FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: THE WAR OF THE LIONS for iPad Games App Review (iOS, $15.99)


Languages: English

Seller: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

- Graphics have been enhanced for high-resolution displays.
- The speed of graphic drawing processes has been significantly improved.
- iCloud support has been added.

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[Version 1.2.0]

■Refined Graphics
All of the game's unit graphics have been redrawn in high-resolution. Don't miss this chance to play the sharpest, most beautiful FINAL FANTASY TACTICS yet!

■Improved Draw Speeds 
The graphic drawing processes have been optimized for mobile devices. Say goodbye to choppy motion and crash bugs, and play with the quickest, smoothest abilities effects and animations to date!

■iCloud Support
A save slot which allows game data to be saved to iCloud has been added. It is now possible to migrate game data across multiple devices.


On the heels of its iPhone and iPod touch releases, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions comes to the iPad!

Final Fantasy Tactics was the first tactical RPG in the Final Fantasy series. Originally released on the PlayStation in 1997, the game has since gone on to sell over 1.3 million units in total. The PSP remake, "Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions" was released to critical acclaim in 2007 featuring added cutscenes, expanded storylines, and new jobs.

Now, in 2012, the battle continues on the iPad! Delve into deep strategic battle mechanics that feature tactical role-playing at its best and savor the story that put Ivalice on the map, all in their full glory on the iPad's screen.

Customer Reviews

  • Small bugs

    by Kennysale

    Small visual bugs. Learning abilities had unlearned abilities JP requirement blanked out. Ramza's character was some strange purple and black character until I saved and reloaded the game and restarted my iPad. The game also crashed mid battle while casting firaja.

  • Great game

    by Dudeman0990

    The game is very good on iPad with the touch controls. The story is amazing as well. Thumbs up!

  • Honestly?

    by Thetennisball

    This FF is, in my opinion the best of them all (more so than even 7!) great story and battle mechanics so involved that even more than ten years later I am still learning new things! I bought it when it was $15 and thought I was getting a steal, now with the price drop I feel like a thief easily worth a buy for hundreds of hours of gameplay

  • Great game, could be improved

    by Alwasow

    I have always loved this game and with the recent updates and discount it is totally worth owning. The auto-save function works great for mobile devices. That being said it is still a port for mobile and not a native app and this is apparent in the user interface and niter action design. A lot of conventions that worked out really well on console get muddied up on mobile and like making a selection requires you to tap the selection then tap again to confirm then confirm the prompt asking you to confirm your selection. I don't think this requires a interface redisign, but this would amazing if the interface was optimized for mobile devices.

  • Fantastic Game - Add Multiplayer

    by gstep

    I purchased the game since the graphics update and after playing through the game (40 hrs of gameplay), there wasn't one crash. My only wish is they add multiplayer mode or at least the missions associated with that mode. It would be super cool to have that extra content.

  • Great game but a few issues

    by jolags

    The game is fantastic if you havent played it before. I had it for ps1 years ago, one of my top 10. Im running it on ipad air. The graphics are good/gameplay is fast. No problems there. Its cool to be able to play this great game on your bed. Now to issues on the port to ios 1. It crashes a lot. Save often, like after everything you do. Its really fustrating to assign stuff to your guys, have it crash and do it have to do it over again. If I didnt pay 8 bucks I'd stop playing after the third time it reset on me. 2. Its hard to click certain squares sometimes. I wish they had navigation arrows somewhere. The whole touch thing makes navigating the game a lot slower than the old controller version. Over the course of the game this will add up to quite a bit of time. Honestly its not bad, Id recommend it to anyone who hasnt played it, but I'm probably going to just buy a used psp and play it on that.

  • Same as original

    by Telethruvoxx

    This game is freaken hard, geez

  • Awesome

    by FuyGawkes

    Thank you for putting this one on sale!! To be honest, this game is amazing, but I just wasn't going to buy it at the original price... The recent discount makes it an instant must-have for me!

  • Error

    by Wack64

    I got this blue screen error it told me to report it to programmer Libgu - decode - 02

  • Great job!

    by Mrrr85

    I had so much fun playing this game. It was definitely a great stroll down memory lane

  • Best game ever?

    by Ferrx

    Best game ever.

  • Awesome

    by James Dean

    It's an awesome game, and stable. The iCloud save slot lets you take it between devices, which is great. I wish they could have worked in a multiple player mode or a way to play the rendezvous maps, but all in all, a very solid iOS port.

