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The Ally Mobile Banking app puts everyday banking tasks at your fingertips. It’s fast, it’s secure and—best of all—it’s free. All you need is an Ally Bank account and an online username and password.

What you can do
• Deposit checks with Ally eCheck Deposit℠
• Transfer money between your Ally and non-Ally accounts
• Pay bills – make payments to payees you’ve already set up in Online Banking, see scheduled payments and review your payment history
• Use Popmoney® to pay anyone with a U.S. bank account
• Find nearby ATMs

How to get started
• Mobile Banking is free from Ally (your mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply)
• Compatible with iOS 5.1 or higher
• You can use the same username and password you set up for Online Banking

How you’re protected
• We never store personal or account information on your phone
• All transactions are encrypted with the same secure technology as Online Banking
• The login process is the same as in Online Banking, with security codes as an added layer of protection when you log in from a computer or device we don’t recognize
• Our Online & Mobile Security Guarantee covers fraudulent transactions in Mobile Banking too

For FAQs about Ally Mobile Banking, visit the Ally Help Center. To find out more about the benefits of branchless banking, visit

Customer Reviews

  • Helps a lot!

    by Drifter'

    I actually think this app should be at the level of other online bank apps: like Discover it! When you experience app banking with so many future and ease of use with the phone you learn to expect that from other online banks. I think Ally can do better in app phone banking!

  • Does what it has to do

    by Jay Rod 27

    It's gets the job done but it needs a serious update to ios 7 it is very much outdated.

  • Great Bank but one Big problem

    by Gene504

    I Would love to have this as my only Bank but it is certainly my primary Bank. Only one huge problem exists with online banks if your debit card ever get hacked you have to wait for your debit card to come in the mail to have access to your money. But there is a way around that I use A local bank so in case anything like that happen I can transfer my money this would stop a lot of headaches that most people have to wait for with the snail mail. To me Ally biggest problem is that it is trying to grow too fast and the interest you're earned on your money is going down rapidly which is making me start to keep my eye open for a new up-and-coming online banks were better interest rate maybe. Key feature of this app they need to work: is taking photos of check to deposit I tried it several times with no luck and had to use my Chase app. The biggest problem I have with them is if you do get your identity stolen not being able to receive a card within one day of them cutting it off your debit card is a very big deal when dealing with online bank. Biggest reasons to stay with Ally they refund all ATM charges about seven days into the start of the new month.

  • I like it...

    by Joshua NYC RN

    Does what it needs to and works well. Better than my old bank's app. I LOVE being able to scan checks on the go.

  • Crashing issue not isolated to Ally

    by G88NC

    Hey guys ... Just wanted to mention the app crashing on mobile deposit is not specific to Ally. Just switched from B of A and had the same issue. Pretty sure it's an OS issue. Phone has been buggy all around since the last OS update. C'mon Apple, get it together!

  • Works fine on iPhone and iPad

    by Marty-TX

    Have used Ally app for over a year on iPhone. Has worked perfectly 100% of the time; zero problems with check deposit and other functions. Recently bought iPad Mini and started using Ally app. Perfect 100% of the time. Possibly cell/WiFi connection quality is causing the problems other users are experiencing. My cell is 3g and WiFi is DSL, pretty basic stuff.

  • Awesome

    by Da Sanbu

    Works flawless best banking app, Ally bank has been amazing

  • Great bank, mediocre app.

    by GeckoHunter

    App is a little slow and check deposits don't always work. It does the basics but I use their website from my laptop when I have a choice.

  • Needs ipad version

    by IamSpankie

    I only have an ipad and am tired of the iPhone version. Don't like portrait mode.

  • **Update 2.2.3**

    by GonzoGeezer

    Version 2.2.3 addresses all performance and usability issues I had with one exception. On iPhone check images are hard to see and cannot be enlarged, requiring the use of a magnifying glass to read. Fix this and you're worth five stars. ------- E-Deposit bug in 2.2.1. Version 2.2.1 is unstable in the E-deposit section. Sometimes you can take an image, sometimes it just blows the application up. I have successfully completed one deposit in the last six attempts. This still needs to be looked at.

  • Does what I need

    by Vqp5

    Love the bank, their friendly customer service, and their high interest rates on savings

  • Works fine

    by Fetching bike

    Thanks for fixing paste function in password field so that I can use LastPass to create and save secure passwords!!

  • check deposit crash fix

    by Darren A2

    If your app crashes whenever you take a picture of a check: 1. Delete the app 2. Restart your phone 3. Redownload the app Check deposit should work fine after that. — The app itself is decent, though I hope there’s an iOS 7-optimized and iPad version in the works.

