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Yidio makes it easy to find and watch any TV show or movie available on your iPhone and iPad. Search and browse all your video apps from one simple interface, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, Crackle, FOX, ABC, CW, PBS, LifeTime, YouTube and many more.

1. Easily find where to watch any show or movie.

Ever wonder where you can watch a TV show or movie on your iPhone or iPad? Yidio makes it easier than ever to find out.

2. Your personal entertainment assistant.

Tell Yidio about your favorite TV shows and movies. It'll let you know when any of them have a new episode, clip or news article available online.

3. Powerful way to find new shows or movies.

Don't know what to watch? Discover new TV shows and movies with advanced filters. Then, save the filter settings you use the most as presets.

4. Works great with Netflix.

In addition to browsing the entire Netflix Instant catalog in powerful new ways, you can also link your Netflix account to add, remove and browse items in your Netflix Instant Queue. Plus, see your Netflix recommendations.

---Yidio in the News---

"Yidio’s new app makes it easy to search for any TV show or movie across free, paid and subscription-based services, then immediately launch that app to begin watching the video in question with just a tap." - TechCrunch

"In my short time using Yidio, I was very pleased with the overall experience."  - AppAdvice

"Having everything in once place sounds much easier!" - 148 Apps

Watch everything.

Customer Reviews

  • Yidio

    by Sunseedr

    A smorgasbord of lovely movies and tv episodes. I absolutely adore it. Thank you (-;

  • Why

    by Dk808909

    Why can't the lego movie be on ipad I wanted to watch it

  • Great!

    by Polymer_Ace

    Cool to have everything in one app. It works well in coordination with my TV apps!

  • Very good

    by Addicted to BB

    Easy to use

  • Nice

    by Hitham mlhem


  • Amazing

    by Ament ndjdjdjdhdjdj

    Really simple to use I have no problems with it at all.

  • THE Doug

    by Grant chips

    Very user friendly

  • Super nifty

    by Irsmartgirl

    Very convenient to find what you want to see.

  • Great app

    by Sarenaty

    This is a wonderful app, I just type in what I want to see and it tells me where I can watch it or some times the show is actually on YIDO and I just hit play.

  • Love it

    by Nik0130

    Love being able to look up shows and movies and find out where to watch!

  • Best app to find movies

    by TimaF

    So necessary!

  • Best app to keep up with your shows!!

    by Nikki0649

    Love the push notifications and ability to save ALL your favorite shows and where to stream online. By far the best app for TV schedule!

  • One of the best

    by patricio salazar

    Find the things I like

  • I

    by Ghffhxdhvxfgmcfygdtufuds



    by Darlene Quick

    This app is very convienent for finding your tv shows. I have not tried it for movies but I'm sure it works the same

  • Awesome app

    by Jeffafa322

    This app is one of my favorites and I can find shows I usually can't find on other apps!

  • Great

    by Blue wolf 47

    Love it

  • The TV defragmenter

    by punkratio

    Today is very hard to find content: movies appear here and disappear from there, I do not always remember where a series is... This app is what I use every time I look for a movie or a pilot episode. A must-have in US!

  • Useful App

    by Knitfupanda

    I love this app! It helps me keep track of episodes I've watched and episodes I've missed. It also tells me where on the web I can watch the episodes I've missed. Whether you're an avid TV watcher or just a fan of a few shows, this is a very useful app.

  • Great app

    by Chimpo2515

    One stop shopping for all your television and movie needs.

  • Dont know

    by Haileyha11

    Never tryied it

  • Sounds Better than it is

    by Skipp28

    If you want to watch something you need to have that channel. In other words if on HBO you need to have HBO and use the client. If I have HBO that 2more steps than needed. Deleted

  • What

    by Derek Denton

    I think that the app sounds great, but I just downloaded it, and it's not showing up! It's not anywhere to be found on my screen.

  • Bad

    by Jbfoshizle

    I can't do anything on yidio

  • Awesome app

    by Judoknome

    Great app, everything perfect, has all the movies tv shows have no flaws to it just wonderful

  • GreatApp -ugly icon:)

    by James1969w

    Terrific app, but cmon with the ugly icon :) Please add Xfinity, Showtime, CBS, and NBC apps in future updates.

  • Not what I thought

    by Kendra Henry

    This is not a movie player. This is where you look up movies and then it takes you to iTunes to buy or rent the movie

  • No Credit Card

    by Alex allgood

    What if you don't have a credit card? You should update it and make it available for people WithOut credit cards to be able to sign up! thank you!

