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Ez Budget - Quick Envelope Budgeting is for people who want to keep track of their spending, and keep their spending in check. If you need to start sticking to your budget, this app will help you keep your spending under control. When you want to buy something, check Ez Budget first to see if you have enough money left in that category.

Major Features:
Envelope Budgeting
Direct Connect import from supported banks
Recurring transactions
Sync with iPad and Mac versions of Ez Budget

“This is a fantastic solution to those who want to keep track of all their spending but share an account with their spouse. As long as both of you have an iPhone or iPad, you can each enter your purchases and keep your budget perfectly balanced and up to date.” ~TiPb

"This has saved me time and keeps me more organized :) Definitely worth it."

“Works very well. Excellent support. Thank You.”

“Perfect app for the on the go person who needs to stick to the budget”

“I’ve had this app for a couple days and it’s been awesome so far.”

Customer Reviews

  • Best Envelope System App!

    by Golfguy5006

    There is no other app that is as straight forward and simple to use. You DO have to get used to a few little tricks, like understanding when things are officially entered. And how splits are not actually tied together after you enter them. The memorized transactions are excellent for filling the envelopes on payday. And for having my wife and i use the same dropbox account so we are always synced to the same envelopes. Genius. We have used envelopes before, but always struggled with the whole "cash" nature of them. Now it is just virtual envelopes, and it doesn't matter what form of payment we use. I can pay at the pump for gas with my credit card, buy lunch with my debit card, and hit the atm. The only thing that matters is that I pull it from an envelope. That keeps me in budget. I think the bank sync feature is a bad idea that defeats the purpose of this app. This app is for controlling your spending. NOT for "checkimg your balance to decide if you can afford something". That is bad thinking. Anyway, THANKS for my favorite app, that virtually saved my finances in comjunction with Ramsey's book. PLease keep the app up to date with future iOS updates. I din't know what we will do without it.

  • Easy to use and customize

    by ChellyMonster

    I was looking for a budget app that would allow me to track the cash I spent from my cash envelope budget. This program is easy to learn to use. Within minutes I was able to customize it to match my budget and needs. Now whenever I spend cash I whip out this app and quickly record it.

  • Works Almost Perfect

    by Robemmerson

    This is a great app for envelope type budgeting. Works easily across multiple devices, so if one crashes you have a backup, or couples should be able to know where they stand at any given moment. What I don't like about the program: will not automatically sync with any of my bank accounts. The work around is to manually download transactions. Not terribly bad, but it adds a step that the developer claims to be able to eliminate. Also, if you enter transactions manually and then download transactions you will duplicate them. Again not the end of the world, but creates a manual step of matching and deleting. Not exactly how envelopes are supposed to work. Can be avoided by not downloading transactions, but I like the idea of not missing anything if I do download. Overall I am quite pleased with the app on my phone and Mac. Would give 5 stars except as stated and response to tech support request was extremely slow, then ignored. Based on price I expected better support on sync issue, basically got the response of "yeah, I'm having that problem too".

  • Sweet!

    by Sweetness 99

    Great app! Easy to use. I would recommend to anyone!

  • Everything perfect just needs iPhone 5 support for 5 stars

    by Igor Icovski

    Amazing app that let's me categorize everything how I want to. I had searched many apps and there's nothing like this. This app is very underrated. All that's left to do is make support for the iPhone 5 screen size. It would make things so much easier.

  • Excellent

    by Stevenie8485

    Delivers exactly what it promises. I only wish you could edit the dates of transactions and there were other cloud options other than Dropbox.

  • Gets the job done

    by User47963279340

    I like being able to sync with my husband's version, but the actual application isn't very user friendly or advanced in its capabilities. It gets the job done with no fancy features.

  • Great app

    by Michaelmb

    I really like the sync function. Perfect for couples working together

  • It's pretty good

    by ShadowSerpent777

    I have learned the basics through a lot of trial and error and it does work well. The directions are confusing.

  • Easy to use

    by Strudez

    Nice to see so many bug fixes have gone through since some of these reviews. An auto fill for frequently used transactions would be great, but I still love this app. It's the only budget app I can stick with

  • Subtraction problem

    by ncowger

    There is an issue with this apps math when splitting transactions, it's alway off by one cent. Also would be nice if it could remember recent or frequently used payees with auto fill. Otherwise a nice app.

  • Great app!

    by Gamelayer54326

    Easy to use electronic envelope system! Wish it had an undo button or a way to track the last entry though.

  • Nice tool to help manage our money

    by Soilprob

    Especially like the fact that it syncs with Dropbox so my wife and I both keep track of our expenses. Great support with the one real problem we had. Through email the problem was solved in less than 30 minutes.

  • Love this app!

    by Vol 4 Jesus

    Makes it easy to follow Dave Ramsey's envelop system without having to carry cash. Great budget accountability!

  • Great App!

    by Samicarter

    I love how this App makes it easy for my husband and I to stay synced to the same budget! We've even set up "envelopes" to help keep track of different savings goals, even though all the money is still only in one account! I highly recommend this App to anyone on a budget!

  • Very good!

    by Finlgeek

    Gives me a way to keep up w/ how much I've got left in every "savings" category when I'm away from home.

  • Ezbudget

    by Bahainlove

    Love this app, it has made my life so much easier!

  • Very easy

    by Dmart0407

    Simple easy envelope system

  • Good app

    by G constanza


  • Quick response

    by Ps 105:8

    Thank you for your quick response to my issues. Will upgrade to 5 stars when I use it for awhile without any problems. Dropbox seem to be working with all devices very well. Thank you very much.

