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Now supports iPad Air and iPad Mini with retina display

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*** Featured by Apple as Best Apps of 2010, 2011 and 2012 ***
*** National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) - GOLD winner in the Educational Tools for Parents and Children category! ***
*** A Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner ***

Have you ever built a Solar system model? Cups, bowls, and papier-mache balls are in the past, because Solar Walk is a time-sensitive accurate information-packed interactive model of the Solar system and the Milky Way galaxy.

This 3D Solar System model lets you navigate through space and time, see all the planets in close-up, learn their trajectories, inner structures, history of their exploration, points of interest and more. It even has detailed 3D models of the most interesting man-made satellites. Use 3D mode to get a more realistic experience and zoom out to view and spin the entire Galaxy!


“Zoom from Mercury to Pluto (which makes the cut in this app), passing each planet’s moons along the way. Because Solar Walk knows what time it is, the planets are in proper orientation to the Sun: Earth is dark where it is currently night and gradually lightens to daytime on the other side,”© by Sam Grobart from The NYT.

“Instead of exploring the night sky and deep space, you get to tour our Solar system in luscious 3D graphics. The iPad version is breathtaking with crisp graphics and beautiful color. The smooth finger controls combined with the spectacular graphics make this a perfect demo for the iPad. Dragging your finger to fly around the planets is a bit intoxicating, and I'm impressed with the smooth animation.” © by Mel Martin, TUAW.


• GALAXY view - absolutely magical zoom out to view the whole galaxy option.
• TIME MACHINE - set any date you want including even minutes and take a travel through space and time.
• MOVIES - explanatory movie collection about the Earth’s phenomena.
• SATELLITES - real-time trajectories of the most interesting artificial Earth's satellites.
• INFO about all planets - general info, its name, its mass, radius, distance to the sun, internal structure with the picture and science missions.
• MOONS of DIFFERENT PLANETS: select a planet like Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars or Urano and observe how many moons they have and their track around the planet. Select one of the moons and learn.
- MIRRORING - wirelessly mirror the screen to an Apple TV 2.

*No Internet connection required*
Mind that to use the 3D mode you will need a pair of cyan-red 3D glasses. And, yes, we know that Pluto is no longer considered a planet, but by popular vote it has been added to the Solar System Model anyway.

Customer Reviews

  • Best

    by David1321432

    Great game I love it so 3d I wish it had a couple more things like comet ison , goldielox , Planet X , and more please put this in your new update but a great game

  • Cool

    by Yygu rghjshkfnvkutrs

    It is the best app ever! But it doesn't open on iPhone 5s help!

  • Awesome!

    by NightTalkFan

    I am amazed at the quality of this app. I just bought another app by the same developer (Geo Walk) to support them in what they are doing. Keep up the good work!!!

  • App won't open on iPhone 5s

    by Verdugop88

    This app has been awesome, except in the last week it no longer opens. I also just tried to update it to the most recent version but that didn't help either. My kids and I love this app and are looking forward to a fix. Please help!

  • Best app for education!

    by Penglong1990

    Very best app for education about space!

  • Best App EVER!

    by TNTiscool101

    This is the best space explorer related app ever! A couple things could be added like ISON all the gas giant moons Uranus rings and more missions but other than that it's amazing!

  • Amazing - But Broken...

    by RickandTracy2

    I've been using this app along with Star Walk for quite sone time and I absolutely love them both. Unfortunately, this one now crashes on my IOS7 iPhone constantly. I can't even get it to start anymore. Please fix this! I want to use this app!

  • International Space Station fan

    by -Cosmic21-

    The ISS looks stunning, with the ability to rotate around this gigantic structure I feel like I'm there! I've not found another app that even comes close to this level of detail and beauty.

  • Awesome App

    by Supersparky1313

    I think this is the best space app I know of

  • Espectacular

    by Omega2018

    Una gran App para la educación, muy didáctica!!!!

  • Good app

    by JamesTursio42

    It is amazingly beautiful and fun to use. I just wish it would have a bit more info about certain places- maybe Titan, for example? Also, more image galleries please!

