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★★★ featured by Apple in "What's Hot- finance apps" in 123 countries

When was the last time you tracked your budget? did you try to save your budget before? If these questions leave your stumped and have you skimming through your service records, it is time to track and manage all your budget details in a smarter manner. Budget Management couldn't be simpler and easier with an app like Budget Balance that helps you get the most out of your Budget.

Budget Balance is the ultimate tool for Budget Management. Stay on top of your expenses, incomes and salary requirements and detect potential problems well before they arise. keep management for your salary , incomes and expenses with just a few clicks.

Budget Balance offers many unique features, including:

Managing Transactions:
- Simple clicks for entering transactions.
- Choose category, Cost and sub-category (that's all)
- Allow creating unlimited customized sub-categories.
- Locate transactions on a map (which helps determine all transactions locations).
- View transactions by day/week/month/year.
- View transactions by location.
- Animated Pie chart for transactions categories

Managing Recurring Transactions:
- Simple clicks for entering recurring transactions.
- Choose recurring type by Daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/yearly

- 3 reporting types Income/Expenses/Income vs Expense reports
- 3 reporting charts types Trend/Pie/Bar
- Choose your reports for different periods weekly/monthly/yearly/all
- Generate PDF for reporting types within any mentioned period

General Features:
- Easily track expenses/incomes/salary and balance.
- High-resolution graphics; iOS 5 and Retina display support.
- Extremely lightweight and provides great performance, even on older devices.
- Suitable for use in any country supporting all worldwide currencies
- Backup and restore with simple clicks.
- Full application help.

Your comments, suggestions, and feedback are welcome to amr.shreif@gmail.com

App Video: http://youtu.be/9uI45nZ8uyc

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Artscrumbs

    I need to get used too¡

  • Good $ tracker

    by Bakiebear

    I like this app helps me determine how I spend my hard earned cash. I like that I can Visually see it right away. Good app.

  • good

    by katesusan72

    this app is simple way to manage my budget. it help me track and view all of my transaction in month. with this app, i can save my money easier. thanks

  • Okay budget app

    by A.awesome

    There are TONS of budget apps out there and this one doesn't seem to do anything that the competition can't. The interface is a bit annoying and it's not entirely easy to navigate right off the bat.

  • Great way to budget

    by Edallas383

    Simple tool to budget your expenses. I like the option of locating the transactions on a map. I also love the option to generate PDF for budget reports of any periods.

  • Budget on the go!

    by tonyalynn84

    I love that I can check my budget while on the go! Very simple to use!

  • Good app

    by coslet

    This is a good app to be able to keep track if your expenses on the go. I like the colorful graphics. Took me a bit to get everything figured out but now it is pretty simple.

  • Nice app

    by Gabe's Home Laptop

    So far so good. They need to have multiple budget pages though.

  • great app

    by susannicole78

    this app is very helpful for me. this app help me balance my budget. i can view and track my income or expense easily. it's simple to use. i like it

  • wonderful budget tracker :)

    by welcometotheirworld

    Wonderful budget tracker. Very simple and easy to use for just about anyone. This app works very well on your ipod but also works very well with the times two button on your ipad. Many of your usual expenses and incomes are already built right into the app so you can get started very easily :) Highly highly recommend :)

  • Budget Balance

    by Miameta

    This is the best app to get your personal finances in order. It just can't get any easier to crunch numbers,graph,or budget as this app makes it. A must have app to keep finances in order.

  • Very Helpful

    by DirtyGhettoKwami

    This App is very useful, If you need to budget your money I highly guarantee that you get to know this app an let it take some frustration out of your life.

  • awesome finance app

    by mattyo7486538

    For managing your personal finances, this application is essentially perfect. It's really ease to use and has great tools for taking charge of your budget. The professional design and large amount of features make this an awesome app and a necessary download for anyone who needs help to manage their money.

