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Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

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Inception Mobile Architect will give users the ability to recreate the magic of the film and bend reality in the palm of their hand. After taking a photo of their environment, satellite data will be used to fold the surrounding location imagery onto to the photo, mimicking the effect from the film. The satellite imagery will be real-time making the application useable in any outdoor setting with a skyline.

Customer Reviews

  • Disable WB Apps tab

    by MasterPlan77

    I used to use this app for its intended purpose, but now I seem to just be using it to access the Internet, and I'd rather not. The WB Apps tab doesn't link to apps by Warner Bros. anyway, so why not remove it or just have it enabled when Safari is enabled? Could you fix that in the next update?

  • I like this app

    by Callshuriidh

    Some people don't like this app but I do, sometimes it won't work right but it is still neat.

  • Alright for free...

    by Type Two

    It's "Okay" but, why not import a photo onto Photoshop and Skew the photo? 10x better.

  • Could be better

    by JessicaNoelle

    It would get 5 stars if, while connected to wifi, could put a real picture from google images of where the picture was taken, or if they could actually bend the horizon like in the movie, but since it's free I recommend it

  • Worked for me

    by haeY kcuF

    Failed on the first try but has worked every time since. Would be cooler if they used the 3-D buildings option from Google Earth, but I'm not sure if that would be supported well enough to be practical.

  • Makes sense

    by 4362436

    I think it's cool, and it makes since to use the images from Google. Those are from a bird's-eye view, and in the movie, at the perspective these pictures were taken at, the bent "ground" was as if you were looking down at it.

  • Huh?????

    by Tap resort creator

    What's up with the test image? How do u make it ur own pictures?

  • More fun than the movie

    by Ron Konkoma

    I'm living the dream!

  • Fun!

    by Calliecp

    Cool film and cool app. Doesn't look like this would work on an iPad or any device without a camera though.

  • Not the best app

    by TheArMyBoY93

    It's no the best but it gets cool pics though I just think they should of put more stuff into it

  • Cool

    by BentByInception

    Got some really cool images of my neighborhood folding on top of itself!

  • Eh.

    by MegMotionless

    The shutter doesn't open so I don't know what I'm taking a picture of.. It's a great idea and would be a really cool app if the world "Google" wasn't all over the satellite image in the background.. With a lot of updates, this would be an amazing app.

  • ...?

    by Steinthor Helgason

    Ok so I tried this app and I took a picture of my window, i was just trying it. Then suddenly music started to sound, BABAAAAA, BABAAAA and a satellite picture of my neighborhood started to fade in and then the app crashed.... Not worth your MB.

  • Doesn't work

    by iTony777

    Every time I click to take a photo it goes to a black screen and does nothing. iPhone 3G S with latest updates.

  • Joke

    by XXSxytheXX

    I didn't like this app. It uses a google image instead of editing the image you take.

  • Epic Fail

    by IamZelda

    Really nothing else to be said. It does not work.

  • Disappointing.

    by espiTM

    Good thing it's free. Deleted after first use

  • Don't get the point.

    by APVangeliLMS

    Inception - The App has a purpose, and isn't just a movie tie-in. This, however, is a joke.

  • Boriiiiing

    by JPili

    I thought it would be cool because it would use your photo to make the altered image but it just uses a random google map in the back.

  • Terrible

    by F*** This App

    Opens. Closes. Thats all

  • Crashes on iPad

    by rshingles

    Description says it works on iPad but after downloading the app it crashes when trying to open. Also app support doesn't even bring up a page. Needs work to work! Got it working on an iPhone but the app has no sense of direction. It always wraps a map that is in the northern direction irregardless of the direction you take the picture.

  • Trash

    by Fhbfhdhcgbd

    This app does work it changes in to garbage

  • 

    by hall

    Its shows a google map y it duznt deserve a 

  • Quality

    by Truepr

    This deserves less than one star. won't work always crashes

  • Crashes all the time

    by Pologom89

    What kind of app is this? Crashes all the time!!

  • Speaking for everyone

    by NoBrodcast

    Crashy McCrasher App

  • More like DECEPTION

    by Rudedude1958

    Nuff said crashes more than a test dummy "rated one star cause there's nothing lower or I would!

  • Doesn't work!!!

    by Ipodmaster2000


  • Unbelievable

    by D451d

    Given the high-tech theme, the level of interest in the movie right now, wouldn't you expect the app to at least work? It downloads beautifully, opens to a nice little graphic, and then crashes. Amateur day at the app store.

  • Horrible

    by Zzzzz638459

    Womt open -_-

  • Fail!

    by Jeffer2299

    Will not load! Just freezes and shuts down!

  • Fail

    by Monkeyradio

    This app fails just adds a pic from google to your pic

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