  • Glitchy

    by DaReviewer12

    Great envelope concept with basic options. Help page on mobile app does not work. Web connect will not connect to any of my banks, all of which connect through other apps. Wish I wouldn't have purchased desktop and mobile app for. Nothing. Haven't been able to get any support response:/

  • Confusing

    by beachbums

    EZ Budget is horribly confusing. Not sure if something is wrong with my application But I absolutely hate it and am upset I spent 2.99 to download it. Waste of money.

  • Ez budgets

    by Alysha Wilson

    Terrible! Did not sinc; don't read help section because it was a waste of time.

  • Absolute Junk

    by Puzzled Customer

    The app frequently crashes. There is no delete or undo function, and entering a starting sum for an envelope is completely counterintuitive. Does anyone test this stuff?

  • Crappy


    Deleted. Unusable, clunky interface.

  • Great app

    by Mark and Katie 630

    Dropbox feature is great. It froze on us once and wouldn't let us edit the totals at all. But, all we had to do is turn it off and on again. Overall, it has really helped my husband and I share a bank account successfully! Definitely recommend it to everybody!

  • Very good

    by jessica7719

    I have had no problems with this app. Not sure why others have. The app does take some getting used to however but it works great for me.

  • Good App

    by Crane Crazy

    Takes a little time to figure out but is great once you do. I don't have my account linked to this and I use it as a simple budget tracking tool

  • Unable to open bank account

    by tom thomas

    Not a friendly program

  • Ugh!!

    by elizacoli

    I thought this app would be perfect until it crashed and I lost everything that I entered. I just want to find an app that helps me track my personal expenses without linking to an account. *sigh*

  • Mr

    by Bubbub101

    Great app. Makes budgeting easy. I have always done this but I love being able to track it. Once I got the hang of it, I love it.

  • Great potential

    by AbaDabaCaba

    This is a wonderful idea; however, it continues to close. I have only been using it for about an hour and it has stopped after every transaction. Needs a lot of wo

  • Nice

    by Magen88

    This is a great app however it could be easier to use.

  • Quite convenient and useful app

    by johnxyx

    Works well for me. Very useful thingy! I use it to track spendings on marketing and promotion of my sites.

  • Not good

    by buckshot dusty

    App will not open after last update!!!!

  • Indigo

    by x25proto

    I love the app because it has helped me get organized with how I spend my money. However, I would like to be able to edit transactions by changing the date or amount, and also have a memo field where I can comment on what the purchase was for when I do split transactions. Also, I've found a bug in the amount field when doing split transactions which causes the balance to be off by one-cent. Otherwise, this is a cute, easy-to-use app. I look forward to future releases.

  • Great... In theory.

    by dzeulner

    I live the idea of this app, but too many bugs ie regularly kicks my wife and I both out claiming that someone is using the program... But no one is! Frustrated.

  • Loved this app, but too buggy

    by Fourtimesamum

    My wife and I have been using this app for three months now and it has been a life-changer for our financial picture; however, I have had this crash on me several times now and it has required significantly more time to get it fixed than I have a willingness to continue doing on a semi-regular basis.

  • Don't bother

    by djaebasc

    I read the reviews and was hopeful as the description is EXACTLY what I've been looking for in a budgeting app. However, the app only worked for one day and now fails to load. When it did work, my bank showed as available, however, would never sync and download transactions. I even downloaded the trial version of the MAC app. Still won't link to my bank (M&T). I've reported to iTunes and contacted the developer but have not heard back. In the meantime, I gave mint.com a try as another reviewer suggested. It does everything SEAMLESSLY and links to financial institutions without a problem.

  • Ez Budget

    by Tlk-s

    I mostly like this program. Two things it needs are a way to put your paycheck in and have it automatically divide the funds into the envelopes and 2 to have a pass code lock feature so that someone can't pick up my phone and know what my bills are.

  • Just what I needed

    by skilla413

    Envelope system budgeters, this app is for u. Some things r a little tricky to figure out, but still worth it.

  • Love it

    by paulbaron

    If you're a Dave Ramsey fan & don't like carrying hundreds of dollars in cash envelopes everywhere like me, this app is perfect for you. Could use better bank integrations & a way to view all transactions without having to first view the envelope open the envelope.

  • Little tricky

    by Momof3letitbe

    Having a hard time figuring out how the app works...

  • Great app

    by Jan in ca

    This app is great. I don't have to carry cash, but we can know exactly where our money is going and when we are out in any category. The latest update really makes it smooth.

  • Decent

    by Red0000

    A little tricky to figure out at first, but it works well and serves it's purpose. I used the lite version first and thought it was good enough to warrant a purchase after reaching my 20 transaction limit on the demo.

  • Great app!!

    by MamaCO104

    Very helpful app for those who want to do the envelope system but don't want to carry cash around in actual envelopes. Pretty easy to use when I bought the app a week ago but even easier now with the latest update. Thank you!

  • Best envelope budgeting iPhone app! Works with Wells Fargo

    by Techbri

    This app is great and a much better alternative to that other envelope budgeting app. The price is great too. I bank with Wells Fargo Bank and initially there was no working support for it due to changes the bank made to only support Quicken. I contacted Derek and he jumped through some hoops and made it compatible. It's refreshing to use a great quality application and to have such great support for it.

  • Worth every penny!

    by YLMR

    I have taken even more control of my finances with this neat little app! It is so simple to use, and very easy to get started! Thank you! Also, I had a "how-to" question that was frustrating me about the app, but didn't want to bother and email the developers thinking I wouldn't get a response, but after not figuring it out, I decided to try and email, and I got a response right away and solved my problem! Very impressive customer service!!! Again, thank you! =D

  • Nice app

    by Jmw2999

    Works very well. Excellent support. Thank you.

  • Worth learning

    by gonpostal1971

    This app has a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it is well worth the minor cost of keeping track of your envelopes. I didn't like it at first but after a couple of weeks I must say it is the most useful app I have purchased!

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