CalenMob Pro - Google Calendar Client Productivity App Review (iOS, $6.99)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Aug, 12 2011
  • Version: 2.5.2
  • Size: 16.31 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

- Fixes sync issue of offline mode
- Improves sync speed and stability
- Adds various other improvements

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CalenMob is a native Google Calendar app with intuitive design. It inherits the simple and clean look of Google web calendar and makes it more accessible, responsive and reliable on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It can also be used with no Internet connection. All changes will be synced back to your Google account the next time you connected.

CalenMob supports 8 standard views - day, week, month, 4-days, year, mini-month(iphone), week agenda(iphone) and agenda. You can instantly switch views to discover events or find a time you're looking for.

CalenMob automatically synchronize with your Google Calendar every time you open the app or after you make any changes to an event.

You can still create, edit and delete events when you don't have an Internet connection. Calmob will cache your changes and sync back to your Google account next time you're online.

Never forget about a meeting! Like Google Calendar, CalenMob allows you to set reminders via push notification, SMS or email for all events.

With CalenMob, you can invite people and see their status. CalenMob also allows you to respond to an invitation (yes, no, maybe) if you received any invites.

You can setup, view and modify recurring events. CalenMob fully supports all repeat patterns in Google Calendar.

You can manage your Google Calendar with this app. You can create, edit and delete calendars anytime. All changes will be synced with your Google account.

CalenMob works with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You don't need to pay extra money to download multiple copies.

CalenMob supports multiple gestures that makes you easier to manage your events.

You need a (free) Google Calendar account to use this app. If you don't have it, you can get one at

Customer Reviews

  • It used to be a good app...

    by Rich............

    This was a great app, before the last update, now it is useless while the app syncs to google, if you fix that, then the app will be great again...

  • Doesn't integrate with iPhone well

    by chastay

    It's unfortunate that iPhone and Google apps don't play nice together. But in the current war zone this app is about the best you can do for a calendar if you want your desktop computer to sync with your iPhone reliably.

  • Overall, great

    by StateParksFan

    Works well, love the different views. Slightly slow to load but you get used to it. It is the best calendar app I have tried.

  • Good product

    by Knightrider_96

    Great product but when I use color it disappeared on my other google calendar

  • Used to love it but freezes now

    by DJinATL

    I loved this app but now it constantly freezes so much it is unusable. Please fix this, as I love the format!

  • Glad I took a chance & paid $7

    by ShanniPatti

    Love it! Very versatile and allows me to color code my life. Very pleased so far.

  • Good App

    by Kyle11111111

    Only thing missing is the ability to color the whole day like Schedule St. Which makes it a lot easier to know your days off. Other than that it is great!

  • Great App

    by Shiget

    Very easy to use

  • Me

    by Ajheyhey

    Almost perfect. Much easier/more user friendly than the calendar that came with my iPhone. Very close to the online Google calendar.

  • Synching is getting longer and longer

    by McScottie25

    I have been a happy user for a few years. Now, however, I am beginning to use the iPhone calendar more and more as the synching is taking an unreasonably long time. Help! I see that I am not the only user experiencing this.

  • LaRays beauty

    by Laraysbeauty

    Love it. I am a hair stylist, and this is the best calendar for me and my clients. Thanks

  • Two main problems

    by Rogeneva

    Too slow to open, and now freezes frequently. On the plus side, has a very nice layout and appearance, easier to read than iCal, the agenda view is great, and the monthly view shows events, not dots. Would get 5 stars except for these two problems.

  • Great app

    by Anytime 99

    With job and family obligations, this really keeps me on track

  • Total agreement with JAL2678

    by Sami's Dad

    Otherwise excellent.

  • User

    by NYCRIN

    Great App!

  • Decent calendar app, slow synch

    by julibuli3

    App is able to synch all my calendars, but takes a very long time updating every time I open it. Very frustrating when all you want to do is add in a quick appt. to your schedule.

  • Great App

    by Na2012az

    Best phrase that describes this app is "Best thing since slice bread!"

  • Awesome app!

    by Jonathan Graves

    Very fast and smooth...

