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"Bluebird[1] is your Checking and Debit alternative[SM] loaded with features, not fees. There are no monthly, annual or overdraft fees, and there is no minimum balance requirement. With a Bluebird Account, you can enjoy the conveniences of Direct Deposit, ATM Access, Online & Mobile Bill Pay, Adding Checks with the Mobile App, SetAside Accounts(TM) and Bluebird Sub-Accounts. And since Bluebird is brought to you by American Express®, you’ll also enjoy access to benefits like Purchase Protection[2] and Award-winning 24/7 Customer Service, at no additional charge.

With this app, you’ll be able to take advantage of Bluebird’s great features and benefits – on the go.
Download this app to:

- Register for and establish a Bluebird Account
- Manage your Bluebird Account anytime, anywhere
- Add funds to your Bluebird Account
- Add checks easily using your mobile device
- Pay bills - Put funds away with SetAside(TM) Account
- Locate the nearest surcharge-free, in-network ATM
- Send money to and receive money from other Bluebird Members
- Transfer money to and from your Bluebird Sub-Accounts & view their transactions
- And more

You can rest assured that your personal information and transactions are secure.
Visit us at for more information.

[1]Bluebird is issued by American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc., not a bank. For information on FDIC pass-through insurance and Bluebird, visit
[2]Purchase Protection is underwritten by AMEX Assurance Company, Administrative Office, Phoenix, AZ. Coverage is determined by the terms, conditions, and exclusions of Policy AX0951 or Policy PP-IND and is subject to change with notice. This document does not supplement or replace the Policy."

Customer Reviews

  • I love bluebird

    by Cr0wn3dk1ngc00p

    Great card... Great app... Just waiting on an ios7 update

  • Won't cancel orders

    by Jwoods139

    Doesn't allow me to cancel a order. It keeps saying" enter email address" why is it asking me that when I'm already logged into the app... Fix that problem please

  • iOS 7 design?!

    by videos80001

    When will the developers at bluebird release an update for an iOS 7 design?!

  • Nice

    by Franco Systems

    The app is good. Although I cannot seem to be able to add more than 1 debit card. Don't know if this is a glitch or if you can only have one now. I use to be able to add more than 1 in the past..... Please fix

  • Super convenient

    by @-)---

    I've been using my bluebird card for about a year now. I really love it. The only feature that I find frustrating is that I wish that I could schedule bills to pay on a specific day. Other than that I totally would recommend it to anyone.

  • Great App

    by Meritle

    Great card, great service, unlike some of the users, I'm not experiencing any issues with this app with my iPhone, I just like to see a version for my iPad, although the website is doing fine.

  • saves me so much money!

    by touch down!

    best card! best app! makes managing money easier and saves me so much money! best idea and execution ever!

  • Great app and decent bank account!

    by Carl Knight

    The app is extremely useful. The check authorization could be a little better on the app but overall I like the app.

  • App crashing

    by Rmiller6156

    Every time you add fund by check it keeps crashing. This is annoying as you have to start over several times. Fix this and you will have 5 stars.

  • Crashes when trying to deposit check from a photo.

    by RDTillitz

    I like the app to check my balance, but one of the things I like about the app is the ability to deposit a check with my phone and it's camera. Problem is the app crashes every time the deposit is attempted. It's very frustrating.

  • What happened to the add funds?

    by Robdawg916

    By check that is? I don't or can't find it anymore. Has this feature been disabled? Please fix...

  • yes or no: iOS 7?

    by iq2

    i havent used the app since last year, when my son traveling in europe was unable to send me emergency cash due to the us being a lockdown country lately. ahem. so hes back. i put the app on and i cant log in. im pretty sure im using the right email and pass, but i tried reset pass anyway. it doesnt know the email. or maybe i dont but...lets just say i probably do know it. thus i cant tell with absolute certainty if the app is or isnt working with iOS 7. can this be clarified by dev answer here?

  • Please

    by Yonyon509

    Please put back the set aside calendar. Once that happen then you guys get 5

  • Very easy to use

    by Jeff0575

    Very easy to use better than any banks app I have used.

  • Awesome !

    by Daizzy!

    This card and app is awesome ! You don't have to pay a monthly fee like on most cards . And you can make sub-accounts and connect you bank account to it. I recommend this app and card to everyone ! It's so awesome !

  • excellent to use and fast and reliable.

    by AnubisDog

    good Amex card solution.

  • Great job

    by MRogersAR

    Great job American Express. The app was buggy and the newest version solved all the issues. I love the checks and the set-aside account. FDIC insurance is a big plus. Thanks for listening to your customers.

