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Languages: English

Seller: William Sidell

iPhone 5 support

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Have you ever thought that people were reading your mind? Well, there is a chance that they were. Pocket Wizard is the highest quality iPhone psychic app available today.

Pocket Wizard currently features three unique and incredible features: Mind Link, Enchanted Cards, and Clairvoyant Clock.

Each feature will amaze and impress you and your friends.


Customer Reviews

  • Whoa

    by Blaaah!!!!

    The enchanted cards blew my mind!!!!!!!!!!! Have no clue how they did that one but I figured the rest out

  • Trippy!!

    by DanielM44

    This app gets your mind going!

  • We figured it out


    Fun to figure out always a multiple of nine can you make another one like that

  • Neat

    by phiggster

    One of the better magic apps

  • Weird

    by Thhitsdfjilhfyjhd646994;

    This app is great. I would love to get my hand on that spellbook it mentions.

  • Photo vault Jamiecaldwell

    by Sexyjane7673

    Check it out

  • Wild

    by StavPrav

    Very Wild!!

  • Suprised

    by Gdkhvyfdyjkk

    Wow it really works

  • Smart...

    by Ojprince&Princess

    They really thought about the mind game....which is easily figured out by only using multiples of nine...all symbols starting with 9 are the same which are multiples of 9....check yourself....any number you choose will always subtract to a multiple of 9...now use this trick to fool your friends without it showing the picture and you'll creep them out when they notice your right about their answer....meaning...tell them their choosing...not number before the ipod/iphone does and see their reaction...lol priceless

  • Cool

    by Lexi12302

    Wow! This app really works! :D

  • Creepy

    by Gujkufy

    Cool but But very creepy

  • Awesome

    by Awesomeness10112

    It's so cool, it's scary!!! Love it!

  • !!!

    by MegaMinecraftMan1000

    SO CREEPY! :D had number 72 and its pic was a howling wolf after it had a HOWLING WOLF GET APP!!!!!!!!!

  • Epic

    by Nikelite0607

    It knew exactly what card I chose by reading my mind

  • Amazing

    by Spanky314

    It so cool

  • Odd...

    by Stablehopper123

    Okay, ummm. . . . It's okay, I mean, I guess that's what I should expect from something with a story THAT stupid. In the brain thingy, it guessed correctly, but it changed the symbols, and I tricked the card thingy, but it's entertaining.

  • The hell!

    by Lonelystoner420

    This thing was spot in everytime!

  • You have to download it, to believe it.

    by Micheal 34532

    Wow… this app is scary, at first I didn't believe it. But it blow my mind, it got everything right, I am still in shock.

  • Cool

    by Noved Kilu

    It's so cool it's a little freaky :)

  • Cool

    by Pink corvettes

    Ok i understand that the other 2 tricks are rigged, but then how does it do the mind link?? Thats one cool trick!!

  • Worst app

    by Bigfoot jackson plays WoW

    It was horrible I picked 45 which was a howling wolf it said I picked something way different and I went to the magic clock it said I was on 12 when I was on 3

  • horable

    by 4832585247437324574246645535

    it is the worst horable horable horable never get the game

  • Horrible!!!

    by xSlash16x

    Worst app ever!!!!

  • Ridiculous!

    by Mister Clark

    Waste of time if you're older than 7!

  • Just a stupid trick

    by Show26

    Didn't take long to figure out the trick. Nice one but dumb

  • Good but not good enough

    by Awesome1524

    I can explain how it works Card trick- they change all of the cards, since u are focussing on only one card, you don't notice that all of the cards are changed. Mind link- no matter what number you choose, and you subtract it by it's digits, it has to be a multiple of nine, they just put the same symbol for every multiple of nine.

  • One feature is horrible

    by Yasmin 745

    I did the card game, and I stared at one card, and did what the text said, but it was there after the one I was suppose deadly staring at left. This is stupid

  • Wrong

    by Proyoco

    Waste of time.

