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Get everything Ellen in one convenient place, which is better than a lot of inconvenient places.

Watch her latest monologue, see clips and pics from the show, even read what Ellen is blogging! And you can even catch her latest tweets. It’s apptastic!

 Take Ellen with you wherever you go with the Ellen iPhone app. Plus, get a glimpse of Ellen’s own video shot from her iPhone!

Customer Reviews

  • Great app if it didn't freeze so much

    by Rosarah

    I like the app so far. Lots of fun stuff but it keeps freezing on the same advertisement everything. Samsung Galaxy ad. Half way through pic or videos it has happened every time I have looked at this app. Only this ad every time it comes up. And you can't just click off it take a while to reset itself. Other than that great app as far as I can tell.

  • GREAT APP!!!!



  • Why

    by Thisgirl_51991

    Awesome app. However very frustrated with all the freezes. Literally can only view half of the photos and then it freezes on stupid advertisement.

  • Love Ellen

    by _mahomie4life_

    This app is everything and it gets me closer to one of my idols ELLEN !!

  • Love Ellen

    by Yoeternal

    Awesome app


    by melissa herforth

    she is awesome and so is this app,


    by DreBerry

    Thanks Ellen for bringing you even closer to all of us! You are an ANGEL and a Great source of POSITIVE ENERGY!!! Love your App! Love you even more❤️

  • Best app ever

    by BlondeE751

    I'm only 12 years old and I can honestly say this is the BEST APP EVER and would recommend it to anyone who likes ellen and anyone who doesn't like ellen .......... Who am I kidding everyone loves ellen!!!!!!!!!!! I ❤️ ellen

  • Omg!!!

    by JB and me

    I have the Ellen app!!! Omg!!! Better thing to ever happen to me lmbo!!! Kitties everywhere!!!

  • Ellen app

    by No one u should care

    This is so cool now I can know more about Ellen and watch all her comedy talk

  • Love it!!!

    by csantana880

    Love the show??? You're going to love this app, everything there is to love about Ellen now in my pocket. I can watch highlights from the show while "working" it doesn't get better than this. Love you Ellen you're awesome!!!

  • Good

    by Ayham elamari

    Real nice app

  • Good

    by JAYJAY Reviewer

    I love this App and I love more that I'm the first one to comment and rate!

  • Ads

    by jpinhey

    Too many advertisements & app isn't updated regularly

  • Ghuf

    by Osfrjeix

    Very amazing

  • Cool

    by Littleme_33

    I love Ellen and this app makes the world way easer take Ellen were ever you go I love you Ellen

  • #loveit

    by Great Quiz

    I love Ellen! I love her show! I love this app! I love the website! I love it all! I ❤ u Ellen!

  • There is sound.

    by Littlemixer2234

    Okay. So i downloaded the app once, it didn't have sound, then i played Temple run two, and it didn't have sound. I turned on my ringer, and it worked. Then i downloaded the app again, with my ringer on, and it worked. Instant fix! Thanks for the awesome app Ellen!!!!

  • Wow

    by Mehdi Ghaffari

    That's awesome app Thanx for bring us laugh ;-)

  • Ellen

    by Jerseygirl2012

    Ellen's app is great but it won't let me get to the be on the show. I have Wi-Fi but it keeps telling me to check my connection and won't let me get to that part of the app everything else on the app it lets me get to but not that part and it's frustrating because I deleted and re-downloaded the app and I still have that problem.

  • NO SOUND!!

    by Wish I could hear it!!

    NO SOUND!! I have tried everything to hear anything within the Ellen app on my iPhone but nothing works. I'll be deleting the app until a fix is found. Disappointed!!!!

  • Current Version Is Just As Crappy As Previous Versions

    by Tired Of Constant App Failures

    There is no sound!!! I tried three things to fix the problem. I turned the volume all the way up on my iPad 2. I turned my iPad 2 off and then on again. I deleted the app and then downloaded it again. Nothing worked. Another problem that occurs is that the videos are constantly starting out pixelated and then only possibly clearing up or the videos start out clear and then become pixelated and then only possibly become clear again. When and if these major problems are fixed, I will revise my rating. Also, there needs to be an iPad version of this app.

  • Too many ads :-(

    by SisterKristian

    Too many ads :-(

  • Could be Great

    by O.O.T.B

    I love Ellen and I would love the app if it weren't for all the bugs! You can't really do anything on it because its so jacked up. I tried deleting it and reloading twice but it made no difference. I will gladly reload it again when and if it's been updated and the bugs are straightened out.

