Ellen's Know or Go Free Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Warner Bros.
  • Updated: May, 17 2011
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 19.78 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

• Select any question level at any time
• See how near you are to finishing a difficulty level and how close that next tough achievement is
• If you’re in a hurry, speed through the anticipation, payoff, scoring and continue screen
• Want to answer more questions? Now you can buy an extra 300 questions

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385 Ratings
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582 Ratings


Now you can play Ellen’s Know or Go, Ellen’s favorite game from her show! Put your knowledge to the test with the hilarious trivia game on your iPhone or iPad – and impress Ellen with your brilliance! But remember, if you don’t know the answer, you’re gonna get dropped! Can you handle the tension?

In the Full version, Jump right into the game with your own personal avatar. Grab a photo of yourself from your camera or Facebook, then pick from several custom outfits. If you want to update your look, you can choose a new wardrobe! Then listen as Ellen narrates the game, making jokes and eggs you on. No trivia game has ever been more fun!

If you’ve got what it takes to challenge Ellen, the Full version will give you 600 questions in 7 different categories, including history, current events, music, TV and more. You’ll never get bored — there are always new questions! Play single player or against friends to become the top player on the world-wide leader board (Game Center integrated), then brag about your scores on Facebook.

And in the Full Version of Ellen’s Know or Go for iPad, you’ll get an additional 200 questions – and can watch yourself drop from the cliffs of South America, the icebergs in Antarctica, the planks of a treacherous pirate ship and more! So go on and get started – and remember, if you don’t know, you go!

Full Version FEATURES:

600 Trivia Questions for iPhone / 800 Trivia Questions for iPad:
- Pop culture themed with seven different categories including History, Music, TV, and other Fun current events.
- No matter what mode you're playing in, the game keeps track of what questions you've been asked, so you're always getting new and unanswered questions!
- A worldwide leaderboard is included in all (3GS and up) of the game's competitive modes giving supreme bragging rights to the gamer with the highest score.
- Listen to Ellen’s comments while you play the game. Don’t be distracted by her taunts!

Avatars (only available in the Full version):
- Create an avatar using either a photo from your device, taking a new picture from your onboard camera, or from your personal Facebook profile.
Tired of your outfit? Switch between several custom outfits that will change the scenery as you battle your way through all the questions.

Play Two Different Games Modes:
- Play a 1-player or 2-player game with a friend. Connect your device via Bluetooth or challenge another player on Game Center and see your opponent’s Avatar on screen along with all of its moves and animations.

Apple Game Center Leaderboards (Apple’s Social Gaming Platform) & Achievements:
- Earn achievements and climb the ranks on the Leaderboards. Unlock over 25 Achievements and compare your score to other friends who play the game.

Facebook Connect:
- Use Facebook Connect to post your scores to Facebook or brag about beating a friend in a 2-player match.


If you’re having problems with the game, please check out our support page:

If you’re still experiencing problems, please email us at: help@ellensknoworgosupport.com


Get everything Ellen in one convenient place, which is better than a lot of inconvenient places.
Get it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ellen/id349051443?mt=8

Customer Reviews

  • Ellen show. Universal Studios

    by Pam Thorpe

    The Ellen show is the most awesome show I have ever watched. I live in this trailer park (aka) trailer trash, but that's okay. Every Mon-Fri at 4:00 pm EST I kick back to watch Ellen. My favs r her surprise shows n 12days giveaway. But, to c the kids face when Ellen does "Magic" 4 their families is a tear jerker. Also Sophie n Gracie r so funny. Well just wanted 2 say "Ellen I love your show." Keep on dancing on. Pam Thorpe. South Bend, Indiana.

  • Awesome and love ELLEN!

    by AlexisGfronzak

    I love this game a lot it's awesome!! But I'm only 9 so I have to ask my family but its really fun!!!!! Also I'm probably the biggest Ellen fan ever she is sooo amazing she's my idol and she expires me, I hope Ellen sees this.

  • Omg

    by Klutzy47

    Ellen thank u so much for putting these apps up so fun


    by Xoxoe101


  • Hard but addicting

    by Preface love happiness

    I love this game it's hard we'll that's probably because I'm only 10

  • Ellen

    by Redone2166

    I'm a big fan of Ellen only if she did her shows on weekends

  • ?

    by HappyAngryBird113

    Which TV show was called Three friends if mine? Answer: Ellen! ?

  • Love it

    by Kennice5

    I love this game P.S. can I be on ur show i have a beatific VOICE

  • Great

    by Mrs.Potter forever

    This app is so entertaining.


    by Rikkitikki_tavi

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! SO FUN!!!!!

  • nice

    by 0402Amy

    fun for a while but wish the free version had more questions

  • Awesome

    by Issac!!

    This app is so cool. I love Ellen

  • So cool!!!

    by Hohoho66

    This game is so fun and I'm only 11 and I get so many questions right!!!! I LOVE ELLEN!!!!

  • Fun^_^

    by Cupcake lover for real

    I love it so much fun!!!!!!!! I am a HUGE ELLEN FAN I love her!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to be in her show one day!!!^_^

  • Luv It!!!!❤

    by Bhronka

    2 words luv it!!!!!!! Luv Ellen!!!!