  • Great is not the right word. Gets the job done.

    by Read the details

    The UI isn't the ugliest but it isn't that attractive. No margins or padding on some of the screens makes it seem very 90s. the navigation and functions seem to use network data, resulting in a slower interface due to loading. Transitions in the UI should be fast and not require the internet to load. The functionality is there. Just need speed and aesthetic improvements.

  • Great app now that it's not crashing!

    by Mommyof4incali

    Latest update addresses my check deposit issue. Thx!!!

  • Great app

    by Ryan Strubell

    Ally was a little slow releasing their app, and the recent versions had some bugs, but they have resolved those issues. Overall a great bank. Glad I switched!!

  • My personal experience.

    by StouTrum

    Amazing bank, easy app to use, along with friendly and courteous customer service. The interest rates are competitive as well, and seem to stand well among other banks.

  • Popmoney

    by DentateGyrus23

    Popmoney does not work (send money button grayed out permanently)

  • Crashes

    by Phil Park

    I just tried to deposit a couple of checks, and it crashed several times in a row after taking a photo. I reinstalled twice. The second reinstall I rebooted the phone in between uninstall and reinstall. Obviously, the crashing makes check deposits a tedious process.

  • Buggy and not smooth

    by rageful

    Just got an ally account so tried out the app. It never remembers my registered phone so I have to get a text and enter it each time. I've also been unable to successfully deposit a check through the app.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Vlynne

    Great for just checking your balance but the app crashes every time I take a picture to deposit a check

  • Bad app for an online bank cannot deposit checks!!

    by Pmjk

    I wanted to switch to Ally for my main banking account, but this app is not well developed, I expect a lot more from an online only bank since this is one of their main interfaces. I cannot successfully deposit a check which is a MAIN feature of an online banks app and you should have more access via the mobile app - like to secure messages. The design in general is not very smooth, it does not seem to follow general UI standards for iPhone apps like a menu on the left. Very frustrating.

  • Crashes when depositing check

    by Mychele

    No problems with rest of app yet but this is pretty inconvenient.

  • poor app. makes me regret switching banks

    by cs2eye

    I adopted online bank early, with my former bank- a very well known and large brick and mortar bank. I used their mobile app from day one probably. I deposited checks constantly with their mobile app. though it did crash on occasion, it didn't crash EVERY TIME I tried to deposit a check. at least with that bank I had the ability to deposit at their ATMs. NOT with Ally I want to love my bank, but the frustration of using an app that constantly crashes while depositing a check, then it makes me think that all the hype about internet banking is not worth it. at least not with a bank that can't produce a stable app. the last version of the app supposedly fixed a problem "some users were experiencing crashes when depositing checks" is completely wrong- it did not fix it for THIS user seriously. depositing checks is one of the fundamental tasks in banking and without physical banks, then the only option is to scan and submit online (don't get me started on how annoying and time consuming that is) or to rely on the USPS to send checks to Ally PLEASE FIX YOUR APP

  • Unreliable!

    by Kitty5660

    I love Ally bank. No complaints. However, I cannot depend on this app. The few times I have a check to deposit, the app crashes. It is coming more of a hassle then a convenience. I love ally because of their convenience and if i cant even deposit my checks, then why should i bother?

  • not updated for iOS7

    by nickrp

    App is slow and even now, 6 months later, we are still waiting for an iOS 7 compatible release. Not acceptable for a bank that only has an online presence to not have a state of the art online interface.

  • Really?

    by WJKramer

    Well they sure are not using any of my money to update their iOS 4 esque app. LOL.

  • Crashes when depositing

    by Idealcastle

    So good news. I can no longer deposit money from a check. Guess I'll be broke soon. Soon as you ask it to snap a pic of the check. App crashes and closes out. Fail. Only real way to give ally money from hard earned paper and can't even send it in. Horrible

  • Crash bug issue

    by autumnashtyn

    App still crashes while trying to take pictures of check to deposit even after updates. Tried multiple times with no luck. Getting really annoying for an online bank.

  • Horrible

    by Jennyklop

    Crashes every time I take a picture if a check. I cannot believe this hasn't been fixed yet since it seems this isn't a new problem...frustrating.

  • Can't deposit checks.

    by No deposits

    Terrible app. The most valuable function (check deposits) rarely works. Get it fixed soon or simple might get a new customer.

  • It Crashes a Lot

    by AndrewL78

    It crashes whenever I try to deposit a check via photo.

  • Crashing

    by Griffstar_35

    Every time I go to deposit a check it keeps crashing after the photo is taken. Also I can't edit my list of bills, so I still see the old ones that I have finished paying.

