My Talking Pet Entertainment App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: WB Media Ltd

- crash issue fixed
- higher resolution video output
- extra sharing options (share via text message, whatsapp, etc)
- longer video limit on newer devices

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850 Ratings
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1219 Ratings


Bring photos of your pet to life with My Talking Pet!

• Take a photo or choose from your photo gallery
• Speak into the microphone to see your pet realistically speak back to you!
• Share it as a video on Facebook
• Or email it as a special greeting to your friends and family!
• Change the voice from big dog to little cat or anything in between
• Now with unlockable modes for different themes!
• Get creative... see it in action:

Customer Reviews

  • Very cute app

    by Gusgus0506

    Very cute app... Worth 99 cents to make your pets seem like they talk!

  • So Much Fun

    by DWT66

    I've had a blast sending Msgs. to people with pets. They said it was so funny they wanted to get the app also. Great Work on this one. Thanks. Worth a buck easy.

  • My talking pet

    by Heather Desmond

    LOVE this app...been cracking up.

  • Ton of fun

    by Bondwan

    I love this app.

  • My Talking Pet

    by Daisy Bacon

    This app is a hoot!

  • Fun little app

    by Picasso69

    This app works. It's funny to make your friends pets talk, hahaha. And if you stick it out to the radio, the pet will sing the song. Hahaha.

  • My talking pet app

    by Remo and Jordan

    You have a good game but it could be a lot better like unlocking all of the modes and not make us pay for them we allready have to pay for the game if you no what I mean

  • Great fun!

    by chunchmom

    Got lots of laughs from everyone. We also used people photos!

  • This is life changing!!!

    by Amboot16

    Oh my goodness. Epic.

  • Wonderful app!

    by A Jo B

    I've had so much fun with this app! Keep the different themes coming!

  • Best app

    by Chiqititaarlene

    Omg best app ever!!! So entertaining I laughed all day!

  • Wish I could give it 10 stars!

    by Sbuerg

    This is by far the best app on my phone. My kids and I are having a BLAST making our dogs "talk". Endless fun.

  • Makes Life Fun Again

    by Jenny Lola

    I used to have chronic headaches and bad breath. But now I can take pictures of my pets and make them say bad words! I recommend My Talking Pet to everyone!

  • Muito bom!!!

    by allan orti

    App fácil de se usar, e muito divertido!!!

  • So much fun!

    by Me123345666


  • Laugh until I cried

    by Shawn Handelman

    Tons of fun

  • Great App - Bad move on the Watermark

    by Oliver Schenkel

    This app is awesome, but the new watermark is a major con. It was so fun to send these videos around and have people ask "how did you do that?!" Don't kill the mystique - that's what made this app so fun. Human intrigue and word of mouth are more powerful for driving downloads than a little logo.

  • Fun but....

    by Lmk1902

    For some reason half the time I try to text the video it won't go through.

  • Amaze my friends

    by GigiSwan

    I think this app is so much fun! I love wishes my friends happy birthday, etcetera.

  • Fun for all

    by Morgstapes

    What more can I say? We laugh & laugh! Great app!

  • Buyers remorse

    by markymarkanddafunkybunch

    Funnier idea than anything. The voice changer is pretty low standard.

  • Super perfect'ness app!!

    by So ICONIC

    I love this app! User friendly and the perfect amount of laughter it brings to the cruel world we live in! I sent a group mms this Morning w/ a vid AND TWO friends have already downloaded the app as well!

  • Super perfect'ness app!!

    by So ICONIC

    I love this app! User friendly and the perfect amount of laughter it brings to the cruel world we live in! I sent a group mms this Morning w/ a vid AND TWO friends have already downloaded the app as well!

  • Fun!

    by Cfskin

    Great app, fun and simple

  • Talking cat

    by ata15ata

    Can you make the app so it and do videos and photo?

  • Fun App!

    by Jcart19

    I like it a lot but I wish it saved the files that you make! It also doesn't send very well. I have had to email them to myself and then send out how I want to. If you send via text message the recorded sound doesn't come out correctly. Still fun though!

