Man of Steel Games App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Warner Bros.
  • Updated: Jun, 13 2013
  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 610.3 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

- Now save the world on your iPod touch 4th generation!
- The final chapter of story mode is finally here... Take the battle to Zod in Metropolis, and experience an epic new battle on the ground and in the air.
- Unlock and upgrade four more suits for the Man of Steel: Original, Classic, New 52, and Red Son.
- Save the world!

Customer Ratings

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335 Ratings
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900 Ratings


* Apple EDITORS’ CHOICE Award!
* 4.5 star rating from users!

Man of Steel is a must-have iOS game! Try the innovative combat style, check out the unbelievable graphics, fly through the air, knock your enemies into the interactive environment… the possibilities are endless!

- Attack, dodge, block, and utilize various super powers including flight, super speed, and heat vision to defeat Zod and his evil forces.
- Play through an in-depth Story Mode or set a personal high score in the intense Survival Mode.
- Battle a challenging cast of mini-bosses and technologically advanced foes featured in the Man of Steel movie!

-Unlock and purchase up to 6 different suits from the Man of Steel movie.
-Upgrade your suits to become a truly unstoppable force!
-Customize your experience by upgrading the specific abilities YOU want to use.
-Embrace the true strength of Superman with bone-crunching combos, all with the swipe of a finger.

-Delivers next-gen graphics with beautifully detailed animations and cinematic sequences.
-Fight in a variety of detailed and interactive 3D environments including Smallville, the Kent Farm, and more.

Requires iOS 5 and later

Customer Reviews

  • Awsome

    by TNICKC_13

    Its a really fun game

  • Freshkidd

    by Kkkkkkklol

    This game is very enjoyable but will remain at 3 stars for me until their is a update to stop it from crashing every 2 seconds for iPod 5g. PLEASE FIX IMMDEIATELY!!!

  • Awesome

    by Gannen

    Love the game just wish it didn't crash often and I also wish I could play the other levels.plz fix these bugs as soon as possible :3

  • Man of steel

    by Hdjjdhjchfhc

    I love the game but it is kiking me of

  • Not able to play Kent Farm mission

    by jca1091

    The only problem I'm having is that I can't play the Kent Farm mission at all. Every time I try to open it, THE APP CRASHES EVERY TIME.... PLEASE FIX!!!!!!

  • So awesome!!

    by AntLover333

    This game is amazing!! They really did a good job making the game as epic as the movie. Story mode is incredible and survival is so much fun. Survival needs new courses, and there should be an option to disable the drone enemies.

  • Great and fun game.

    by BaoCu

    I've played both infinite blade 1 and 2. This game is same style type but this game seem alot more fun. Love that its RPG where you build up and level Superman. Some of the animatiom during fight it really cool. Like Superman flying and catching the target in mid air etc. If you like Superman and RPG. Then you would love this game. I know it can be repeatative. But isnt all RPG is to level up and collect stuff? Awesome game!

  • Man of steel review

    by Luis89Burgos

    The screen game is great but make storylines a little longer and we need more fighting abilities and more villains thanks for this game

  • Crashes

    by Tre_L

    I have a I pod 5th generation and on man of steel it keeps crashing on the first missions like small vile and up it will say loading and just crash and same wit survival please fix I love this game but I feel like I just wasted my money.

  • Good 'Superman' game, now...

    by Das_Auto

    Can you do something about the constant crashing? Can't advance after super soldier or try to play for fun

  • Crashing

    by The Winner!!?!

    I have an iPhone 16GB with 6.6GB left and it's a really great game but some levels like "Kent Farm" and "Faora" I experience crashing! Please fix!

  • crash and crash

    by kinnyunlocker5566

    crash in smallville and i cant play any next chapter or survival. fix this.

  • Bad crashing issue

    by Taskblaster417

    This app was fine now it keeps crashing please fix :( ill rate 5 stars

  • Man of steel

    by Aimar7979


  • Great game, but...

    by Aaw1991

    I would love this game if not for the frequent crashes it suffers from. Please do some thing to fix this.

  • Here is some pointers

    by Favdjxdvdhchsgh

    Look the game is very enjoyable at most points and for all of you that think it's too hard, google diskaid and a man of steel hack using diskaid, I did this and it made the game 10x more fun, even with the repetitive lvls, for all of you that say the new update doesn't work, try deleting it so the whole game gets redownloaded with the new update file, for all of you that say it's an infinity blade ripoff, read the description, it says straight up that it was designed to be like infinity blade, and the designers obviously looked up to infinity blade to design the game, and for everyone that whines about the money and everything else, the people who created this have more than 1 game to fix with updates, so just calm down, wait, and maybe they will get on their game, enjoy it guys :)

  • Pretty good

    by Dwubs02

    Overall awesome game but when I try to play the Kent's farm mission it crashes in the loading screen

  • Great

    by Jumat Caldwell

    This is a great game

  • Kinda good but needs fix

    by Tmnt10234

    Hey fun game but has a lag and crash.please fix

  • UPDATE NEEDED FOR IPOD 4G Please update

    by Edgar4566


  • Crashes

    by Tiger297

    Good game but it crashes a lot I got to about like level four and when I tried to play level four it started crashing. Please fix this game! I would give this game a 5 star rating if it didn't crash as much. So please fix this game or give me a refund because it's not fair to buy a game and then not able to play it because of all the crashes. So if anybody wants to play this game don't buy it because it's a waste of money unless they fix all the crashes. Thank you for reading.

