FINAL FANTASY XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery Entertainment App Review (iOS, $5.99)


Languages: English

Seller: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Fixed an issue found by playing the application with iPhone4.

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This digital photo album is bursting at its virtual seams with ultra-high resolution FINAL FANTASY XIII imagery. Watch intricate design details come to life as you expand and explore gorgeous CG and character art, discovering hidden minutiae like eye colors, clothing materials, and the brilliant luster of accessories! You won't find this collection of hi-res artwork in the game or on the official web site.

Application includes the function to zoom your favorite image to any level for use as a calendar background.

Customer Reviews


    by blazeferire

    How I'm playing the game FFXIII I see that they have good pictures but now whit the new FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 I hope they make one for it

  • :)

    by FlyleafFix101

    I love the pics! They're so beautiful! Though, there are way too many pics of Lightning! Unless you really love this game, the pice for the app is a bit much.

  • GREAT app for ffxiii fans

    by smileymaggs

    thank god i figured out how to take screenshots so that this AMAZING artwork won't go to waste (there's no formal save function included in the app). if ffxiii is one of your fav games, then this app is definitely for you. the $6 price tag is a tad bit ludacris for just being able to zoom in on the artwork & turn the pics into a calendar, but i'd say it was worth it in the long run. :)

  • Awesomeness

    by Rrobbert184

    Wow very nice cg art!

  • Cool

    by RikusGirl007

    Love this app and the FFVII one! Hope they make one for Kingdom Hearts! And maybe one day add more pics from the game other then that its awesome if you love the game!

  • Needs More Pics

    by Greenpenguin999

    The pictures are beautiful but there's not enough. It should be priced more around a dollar or two. Please add more!

  • Awesome app, not enough pics

    by Revin16

    For the price square enix let us down, not enough pics at all.

  • Amazing

    by Yea3000

    Simply Amazing

  • Great

    by KavenTheNator

    This is a great app if you're a Final Fantasy fan. I just wish they had more pictures though. Final Fantasy XIII is so comprehensive and the gallery just doesn't cover a whole bunch. I'll rate 5 stars if they were to add some more to the gallery.

  • If only...!

    by Jepolite

    I've had this app for quite a time and I still love the amazing photos but like the others I do wish that there would be more photos such as orphan, barthandelus, areas within the game such as oerba and orphans cradle. Enough with lightning pics we need more Fang! (square enix is definitely the best at making the hottest brunettes. Admit it) if this is done, definitely worth 5 stars

  • Need more pictures

    by RockGaM3r

    I think this app needs more pics and I will give 5 stars and tell my friends this if u do. I think the pics r still great tho

  • Awesome

    by JRush21

    Like the pics but it's only been updated once come on even my stupid apps got more

  • Awesome

    by Eself

    I love the pictures right now but I just wish that there was more they need to update with more photos

  • Improvement Requests

    by David.Simmons

    Please make this app iPhone 4 compatible. When zooming it crashes the application after zooming in past a certain point. ALSO the ability to turn off the time/ clock portion on the calendar and to be able to move the calendar around and adjust transparency would be nice. This way you can screen capture with the calendar positioned as you would like and be able to use the calendar background on the lock screen.

  • Nice pics

    by Cjishtehschmecks

    Very nice pics with more to come I'm sure. Also to everyone who gave it low ratings learn how to use your phone before you complain. iPhones have a snapshot feature where you can turn any pic into a wallpaper.

  • Great Pics!

    by The Ghettooooooooooo

    The new pics from the update are AMAZING!!!! Press the lock button and home button to take a pic! That's how you save them!

  • Awesome

    by Playeryoyo

    Needs more pictures of **Fang** ;P

  • Gorgeous!

    by Milagro79

    Beautiful picture quality!!

  • Wish it has more pictures, but still good nonetheless

    by Daytona 360

    It has a good selection of high resolution pictures, not as many as I have hoped for, but should satisfy most FF13 fans. And you can use the screenshot capture on the iPhone to make your own iPhone wallpaper (the Chocobo is just too cute to pass up) The thing that I liked the most is the calendar feature. As shown in the screenshots above, you can choose any of the images, and zoom/pan them to create your perfect calendar. It works in landscape mode too! Suggestions to SE: - While the calendar is a very nice feature, the font color of the calendar should be better. The light teal color that highlights the current day is very difficult to read, especially from a distance. (For example in the screenshots, the 11th is the day highlighted, you can barely see it) - More pictures in future updates - Any plans to make it iPad/high-res compatible?

  • Good

    by greggluther

    Not worth 9$

  • This is just pics

    by Vaerax

    In the store it says: Final Fantasy XII... It doesn't say that this is just friggin pictures.

  • Not enough pictures

    by Kalthanis

    This app is not worth the price for how many pictures come with it. You can't even use them as your as your phone background. And it only comes with a little over 20 pictures. Very disappointed.