  • Yep Yidio

    by MIss Sims

    This app pulls everything together. Thanks!

  • Helped solve a need

    by DLSULL

    ABC recently made a policy that you have to sign in via your cable provider in order to watch current programs. Otherwise you have to wait a week. Our cable provider just was bought out so we can't create an account at this time until they complete the buy out. By using Yidio, I can now watch the current shows.

  • Get THIS APP!

    by MnMs420

    Best app yet on the market! Worth your time!

  • Finally

    by MommaShai

    Love this help! Can find what I'm looking for...I am ;)

  • Pointless

    by Toupman

    All the shows I've wanted to watch are saying "unavailable for iPad or iPhone." Isn't that in this apps description where it says it's available for iPad and iPhone? Yet it doesn't work on either so this app is pointless!!

  • Good, but...

    by Lukekifa

    This app is very good, but it could be even better if you add a few more apps, like the CBS app would be nice!

  • Love it!

    by tthutson

    So helpful!

  • idk

    by 14nick15

    sup to u to

  • Ok

    by Rickrolled!

    It's an ok app I thought the movies and shows would be provided, and some movies can't even be watched on a device

  • Great stuff.


    Very useful app. It keeps things organized in one central location.

  • Good

    by Jackieskylove

    Very good app to use and also fun

  • Yidio

    by Feliciadimples

    I love this app it keeps me abreast with my shows

  • Bad

    by Lollipop 1523

    This app is stupid u can't watch tv unless u buy it on iTunes

  • Waste of time

    by 227891

    I couldn't get anything

  • Works like a charm

    by Pat's Music

    First place I check when looking for programs. St rate app.

  • Awesome

    by kirkandjenn

    We really enjoy this app. Easy to use. Brings all of our accounts together.

  • Love this app!

    by Cynderellabella65

    I love how I am able to catch up on current tv series that I have missed. This app. has made it convenient and easy to watch my favorite tv shows when I have time, whenever and wherever. Thank you! Cynderellabella

  • Crashes on browse

    by Matthew Seilback

    Nice app, well designed, great features offered. Love the browse option that enables you to look at multiple personal channels.

  • Very good

    by Samir1966

    I gave 5 stars because it worth .

  • Great

    by Awesome james11

    Great app real easy to watch shows

  • Me

    by Mr iam

    Good apo


    by Qweryjdfjstu

    This app is worthless at first it did not let me sign in so I had to delete and redownload it TWICE then it said I had to pay for tv shows why have an app for watching tv when you have to pay this app deserves no stars but it won't let so it gets one

  • Yideo is GREAT!

    by Stnszan

    I'm amazed by this great app. I can find where my favorite show is so easily

  • I wanna watch

    by JuicyVajayjay

    I cant open it :(

  • Very nice!

    by IvanEspana

    Very we'll done. Easy to Navigate and a nice selection of shows to watch. Four stars only because some commercials just get stuck with no way to get back to the movie.

  • Love this app

    by Ksup3r



    by Adgjleyinx

    Great app would recommend because it's a easy way to find shows and all the tv apps are linked in to it so to play it you just press a button to see the show you want to watch. This app to me was very helpful.

  • Just do it.

    by cowboydoug

    Awesome useful app. Should go at the top of your video services on iOS.

  • Fills a Real Need

    by Keahole Point

    This app saves tons of time by helping you find where to watch what you like to watch on the web. This app is fantastic. It fills a very real need. There are maybe a few little changes I might make to the user interface, merely to make frequent things a little bit easier to find. But the idea behind the app is genius and on the whole it is very well-designed. Please continue to keep advertising out of it and if you must add it in the future, please at least offer a paid version to opt out of advertising. You've done a great job so far.

  • Poor

    by jose ivan membreno

    No sirve para nada

  • Swaggie!!!! App

    by Aiden#yoloswag

    Great watch anything on this

  • The best

    by barbbargainhunter

    I love this app!

  • Love it

    by Groupieone

    I especially like the notifications

  • Fantastic app

    by psogle

    You can find any show you want and airplay them!

  • For Reference only

    by Kristina Hayes

    It's amazing for reference for a certain episode of a series your looking for but other then that; it's trash. It's a scam.

  • Best ever

    by clockwork1107

    This is the best app ever, if there's a show or movie that you would like to watch this app will tell you which streaming media is available in.