  • Great!

    by Goldenheart57

    Wonderful, helpful, easy to use, customizable. Thank you!

  • The Best App Ever

    by ImanH

    This app is amazing! Really easy to use and i love the offline feature. Really worth the money

  • Freezing up and crashing

    by Stanton A McCourry

    I used to love this app but lately it's been freezing up and crashing

  • Fix the sync freeze please!

    by steve550

    Many people have complained that, since the last update, the automatic sync at startup freezes the app so you can't do ANYTHING until it finishes- several minutes! This is getting close to making me trash an app I paid for and loved at first! PLEASE fix it!

  • Still a piece of sh*t

    by Useless, part deux

    This program is still a rip off POS, even several months after iOS 7 launch and being made aware of the problem. Freezes up for minutes within seconds of launch -- completely useless in today's fast-paced digital world. Such a shame.

  • Freezes. Frustrating!!

    by Ammogunner

    Ok app, very organized , love the different views and colors but freezes A LOT!! Just frustrating!! Hope it gets fixed soon

  • Does not work at all

    by Blue61morphis

    The app freezes, every time and all the time. Can't say more because it doesn't do more.

  • Not great

    by Sierra62484

    Freezes every time I open it. For $6.99 it should be excellent. Very disappointed

  • Done midget

    by Judge ism

    The full version does not have the different color options. So if you want the color I would suggest a different app.

  • Please fix!

    by Jesueng

    I have used this app for a long time. And I have loved it until recently. Now... It constantly freezes and no longer shows/syncs my iOS calendars, even though they are checked.

  • Freezes constantly

    by Annie Michaelis

    I used to love this app, but recently it has started freezing on me, to the point where it's unusable. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, playing with settings....but nothing helps. Looking for a new calendar app!

  • 2.5.2 freezing iPhone 4S

    by Irked with upgrade

    Upgraded and app freezes after a few seconds. Appears like it is waiting on sync? Used to love this app. Now it is useless. What's remedy?

  • It's okay

    by Cassie44

    2014 calendar is wrong hope gets fixed w/update. I don't really like the look and feel. It gets the job done though I like how it connects with google which is a plus.

  • So many bugs, you need a swatter

    by jb1010190210

    The only reason it has two stars is because I know what this app COULD be. Great concept, sync all my calendars in one place. The only problem is the constant jamming, shutting down, and long sync times. I have three differ t devices and the calendar is different on all three. It duplicates meeting for no apparent reason. So frustrating...... Programmers, if you read this, it needs a lot of adjustments.

  • Ok but.......

    by SnowGoose-1

    The more I use it the better I like it does come up short in several areas. It DOES need color coding so that the company doesn't get sued for false advertising. It DOES need a decent User Guide. After fooling with it for several days, I finally stumbled on the re-sync button. When dragging an event to a different day, it will not sync back to the Google Calendar UNLESS you explicitly save the change - that defeats the advantage of dragging. It is obviously a poor knock off of Calendars 5 which is a superior product.

  • S...L...O...W

    by S&P Trader

    Excellent synchronization of all my calendars. But I would not buy this again. Start app and wait for several minutes while all my info is synched. Just bought this and do not plan on continuing to use. Too slow.

  • Needs to transfer colors

    by Swigfree

    For the price, it should transfer assigned colors for entries from Google Calendar.

  • No background sync = not usable

    by dcl38462

    The app freezes when you open it: the app syncs calendars at start time and blocks all user input. This makes the app unusable. This app needs to implement background sync so that when I open the app, it's likely that all non-recent changes have already been captured.

  • Terrible since updated

    by Joel Dziedzic

    I use to love this calendar app. Then with an update it became useless. It does not update and freezes constantly. Wish they would fix the glitches as this USE TO BE the best calendar app!!

