Commercial Real Estate Analysis Your Way Finance App Review (iOS, $6.99)


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Seller: Antonio Martinez

- Updated for iOS 7 and iPhone 5/5s
- Added ability to share with more web sites
- Bug Fixes

Added a "Lease Delay Months" field on the Inputs tab.
- This field will delay the lease of the property by a number of months.
- There will be no revenue from leases or other income during the lease delay months.
- Expense and Mortgage expense are not affected.
- Maximum 36 months

Thanks for the suggestion, Kevin!



►► This is an iPhone only App. The iPad version is at this link - ◄◄

Commercial Real Estate Analysis Your Way is a comprehensive financial analysis app that analyzes the cash flow of commercial real estate investments, leases, and loans along with calculating discounted cash flow measures like IRR and NPV.

It calculates IRR, NPV, and Cash on Cash before tax, after tax, before leverage, and after leverage so you can fully analyze the property.

This app also computes and shows metrics such as Cap Rate, Debt Service Coverage Ratio, and Loan to Value. You can forecast revenues, expenses, financing, cash flows, resale, rates of return, tax liabilities, and much more.


◄◄SCENARIOS►► Instead of requiring you to try to analyze tiny charts and graphs the app includes a five scenario generators. These scenario generators allow you to change several inputs such as price, loan percent of price, or rental rates while seeing the impact on the metrics in real time. (Please see the third screenshot below for an example)

► As you move the slider the app recalculates ALL the metrics in real time◄

•Email Properties! You can email a property to anyone with the app so they can have all your inputs. They can even make updates and send it back! This feature will also allow you to archive your properties or move them to another device. You can even email screen captures of many screens.

•Email PDFs! You can email a professional report with a cover sheet with the calculations for a property right from the app! PDF reports can alsobe customized. The user can add two custom rows of text on the lower middle part of the cover of the report and one line of text on the bottom left of every page. The three text lines will be added to every PDF report created on the device.

•View maps of the property. The property location can be set from the user’s current location, the property address, or manually by zooming in to the property’s location and dropping a pin. Maps can be viewed and printed. A full page map of the property is included in the PDF reports.

•Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr integration. The screen shots of the summary page, the input page, the map, and the financial output pages can now be shared in the user’s account on the online sites directly from CREAYW. On FaceBook the image is added to your wall. On Twitter the image is added as a Tweet from your account. On Tumblr the image is added to your blog.

•Amortization tables. The tables include the mortgage balance, interest and principal amounts of the monthly loan payment, and the tax savings from the interest payment. The user can view loan data for every month of the deal.

•Localization of the app units. If your country uses the metrics system the app will display meters instead of feet in the relevant areas.

•Very Convenient! You can input as much or as little detail as you want. For example you can enter one annual expense amount or enter up to 19 categories of expense such as trash, electric, insurance, and management expense.

•Powerful! This app has all the calculating requirements of a much more expensive desktop financial analysis program but has been heavily optimized to run on an iPhone. It has been fully tested on an iPhone 3GS with no background activities running. If you have a slower device or significant background activity there may be some lag in the app since it is very computationally intensive.

We are committed to adding features you need or fixing issues you see. Please give us a chance to solve your issue before posting negative feedback.

Customer Reviews

  • Usefull

    by Bygons

    I can't believe how much it does for the money. It is like I am sitting at my desk, only on my phone. The PDFs are great!

  • Not user friendly

    by Casiusking

    Screen is too small. Can't scroll down to view entire screen. Not made for an iPad.


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