  • Are you kidding me???

    by PoorRich7913

    So being new to the Final Fantasy series I was pretty excited to jump into this game. I almost didn't buy because it was $16.99! Really guys? Are you that hard up to put out a game that you've already made? Anyway, I gave in. Started playing and fell in love! But, I've made it to level 15 and now my game crashes and won't even boot at all!!! Are you kidding me??? Almost $20 for an iOS game and this is what I get? Thanks for nothing. You know I was about to purchase FFiv but not now

  • Errors

    by Dirty Soap

    Says to send to maker error Libgu-decode -02 Game gave blue screen. Need a fix so I won't lose my progress or a refund.

  • A classic now better than ever.

    by Theoriginalstormson

    Updated graphics and greater stability have made a great game even more pleasurable to play. Keep it up.

  • Incredible tactics AND story !

    by saladxfork

    I love the depth of strategy in this game. It's so addicting. But even more addicting is the story. It covers war, political intrigue, love, class warfare, and religion in a way that few games ever have. It is one of the best games I have ever played, and it has been around for many years.

  • Game is great

    by dan37sfo

    ok the game is fun, just like the org. I like the updates. My only gripe is where is the MPc(multiplayer content) This game is great but only with MPc, I don't understand why at this stage they still don't have this... I know this is an ISO game, but come on.. they got other games out there drawing as much memory and have MPc. Also this game needs new monsters and or weps... but other than that little gripe... fantastic game still

  • WoTL for iPad

    by Japflare-1

    This game is just as I remembered it from the good ol days. They've made it where it works well with a touch screen interface and it has the movies that were added to the psp version. With the newly added cloud saving capabilities this is easily one of the best rpg games available on the iPad/iPhone to date. If you liked the original, then you'll love this one.

  • amazing

    by nloftis

    The best game on the App Store, especially with this new update. Thank you so much, Square Enix!

  • Happy but still needs work

    by Yet to be Reasoned With

    Compared to the play station version, the sprite animations are hurried and it leaves no time to understand what is happening. The dialog has been changed to resemble old English. A great game when it came out, and a great game now, but the original still plays better at the moment.

  • Crashes constantly

    by jdhiro

    Crashes constantly.

  • Good, but lacks consistent graphics and multiplayer

    by Mosstone

    Please read this entire post. I started to play this game a long time ago, and was put out that the game was a. Hard to grasp at the time, b. Non-portable, and c. Non-multiplayer however perfect the integration would be. When I found out that war of the lions update added multiplayer and was available for iOS, I jumped at it. Not seeing a multiplayer, I assumed you must beat the game first, and after doing so was instead given access to all of the multiplayer equipment: I found out later that there is no multiplayer option on iOS despite the game being identical in every other way to the psp version. This removed the only thing that would have me recommend that other people get the game, to play with me and each other. Furthermore, the graphics tend to skip over certain layers, making some things difficult or impossible to see. The most common is the main character's sprite in the 'roster' menu being merely the shadow layer. Other times there would be no front layer or shadow layer to all of the text in the game, making reading impossible. The game, therefore is also made impossible. Occasionally, entire maps will be rendered indecipherable by one of the layers simply disappearing, leaving the npc able to move freely and me guessing where I could move. In all of these cases, restarting the application does not also reset the problem. I must keep playing until a new image is loaded, such as a new copy of the map, or Ramza's next sprite. If these few problems are addressed, or FFT Advanced is released with no graphical errors and a functioning multiplayer, I would gladly recommend the corresponding application(s) to others. Yet until then I do not believe that it was worth the 15 dollars it cost at the time, as there was some programming problems and the game is available under false pretenses, assumptive they may be. Thanks for reading :)

  • Crash. Pretty but unstable.

    by Happymedia

    I just spent $16 dollars for this game. Normally there is no way I would spend that on a game but I enjoyed it so much on the PS. The opening sequence was great, but that's where it ended. After the first battle the game crashed. I would rather have reliable gameplay than pretty graphics. Please fix this problem and stop advertising that you fixed the crashes when you haven't.

  • Game continues to crash

    by Loco mojo

    I been playing on and off, game has really bad crash during game play or scene mode. Please fix

  • Too hard

    by River-dog

    Impossible to beat the 4th level and have played the whole game about 20 times. Once you die you start over at least make it so that you can save and start back over on the place that you've saved

  • Hype hype

    by SirFifolo

    Nasty bad interface, cycling through your characters to equip them is like mowing wet grass. Sounds are beyond annoying. Map is just horrible, so hard to see anything. Characters obscured, terrain invisible behind clutter. Someone took a lot of effort making a truly horrid interface. Huge huge letdown.

  • Game crashes randomly

    by Cuong Nguyen

    And doesn't save when crashes..

