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Tired of expense reports? Finish your expenses in seconds with ABUKAI!

Step 1. Simply take a picture of each receipt while on the road or in the office.
Step 2. Hit “Process Expense Report” anytime you are ready.

You will receive your finished expense report with cost categorization, date, vendor and all the other information already filled in for you.

Named one of the six Best Mobile Small Business Apps by Staples.
Named one of the Top 5 Apps for Investing and Finance by Nasdaq.
Named one of the Top 20 Cloud Services for Small Businesses by PC Magazine.

PC Magazine Editors Choice: "ABUKAI Expenses is a knock-your-socks off mobile app... ABUKAI is right there at the top of the list. I was blown away by the accuracy... It's an obvious Editors Choice for business users. ABUKAI Expenses is poised to revolutionize the way we process expense reports."

AndroidGuys: "An application and a service that I have been wishing for ever since I was able to spend money... You answered my prayer…Your app and service are amazing!"

ABUKAI's receipt scanner eliminates all the cumbersome work associated with creating expense reports and business expenses including typing data from receipts, categorizing expenses and looking up exchange rates. ABUKAI will "automagically” create your expense report and email it to you once you submit your receipts.

Downloading the ABUKAI Expenses mobile scanner application is completely free, and includes 12 expense reports/year (counted as sets of 10 receipts). Additional expense report submissions or customization require subscription to an ABUKAI Expenses account plan.

Do you require customizations or have a different expense report template?

With the standard version available for download, you will receive expense reports via email in Excel and PDF. ABUKAI can tailor reports to your company’s existing Excel format or directly post your expenses into your company's expense web portal, document management system or ERP system. For example, ABUKAI can directly post your expenses into tools such as Insperity ExpensAble, Intuit QuickBooks, Mint, and Xero Accounting. ABUKAI can also be customized to upload expenses into Oracle or SAP.

Please email us at service@abukai.com with your feedback.

Customer Reviews

  • Very nice app

    by NCDAwg

    I get a receipt, I take a picture and then after my business trip, I process it. Do easy a.....could do it. Love this app

  • Simple

    by MissMolls777

    Simple, quick, no mess. Makes my life easier!

  • Best in- class application

    by Schmedley5

    Absolutely the best app I use- super easy and efficient. My expense reports are complete and ready to submit before I get back in the office. Only an occasional edit is required. Saved me several times after losing a receipt. Love this utility and have gotten several others to try it.

  • I love it!!!!

    by NatDes123

    This app saves soo much time. I save all my receipts in an envelope then take pictures of them.... Then click process. A couple hours later my expense report is complete. Takes a minute or two to review and it is almost always 100% correct. Thank you!

  • Owner

    by Mulch guy

    Nice program Easy to use

  • Like magic!!!

    by Modernflair

    I hate the tedium of expense reports. Don't know why I didn't find this sooner! So easy. Amazing report delivered within minutes.

  • Exelente!!!

    by Yamsol85

    Increíble, realmente espectacular!!!

  • Brilliant app

    by dvkrm

    I like it a lot. I'm trying to get my company to adopt Abukai

  • Perfect Expenses App!

    by thebusinessguru

    This app has been a real time saver, especially in that busy part of the year. It makes expense reporting so much easier!

  • Quick, Accurate and Easy to Use

    by Duck CLB

    This app makes a difference. It is a real time saver for someone who spends much of their time on the road. Helps keep things organized and makes processing expenses a snap. Thanks.

  • One of the best expense app on the planet!

    by garyincalifornia

    This is the best expense app currently available. I have tested many, but this one works like a charm. Just take a picture of all receipts, and it will generate the report for you. It even works perfectly with my Asian ans Brazilian receipts. Highly recommended!

  • Invaluable

    by Testkahuna

    This is truly an amazing app. As a consultant that travels, it saves me a huge amount of time and my customers have had no issues with the formatting. Thanks for such a great product!