  • Súper fun

    by Cgalle58

    Plan on having a lot of fun with this app!!

  • Terrible app for little dogs

    by Flyingmanatee11

    Don't buy, Tried this on my dachshund, didn't work at all!

  • Thanks for the laughs!

    by Delightful fun!

    My household has had so much fun playing with this app! Never before have I bothered to write a review for an app. .... No matter how much I like it. This app was worth taking the time to do so. If this app doesn't make you smile, then you must be making an effort to keep a straight face.

  • Love this App!

    by SisterButterfly

    Fun app, but wish the voice could be changed up a little more

  • Well worth it

    by SashaFritzel

    Works great! Genius

  • So cute!!!

    by Stellasgrl

    I'm having so much fun with this app!!! For an update they should make the pets blink! :)

  • Waste of money

    by Ferret789987

    Will not work, it just sits there while I yell into the microphone.

  • Facebook ?

    by sinepainter

    This is a great app but how do you upload it to Facebook ? There is no icon for that.

  • Soooooo entertaining

    by Liz Allick


  • Love it!

    by Patriciarico7

    This App is owesome! Too much fun!!

  • Hilarious

    by Indyguy33

    Absolutely a barrel of fun. So easy to use, first video done in 30 seconds. I'm going to try all kinds if inanimate objects in my next video.

  • Great App

    by Ryanometer

    Somebody suggested I get this and, I'm glad they did. Pretty entertaining if you have pets

  • Super fun!

    by Kiwi C

    Hilarious and fun to play with

  • Super fun app

    by Estee Deeze

    Ive always wished my dogs could speak English to me and now they can! This app is easy to use and very fun. I made a talking pic for my husband and it was soooooo funny, it made his day.

  • A great time!

    by Townms

    So much fun! What a great way to make your pet come to life.

  • Lots of fun!

    by SLH Smith

    I always wondered what my guinea pig was thinking. Now I know! :)


    by Partay69

    With all the pet pics I take this comes in handy

  • Love it!!!

    by Azdevil2001

    My boyfriend and I are having tons of fun laughing our butts off making videos of our pets and friends! Easy to use and provides hours of belly laughs for us.

  • Fun

    by D Jeffrey

    This is a really cute app. Fun and easy. A big hit with friend that you send a video to. Nice job!

  • Cute!!

    by Mandichi

    My roommate is in England for five weeks, this had been a great app to send little clips to her.

  • It's fun. My kids like it.

    by afartinthewind

    Title about sums it up. Some apps feel like a waste of a dollar and this isn't one of them.

  • Love it!

    by Pamela Shofner

    Love it!

  • by Jacob Scott philippe


  • Cool

    by Hitmangov

    Really fun!!

  • Talking pet

    by Lady Barbara M


  • Love it!

    by No jo in Houston

    Downloaded and can't put it down! What fun!

  • Funny

    by Leeloo38

    Just pure silly fun.

  • Comparable with Instagram????

    by Bichon l

    I can't get a movie to load on this app. The video is onccamera but when I go to my pictures it only dogies as a picture even though its a video. Great app other than than that

  • Great app

    by Johnny21B

    We love this!!

  • Cool app

    by Ugryhgdhhh

    I love your app

  • Love this App

    by Sabazl

    This app has been really fun. Not only used it with my pet but family and friends.

  • My talking Dog

    by Deandean10

    Great fun easy to use

  • The pups

    by Number one pup

    We have had the most fun sending messages to each other with the talking pet app!!!

  • Love this app

    by Pepsigirl3207

    It is so much fun. Makes me laugh out loud !

  • My Favorite App

    by brureview

    Get this app, it is soooooo much fun!!!

  • I guess I like it!

    by RochelleSC

    I've been using this app for ten minutes trying learn how to use it and now they want me to rate it already? Okay, so I've rated it based in my ten minutes of experience with it. Kind of premature request, IMHO. My six year old is a huge Talking Tom fan so I'm sure we'll get a lot of use/fun from this.

  • Very cute

    by DjBillyBee

    Really cute. My child loves it.