  • An "ok" Personal Finance App

    by Griff b

    What this app has going for it 1. It breaks down what you make into nice graphs and reports 2.It allows you to backup your information to your DropBox ( not some 3rd party site ) 3. The look and style is better than most Things that take away from it 1. Its not a universal app, for $2.99 I would like to use it on both devices 2. You can only have the one look with it, its kinda a fruristic looking computer, with bright viberate colors, it would be nice, and easier on the eyes if you could theme it. 3.When I first started the app it just pulls up, I would like to see an option for a tutorial or a step by step. Example it would ask you " What is your Net Income for the year? " and provide you with a text box to enter it etc.

  • Great budget tool

    by addison007

    Very helpful budget tool. The UI is very nice. And the report chart is great.

  • Not to bad

    by mariana.683

    I actually found this app quite useful. Just takes some time to figure out.

  • Not too impressed...

    by Blazing Applications

    There are many budget apps in the app store. Try searching "budget" and see how long it takes to find this app. So what? If the developer want to make budget app and sell it on the app store, it has to be different. In my opinion, this app is not different. So let's see what we can improve on... 1) this app needs to be able to import account such as PayPal and bank accounts. 2) the graphics should be simple. This is not a game, users don't open the app to have fun. They want to get work done and fast. 3 no splash screen! I don't feel like waiting 5 secs to watch you logo pop up in slow motion. Like I said before people need there work done fast This app is not different, so I would recommend not spending your money on it.

  • Have fun managing your finances

    by whizinthevalley

    Nice layout, graphs, icons, etc. Easy to use, so we can now keep our budget on track.

  • Not bad

    by choongfuset

    Not a bad tool to manage your income which is extremely helpful is some cases, although I would probably want an advanced salary in the option or some sort, the categories is quite a lot and the chart is quite a decent feature to get a summary of your spendings.

  • More efficient-)

    by kangsoo90

    >You will actually surprised about how sorted and managed. >Use this application was the best way to manage your money effectively ..!

  • Just meh

    by JosephSeth

    Not super user friendly. I'd rather use other means to keep track of my finances. Waste of money for me.

  • Not the best budgeting app

    by Zach Roe

    The best thing about this app in my opinion is the dropbox integration. I only rated it 2 stars because although there are no real huge flaws a bunch of little things bring it down for me. First and probably my biggest gripe is the UI I'm not sure why I hate it so much but I REALLY dislike it. It also seems pretty sluggish and isn't the most intuitive for me. It also takes too many clicks to add stuff.

  • No

    by Bbrinzer

    I can do this on pen & paper in a shorter time period than it takes me to go through all my finances & use this app.

  • Great potential

    by hollyeba

    This has the potential to be a great app, and one that I would use in the future if some more additional features were added! I really liked that it allows you to categorize your expenditures and allows for customization. The visual representation of your income and expenditure, should allow you to match your bank accounts. Overall, good app!

  • so useful!

    by speechlesshope

    Never thought about getting an app like this before, but once I started using it, I found that it's super helpful for me to manage my finances! Now, instead of keeping all of my receipts and attempting to keep them organized, I can now just record my expenses with this app, and even add custom sub-categories when I need to! Seems complicated at first, but it's really rather simple once you start using it. Awesome app!

  • good app

    by perfumau

    this app is simple way to manage all of my transaction. and i can view it by day or by week. with this app, i can save my money.

  • Good budget aid

    by twbspeech

    Overall, I like the app. I will continue to use it, as I spent a fair amount of time entering information into it. As noted above, I would like a password protection. It would also be beneficial to have two or three accounts available, as I can see using the program for my teenage daughters, as well.

  • useful app

    by toyotavios66

    This app is very helpful to me. It enables me save my money. It's easy to understand and follow. I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks for sharing

  • Great app!!

    by Eleinn

    Very useful to manage your money. Budget Balance have many features to make the management of your finances very easy. Im not an organized person, but with this app I started to care my finances. Budget Balance can do your life more organized! You must shop it and try it. You will not be dissapointed!