  • All

    by parcker

    This app has EVERYTHING!!!!! From moving around the solar system to seeing the rovers and it has 3D!!!

  • All

    by parcker

    This app has EVERYTHING!!!!! From moving around the solar system to seeing the rovers and it has 3D!!!

  • Fantastic

    by RiverStome

    This is the best APP I have. The combination of detail, high resolution graphics, beauty and information delivers a truly satisfying visual and intellectual experience.

  • Crashed in ios7

    by parviz.bahri

    please fix the crash in iOS 7. Thanks

  • Magical

    by Mim p

    This app is incredible, It's very educational and simply beautiful. I recommend putting your headphones on before you start exploring it.


    by LydaD

    Never seen an app like this. It's perfect with loads on info and content and realistic models of planets, moons, astroids, etc. it show pictures of just about anything and even displays telescopes and things like that. I'm very pleased it includes a search bar and I think this is one of the best apps ever. I just wish I had 3-D glasses 0_0

  • Cool but I have things that need to be fixed or added

    by Michael Foster

    Add all of the gas giants and ice giants known moons Venus needs moons Neptune needs its rings Add VY cephei Add gliese581 Kepler69 Kepler62 Also need to be included Pollux Arcturus Rigel Aldebaran Betelgeuse Antares Shadron soul All need to be included

  • Visualize the Universe

    by Needs new Pictures

    Great application! The children are really able to gasp the basic nature of our solar system. I recommend this to anyone that needs to covey how the planets are positioned around the sun. It's a dynamic tool for education.

  • Nope, no Crashes

    by Sherryist

    Yeah, mine works just fine. I think this App is awesome. Try using it while watching Discovery Channel's series on Planets. It's great.

  • User

    by A7mad 677

    Not work with iPhone 4 - iOS 7

  • Best app in history

    by Geography whiz

    This is such a great app! It shows detail on planets and moons like never before! Only one request, the map of Venus is not too accurate. Otherwise I would have paid ten dollars for it.

  • Great App

    by Gregory Lewis

    I absolutely love it.

  • Out standing app

    by Raohio

    I use this app all the time when I'm interested in learning about our solar system!! Great app totally worth it!!!

  • Great app

    by Mr. Riggs

    Awesome app thanks for making it.

  • Retina need

    by kysil

    also Retina need for my MBPR

  • Crashing, useless since iOS 7

    by luckychris

    Loved it until iOS 7, now continues to crash. Can't use it at all. HELP!

  • My favorite application!!

    by BananaSodaPop

    Very detailed and great picture quality! Learned a lot from this app

  • Beautiful and Interactive

    by •Psycho•Scooby•

    A really cool look at our universe and what all is in it. I really enjoyed this app when I first downloaded it and it is still fun to go back to. Only issues is it is prone to crashing, and also takes a minute to load. Other than that a really fun and interesting app.

  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    by Empuriabrava2013

    So amazing ! You creators will become famous! Geniuses !!!!!¡!!!!!

  • Absolutely breathtaking! Highly recommended

    by Nate192xd

    Just amazing. Worth every penny.

  • Space

    by Skinned bones

    This is the best space app ever !!!

  • Awesome app

    by Unknown635

    Best solar app on the iPhone

  • Z

    by Oiley8888

    I love this app!

  • User

    by User not too

    Simply; very interactive,better than others apps like this(go out there and see for yourselves)nasa's for instance. It will be an absolute advantage to know things in real time. However,after purchasing its in-app item,HD Earth,I realized that it is not as "HD" as I've been expecting.This paid update is graphically improved only a in patchy way,meaning,not all parts of HD Earth are in fact "HDed". Antarctica,China,parts of Russia and Africa as instances. to be more specific South Pole has a circle of blurry spot in the middle of it,just as it was in SW non-HD version. It is NOT as clear at all comparing to any other major continent of western hemisphere. I just think it can be enhanced indeed and justly. Thanks to developers though... And please fix it so i can bring the notch up to 5 stars again as it deserves to be. :)

  • Great app!

    by pworth1971

    Very cool application that I highly recommend for anyone with interest in astronomy.