  • AMAZING!- I am the worst (the worst) at doing my expenses until I found Abukai!

    by Mattymatt2

    Amazing…I am in ahhhhhh still. I have been looking for the right program for the past month and I don’t know why I passed this one because its the only one that worked the way it said it would. I tried 4 other programs all of them reputable but were slow in processing the report or something was wrong with their “server” either way I can’t take any more chances with expenses than I already do. The ultimate test for me was a receipt that I couldn’t even read unless looking at it super close because the ink on the printer was so light. The second was a receipt that someone had put a happy face over most of it and you had a hard time seeing the totals. A couple others as well. The bottom line I got the email from Abukai and I seriously doubted they would get these right because they were next to impossible to figure out by the human eye. They got it right 100% it was perfect. My mind is made up… I travel for work and will never share with anyone how much money I have had to pay myself because I lost the receipt. NEVER AGAIN!

  • Reduces your admin burden

    by Mcockrell

    Great app and reports are perfect on back end. I would like to see greater than 50 receipt entry capacity.

  • Efficient !!!!

    by Aleezza

    Time Saver!!!

  • Review

    by Dans electric

    Can't believe how easy it is , in this day tracking expenses is very important . Try this app you will love it !!!!

  • Very good

    by NellyLvr

    I'll never do it another way.

  • Wonderful for not carrying receipts!

    by Thesportsmike

    No longer keep a dozen receipts in my wallet! Just point, click and get an expense report filled out for me! I love it!

  • Time saver

    by Newmabt

    This app is so easy to use and saves a ton of time collecting receipts and filling out expense statements. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is that the paid version is a little pricey.

  • Don't look any further

    by smartexecutive

    We have tried a lot of similar apps, and there is simply no competition to this app in terms of usability, accuracy and turn-around time period. With this app ABUKAI defines the future of expense reporting, and in my opinion any finance executive who does not make investigating ABUKAI Expenses for his company a top priority is simply not on top of things. Great job!

  • I can't even start using this app

    by Gotwick.com

    I tried to add my email address so that I could get reports sent to me, but I can't even get out of that screen. The only thing I can do is exit the app. I can't get back to the screen where you start using the app.

  • First receipt - great.

    by Andrew Boyden

    Then kept crashing. Needs some love.

  • No idea...

    by Matthew Revennaugh

    I can't tell you anything about it because it crashes every time I try to do anything with the app

  • Great app

    by Bc user

    Easy to use. Saves lots of time

  • Business traveler

    by Bodishmom

    I love this app. It has changed my business travel life enormously. Easy to use and the reports are fantastic for submitting my expense reports.

  • Actual makes submitting expense reports fun

    by Lola123S

    Easy to use

  • Actual makes submitting expense reports fun

    by Lola123S

    Easy to use

  • Great App!

    by BK USIT

    If you are sales person download this now. If you are a sales manager make sure your team downloads this app now!

  • Owner

    by Clearly clean

    This works great for young entrepreneurs that are good with technology. Our company loves it

  • Business Owner

    by Xrated3211

    Great app!

  • Solid, fast, easy

    by Karhrman

    I tried Magic something or another, wasn't smooth, tried shoeboxed-too complex. Will try receipt bank next. But so far this is easy, quick, I seem to get my expense reports back faster than any of the others. Had no issues, figured it all out on my own. Simple, No fancy stuff all over the place, I think that's why the others are so confusing.

  • Tremendous App!

    by pewelsh

    This app has helped me quite a lot and is worth every penny! Thanks for this great product!

  • Awesome

    by Hot Dolphin

    So easy and fast. Love this '

  • Works great.

    by Dddddddddddd--dd

    Fast, easy, saves me time

  • Awesome

    by r5stitch

    Great app. Awesome customer service

  • Expenses Made Easy!

    by KKDennison

    Easy to catalog receipts and makes completing the expense report so much easier!!!!

  • This app does not truly save time!

    by Bobokooney

    This app costs you time because you have to snap pictures of the receipts, and wait 24 hours for the formatted results. Then, if you want to make sure it did it all correctly, you will review the formatted results. You then have to find a way to digitally sign the results which one cannot do easily from an iPhone without buying another app. Before Abukai, I snapped pictures of my receipts from my phone, entered them into a saved excel template on my phone that already had my signature in it and sent the receipts as PDF and the SIGNED excel doc to my boss right from my phone within 20 minutes. Now, I still have to review everything from Abukai AFTER waiting the 24 hour processing time and sign on a PC. THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE HASSLE AND TIME SINK. Sorry Abukai, right idea, but people are ALWAYS gonna check that their money got processed right which means they are ALWAYS going to take longer to use your app.