  • Crashes Constantly

    by PRuss7

    App constantly crashes when submitting checks to be cashed. Requires deleting the program, restarting your phone and reinstalling the app.

  • Crashes every time

    by RedownloadingRhonda

    Literally EVERY time I take a picture of a check, the app crashes. Closing/reopening doesn't help, powering down doesn't help, soft resets don't help. The only solution I have found is to delete the app and redownload it from the cloud. If you're thinking of switching to Ally Bank, don't--the main function of this online bank is majorly flawed. If you're already here like me...take a yoga class because you'll need some patience. Ally, get your crap/app/crappy app together or I'm switching to USAA.

  • Deposits crash

    by Koma6567

    I have not been able to successfully deposit a check using this app. I'm trying to make Ally my only bank, but this app is simply not reliable enough to do that. The app has crashed at least half a dozen times when I try to deposit! Even after the bug fix, I continue to have this problem. Other banks have figured this out. Please find a solution!

  • Squash bugs!

    by Shm3gs

    Great bank - poor app. Crashes when taking picture of check for deposit.. Yes, still an issue after deleting and restarting and re-downloading! Please fix: you're an online bank, your customers rely on this ease of use feature.

  • Hello, We are in 2014

    by Carpediem19

    I just love the bank. But when it comes to the app, Ally needs a ally;-) Make it cool, ios7, ipad version, etc... The new basics of 2014 please Thanks

  • Terrible app

    by Gigsgaefv

    This application is great at getting your account info, but the only reason I got it is for depositing checks. It is able to deposit about 1 in 5 checks I try. It doesn't tell me what's wrong with the pictures, it just says try again. I'm a photographer so when I say these photos were good I mean it- they fit the standards set by ally but still wouldn't go through. A total waste of time.

  • Best Online Bank & Worst Mobile App

    by Ally Client

    I love the bank. Despise the app. Isn't whatsoever iOS 7 optimized. Needs a complete overhaul functionality and aesthetically. Need a standalone iPad app as well. Since I'm banking with an online bank id like a state of the art online/mobile experience.

  • Depositing broken!

    by dhechols

    Depositing a check is litterally the only reason to use this app, since there isn't a better way to deposit checks. This has been broken for a MONTH and the latest update that says it's fixed does not fix it! I wish I could give negative stars! Update: 2 months to fix 1 bug. Are they insane? Update 2: 3 months now. Someone needs to be fired for gross incompetence.

  • Check deposit needs to be fixed

    by derncingbern

    Crashes every time I try to take a photo of the check.

  • Garbage

    by Dunmail123

    Crashes every time when I want deposit a check.

  • Not the best app

    by Nicknamercreated

    For once I'd like to be able to deposit a check and not have the app crash. It freezes often, loses information, and crashes almost every time I open it. Not cool.

  • Check deposit is spotty at best

    by Baccola

    When check deposit works, I love this app. Lately, however, it's crashed when I photograph my checks. And, how about an ios7 update? This app is starting to feel buggy and old.

  • Good bank, buggy app

    by liber8

    This app’s code needs serious help. The main reason I use this app is to make e-deposits, but 6 out of 7 times it crashes right after I snap a picture of the check, then I have to launch the app and log in again and start all over — usually about 10 times. It also crashes (less frequently) when switching from one screen to another.

  • Crashes

    by eslai

    Only three failed logins and I'm going to be locked out of my account? That wouldn't be so bad if I could retrieve my password hint without the app crashing when I press the hint button. Worse yet, next time I open the app, it doesn't display the button. I assume it only shows the button if you fail a login attempt, but I don't want to risk failing on this third try and locking my account!

  • Still crashes

    by mattheweg

    Total garbage.

  • Good, unless you want to deposit a check

    by Christina T

    I have an iPhone 4S, and the app crashes every time I try to deposit check images. After I take a picture of the back of the check, the screen blacks, and app shuts off. I have to use a friends iPhone 5 to actually deposit money into my account. Ridiculous.

