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 ***SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY LAUNCH PRICE - for a limited time only!***

It was bound to happen—Daffy Duck’s made an app out of himself along with his Looney Tunes costars! Yep, the first Looney Tunes app is here, making you the director of your own digital world via your iPhone. Choose from a cast of wacky characters with cool, colorful backgrounds and props at your fingertips. Amaze (and annoy) your friends with screwy voices and sound effects. Put your favorite character—you—into a Looney Tunes photo frame and share it with your friends. Email it or put it on your Facebook page. It’s your world! And don’t forget to watch the all-new The Looney Tunes Show on Cartoon Network!

Customer Reviews

  • This app keeps crashing. READ THIS WARNER BROS.!

    by Ptmsw2

    The app crashes after i choose a character besides bugs bunny. Please fix this!

  • Ok

    by Makeover rock

    Good app but it logs you out off the app in scene maker when you get daffy or marvin MY TOO FAVS SO FIX THAT other than that good app

  • Love the app but....

    by MaxTheBeast58

    I love this app but, and, this may sound lame, but specifically when I make a "scene" and I use the roadrunner then when I try to use Wile E. Coyote it then exits out. Help?

  • Ok app

    by Sportsman1024

    I think that the app is ok. Every time I go into the scene creator though if flashes back to the main screen. If I were the creator of this game I'd fix the bug.

  • It's ok but.....

    by Loonytoones fan!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every time I tried to put any other character besides bugs bunny it crashes! PLEASE fix!!!!! I'll put five stars if its fixed

  • G

    by Anestesia1A

    Love it but there should be Sylvester s cach frase "ahhh shut up"

  • Updates

    by Type3581

    Any updates avaiable

  • One of my fav apps

    by Jeong6434

    This app is so awesome! Although it's very limited the app still has really good stuff. But one thing they could improve is the sound board. They sound like very bad impressions

  • Where is speedy!?

    by bejigante

    There should be an update that includes speedy gonzales and elmer fudd to both the sound board and the scene maker

  • No elmer fudd? No chicken hawk

    by Clubpengy123321

    There is no Elmer fudd and no chicken hawk

  • Update

    by Bluedude99man

    I ask if u can make in update whith the new loony to sound

  • Needs Retina Display version!

    by Kaiser Meat

    Graphics are too crunchy for anything with a hi res display. Needs smoother scaling artwork, like the Adventure Time app (which is great, btw). Just barely worth 99 cents.

  • by Katie113

    Well I love it but it could be improved. It needs Elmer fudd and speedy. Also my sound board doesn't work, what's that about ?

  • Ok app if it was free

    by Brians_schmu

    Would be nice to be able to add characters and props to pics not just frames. The single card template is terrible. App almost seem thrown together just to get money.

  • Great!!!

    by Popice99

    This is great for Looney Tunes fans!!!

  • Cool app

    by Fhbfhdhcgbd

    Warner bros needs to get out of the app business they have nothing but worthless apps They never listen to what the people want. Just look at batman Gotham city games it took them 2 years just to fix the app just to make it useable. All the mean while taking 99 cents for nothing

  • Use Sound Board for Ringtones!

    by Mr. Jenkins

    Come on guys and girls! This should be a mobile app!

  • Fun app!!

    by allen19681

    Life long fan of Looney Tunes...enjoy the features, bright colors, cool wallpaper and sounds. Look forward to more wallpaper, sounds, etc with other characters and scenes.

  • Fun App !!!!!

    by DamianJones

    I love watching these cartoons when I was younger still do once in a while. It needs a graphics update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so blurry other than that good app

  • Pretty good.

    by MJR Awesome

    Could use more features Like write your own text into signs A healthy update of backgrounds would be nice too

  • No sound on iPhone 5c

    by konkrypton

    Not impressed. Terrible app.

  • Unhappy

    by JAW OH

    App crashes every time you try to create a scene. Sorry i purchased this app.

  • It's alright

    by Loony tunes lover

    The app is ok. Every time I try to use any character besides Bugs Bunny it crashes and sends me back to home page. Even if I just look at the characters besides Bugs Bunny it crashes and sends me back to home screen. Get it fixed. Waste of money. I will rate 5

  • Sounds

    by mooselady

    Very disappointed sounds / characters are not original and that you also can't make ring tones out of them which is why I paid the .99 Big waste of $$ :(

  • Waste of money!

    by Tweety100

    When I tried to put road runner on a scene creator it kept going back to the home page. Fix it and I want my money back!

  • R

    by Sbreide

    When i. Tride to Do pic frame With. Sylvester it just won't let do please fix it for me tha....

  • Disappointed

    by Hkebkeclmb

    I was looking for a Gossamer picture which I did find, but its not the original character. The create a scene does not work. After choosing a character it shuts off. The sound bites are not classic looney tunes which is sad and your unable to use them for anything other than within the app. Even though .99 is not a lot money, for this app it is still a waste if money. If your going to do a looney tunes app, do right by it with the classic characters, sounds, and visuals, that we grew up with.

  • Regrettable

    by Sinner mother

    At first i really wanted it cause im a big bugs bunny fan... But after using it for a day, i did not play anymore maybe because there is nothing in it that's worth playing over again. So i thought, why did i buy it? For what? To see or hear looney tunes? I can do it free over internet.

  • Not at all impressed!

    by trlsze

    Don't understand the point of this app. Thought maybe you could use the sound board as different ring tones but u can't. The rest of it is plan and boring...sorry I wasted my money!

  • Deleting ASAP

    by jblawson

    This app is so worthless that I'm deleting it as soon as I finish this post just so I won't be reminded that I actually paid for this!

  • Improvement

    by Erlightning

    The sound board are impersonators. What a worthless app. .99 of my money.

  • Horrible, worthless app

    by Mickeydk123

    This was a waste of time and 99 cents. I could have created better cards on my own. And what's so great about the sound board? The sounds CANNOT be integrated into the scenes or cards.

  • Hokey

    by sirlag

    Not even real sound-bytes... They're bad impersonations. I've deleted the app already. Not even worth one star.

  • Eh, what's NOT, Doc?

    by KWDragon

    Wow. This app was a huge disappointment. The sounds are minimal & the scene creator was boring in a single try. I am very sorry I spent $0.99 for this. It doesn't entertain me or my kids. I will be uninstalling it. If I can't get my money back, at least I can get some space back. Don't waste your time on this.

  • Missing key characters

    by Soonerj

    Great app for LT fans but it completely ignores Fud, speedy Gonzales, and a few others.

  • Cute but needs improvement

    by Christy96319

    I love looney tunes and honestly that was the reason I got it but I am disappointed with it. There needs to be updates and additions. Cute for a free app but not worth $1.99

  • Boo

    by walty walt

    Not worth two bucks. Hey! It's looney toon to pay more.

  • Cute!

    by kattheaunt

    Not so much to it but cute if you love Looney Tunes. Hope they add more items in each category...

  • Looney tunes

    by Mousefan42

    It's soundboard is great and I love the scene creator I love looney tunes!!!!!!

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