Amex Mobile Finance App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: American Express

What's New in Version 4.3.1
• Now use Membership Rewards® points for charges
• Direct Connect to personalized servicing for Platinum and Centurion Consumer Card Members
• Bug fixes and enhancements

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
145 Ratings
All Versions:
5227 Ratings


Amex Mobile puts your American Express® accounts at your fingertips. Access your recent activity, pay your bill, learn about your Card benefits, and now use Membership Rewards® points for things you enjoy every day.

Now you can use Membership Rewards® points towards virtually any Card charge—from dining and entertainment, to everyday needs, big-ticket purchases, and more. The choice is yours.

Schedule your payments on the go and stay connected to your account balance, recent activity and pending charges.

Check your Membership Rewards® points balance and other loyalty program balances and learn about the benefits of your Card.

Log in securely with the same User ID and Password you use on Receive notifications on your device when we detect unusual activity related to your Card.

Find places to spend and get savings automatically credited to your Card.

App and app features are available only for eligible Card accounts in the United States.
iPhone and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
All access to and use of this App is subject to and governed by the American Express End User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy Statement

Customer Reviews

  • Great app that needs improvement

    by Deliciaevera

    I'm a big amex fan. Honestly this is a five star review in terms of app integration with the card. I hope amex listens and integrates their personal savings accounts into this app. That would help tremendously.

  • Please Update For iOS 7

    by Jakeoster

    Thanks for the app. It would be awesome if you could update the app (keyboard etc) for iOS 7.

  • Nice look and feel

    by Arvind Mehta

    Easy browsing across the features, functional and works without problem. Like the application.

  • Good app

    by Frozen North 

    Came accross purely by accident. Should be able to make payments at any time and hopefully remember my name...Good Job for now!

  • One thing lacking

    by TheMsWright

    This is a very convenient app and is very easy to use when looking for the charges I've made.The one very important option that is missing is a way to see the minimum amount due for the current billing cycle. I always have to call customer service to obtain that figure. I takes the convenience out of paying the bill through the app.

  • Something went wrong

    by Pretty princess'

    I've had this app for over 2 years and just recently it started giving me problems. I add my password and it looks like its login in and then it the app crashes . Deleted the app and then re installed and now it won't even allow me to put my username . But before this, it was an awesome app !!

  • Beautiful app

    by Rubyda2

    This app works and looks great!

  • Well made. One flaw.

    by Jackx36

    The app is clear, organized, precise and nice to look at. My only complaint, when clicking on "register" for registering to get the AMX pass for iPhones passbook, the app sends me to a website that says it's blocked. No clue what up do.

  • Would be 5 but...

    by Nathan.sandy0923

    From the lock screen when I swipe the notification regarding a recent purchase, etc., it goes to the white apple screen and then restarts to the lock screen. A bug fix that would make this a 5 star app.

  • App resets my phone

    by Next email??

    Whenever I get a notification from AMEX in my locked screen and I slide the icon over to unlock to view - it resets my phone each and every time!

  • App restarting phone?

    by Brendon Cooper

    The app is great. Good functionality and view of what's going on with your card. However whenever I swipe a notification on the lock screen it restarts my phone.

  • Snap

    by 7Z7 

    Just paid my bill using this app. I read someone doesn't want to sign in each time.... That's possible.

  • Very easy and Intuitive

    by Sunnyboy197

    Fantastic and very easy to use app!

  • Great design

    by SoundItUp

    This app looks good and is intuitive to use. I skipped the tutorial and had no problem using the app. If only all bank apps were this easy to use.

  • AMEX Needs these Features!

    by Blue H20

    Good APP wish it had these features from my BofA APP. Examples like BofA APP sends a Alert like a text message when the card is used online or over the phone immediately when the card is charged. BofA offers a bunch of alert features like this AMEX will send a email the the next day. AMEX please add a Bill Due Date to your APP

  • Five star app that has been buggy lately

    by BlitzXor

    The recent update has fixed a lot of issues, but I'm still having a persistent crash on the "my offers" page under "offers for you." Five stars when all issues are fixed.

  • So easy to use!

    by Gamer2176

    I love this app! I can see all my amex cards and it so easy to switch between the different cards. Bill pay is a cinch. It can be done in less than 10 sec literally after login. Saves so much time compared to other credit card apps that require a ton of gestures. I love it!

  • Amazing AMX app

    by Andmek

    Best credit card app ever, I like how clear and simple it is, nice app for nice company

  • iOS 7 Icon!

    by NStrasner

    Works very well however I would love if the app icon were updated. Seems to be just Amex and one other app on my homescreen that are out of place

  • App keeps crashing...

    by Gary English

    Keeps crashing while I'm browsing thru "My Offers"...

  • No iOS 7 version!

    by Jcokacola

    We are in February and still no iOS 7 version. It's been way too long!

  • App always reboots my phone when I swipe on notif screen

    by MLeBlanc38

    Amex has a feature to tell you on the notification screen that you used the card. But every time I try to swipe the message to see the details of the transaction, it reboots my phone!! Please fix this. It has been at least 6 months and still no fix.

  • What happened?

    by Pissed off chick

    The app closes suddenly while in use.

  • Needs An Easy Login Pattern or Passcode Number

    by amuenp

    Otherwise decent

  • After each transaction, there should be a balance, like Bank of America.

    by Y592w

    After each transaction, there should be a balance, like Bank of America. There is nowhere to submit user suggestion.