  • Good app for personal use :)

    by JessicaAdams025

    Overall this is a great app. It is worth the money! It is customizable to your own preferences. The app also gives great graphs to show you where your finances are going. The ability to set reoccurring transactions is a plus and super convenient. I would recommend this app to friends!

  • Nice app

    by somauden

    This app is what i need. It helps me to balance my budget. Now, i can save money for my plan in the future. This app is simple to follow so it's very useful. I love it

  • good app

    by blady148

    this is good app for me and anyone who like save the budget. i can track and see all of my transaction easier and faster with this app

  • Amazing app!

    by Dandydwarf

    Budgeted my balance the first time in forever. Great way to cutback and save money!

  • Cool app! Any easy way to import expenses??

    by moooonsss

    This is a pretty cool app. I like the graphic. But it's really hard to input expenses one by one.... I have another app that can scan receipt and list each item in the receipt, which is cool, but it can not analyze the expense. If these two apps could be combined together, that will be perfect!

  • Helps balance your budget

    by CAO623

    This is a good app to help you balance your household budget. It is a little overwhelming when you first open it, but easy to become accustomed to. You can customize it by adding your own categories. It also produces graphs to show you your debits verse income ratio.

  • On-The-Go Budget!

    by SD_SLP

    For those in need of an easy system working on keeping track of finances, this is an impressive app. It is a quick way to keep on-the-go track of income/expenses. I would recommend a bit more detail (fast food/restaurants/groceries) with the graphing system, but it is a great depiction of main categories (food).

  • Mr

    by Vishnut28

    Unable to enter expenses. , interface not intuitive , does not tell what's wrong

  • Has potential but poorly executed

    by Pererau

    Honestly, I think the actual app has a lot of great ideas. But the execution of those ideas is poor. The help section was so confusing and riddled with typos that I had a hard time understanding how to use the app. I think if the developer revamps the help section, this could be a good app. It does have great potential.

  • useful app

    by grifintayler

    This app can help me to control my budget. It helped me a reasonable expenditure. I love this app so much! Thanks for sharing

  • Easy to use

    by Mishcast

    Great app for keeping track of your budget. I like that I could easily input expenses into categories and add subcategories/line items in them. There is also a notes section in the category so you can note the specifics of the transaction, which i find to be very useful when looking back at a transaction.

  • great budgeting app

    by sogabeelab

    Very good budget management tool that will allow you to get a good view of your finances on your finger tip ehenener and whaereever you are if you are very discipline and enter all your transactions on regular basis. Good reporting it has Dropbox integration for backup and can export report to PDf. However I can't give it five star cause it's missing financial accounts integration.

  • interesting app

    by mrincredeble88

    i want save my budget and this app will help me do it. i can track income and expenses per week. i like this app

  • Unique app#

    by nafranco8x

    This application has many unique features that you do not know. It helps you to manage account and many other applications./

  • Convient for manage()

    by monbambo

    I bought this application as soon as it appears. It is convient for manage all your budget details in a smarter manner./

  • Not bad

    by r1ch3y4life

    Budget balance is an okay app. Pretty useful, would recommend!

  • awesome app

    by thomascullen85

    i like this app so much because this app enables me to track and manage my budget. refined user interface and i like it

  • I'm very lucky to find this app

    by callmemayb33

    it's perfect and very useful . I realy like it

  • Perfect app**

    by kallyrose

    With this app you can view transactions by day-week-month...It's simple and easy to use. Are you ready discover this app today???

  • Useful tool()

    by manaho80

    I am very satisfied about all the features that this application would bring. It is a simple tool, but many utilities^^

  • Helpful app for budgeting!

    by specialappssk

    I really like this- it was easy to figure out how to use right away, and has pleasant tones when the buttons are tapped. I want to edit the main circular icons with my own custom ones and see drag/drop capability so I could put my custom subcategories to the front without deleting the preexisting choices. It's easy to navigate, add/ view entries, or edit them after the fact. lots of options too- add photos, current location, view/send reports!

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