  • Ellen

    by pass football

    This game is fun but Ellen is funner in bed

  • Wrong Answer

    by De-Ann Ricketts

    The question: which President invented bifocals? The answer: Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was never president.

  • Woah!

    by Nyesha226

    This game is amazing I'm a really big Ellen fan :)

  • Love it!:)

    by CatsPajamas212

    I love this game I am 12 and I think this game is really fun. You need to make more apps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • Fun but hard

    by 567679

    I love this game but it's hard and I'm only 12

  • Sounds good

    by JulesHJH

    Sounds good but it won't download on my iPhone!

  • good choice!

    by Labbie luver

    This app by Ellen id really fun!!!!!!!!!

  • Fun

    by mmt2012

    I love this app❕❕❕ it has challenging trivia but I am only 11 so woo hoo. Everybody older than me with more experience should get the questions right but for now I just have to keep asking my family when I play it.

  • Great

    by Hotfunnays

    I feel sorry for the people who can't use this app my iPod touch took a long time to load but I got it to load up eventually  great app

  • So much fun :D

    by Camille Nankoo

    Haha wow I love Ellen and this game. When I saw the show they showed really easy questions and when I'm playing I'm like wth?! Lol still fun though :P

  • Great

    by Risings

    Very fun!

  • Ya buddy

    by Caty:)"

    I luv Ellen her show is the bomb Get this app it's free and amazing so............ya buddy and ya so u should get it no questions asked its so fun Super fun to play at parties and ya so ya buddy just get the stinking app already if ur still reading enough said

  • Good app

    by Morgan Davis

    I like trivia, but kind of cheesy.

  • Fun!

    by Hannibtr1128

    Luv it!!!! It is fun and challenging, well to me, I am only 11. But this game is awesome!!! <3<3<3

  • Hard!& fun

    by Science Fanatic

    This app is one of the hardest games I've played but it's fun. Plus I'm only 12

  • Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Boboman123

    It's soooooooo much fun Ellen is the most awesome person in the world and has created an awesome game for everyone to enjoy!!

  • So-So

    by Bernedet

    I love this game and I love Ellen but sometimes this game just gets on my nerve!!!

  • I wish I could give it 1,000,000,000,000 stars!!!

    by Regular Show Rocks

    This is my FAV app and I have high standards for an app to be my fav 

  • Ellen Fan

    by Mincy

    Love this game on Ellen's show and love the fact there's an app for it! Want to download the full version but a bit pricey for me at $1.99. I don't pay more than .99c for a game! Will buy it if the price is lower. Overall a GREAT game!!!

  • Best Trivia app

    by TudorLover

    I love this game, very fun. Found most of the questions to be very easy, but there were a few brain stumpers. Finished the free version so I'm gonna buy the full version, seems it will be worth the $1.99. Get this app if you like trivia games!!

  • Ellen rox!!

    by miaaa7

    I love Ellen and this app I'm watching Ellen now LOL

  • .....

    by Mackenzie101010101010101010101

    I love Ellen, but this apps questions are too difficult.

  • Ellen

    by Pikaru!13

    I love Ellen she's so funny I'm only 9

  • 

    by Forgive me Kimber

    The omly thong I don't like is that she won't shut up so I can read what it's asking

  • Fun

    by Ehawk22

    It's fun but if you get a life saver and you don't use it and then you die it doesn't save it But other then that it's FUN. GET IT NOW

  • Great App!

    by Ray681991

    I love this app. I have an iPod 2nd generation an it works fine! Its interesting and fun. I like the trivia questions...Some make you think and others you just know nothing too challenging, but challenging enough to keep you interested. Im really glad they made this free version. I was afraid the questions would be repetitive and in a matter if ten mins I'd know all the answers since it was free, but it's not! It's GREAT! ❤ ♡ ❤ ღ

  • Ellens know or go


    I  this game

  • Love it!!!!

    by Mrs. Reviewer

    I love this game it's great I watch Ellen every morning she is the best but when I try to play 2 player on gamecenter it doesnt work i have great Internet but it just doesn't work but anyways I love Ellen and I love this app woo!!!!!!!! :)

  • Ellen u rock!!

    by Morganza#17

    Ellen u rock and so does this app it's really fun but I have one request...MAKE A CUT THE CORD APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)

  • Horrible

    by Anoosha25

    Dont get it!! Ellen rocks but this app stinks!!!!!

  • LOVE this game and Ellen

    by BigHairz

    I love this game, played on my friends iPad - just bought the one with more questions - thanks Ellen!

  • Pretty good

    by Girl220

    I love this app but the life savers don't work!!!!!! :(

  • Love it

    by Shanti_5

    This is a great game and I love Ellen!!!! 

  • Ellen app

    by Warren Swingle

    Love it.

  • 

    by Professional writer

    I love Ellen but this app stinks. It won't load! The loading is a piece of  I am sure it's a good app and all, but it won't load! I would love to try it sometime...BUT IT WON'T LOAD!!!!!!!

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