, Palpitation, Sick Voice, Slip Disc, Static Nerve Pain, Stiff Neck, Stomach Pain, Sunstroke, Tonsilitis, Vomitting, Appendicitis, Bronchitis, Cataract, Cholera, Fissures, Fits – Epilepsy, Hernia, Hysteria, Jaundice, Leocorrhoea, Malaria Fever, Meningitis, Optic Nerve, Piles, Pneumonia, Prostage, T.B., Tracoma, Typhoid [With upgrade to MAX]

Download AcuPressure Doctor TODAY to find out what Pressure Points you should start practicing TODAY!

AcuPressure Doctor is a must have AcuPressure App that details out all the various Pressure Points with beautiful graphics and step by step guide on how to press them.

100+ Health Problem related acupressure points (in its most upgraded level) with instructions and photo. A noteworthy application for those who seek perfection of body and mind.

Professionally made content, photo and convenient grouping of poses according to their level and type will turn your yoga routine into an inspiring travel to the depths of your being.

· Clear Graphics
· 100+ Points (topmost upgrade level)
· Detailed Description of each graphics
· MILLION DOLLAR TIPS of each graphics
· Track Your Done/Todo/Favourite/Not Done Topics
· Browse by various creative Categories

· Avatar Creation
· Password Protection
· Email Positions
· Find out Most Popular Ones
· Find out Pick of the Moment
· Feeling Lucky
· Share on Facebook

Comes in 2 Levels of Upgrade with this FREE App to allow you to keep going step beyond the current level at a time or go all in one at your own pace!


Please use your discrete judgement in trying the points out as per tips and description. We are here to help and are NOT responsible for you getting impacted at any level due to this app. Use it as your guide. We can not answer questions in the review section. For support or questions, please use the send feedback button in the app or email us at

Customer Reviews

  • Its pretty cool

    by Fluffycupcake

    It's pretty cool beans but it kicks me out at certain places if the makers are reading this fix it and I say it's 5 stars!

  • One of the best!

    by SonShkh

    Very helpful and easy to use, on the go solution to most common problems. Worth the price, and upgrade also seems worthwhile! I would definitely like to try more apps from Vitalacts....

  • This app finally replaced my fav acupressure book!

    by trueapplover

    After a long wait, I finally got an app that I was searching on my iPhone. Very nicely done app with to the point information for so many day to day problems. Worth the $1 that we would spend in other not do worth stuff! Go for it with no regrets!

  • Extremely helpful app! Highly recommend

    by MannoB

    If you have a problem with cough or sneezing or any illness and are tired of medications, I would recommend using this app for remedies. I used this app and it was extremely helpful!!! Highly recommend using the app!! Thank you very much - I am going to upgrade right now!! Thanks Vitalacts for making such great apps

  • No blood pressure photo

    by Jgibes

    False advertising no photo for blood pressure hereditary one. Ripped off.

  • Waste of money

    by Irish1two3

    VERY limited info and randomly crashes. Check the grammar on the positive reviews and it's obvious that they were written by the program creators.

  • Terrible App

    by razzberry673

    There's a kicks me out everytime I go into it.

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