  • took over my apple store

    by mood ring

    i downloaded the app - now the app download screen will not go away so I cant download any other apps - very irritating

  • App has very limited functions

    by JanSKay

    I don't know why anyone would give this app 5 stars - it has very limited functions. Still must use a browser to update address, banking info, etc. etc.

  • Useless!

    by kevn50

    I can only see purchases going back 10 days. I called support and asked how I could view purchases I had made 2 weeks ago (earlier this month) and I was told that the app would only allow me to view "current" activity, and that I would need to go online using a computer if I desired to view purchases that I had made earlier this month.

  • I've used better

    by Gdouk

    The debits and credits should be displayed on one page to give current balance. The layout is confusing.

  • Need to get rid of ads in notifications

    by Whynothanks

    There is no way to allow real notifications but bit get crap ads.

  • Awkward to use

    by Maximiliano9

    Why is the navigation bar on the bottom? It's really uncomfortable and not like every iOS app. It would be better if this were a universal app, the keyboard came up right as you launch the app (since you almost always have to log in), the animations were faster (do I really need to see the Amex logo moving?), and if there were a 4-digit passcode, instead of having to enter your full password.

  • Less than expected

    by Hukt On Fonix

    Looks nice but not very functional

  • Worst App EVER

    by Lizziesocal

    All I want to do is try to go into the entertainment benefits & order some concert tickets. When I go online on my iPhone it takes me to this worthless app which doesn't even have a search function! It says to call regarding my benefits! How ridiculous is that? So essentially from my iPhone I can do almost NOTHING either online or w/this app.

  • Useless- if you can't log in

    by lovepoeart

    I used to love this app. Now it won't let me login. My keyboard works on all other apps -but this app. Numbers & symbols don't work. Even deleted & downloaded app again. Lame.

  • Can't book travel

    by Lasertag08

    I can't book a trip using an iPad with Amex.

  • Where is the option to see my savings?

    by Codowlsky Polopumus

    Savings user, need mobile access.

  • Poor design

    by SonovJorel

    Why does the home page have such a HUGE button to pay bill, but such a tiny link to see account summary info? They obviously didn't design this for their customers. It would be better to have more info on the first page and make the payment button smaller and off to one side. Try again, Amex.

  • App crashes

    by Keefe L

    This app crashes every time I try to switch to a second card on my account and view my offers. After getting to the bottom if the list, it automatically kicks me out of the app. It doesn't happen on the default card in my account. I also tried to access the information from your website, but your mobile version doesn't provide this feature anywhere. You should allow people to switch to a desktop version like every other mobile website does these days.

  • Crashes on Locked Screen

    by Yield101

    Whenever this app provides a recent purchase on the lock screen, when I slide to view the recent purchase, it's crashes my whole iPhone and restarts. Please fix ASAP.

  • Passbook swipe crashes whole phone

    by PeelTrident

    Every time you swipe on a notification from the lock screen the phone reboots. Please fix.

  • App crashes on my offers pages

    by Dcht

    App keeps crashing when I try to view My Offers page that list all offers that I have added to my card. Very annoying as I cannot view the offers and therefore am less likely to take advantage of the offers.

  • They promote and then make it difficult to activate...

    by AMEX Experience

    Sounds good - download the app, go to the AMEX site and activate. But it isn’t that simple. There is no link and nothing in the search results is at all helpful. Waste of time.

  • Notification

    by Alofa821

    When I use my card it sends a notification to my phone and when I slide to see the notification it turns my phone off then back on. Please fix.

  • Crashing

    by Tofu17

    App is crashing when trying to access my offers on a different card.

  • 5*****

    by Pixel 1234

    You had it at greetings when we open an app!!!


    by rbav8r333

    Please add the above referenced. The app us pointless otherwise.

  • Worthless for membership rewards

    by Longtime cardholder

    Can't use the app to transfer reward points, can't use the mobile site either. All you can do is buy stupid gift cards. Amex is supposed to have good service but this is way behind the times.

  • No PDF statement downloading

    by Gui2D

    Useless Can't download statements

  • Crashes

    by Hbg121199

    Constantly crashes when checking rewards saved on cards.

  • App crashes

    by siva madduri

    App crashes when using offers.

  • Payment went thru TWICE!!!!!!

    by Jesxsenia

    Twice for the same amount and 20 minutes apart and they can't do anything about it! I know how much is in my bank how can I charge twice the same amount?! Very upsetting will get hit with overdrawn!

  • Crash/restart

    by Burt-o

    App itself is great but crashes and causes phone to restart when opening notifications from the locked screen.

  • Reward failures

    by Shamu88

    The app continuously fails when trying to access the reward section in the app for the card. It will stay in the section for only a few moments of navigation and then it will knock you out of the session.

  • Notifications with "My Offer" intrusive, and no way to turn off

    by night21

    I have been a user of amex for over 30 years and will now delete this program. The last thing I want are advertising notifications popping up when I driving, as if they were life and death. Turning off location services does nothing. Notifications for fraud warnings are one thing, but this new Push advertising is just cheap. The user cannot disable their new feature. Luckily i have other cards and apps I can use.

  • Push notifications turn phone off

    by Sorora

    Guys, when I swipe to open a push notification my phone restarts. Please fix it. Thank you!

  • Can't download app

    by Altney

    I can't even download the app on my phone! It is just a white square that will not update. Have been trying for 24 hours. #frustrated

  • Love it but it crashes

    by Joe in Los Angeles

    It crashes whenever I scroll my list of saved promotions. iPhone 5 64GB current iOS. Other than that, it's great to have the deals for me. Now why aren't these same deals on the Amex iPad app?

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