  • Expected More

    by Huracane

    Not enough images/ not enough functions to warrant it's price tag. Both of these issues need to be addressed. Give us the ability to save photos for use on our computers. That being said, the images are very nice.

  • Broken on iPhone 4

    by G-LIMITED

    This worked great on my 3GS but is broken on the iPhone 4. When you zoom in, black boxes appear and the app will eventually crash. Please fix!!!!!

  • Thisistrash

    by Thisistrash


  • Not worth it

    by Mariebeau

    I trusted the company, and paid 8 for 20 photos that I can't even save as my wallpaper.


    by Mejoeblack

    Need to ad more images. Should also allow you to make one of the images your wallpaper. We paid for these images let us do what we want with them. If this is all we are getting I am dissapointed with the final fantasy franchise and I did not expect this could happen.

  • Needs more

    by Sea beast fan 2245317

    Definately not worth $6. It needs WAY more photos not just the 20 or so it has.

  • Final fan

    by hollowfied91

    This app is sweet but WTF man I can't even set these as a wallpaper n i wuld give it 5 if I could set the wallpaper asy screensaver I luv the pics but cone on its. The year 2010 n they can't even ad that feature u suk iTunes total wate of money

  • could be better

    by Sir2Laughalot

    is it really worth 8.99????? I was hoping for more pictures and atleast some cooler features where u could have it so every time u opened it up it could be the calendar with a random pic maybe. its just being 8.99 to get pictures that most are already on the site just doesnt seem worth it.

  • Beautiful images

    by Nidebaba

    I agree with other reviewers, I hope there will be more updates with more pictures...

  • Great, but the cost!

    by pirateprince

    Very high quality images, perfect for your wallpaper or just eyeing when you're away from home and can't play FFXIII!! Calendar feature is nice too, but I must admit the cost still seems a little steep. If you're a huge fan, you probably won't mind though!


    by Raz7719

    To those complaining that you cant set these as wallpapers, you can. Choose the wallpaper you like. Press the Home button and the power button at the same time. The screen will flash. This will take a screenshot. Now the picture will be in your camera roll. Set it as wallpaper. Boom, there you go.

  • A good start...

    by Plain Awesome

    In my opinion, it's not worth the money right now. Wait till they update with more pics. The pics are great, but they're nothing I haven't seen. If you love FFXIII, I would recomend waiting a little or buying now.

  • Not a bad app

    by CS182

    Okay, curiosity got the best of me and I couldn't help but buy the app since I could never get the answer I wanted 'how many pictures are in this thing?' and does it justify the price. Answer, content alone, nope, way too overpriced, but I knew what I was getting into so buy at your own risk. Dont get me wrong though, it really is a nice app, I'll get into it a little more. The 'gallery' has a collection of very high resolution cg pictures that regardless of zooming in they are really crisp and amazing. (You can't zoom too far, like if you wanted to zoom into Lightning's corneas, it has it's limits, but impressive nonetheless.) There are only 24 pictures in the gallery (no way justifies the 8.99 pricetag, but if you're a fan, and the 9 dollars won't break you, go for it, again buy at your own risk. The calendar is a interesting concept but is pointless really. Uh, the phones already got a calendar and I rarely use that. So, pretty much an afterthought. (But you can also snap a screenshot of a picture with the phone and save it to your photoroll for wallpaper use, which is nice) Verdict: Buy it if you're a die hard fan. The pictures are amazing, but lacking (a content update from Square throwing some more pictures in and maybe add a useful function (it is a 'gallery' so you can't expect a lot of interaction here) but throw in more pics and it would definately make this one a must buy.

  • Solid first version

    by Aaron P.

    As a final fantasy fan, and someone who loves XIII, this is an awesome app to have on my iPhone. And I'm sure it'll look stunning on the iPad. The quality of these photos are amazing! You get high quality images even when the photo is zoomed in. That blew me away. I always had to find wallpapers on the net, and import them on my phone. Not anymore, this app is perfect for just that. The calender is a visual delight as well, I almost wish it was the default calender on my phone! The only thing I wish this app had is the ability to export these wallpapers from the app/iPhone to my desktop computer. These photos are just begging to be put on my main computer. If you're reading this Square, please put this into consideration.

  • It

    by Mdolla650

    It's an awesome app, however it would be really sweet if we could use the pics as wallpapers?! I Mean for $8.99?!?!?!?! I would expect to be able to do something other then just look at pics?

  • Like it!!!

    by jitc

    Hope for more pictures added!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pros and Cons

    by Noah David

    Pros: - The photos are highly detailed. Being able to zoom in and out is stunning. - The calendar function is neat and looks really great as well. Cons: - Not as many photos as I expected. - Calendar function is neat but there needs to be options to move the calendar location as well as the time (hour:minutes) - Would be nice to be able to tap and hold on a picture to save to your camera roll instea of using the Power Button + Home Button technique to save a screencap.

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