  • Excellently Logical!

    by Justin Z.

    I love this app! Could I request the New Horizons mission be added? Thank you for making such an awesome app!

  • Best space app so far!

    by Flanua

    I like HDMI support and mirroring it's the best space app. This app hides more functions inside.

  • Thank you

    by ~ Alireza ~

    Thank you. Add Display other galaxies and other space missions.

  • Educator

    by gentle flower

    A delightful application. Filled with information and user friendly.

  • I want the code!!!!!

    by Device genius

    I love this app! I've learned so much from it and I want to get more from it and I'll really love to get the code!!

  • Makes all the other space exploration look like crap

    by jiggly kitty

    Ive had this app forever. Im never going to delete this.

  • Simply beautiful

    by badabingbingbing

    Stunning. Makes me want to be an astronaut

  • Great!

    by Nikolas Dupi

    A well done app with stunning graphics!

  • Love it

    by $ky021

    Love it just love it worth every penny

  • Best Astronomy Education Value

    by Brandon Olson

    As a former astrophysics student, this app helped me relearn much info about the immediate solar system as well as relative planet/sun relationship for better value than I ever spent on text books or classes.

  • Best app Eva

    by Zeh Kool Guy

    This is one of the best app for seeing space

  • Solar System

    by JtDaft

    I love the app in iOS 6 but on iOS 7 it crashes SO MUCH!!!!! I have to delete it!

  • Need to add the new comet

    by Michael Cline

    Please update your comet listen to include all new comets your current list doesn't include ISON and other space object that have been found plz I love your app but plz include ISON!

  • Experience the Solar System Like Never Before

    by Commander of the Fleet

    The accuracy and detail of this app is incredible. See all the planets, the sun, and other satellites and asteroids. It provides interesting information and 3D models about each planet and the sun. Go below the surface and see a model of the layers of the planet/sun. I can't wait to see the high resolution earth and other missions.

  • Amazing!

    by flatulent fireman

    Incredible eye candy. I can immerse myself in this app for an hour. Love the background music too. Nice job!

  • Great!

    by A Google User

    A cool app that you should buy. Great 3D Retina Display. I'll give it 5+ Stars.

  • Amazing

    by Dms teacher

    This app is extremely beneficial for my students

  • amazing

    by samy644

    the graphics are unbelievably stunning

  • Solar walk

    by 3chris-san

    Enjoying it very much with children.

  • Love this app

    by Mitch2156689

    I love astronomy and this app helps me understand it more. Great detail.

  • Simply great

    by Yellow-glasses

    This app is amazing. I love being able to look up the positions of the planets from dates in the past and future. I just spent a good hour reading facts about Pluto and Charon (It's moon). This will definitely reserve a permanent spot on my phone whenever I feel like learning more about our solar system.

  • Amazing!

    by ?$¢§@„¿¡'

    One of the best apps out there!

  • The planets

    by Average man1

    The game is awesome but cloud add planets out of the solar situm

  • 3D

    by Victoriaaaaljacksooooonn

    This app is incredible, amusing, and very fun to have but the 3D part does not actually work so..I would rate it 4 stars. Great app though!!

  • Great

    by Robert szemelak

    I love but I would like a star comparison scale. I know most stars are larger then our sun but by how much.

  • An awesome app, but...

    by I Eat Pu$$y

    Ever since the iOS 7 update, this otherwise great app has been crashing. It's a fun app that deserves 5 stars simply based on the lasting novelty of it (you can see the orbits of the planets positions two hundred years from now!). The crashes, however, have made it so bad, that I don't use the app anymore. Please fix this problem! UPDATE: It's been a few months since the review above, and I'm still experiencing crashes when the app tries to start up. It's absolutely frustrating, and I feel that I may soon have to delete this app. It's a shame, since it's otherwise an excellent app. Educational, fun, and visually cool. Please fix the problems that I'm experiencing; please!!!


    by LosAngeles90631

    Worth EVERY penny! Getting a little mercenary with IAP's, however.

  • Awesome

    by Minute clock

    Best app to see space

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