  • Not even close

    by Balimango37

    Ok so I guess the card trick was ok But the clock like the guy before me said you ALWAYS end up with 12 And the mind linkage was not even close in ANY way to my actual answer

  • Cheap

    by NerdyPianoGeek

    I learned the tricks for 2/3 of the "mind-reading" games Cards: none of them are repeated. Everyone knows there are 4 kings, 4 queens, and 4 jacks each a different suit and two are red and two are black. At the beginning the game gives you (the same everytime) one black and one red card of each suit. Then they give you the list of the cards that "didn't run away" at the end, but they are just the other two cards of each suit. This was easy for me to learn because one time i had memorized two cards thinking what will you do now, when neither one were at the end. The Cairvoyant Clock: Easy to learn too. As some of you may already have noticed, everytime you end up with the number 12. Following this pattern they give you, every number ends up as twelve. I wrote out all of the possible choices the person could make and they all ended at twelve. It's on paper, and this was so easy to figure out after playing this 3 times. The game with the symbols: haven't figured it out yet, but i am guessing it has to do something with where you stop scrolling the list of symbols. Overall this was a smart idea for a game. I am very glad it was free. I just wish the games were a little more complex because im not old. At all. Lets just say younger than lots of you. I say go impress your friends with this and then make them mad because this game really isnt reading your mind.

  • Lame

    by Jord n

    When u try the little mind reading games and stuff it's not understandable

  • Amazing

    by SoulR3ap3r97


  • I think I have figured out these types of apps.

    by Elephantie10

    Ok, my theory of 'how they always know'..... I think that when you press your finger down to press the 'next' button or whatever, it feels your finger and kinda reads it because, if you think about something like that it will figure it out from your finger. I think... Also, this actually deserves the 1 star, not a 'I wish I could rate 0' type of thing. I either am doing the clock one wrong or it's wrong itself. The cards are kind of lame, and the lable 'be careful' on the mind link one is just scary... I don't care for it, just wanted others to critique my idea. Thinking if testing my theory... Wink, wink!

  • It works

    by Kevdawg123


  • Awesome

    by WoW Me

    Love it so cool

  • Lame

    by Fuglypumpkinnose

    Fake n gay

  • Real

    by Boy657

    It works

  • Ha Ha, very funny

    by LoganL2

    There are only 3 tests in this app. I think it's cool how these things work, but it's REALLY terrible to try to make people think it can actually your mind. For instance, on the card picking one, obviously ALL of the cards are replaced, that's just a cheap magicians trick. And if look carefully at the number picking one, you'll notice that there are only a few eligible numbers, when I played, they were all either an anchor or a hand. If you scroll through the list you will see that. The clock one is stupid. Spoiler, it's 12. You'll always end on 12. Please, I beg you, just get rid of this stupid app. PLEASE!!

  • WOW!!

    by Fjejjchjs


  • Lame

    by Moneygirl $$ ;)

    I hate it do stupid

  • Cool, could of been more fun though

    by QT


  • Waist of storage

    by Zac a chu

    Doesn't even work.

  • Really fun

    by Amy Wright

    I thought it was really cool until I saw how its done, now it's no fun and the clock one is very confusing

  • I know the secret

    by THGLoverGirl

    For the number one- all the possible numbers you can get have the same symbol. For the card one- All the cards that were in the room before leave and get replace by similar ones. For the clock- no matter what your answer is always twelve.

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by Dominochase05

    Download it!!!!! You know you want to!!! Awesome game it really freaks you out and I still don't know how it happens but it does!!!!

  • Almost

    by Dk powers

    I did the clock and landed on 8 then 8 disappeared so its not that cool

  • Easy to figure out..

    by Nymbosox

    No matter what number you pick, the end result is a multiple of 9...every multiple of 9 has the same symbol

  • Fake

    by Histoiregdjfvjs

    In the card trick they change every card so no matter what you choose they'll get it right

  • Awesomeness

    by Whoppers22

    I ❤ this app it is the awesomeness app ever WAY TO GO POCKET WIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG!

    by JACKIE_is_kool


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