  • Great calendar, 'plays well' - but buggy

    by bhceya

    I used to love this app and was recommending to everyone to sync all schedules in one place. Then "the update" happened and - like others here - it's crashing, freezing, won't "unsync" changes, won't save changes, won't load properly, doubling SMS notices. I am testing out other calendars now because CalenMob's bugs are driving me crazy. Fix it, please!!! I want my favorite calendar app back. :)

  • Please fix the sync

    by ReaderoftheParalleledWord

    I love the fact that this app syncs my personal and work google calendars; I hate how long it take to sync between actions. Fix it, please.


    by mcbusto11

    This is by far the best iPad app for syncing Google Calendar, but the time it takes to sync upon opening it can take up to 30 seconds and beyond. Rendering it useless until it finishes. Please fix and I would give 5 stars.

  • I like the app overall.

    by Kevvvvvvvvo

    Good options for viewing calendars. Could handle google and outlook exchange. However recently I've also been running into a lot of freezing up on this app when I try to creat new appointments. It's been taking me at least to tries where I have to close and reopen the app. Would be great if it gets these bugs fixed again.

  • Fonts are too small

    by U2river1

    Calendar is too small . It would be nice if it was bigger with larger fonts as well .

  • Love this App

    by Paulieg_1949

    I love this app. Best aalendar since Outlook and Apple

  • Constantly freezes

    by Jbyeates

    I have read so many other reviews from other users with the same issue. I am torn because I have been using this app for years and only since ios7 came out it had worked great. I can't use it at all anymore because it freezes too much. Please please fix this! I miss this app!!

  • nice

    by mirsha

    really good app easy to use

  • Awesome app.

    by Bucslmer1

    Finally an app that does what it say's it can do. I love this Calander. I keep track of everything on it. Work,appointments,birthday's,everything. Thanks.

  • Bummer.

    by ppinla

    This was the best app in the world but since I updated my IPhone 5 to OS 7, Calenmob no longer works. At has unusably slow sync times and it freezes and crashes. Some days it won't even open. I really, really miss it and have found nothing like it to replace it. The interface was so clean and easy to use. I used it every day and it had become integral to my work life. I really hope they are able to bring it back. Every once in awhile, I delete it and re-install, hoping there will be a fix but it just isn't happening. For all you app developers out there, there's a need that needs filling.....

  • Great, but...

    by Knitterlady

    I've used this app for over a year. It is a great way to have a calendar shared w/ multiple users & has some great features. Unfortunately, the app opens & allows interaction for approx. 1 min., then hangs for up to 3 min. before allowing further interaction. Please fix this bug so I can increase my star rating.

  • Freeze Freeze Freeze

    by Good2BThaKing

    This app freezes EVERY time I use it, and there hasn't been a fix yet. Horrible service, and I feel like I was robbed!

  • Boo

    by Mercurial Rage

    When someone is scheduling an event, it's often something you want to do quickly and effortlessly. You have someone standing in front if you, expectantly awaiting to hear whether or not you're available, or you're on the phone scheduling an appointment. This app freezes, locks up, doesn't open- it is beyond frustrating. And then, if you get into the date you want to type something in to, it continues to freeze every step of the way. I'm done. I've realized that I've gone back to using my phones calendar for ease of use, so I'm just going to get rid of this one.

  • Fantastic

    by Divinepyramid

    Great way to organize my life!

  • Like Sex Panther

    by Tad Harder

    60% of the time, it works every time.

  • Fix the freezing part of the calendar!!

    by Rungirl43

    I like the views and being able to enter items from my phone. I've noticed when I update my gmail calendar, it does not sync not sure why? I have to RE-enter into the calendar to show up. That's the biggest pain for me. This calendar freezes up and you have to get out and back in.

  • Long sync time soooo frustrating!

    by TMACK0912

    I use to LOVE this app...ever since the recent update it lags and freezes and it is so frustrating! The syncing takes FOREVER just to check my schedule and even worse when I add an event. I paid for a product that use to love and I feel robbed...wish I never updated it!

  • Constant freeze

    by Maurice Kinsolving

    Installed uninstalled . . Rebooted phone . . Freezes every time app is started within 1-2 minutes.

  • major synch bug....

    by MamaSaysNO!

    I used to love this app for accessing my Google calendar via my Ipad. Currently though, I can't use it for more than viewing my calendar. If I try to add or modify events, the app locks up. Please fix!!