  • Needs an Update

    by manolosf

    1. The Ally service itself is good with no criticism other than hopefully, they will soon offer as good an interest rate as Barclay’s (0.95%) and/or Barclays “Dream Account” promotion (which is very tempting as a consumer). 2. As for the APP, it needs an update, but more like a complete REWRITE for better utility. Their last full version upgrade was to the 2.0 version on Nov 18 2012; all updates since have been for minor bug fixes. This app needs a completely new refresh. The UI is very dated and the feature set is incomplete compared to the site (which is bare bones as it is). As for the UI, obviously conforming to the iOS 7 design schema would be good (though the icon seems to do this, it is only icing and not enough). As for features, the log in process (both online and on a device) is a clunky 2 screen approach. It would be nice if developers would start to utilize the fingerprint scanner for storing/accessing passwords, for instance step one pick your “security picture” out of a line up of 4 choices, then scan your finger print (the current method could be kept as a back up, incase you lose your fingerprints). Ally could lead the way with this! Also, the full website version is bare bones limited to functionality as it is and the app is even more limited. It would be nice to add in access to most* all the features from the site into the app. a) let me view my account details (let me see my account & routing numbers), b) let me view my statements +/- save a PDF version, c) let me adjust my alert notifications, d) let me send a "secure e-mail” through the app & don’t limit me to only calling for service, e) let me view & save PDFs of the Deposit Account Forms; f) build in a “Forgot your password” mechanism during the log-in process (which could be supplanted by my picture-fingerprint combo idea). **The only option to intentionally leave out, is the ability to add/change beneficiaries. Wouldn’t want to have an impulsive drunken night and bequeath my account to random people. In all, this app is tolerable to get the basic function out of it, but when there’s not that much to add access to in order to TRULY make this a mobile banking application, a full update/upgrade/refresh/whatever for this app is badly needed and not that far off to complete.

  • Outdated, buggy app

    by ScamBoss

    Not sure why a bank that does it's primary business online is so far out of date with their app, but the look and feel is at least 2 major releases of iOS behind and mobile check deposit STILL crashes every time I try despite at least one update that claimed to "fix" that issue. Deposit is still possible via the desktop website, but for a branchless bank that relies on modern, functional software, this is a truly pathetic effort. Get it together, Ally!

  • So frustrating

    by Peregringo

    Nothing worse than depending on an app that crashes without fail when trying to put $ in your account. If you want to get stuck in the red, Ally's your bank.

  • Ally Your An Online Bank

    by blogiam

    This app would've gotten 5 stars if it would've lived up to all the other claims Ally seems to live up to so far. Ally, your an online bank. This means mostly young adults flock to your hip ease of use. This also means everyone is counting on you to come through since we've all switched to you from Ing Direct now that it's owned by a thieves (credit card co.). Yes, that's correct. Your sudden rise in traffic wasn't from your commercials, that just causes us to fear your becoming greedy, and making a too much money somewhere along the way. Deliver a good service and save the advertising for this app. I along with others made the switch not to deal with credit card co. tactics, so cut it out while your ahead. Now that we're clear. Being an online bank means that your technology should suffice, and be 3 years ahead of every other competitor. You should have an iPad only app. You shouldn't ever have crashes. Have you seen what other apps can do? Read these complaints in the reviews, then get to work. Don't let it happen again, because we're counting on you. It's not easy to keep switching online banks, because snail mail is still snail mail when your waiting on a new debit card to arrive through the mail. Thank you

  • Awful app

    by Lsunyk

    And website. Keeps crashing. Trying to make a deposit and I can't via mobile. I might not keep this account if the technology doesn't improve.

  • App crashes on deposit

    by Agent0071

    12/10 version crashes every time I take a picture of a check to deposit.

  • App crashed when depositing check

    by sandiego121

    Application crashes when you try to take a photo of a check for mobile deposit

  • Not good for depositing checks

    by AMLSTG

    The app closes unexpectedly every time I try to deposit a check. It's very inconvenient!

  • Simply terrible for an online bank

    by User543210

    What a failure. Wow To deposit a check I have to try 4 to 5 times. Wow. You figure these guys would have a flawless app not the case. With Bank of @meric@ it just works all the time 100% of the time.


    by Yanks5ever

    Crashes every time I try to make a deposit. Uninstalled and reinstalled but it crashes every time I try to take an image of a check. App is useless without this functionality.

  • Would love if fixed

    by Misslittlelionman

    It doesn't work with iOS 7. Please fix it! It would be a great app otherwise.

  • Can't make deposits, it keeps crashing!!

    by 3858FU

    Horrible update. I have deleted and installed the app several times as recommended by an Ally Rep and after doing so more than 3 times it still keeps crashing! Can't use it all. The main purpose was to deposit checks and it is useless! I would give it negative stars if I could.

  • Worst app

    by Van Johnson

    edoc check deposit does not work. When I take the pic, it shuts the app down.

  • really?

    by airekk

    I've only had Ally Bank for a week, first the app didn't work at all, now I can't deposit checks because it crashes when I take a photo. Is it always this bad or did I come at a bad time? YOU ARE AN INTERNET BASED BANK. MAKE IT WORK. update: IT'S BEEN A MONTH AND STILL DOESN'T WORK?!!!?

  • Crash while taking picture for deposit on 4s

    by MotorTrendReader

    Crash on 4s every time during deposit. But works ok on 5. Both running latest iOS 7.

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