  • Fun app

    by Retired not too old person

    This is a fun app and easy to use. Has worked great.

  • So much fun...

    by Thienel's wife

    I have been cry laughing ever since I found this!!!!

  • Fun!

    by BrandiCrown

    Awesome apl

  • Talking pet

    by jose guillen

    Love this app it's great to entertaining guess

  • This is the BEST FUN!!!!

    by BrigidR

    I just love this app! It's fun and makes us all laugh and laugh!!! For .99 cents I have never had more fun!! Thank you for coming up with this!!! I have sent emails to friends and have really spread some joy!!

  • Loads of fun!

    by JRoPR

    Great fun!

  • My talking pet

    by Dan13886bu

    This is sooooooo much fun!

  • Awesome app!

    by Diego70

    Love this app!!!

  • Wow, Fun!!!

    by JudeWaage

    Missing my dog on a trip and found this app. Making me not miss him so much!

  • Best-App-Ever!!!!

    by Cjh201010

    This app is soooo much fun!!!! Love it!!!!! Easy to use!!

  • My Talking Pet

    by Mykidzmumzie

    Total MUST HAVE! Don't let your kids get it though! So fun but charge your phone!

  • Hysterically funny!

    by RLK, NYC

    Amazing little novelty app. I only wish they'd offer a paid version without a watermark.

  • Coco

    by Lolo_pony OMG!!!

    My dog, Coco, and I love this app! It's so cute to see her talking in such a strange voice. And, I think it's really funny when she watches herself talking because it startles her and she almost jumps a whole foot back! :)

  • So much fun!

    by HeatherLandry

    So much fun for such a low price! I love it!

  • Very fun

    by In the car too much!

    Love to send messages to kids with this app!

  • Addicting

    by JaneAndTheWorm

    Lots of fun, but my animals are annoyed with me.

  • Ouch

    by Swedish Sward

    I was going to write a raving review but now my side hurts really bad, from laughing so hard at this App...

  • Talking pets

    by Mzhart

    It's fun!

  • Great family fun!

    by Davefogo


  • Fun

    by ashanahan

    It is adorable. Very fun. Can do with pets, stuffed animals, people...

  • Love It!

    by sunpuppy!

    I Enjoy playing with this app.

  • Fun Great Awesome!!!!!!

    by Joe box 128

    This app so much fun. I just can't stop!!!!!


    by Butterhead1

    This is great! Hours of fun!

  • Best fun ever

    by imoksoru

    Saw this app on Chelsea Lately.. Easy to use with funny, funny results. Brilliant!

  • So much silly fun!

    by Rick De Leon

    Love it. Fun & almost addictive!

  • How Fun!!!

    by John Gizowski (gizomatic)

    Hilarious. My favorite is to send to others that are clueless what they'll find when they open it. No matter where u r you can't stop from laughing historically!

  • Favorite App ever

    by Mommala343Opt

    Still trying to master but being a dog lover, this is the best app in the world, bravo and thanks!!!

  • My talking per

    by Mous66

    It is so adorable. And very easy to figure out how to set it up.

  • Hilarious!

    by Legumes

    I thought my kids were going to lose their minds they laughed so hard at this app. It's their new fave!

  • Great app

    by Tchthegreat

    I took the time to write this and I normally don't do reviews. It's that good, and simple!!!

  • Hilarious!!!!!!

    by Kathleen147

    So freaking funny!

  • Good times!

    by Glaze62

    Fun app to play with!

  • Awesome fun!

    by mlojd

    Just got the app and it is simply hilarious and fun to play with so far! Can't wait to play around with all the features!

  • Funny Funny Funny!!!!

    by Boybii

    Funny Funny Funny!!!! Funny Funny Funny!!!! Funny Funny Funny!!!!

  • Love this app!

    by Tulabean2

    I'm really enjoying driving my family and friends nuts sending out messages with this app! Who can resist a talking dog!! Easy to use and so much fun! Wish it had a mode for multiple pets...maybe in the next version.

  • Awesome

    by JimmyStare

    So much fun

  • Cure for my depression

    by MissAshKay

    This was fun and hours of entertainment.

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