  • Need help!

    by RainforestG

    Need help! App has freezing up lately. Just fix it....Otherwise I like this app. Have been using it for a year.

  • Well designed but major bug fix needed

    by Jal2678

    I've had this app for three years and it is a great calendar with great display and great features and compatibility with google. It used to sync effortlessly with google calendar behind the scenes as you use the app. However, several months ago they made a change and now the sync can take as many as 2-3 minutes and the calendar is unusable during the sync. So, when you open the app it is essentially useless for 2-3 minutes and if you try and use it it will freeze and crash. Changing the settings so that it will not sync automatically fixes the problem. But then, of course, your calendars aren't synced automatically which defeats the purpose of the app. I really wish they would fix the brutally slow sync problem, because the app is otherwise great.

  • CalenMobe

    by Tom Ann.

    Certainly superior to IPhone's IO7 garbage calendar.

  • Waste of money. Can't synch calendars

    by Tdhlf

    Can't synch my calendars to this ap so what is the point~? I've looked in every area of this ap for ways to combine/synch my iphone cal with this ap and it just isn't there and nothing works~ Waste of money and time~

  • It's good, but....

    by Darren06

    Still syncs too slow... I like the way it looks and all the other features, but sometime the syncing takes too long. I think 60-70 seconds is too long to wait.

  • Great, sometimes.

    by labratdotcom

    It is just what I wanted/needed as my family calendars are all in Google Apps. It syncs on first launch and locks up while it does...something. The app is unresponsive for many minutes. It won't even flip orientation. Support seems to be nonexistent through the link in the App Store or on their site.

  • Freeze

    by URTY

    I've had this app for over a year and have really liked it. Unfortunately, it has been freezing for the past couple months. Also, if I place info in google calendar it won't sync to the app, but if I place info in the app from my phone, it will sync to google calendar. I've deleted the app. I might try reloading it, or seek a different option.

  • Love this app !

    by Fanny91407

    This is the best calendar app by far

  • Best out there

    by beeya1

  • Love it!!!

    by Nightnightboy

    Love this calendar! Very useful!!

  • Great Design, but...

    by rodbrant

    I've been using this app for almost a year and continually am frustrated by the "freezing" or significant delay when I click on just about anything. If it weren't for the excellent design and elegant functionality, I would have deleted it long ago. Here's what happens: I click on the app and it starts up right away, and today's events show up perfectly. However, when I try to do almost anything (click on a different day, add an event, change the display, etc.) the whole thing locks up for 3-10 seconds, then works ok for a minute or two. Then it happens again. It's completely annoying, but apparently not annoying enough for me to delete the app! (Maybe if I didn't have the paid version, it would already be gone-zo?) (Using an iPhone 5s by the way, and I don't experience this issue with any other app.)

  • Freezes, useless

    by K8tydid22

    Mad I paid for this app and it won't even work on my iPhone 4S. Freezes every time after I initialize and I have tried reinstalling several times to no avail.

  • Good when it works

    by Jnovats

    I like the set up. Easy to use.

  • Great

    by Marblesforever

    Great. Just super great. Makes my life easier.

  • Freezes all the time!

    by Kuzua

    Seriously! Are you going to fix it? It makes me no wanna use it and that's unfortunate, because it has a lot of potential. I do love this app, but I can't work on it. It constantly freezes! If you charge that much money you have to provide an excellent service. Is it possible that the app will show the date when the app isn't in use? That would be really helpful. Although at this point- I just want you to fix the app... Update: it went down from 5 stars, than 4, 3, 2, and now I have to put 1 star! It constantly freezes! I can't work on it! I have to leave the app all the time and reopen again and it still freezes. Too bad! I really love everything else about this app... I'll keep my hope. Please fix it!

  • I love it!

    by Rev421

    Very useful. My wife and I share an account.

  • Easy to use

    by Kabuki65

    This is my work appt Calender I can easily edit reschedulings and cancellations. I do wish it would sync my Facebook events as well. I did have trouble with it freezing after I upgraded to iOS 7 but after I reset my phone it's working fine now but won't sync my iPhone calendar now

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