  • worthless

    by Biggsbigbear

    no info on how to start. just wants you email/Facebook info. sorry that's a no go. even after I gave it my junk email all it did was add show to a list and nothing more. deleting it as soon as the posts

  • Good

    by Karbowiak1960

    Like it

  • Amazing app!

    by Momof4kinsers

    Best tv app ever! Enjoy using it! Thumbs up!

  • Glitchy!

    by Cody Beers

    The whole app is very glitchy and hard to edit the services list. I also would sooner not see movies and tv shows from services I don't have, nor do I want, in thing I can click on.

  • Mommy

    by Roses323

    This app is awesome!

  • Nice UI

    by Bearfan14

    Would like to see iOS 7 update, but still great UI! Good streaming service.

  • I love it

    by Smash217

    Best streaming guide I've found

  • Love it!!!

    by Pseudolyn.PK

    Love that it tells me where i can watch my shows!!

  • Rate

    by Queandre

    Love it

  • Amazing

    by Lindswoo

    Love this app. So easy to use and it has everything you need. The best!

  • Terrible horrible no good very bad app

    by Oloba

    I hate this app you cant watch the shows u want. Dont get it

  • Easy to use!


    One place for all your Tv and movies. Easy to use and a great way to learn what's available. Best part is choose a movie and it will tell you what provider is offering it.

  • Awesome

    by Gutvd

    I love it

  • Awesome

    by Dudeincali

    Great app. Perfect for my one stop shop attitude.

  • Genius!

    by RPVgal

    Amazing app! So easy to navigate in order to find your favorite TV show or movie. Recent updates to the app have made using it even better. I turned my co-workers onto Yidio and they have not had any trouble using or downloading it. We all use it to catch up on our shows during our breaks. Love it!

  • Awesome app

    by Jckouri

    Easy to use. Great look. Must have application if you like catching up on your favorite shows. Let's you know where to go without wasting time looking through numerous different places

  • Highly recommend

    by Dwallis123

    Really enjoying this app

  • Frustrated

    by MariaBF31

    When I marked a show as a favorite and kept looking it flagged other shows as favorites and those I can't delete...now stupid shows are associated to my account....will be deleting.

  • Yidio

    by Kiri Yee

    Amazing app!

  • Awesome app!

    by byee23

    Great app, easy to use.

  • Awesomeness

    by DopWry

    10/10 Keep It Up

  • Great app

    by PHX Commish

    Very intuitive and easy to use. It's the Kayak of video content.

  • Awesome app but

    by Delte

    But need some improvements, the app keeps resetting the Sources that I deleted. Should be great a Watch Later option.

  • A waste

    by JaniceLaF

    Really, all this app does is direct you to where you can watch certain shows or movies. Ex: if a show is available on Netflix or a&e it directs you to those sites. Most of the time it directs you to iTunes where you can purchase the show you've chosen.

  • Great

    by Lthomp1393

    Love this app

  • Only shows one source

    by Mbuck

    It only shows as available on iTunes when I know it is available elsewhere.

  • Great!!!!!!!!!!

    by Vampire30

    I love this app!!!!!!!!!! ❤️

  • Can't load for s***

    by Won't load for s***

    Mine is not loading I installed the app twice. Still wont load. It's a waste don't bother with it. The only reason it's one star because its forcing me to.

  • Great!

    by Fat Tuna

    Love it

  • Ugh

    by snowkitten20

    I really do not understand the reason for this app -.- like what is the point of going on this stupid app type in a show and then it like makes u buy it on iTunes I could have done that without this app so pointless!!! Guys do not bother with this app!!

  • great idea but can't login or create account

    by Marlow25

    the idea of this app is great, because it allows you to check one place to see where the movie or show you want to see is available. However, i can no get logged in. I have tried logging in with facebook, as well as creating accounts with different email address. please get this fixed because the idea is fantastic.

  • Teribble!!!?!!!!

    by Matthew.dean2005

    It make you have to buy it from ITunes or you have to download the TV channel app. Thumbs Down! P.S I would've rated this 0 stars but my IPod made me do 1.

  • Great App

    by Strider776

    Makes finding the show you want very easy. Great idea!

  • Hate it

    by Brucedriving

    U have to do so much. I thought all the movies and tv show would be on the app, but it's not u have to buy another app or wast you money.

  • Worth downloading

    by Slater1120

    Love this app. Design is amazing and easy to keep up on my shows.

  • Frozen

    by (!)7ghfjj

    It is good but needs more

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