  • Awesome

    by Cjch8924

    I just downloaded the app and its awesome. I can request money, I can check my balance and tons of other stuff. Something I might add, the ability to take a picture of a check and have the money transferred to the account automatically. My dad has a smart phone that an do that.

  • Great app and service

    by Katherine Pistone

    First of all what a great service this is better the most banks, sure there are flaws but look at what you do get with practically NO fees. Hell I can use the card at more ATMs with no fee then I ever could with my bank. Second, no the app is not perfect but it's a hell of a lot better the no app the competitors offer. I gave them 4 stars because this is the first non banking account solution to provide so much function on a mobile device. Sure there are problems but its a new service and new app give them some time people

  • Not quite as conveinent as promised

    by Maestro Mitch

    Been using the Bluebird card and app for about two weeks so that I could have an electronic source of funds outside of my bank. Many of the conveniences aren't so convenient. And my initial excitement has worn off...biggest problem is reloading the card. I was initially really excited about the check picture feature until I learned that it will take six days for your money to post, which makes the feature largely useless. Two or three days I could understand, but not six. Pretty much the best way to recharge is by cash at a Wal Mart and you can't do that until your permanent card comes. My biggest problem is that I did have the card linked to another prepaid Debit card that charges me a fee for each use, twice I reloaded from that card as instructed by the website and app but for the past couple of days that hasn't worked, I'm now told that those transactions have to be verified. So another source of loading is now gone. Now if you aren't in a hurry for your money and you like low fees this is a great pre-paid card. But know the quirks and you might just go ahead and opt for a fee based card. If you want to sign up for the service know won't be able to reload until your permanent card comes, you won't be able to reload quickly from your bank (up to five days) when the site says use a Debit Card to reload, that means a bank Debit card AND the check picture feature takes six days to load... just keep these things in mind.

  • Don't waist your money

    by Blue in Face Ken

    Poor customer service. Unable to load money or use as ATM. No live person to talk to after two weeks of trying. Hardly an American Express quality product. I have been an AMX card holder for twenty-five years.

  • Username issues & customer support

    by CollinsFamily

    I love my bluebird card and normally love the app. Recently, I noticed the username is auto populated and after 26 minutes on the phone still can not turn the feature off. The CS guy actually told me to log into the app and go into settings... WHICH IS NOT THERE. The CS guy didn't understand "pre-populated" and thought I was getting an error message. I understand some people would find it easier to have things auto populated, but give us an option. The app gives an option for the security question, so a username auto fill should not be too difficult.

  • Crashes when you take a pic of check

    by garysm43

    App crashes frequently when trying to add funds by check. Right after you take a picture of the check the app just disappears and you have to log in again and go through the same process several times. Usually it won't work until you wait a day or so and try it again. Very frustrating!!!

  • Mobile app works, computer doesn't

    by crister17

    I've been using Bluebird for a few months. The benefits are great. However, the user interface is very poor. After the upgrade I cannot make payments using my computer (Review and Submit buttons don't work). After several attempts, I decided to use the mobile app and finally my payment was processed. It doesn't have the option to select the date of the payment and you cannot schedule recurrent payments. User Interface need a lot of work.

  • App crashes when taking photo of check

    by pcjr

    App crashes when taking photo of check

  • As close to a scam as you can get without getting shut down

    by Dominion138

    This card, app, and service love to lock you out of your money, lose it and not care at all. Use at your own risk!

  • Won't do the one thing I want it todo

    by ToyBoat78

    Every single time I attempt to take a picture of my paycheck this POS crashes! Fix or I'll be canceling my card!

  • Very buggy

    by drspectrum

    Cannot transfer money to sub-accounts any longer, and if you try the money disappears from your account, but doesn't actually get transferred anywhere. Customer service was no help, so I will not recommend this app or this service to anyone.

  • Used to luv

    by Babyg219

    I luv this app!! But as of today I can't accept money!!! So I can't pay my bills!! Please fix!!!!!

  • Incompetent

    by Leseidk1

    Terribly buggy app.

  • Was a great app

    by Go yard

    Used to use the app every day. Never any issues. Since the last update can no longer use the app to transfer money to sub accounts...

  • App = 3 stars, BB = 1 stars

    by Stephinaners

    The app gets 2 stars because it's not just about the app - Bluebird is awful. You have a lot of other great options - Simple or GoBank, for instance - that do what Bluebird tries to do but better. First of all, the app is not nearly as intuitive as other banking apps. It's a fault of the website too. Their customer service is God awful. The representatives are nice enough but it's like pulling teeth to get anything resolved. I've had to call several times over the last few months and have been on hold for 15-20 minutes each time. Also, I tried to pay bills with this app and the payments never went through, leaving me with late fees and headaches. I cancelled my account this week. If you are considering this app because you have an account with them, you will most likely be much better off with another banking alternative as this one is terrible.