  • Hype hype

    by SirFifolo

    Nasty bad interface, cycling through your characters to equip them is like mowing wet grass. Map is just horrible, so hard to see anything. Characters obscured, terrain invisible behind clutter. Huge huge letdown.

  • Constantly Crashes

    by TwilightFan1510

    Even after quitting other apps and restarting my iPad, I can't make it more than one or two turns in the first battle without it crashing. This is a waste of money.

  • Great game but....

    by mantin83

    Love the game. It is just how I remembered playing the original for ps, but there are glitches that can ruin the fun. Sent a team on an errand and the game glitches. The report option never shows up so I lost those members forever. Please fix this now!! The errand was the Lorraide Mine. Fix this major problem and I will change to 5 stars.

  • Lost....

    by Flcobra2377

    I can't explain to you how much I loved this game when I was a kid! That being said.... This is not a good quality game to be touch screen..... They make you spend 18 bucks and I can learn to be ok with that. . . Buy they ad these movies to it and the character sound dumb as hell! That's the best voices you could find? Really? You have put the money to the board so we can play this as a touch screen, so I'm not flipping a million times to try to hit the tiny corner of the spot I need! Time to break out the PS1!

  • Fix the game

    by Ismack5765

    Please fix this. Graphics become distorted and text hard to read after 10 hours of play. NLT worth the money unless this is fixed.

  • Great game play, but too many glitches

    by La de da de da 0111

    The game play is awesome. The 3D battle fields are great and the touch menu system is fun. Only 2 star because the game crashes on my iPad 4, it does auto save often though so progress isn't lost. Also, the sound doesn't work & there are graphical errors. I didn't expect so many problems a square title. Paying for a game with issues is not fun. If the bugs were fixed this would be a 5 star rating.

  • Constant crashing

    by Bodhimofo

    The game crashes so frequently that it is unplayable. This is a recent phenomena, and I really hope the developers come back and fix the crashing. The game content is great, I was about halfway through the game and would really love to finish!

  • Controls are a nightmare. Shows it's age.

    by PapaJupe13

    This is one of those games where you read all these amazing reviews, buy the game, and wonder if you got a different games than the reviews. Usually not a big deal because most games here are like a buck...This one set me back $18. It's clumsy interface really shows it's age. And the control is a nightmare. Only try it if you are ok possibly wasting the cash.....I'm gonna chalk it up as a life lesson. A life lesson I should have learned with the equally over-praised TWEWY iPad port.

  • いえーい

    by Iajhsjx


  • お金の無駄

    by 無駄 無駄

    処理落ちし過ぎ。 バグも多く、ゲーム(バトル)は進行できるが、頻繁に HP、MP、LV、EXP 以外の文字と数字が一切読めなくなる。 星一つあげるのももったいない、最低なアプリ。

  • Crashes

    by Super aw

    Good game but crashes more frequently since iOS update 7

  • Finnanth creek story battle game crash

    by chazkath

    The game crashes consistently within the first 10 moves, usually by an opposing AI yellow chocobo casting choco beak, sometimes the red and black chocobos cause the game to crash with their magic abilities. Other than that I really enjoy the game but I can't progress otherwise.

  • Terrible touch screen controls

    by Ssoltero

    And bad camera angles. It takes about 10 taps to perform move/attack. How many times do I need to confirm my actions? And the camera angles are obnoxious. It can be difficult to see exactly where you can move. (More likely a design issue with the maps because its not a problem on every map.) I'd enjoy this game a whole lot more if the touch controls were distilled down to about half the amount of inputs by removing all the confirmations. That being said I appreciate the depth of the gameplay.

  • Awful

    by Another iPad rip off

    Can I get a refund? This is terrible. Unbelievably boring.

  • Best game of all time

    by Comentadorx

    This is my favorite game. No other comments are necessary, let me just say that I have bought this game for ps1, psp, iphone and ipad. I love, Joanna d'arc and ogre tactics but this is generation defining.

  • NOT for iPad 1

    by DeathSound

    Downloaded this for the first gen. iPad. It simply will not run for more than few minutes before crashing. Wish I could run this on my iPhone, but no I have to buy it AGAIN for the iPhone. Bad form. Beware

  • Great game

    by Msly07

    Please add multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No sound

    by k04sk

    Looks great but no sound , not sure how to fix it :(

  • great!

    by Andrew Rebirth

    best tactic ever! can you add tactic ogre on appstore too?