  • Disappointed and Stressed!

    by tkyles

    This App is ok for reviewing the show and getting information. I've had this App for a while, but I've never been able to open the page that says, "Be on the show", it always says: page 404 not found! I'm really upset about not being to enter the 12 Days contest because the submit button is not there !!!! Also, I have an iPad 1st generation and I can't submit my photo from the entey form, is it not compatible? I love Ellen and her show and I want to be able to access the App when I'm not home. I'm stressed! I have photos to submit for the show, have not been able to submit them. I apologize if I'm not doing things properly.

  • Horrible

    by TMCgirl

    I enjoy Ellen and her show so much. This app was sketchy from the beginning and the just stopped being usable altogether. It wont play any videos now - it just scrolls through screenshot after screenshot without ever playing anything. It sorely lacked in updated content, also. The app needs desperately needs fixing but, once fixed, it needs an on-the-ball keeper.


    by directioner

    UPDATE AND PLEASE FIX! i am not able to go on "Be on the Show" because i have network connection. but my settings say i do have full connection.!?

  • Keeps freezing

    by TAOD1234

    I love the Ellen show, but am not impressed with this app. Repeated attempts to get into the section,Be On the Show, failed with the screens freezing. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it, but no luck. This app was clearly not ready to be pushed out, yet!

  • Not so great

    by Noopydogg

    I cant open "be on the show" it loads forever and to be honest i dont have that long to wait before it opens

  • Really Slow

    by PuppiesSC

    I love the Ellen show but the app is soooooooooo slow!

  • You rock

    by Beck222222

    Ellen you're the best

  • Ellen app

    by EHB2410

    Love it

  • Ellen app

    by 3plusme

    This app is very slow, freezes and crashes very often. I would like to say that sound works but I didn't make it that far. Froze n crashed before I got to watch a video. Needs major improvement. Till then, I'll have to watch her videos on you tube. Hope they're the same ones!

  • Your#1 fan

    by Kathryn Auville

    One of the best talk show on tv. I never miss a show and if I have to be gone it is recording. You are the best Ellen. Tell momma happy Mother's Day.

  • #1Ellen fan !!!!!!!

    by Ptlm5

    Love love love this app watch Ellen every day. I never had a problem with this app

  • Awesome!

    by Loyal Reviewer


  • Has potential

    by Constance

    Looks like a great app if it would quit freezing up.....

  • Love my Ellen app

    by Kyc98

    If u can't get enough Ellen get this app!

  • Glitchy

    by victory<3

    It's slow and it keeps skipping on the videos :(

  • by cKhuurd

    Too slow

  • App

    by mrsmemaof9

    This app has been installing for over a month, what's the problem??

  • No sound!

    by Khpufyund

    I've deleted and reinstalled and still no sound. I get sound with other apps so not fault of iPhone.

  • I got a question

    by Q_T1969

    Howdo i upload a video of me singing to ellen??

  • Has potential

    by Aimarie19

    This could be a great app but so many bugs! Once an advertisement comes up you are stuck! You can't close, continue, go back.... That's it. Tried closing app out and reopening, nothing helped. Had to delete app altogether :(

  • Ellen is amazing

    by Ahouck24

    I love Ellen I watch her everyday. I love seeing how kind and caring she is towards ppl. There need to Be more ppl like her in the world

  • Owner

    by Brent Rahm

    Hi Ellen! I love your show!! Watch it every chance I get! Have me on the show!!!!

  • How to get rid of psych

    by Apple iPod 4g

    Ok so when the psych ad comes on hit visit webstite and its going to take you to a blank screen hit cancel in the bottom right corner then you can do whatever you want on the app hope this helped :) Also the videos take to long to load but still good ._.


    by Funyunguy

    I'll just watch the show. At least you have some control of the ads! There is no way to get out of the psych ad or the Honda ad or the Bose ad etc. etc. etc. Please fix!

  • Stupid psych

    by Sarah2791

    I hate psych ad

  • Ellen app

    by HagerC

    I love the Ellen show and this app is great until the Psych advertisement comes up. I can't get out of it and have to delete the app.

  • Long Live Ellen!

    by CorveeS

    Thank you Ellen for spreading Kindness to everyone!

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