  • Was great but...

    by EmmaLourdes1011

    Ever since the update, can never login anymore. It keeps prompting me that the security answer to my security question is wrong when it's right.... Please fix this!!

  • Add Check feature not working

    by Vb_hr

    Once a picture is taken of the front of the check, the app exits. Tech Support said to uninstall and reinstall the app, but the problem still exists. Will rate app higher when this is fixed.

  • Login problems

    by JAY W. JENNEY

    Keep getting "unknown server errors" when trying to login.

  • Inccorrect balance and overdraft??

    by Espionage304

    I liked this app at first but now,it shows incorrect account balances frequently.and to make matters worse its possible to overdraft your card,As the merchant has 8 days before they have to charge the card?!?that makes it easy to reload money and lose all that money from overdraft.they approve the card as long as it can pay half the bill which then if you void,you have to wait 8 days with a zero balance before they refund smh.Needless to say I'm now a dissatisfied customer and going with a different card.

  • Room for improvements

    by Derhasefee

    Have been testing this app for a few weeks now. This app comes with flaws. Money deposit via taking pictures of your check is cumbersome at best. Had to call customer support to get pictures accepted after taking them front and back more than a dozen times. Not to mention that now the check takes 6 business days to clear! Recurring transfers are not available with the app, only online. Money transfers to sub accounts are only being accepted using the app, but not processed. Ended up having to go online, cancel transactions and redo them online for instantaneous crediting. AmEx can do better than this. I am hoping this is not the level of service to expect from their cheap checking account alternative.

  • No way to contact Bluebird

    by j;hlk gtoitg po;ihjpoy

    Wow. American Express is known for great customer service. Not so Bluebird. There is NO way to contact Bluebird except via an 800 number that connects one to a foreign script-reading-only customer "service" representative. No email. No chat. No Twitter. The iOS app similarly lacks any communications method. I tried the super cool deposit a paper check by taking a photo in the iOS app. The app says "Declined." There is no explanation in the app. The app shows the pictures I took (they look fine and legible). Just "Declined." Not useful. In fact, the only way to make Bluebird and the app less useful would be to remove the foreign customer service telephone number, and that would arguably be an improvement instead of a detriment to Bluebird.

  • no stars.

    by The Datsun Kid

    if you are here, your bieng cheap with your money management, exteremly poor customer service, quick to take your money but long get it back. i have had much better luck with the ViSA prepaids. but you shouldnt use them period, grow up get real bank account and you will be saving your self the anguish and disspair. but as you read this its already too late because im sure you have bought this card. it needs to be banned and pulled from wall-mart immidiately. there are good pre paid debits out there and this isnt it. ho with a VISA backed card. but remember less fees=less service american express is unamerican, and is the oppisite of express. and they cant even read thier scripts correctly. gold turned to paper, paper is turning into plastic evolution as we speak. and all the 5 star reviews ARE RELATED TO THOSE WHO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY.

  • Can't sign up


    Yea AE get it together!

  • Great service and an even better app

    by He Is Mr Big Shot

    I've learnt that you can't everything you want in this world. So yes, of course something's won't be in the app. But on a very positive note, this service is better than most bank checking accounts. Seriously, I'm glad I've opened an account. I love the fact that I don't have to worry about the monthly fees or bill pay fees. My chase account charged me those fees. So yeah, I would recommend you open an account then download this app.

  • Basic App

    by Luv real estate!

    Definitely not what you would expect from American Express. Very limited functionality for the primary and especially the sub-account holders. Don't have a problem-their customer NO SERVICE team is horrendous. Was on the phone with them for 3 hours today. After asking for a supervisor I was placed on hold for 30 minutes before one came on the line. Stay away!

  • James

    by Dirtyred 65

    Love app. My wife and son are on my sub-acct. Better than most banks.

  • Unable to log in.

    by Naples 37

    This looks like a great banking alternative, but when you try and log in, I get "error unable to load page" message. Come on AE fix the errors in the app.

  • Works well!

    by deanza84

    Nicely designed, does what it's supposed to, works well & doesn't crash...all the makings of a great app! A+++ 5 stars!

  • Contact information

    by canionkara

    Easy to use but wish they had the contact info on it so if we have a problem we can get in contact without having to look for it.

  • I use this card everywhere

    by Sidenei

    Easy way to access ur account

  • Please add PIN access!

    by Super.Kirby

    Please add PIN access, (like Dropbox and PayPal) makes it convenient. Thanks!

  • Not working at all

    by N.A. 1

    I download it several times and delete it... Won't let me sign in. It get on locked mode.

  • Please update.

    by cajunspiceg

    I have a Bluebird account,but I have a Windows phone. Please update this app.

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