  • Fast simple accurate

    by Help Discovered!

    Wow! Made my life so much easier!!!

  • Great app

    by DFarrell2

    For mobile professionals who cringe every time they need to prepare an expense report, Abukai is a great solution. This app allows you to keep up with your expenses by snapping an image of the receipt as it is incurred and notating the details. At the end of the week or month, send the file to Abukai and they return an excel spreadsheet with all the details which were entered previously. Been using it for over a year and highly recommend it.

  • Great app

    by Smkfishy

    Being able to take a picture of your receipts Makes things a whole lot easier..

  • Abukai Expense App

    by REB0101

    I love the app and what it does. I wish I can see old receipts once uploaded. Even if I could see the report in Abukai along with an email would have 5 stars. Overall great app, great concept!

  • Magic!!!

    by LLFlores

    This is an amazing app. I just used it for the first time for my last trip to Brazil. Some how it figured it all out accurately - even the ones from Brazil and a couple that were barely legible.

  • Where have you been all my professional life??

    by audreycm

    If you don't have the luxury of a corporate card have to endure the pain (1st world problem pain) Of entering your own expense reports this is the app for you.

  • Quality gone WAY downhill- now a useless product

    by realityjo

    I have used this app for over a year and in the beginning it was a great timesaver and reports would come back with very few if any errors. I was an advocate and referred many people to Abukai. Now every report has 4 or 5 errors in it. Foreign currency though clearly marked on receipts is routinely not captured. Dates are incorrect. Amounts are wrong. I have completely lost trust in this product and it now takes me more time to review for errors (or correct after expense reports have been kicked back) than it ever did to do the reports by hand. Also, suddenly and for no reason I could no longer login to my account online to fix these errors and lost access to all of my previous expense reports. Reports I have paid for upfront. I have called ABUKAI repeatedly to fix this problem and can never get a live person. I have left repeated messages and no one returns my calls. Their customer service is ABYSMAL!!! This is a great idea with worse and worse execution. Growing pains?? Who knows...I would save your money until they get it together over there!!!

  • Great app

    by Macd22

    Works like magic and makes that rotten job of expense reporting an easy thing to do.

  • One word..."Amazing"

    by Poppa B.

    "50 Stars" This app is a must have app if you have to fill out expense reports. Being on the road is hard enough without trying to keep track of a zillion little paper receipts and if you do manage to keep them all by the time you waste a ton of time getting them organized and ready to fill out your report they are all wrinkled, tore and faded so badly you can't read them any way. With ABUKAI Expenses one picture and you are done, push the info to ABUKAI, check your email awhile later and your report is not only done it makes you look like a financial genius to your finance department with outstanding spread sheets and back up PDF files ta-boot. Thank you for making my life so much easier. "You guys Rock"

  • Great!!!

    by Not happy at all so mad

    Awesome! We love it!!!!

  • Easy to use

    by Nalex8

    Pdf's bills

  • Fantastic App

    by Geadria1

    Abukai is wonderful - huge time saver. Worth every penny!

  • Works but......

    by John Migliaro

    App loaded on my iPad Mini fine but not so good on my iPhone 5. Overall I like the app. I travel a lot and it make it easy for me to get my expense reports done. I would like to see them add a way to edit a expense report in the event you forgot a receipt.

  • Receipt

    by Wil52

    It keeps me organized.

  • Excellent app

    by Jaybird945

    For what I use it.... It works great!!! Would live to have our company do the actual custom expense report...but we are doing something else. Does a great job of putting everything in the excel, data formats...as well as creates the PDF. It makes it real easy to use the generic expense report and for me to use as a guide to input into our company format and attach the PDF doc. Excellent timesaver and makes the cumbersome burden of doing expense reports more tolerable. I highly recommend!!!!

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