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Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Additional bug fixes made

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With just one easy click, you can have inside, exclusive access to your favorite celebrities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the "Extra" iPhone app!

As the second longest-running entertainment newsmagazine on TV, only "Extra"at The Grove gives you a front row seat next to Hollywood's hottest stars, along with the inside scoop on all the up-to-the-minute entertainment news.

Breaking news, hot photos, great lists, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes video and more -- right on your iPhone!

Customer Reviews


    by Colts019

    I luv it . I read it every day. It keeps me up 2date with Hollywood .

  • Fun app!

    by Marsha West


  • Fully Entertainment !!!!

    by Mr. DJ Sam

    Entertainmnet, Entertainment & Entertainment

  • Superstars

    by Kanye Best

    The best easy to use app


    by Jennaaaa

    I love the iPhone app, so I was psssssyched to find an iPad app for Extra!

  • Good

    by Hope-1

    This is a good app keep you up to date on news.

  • I can't sign in :/

    by Kmaster9

    Update it please!!!

  • Prank

    by Bfvsgf..fan

    Pvp SAAN!! I'm here to look at the times (; and because of bfvsgf or prank vs prank (: love them so much pvpeep (:

  • Mario!!!

    by bklynyoungboy

    Only got this app because of Mario Lopez!!!!

  • Html5 woohoo!

    by mellacakes

    Nice update! Love the video player - Can't get enough of Mario!

  • Great Video player

    by Ilovethestarapp

    Nice App!

  • Great! Easy to use

    by cantypants

    Love it

  • Amazing Video Player

    by AppGenius

    Really slick experience and incredible response times on video - nice job!

  • Love the updates

    by rickenbacker4035

    HTML5!!! Whoo-hoo!

  • Great new updates!

    by Tmz#1fan

    The new updates look great!!! Very sleek, nice job!

  • Extra

    by anahi ascencio

    Great app has all the news!!!!

  • Works great

    by Busymom in san diego

    No issues loading, works great and up to date. Very pleased!

  • Extra app.

    by Belle 10

    Won't load since new update on 10/4

  • Good

    by Kolia806

    It's alright

  • Lol

    by Oriental spice

    This is to "slickvico", pretty sad u went out of ur way to download this app for the main purpose u want to insult other ppl for liking celebrity gossip, they like what they like. looks like YOU need a life, loser. ANYWAY, i Dig the app :) it's free! Why not download it?

  • Waah

    by Sha1424

    Trying to sign up as a new user, I hit submit and it boots me out!! EVERY TIME!!! Please fix this issue, I've been trying to sign up for weeks now!!

  • This app doesnt allow you to sign on

    by JJ oroz

    When you're trying to log on or sign on it doesn't allow you to do a new user

  • Horrible App

    by Shelle1717

    It's not been updated since May. Don't waste your time. Extra should be ashamed.

  • May news in September! WT%?

    by Luckybuttdog

    Don't waste your time getting this app. Even for free its not worth having. News has not been updated since may. It's September!

  • Never updated

    by Lynnh1

    Horrible!!! Hasn't been updated since May, 2012. Deleting!!!

  • WTH

    by Dgryu

    Last news dated May??? Don't waste my time!! Deleted it!!!

  • Used to be good

    by Donna Lynn 237

    I used to like this app but the stories haven't been updated since May. Heck TMZ updates theirs several times per day. Extra, you've become extinct!

  • Terrible

    by deux yeux

    Old news...deleted app

  • Extra - way behind!!

    by KatandEric2000

    Not worth it! News from May.

  • Disappointed

    by Mintlover#1

    Old news, takes to long to load, Bad APP!! Not worth your time

  • News hasn't updated since May!

    by MindyKY

    Evidently they don't realize they have competition. I will stick with E!

  • Not worth a single star

    by WickedlyEvil

    App gets stuck on advertisements. New is over a month old.

  • News doesn't update

    by califgary

    News hasn't updated since May. Can't believe they havnt addressed this!

  • Doesn't open

    by Teejayrn

    This app doesn't open more than half the time. They never seem to update it. Don't waste your time.

  • Extra

    by Luzbolts

    Hasn't renewed forever! Can't believe they haven't resolved this issue!

  • App hasn't updated since 4/18/12.....

    by Persiankity33

    I even deleted it and redownloaded it and it's still NOT working

  • Doesn't update!!! Not good

    by Cards96

    This app has not updated since April 18th. No response to emails. Deleting this app! Don't waste your time!!!!

  • Not Working

    by walt300

    App has not updated since April 18. Email to has not had any response. Shame on Extra

  • Won't update

    by PeggyPNP

    Same stories for 16 days. Not worth the annoyance. Deleting!!!

  • Never Updated

    by 01 Mander

    Have had this app a week or so and it has never been updated! What a waste! Deleting it. :(

  • Cookies

    by Wake up app maker!

    Downloaded the app and can't get past the Oreo cookie ad. Seems to be a problem here!

  • decent

    by Donut

    prefer the website instead despite its poor design. the ads kept annoying me as i try to navigate thru stories and photos so i uninstalled the app.

  • Lame

    by Lsweet28

    I'm deleting this annoying app. When you start the app the add gets stuck and you have to close and re-open to get to the mediocre stories

  • Bad app now!

    by Sunnywils

    Keeps crashing. When it does open I know see an ad that will not go away. I like tmz better anyways, will be deleting this one as it's been weeks since it's been broken! 

  • Crash

    by aaron130

    App WAS fantastic now it just crashes after a minute of use!! Please fix!!!

  • Was good now just an ad shows up!

    by Eds_iphone

    This was a good app for entertainment news. Now all I see is a stupid Ad, for Marriott I think, that won't go away.

  • Won't load

    by Maasmity

    Ever since the update the app keeps crashing...please fix

  • Not working!

    by Darcyb511

    I used to use this app all the time. Now for about the past month, it won't even load.. Please update or fix!

  • Pic Captions Lack Pertinent Info

    by 4StarApp

    I'm deleting this app. Whoever writes your pic captions is a moron & this app is frustrating. For example, 12 Devilish Movies: Not once, in either descriptions, did you give the name of the MOVIES. Uh, hello!!! In other pics/lists you ALWAYS omit the names of celebrities--are we automatically supposed to know the name of every celeb? Sounds petty, but what's the point of taking the time to view your lists if I have no clue of who or what your pic is about.

  • What happened

    by Newmom2010

    App was good now it's frozen won't load for couple days now. ?????

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