  • Need update

    by Topazio62

    This game is great and Ive played it on all ports, BUT why the hell would your OWN group resist your support spells!?!? This is the most moronic aspect of this game and needs to be nerfed. What the hell is the point of having a raise dead spell when it never f$#ken works on your teammates!? Just plain stupid

  • Best game ever made

    by Naive Anger

    60 hours in and still going strong. Best $8 I ever spent.

  • Buggy

    by Thesaku

    Fun game, but with sounds from previous cut scenes playing after the cutscenes ends for a few seconds, and my experience with getting a blue screen that say please refer to programmer, not worth the money I spent at all, please fix immediately.

  • Finally!

    by Jinzei

    All major issues were finally addressed with last update. I thought we weren't going to see any but glad they came through.

  • Great but annoying

    by I'll Eat Yourself

    I got the sequel to this game as a birthday gift from a friend a few years ago, and it's still the only FF game I've played all the way through as well as the only one I've enjoyed for more than an hour or so. Coming into this game, I find it to be significantly more difficult due to a lot of battle mechanics being very different, but that doesn't mean I don't still like it more than the other "normal" FF games. Personally, I think this game would be far better if there was some sort of optional tutorial story rather than a menu so it would be more fun to learn how to do battle and such, and it would also be more enjoyable if the text wasn't so complicated in some parts, but I guess that can't really be helped. However, there is a problem that I think CAN be helped: crashing. This game crashes a lot more than anything else I have on my first gen iPad, and I have a lot of games, the best of which are shooters. Considering the fact that Galaxy on Fire 2 NEVER crashes, despite being far more advanced in everything except story length, I think this crashing problem can be fixed. Otherwise, I give this game a 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Crashes

    by theblingblingera

    Game looks great and the gameplay is just what I was hoping for, but the app is crashing every 5 min. I'm running it on the original iPad with up to date software. Anyone else had similar issues?

  • Great Graphics! CONSTANT CRASHING

    by Ddmj000

    The game and everything is good, but I should not have to stress myself out trying to save every five minutes so I won't lose my progress. Please fix because this storyline is so good and I want to finish it!

  • Crashes in opening fight every time!

    by Rubberbandninja

    Don't buy this if you have a Gen1 iPad! Even though the app compatibility notes say it works on all iPads, the gen1 doesn't have enough ram and crashes before you can take control of anything in the first fight. A huge disappointment for me, since I'd heard tons of great things about FFT:WoTL.

  • Worth the cash.

    by Hotshot238

    I love the game. The graphics are great especially the cut scenes. I like how your not restricted at all for how you build up your team. The story line is also great and I really want to know what happens at every bend. The only thing that annoys me is is the buttons when you choose to cast a spell on unit or tile. I'll often try to choose tile but it hits unit instead then the enemy moves and both my ally and enemy get blown away. Although it might just be because my big fingers... Well anyway 5/5stars. Great job.

  • Now mostly fixed, best version of great game

    by glebec

    This was a terrific game on PlayStation. When it was ported to PSP, they added a lot of interesting new content, including FMV cutscenes, new characters, additional in-game scenes, and multiplayer modes. Most notably, they also completely redid the translation, which makes the game much more understandable and very enjoyable. They even restored the difficulty level to the original Japanese harder difficulty. However, they also introduced graphical slowdown, poor sound effects, and other issues. The iPad port initially maintained these problems, and even introduced new ones, including low resolution, constant freezing and corrupted saves, etc. Thankfully, with this latest update, not only have these problems been mostly fixed, but they have even fixed the graphical slowdown and most of the sound effects. If I had any remaining issues, it would be that the game does still occasionally crash, although not very often. Also, there is no multiplayer mode; hopefully, they will have this feature back in at some point. Also, they have (in a welcome move) increased the speed of the animations and AI, but it is perhaps a little too fast now, and the sounds don't sync well. Still, this is now probably the best version of Final Fantasy Tactics available for any platform, and it will likely give you many many hours of enjoyment. I look forward to any further refinements or improvements that might be made, but in the meantime this is satisfying.

  • A great game - In theory . . .

    by Fix or Refund

    An all time classic game rendered beautifully and brought to my iPad - what else could I want? Ah yes, that's right - I'd love to actually play it. It can't even get past the opening fight without crashing.

  • Crashing

    by iST0RMTR00P3R

    Game is five star but after update my app keeps crashing! Please fix!!! Once fixed I'll give you the other four stars!

  • Great game but crashes excessively

    by Cody_rose

    I love the game as it brings back so many memories from the Playstation version I played so much as a child, but it crashes so much it's almost a headache to play it.

  • Crash with error message

    by Drinkitin

    My game just crashed and screen turned blue and told me to report it to the programmer. This was the error code: LIBGU - DECODE - 01

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