  • Fix

    by Ash1130

    Fix the bugs!!! Continuously crashes.

  • REALLY?!!!!?!?!?!?!

    by Sonicboom134

    Ok so I waited all year for my birthday to come so I could get an iTunes giftcard so I could buy this game. I was so excited about it and have waited a while. So tonight I finally got a gift card, and I quickly went on here to buy it. It started with long loading times (which I CAN handle). But then after the tutorial, it started to load the smallville level, and it crashed, and I tried to load it time and again! And it still won't load! I tried to fix it by redownloading it, but it didn't work. I turned off my ipod/shut down all active apps, and it still didn't do it. So if any of the people who developed this game, are reading this.. Then PLEASE FIX THT BUG! My ipod is a 4th Generation, and I really want it to work!! So please fix it, so I can at least play all of the game! I paid 5 dollars for it, because I expected it to work fine on my ipod. So please fix it!!!!!!! I WILL give it 5 stars if you did!!! Please!!!

  • Crashing

    by Mode.Activated

    Please fix this game so it won't crash again I have an iPhone 4S and have played this game before with no problem so why is it crashing now please fix this

  • Man of steel

    by tTonytt27

    I have a 5th gen iPod and I don't know y this game crashes all the time!?!?!?

  • Crash report

    by FriendlyGarchomp

    My app keeps crashing when it try to enter a level :\

  • Crashing!

    by Jakeman72

    I really liked the movie, but can not play this game because it crashes before the level even loads! I paid for this game, I want to be able to play it!! Please fix the crashing, it's very frustrating!!!!

  • Horrible!!!

    by Dhsjf

    The entire file is eventually erased and I have to start all over!!!

  • Crashes within seconds

    by Mase1988

    I paid for this app. I basically paid for an app that opens and crashes. Huge superman fan but this is the most frustrating app I've ever had. Do not buy this until they fix the bug!

  • SUPER CRASHY for iPod 5gen

    by Gabel.

    Every time I try to do kent farm or survival it crashes really needs an update for ios7 or iPod 5gen

  • App crash


    Keeps crashing on smallville pleeeeeaaaase fix

  • Crashes

    by El1ooo1

    Still crashes

  • Fix the crash

    by Jimi54

    Its a fun game But fix the crashing We want a working game

  • Crashing

    by f0tif0

    This game is crashing all the time ,needs an update please, other than that the game is cool

  • crashed game

    by loñp

    crashed crashed crashed i can't play i have to repeat the same battle

  • Man of steel

    by Bsjsiensidjsnickd

    Horrible app. Bad Graphics and its slow. Wasted 3 dollars

  • Man of steel

    by Mvpppppp

    Man of steel the game is cool and good graphics although it takes forever to load and also it crashes

  • C'mon guys...

    by bigcoolfool

    I have a 5th generation iPod, and as of lately, I guess because of the update, I cannot get past the opening smallville part. Sometimes on the second (smallville) chapter, but always on the super soldier 1 level, it crashes while loading every time! It's a fun game, and I enjoy playing it, but there's no point to keep this app if all I can play is the first levels. I really hope this is fixed soon. Otherwise, I'm definitely deleting...

  • Keeps crashing!!!

    by kajun krawler

    I keep trying to play the second chapter but it keeps crashing!!!! Please fix this guys plz!!!!!

  • Crash much!?

    by Nemesis_0F_CoLum13us

    Crashes way too often to truly enjoy.

  • It keeps crashing

    by Toothlessbloom

    When ever i try to play it says loading but whenever it boots up to play it will just crash please help, I have an iPhone 4S

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by Saif 07 06

    This is the best game ever!!!!

  • Crashes.

    by loppy65

    This game crashes way too often. Every time I try to open up survival mode or smallville it closes down. Fun game though but when it crashes it gets a bit upsetting.

  • Crash

    by Brenden_41

    Keeps crashing every time I pick a level

  • Crashes

    by stecks

    App crashes when loading levels waste of money


    by Avenger1507

    I've wanted this app for a long time, but I get it, and I can't play anything past level 3. I have an iPod 5th gen and the newest IOS. Please fix!

  • What can I say about this!!

    by AppDue

    Awesome games good story line stays with in the are nice to look at and it passes by the time 5stars !!

  • GRRRR!!!!!!

    by Taken nickname 58

    App keeps crashing... I played it once but it keeps crashing!!!!! FIX NOW!!!!!!!!! So far this app is a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would give it a four star from what little I've played... BUT IT KEEP CRASHING...

  • Crashes

    by Duck8153

    I seriously want my money back. I can't play on my 5th Gen ITouch. It kicks me out every time I try to play level 2.

  • Man of steel

    by Gary037

    Getting ready to start the story line in smallville, then I got kicked out. What the hell.

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